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January 6, 2013

Volume 13, Number 1

For Freedom
And the truth will set you free. John 8:32 was a war. It was a war that pitted against one another, people who had joined one another in a war against tyranny in favor of freedom. Eighty years can make a big difference in the culture and loyalties of a people. Slavery became a vital source of manpower and economic survival in the southern two thirds of the country. Several of the northern states no longer practiced the use of slaves. Many people wanted it to be made illegal in every state. Closely aligned with the cultural, economic, and geographic divisions was the division that became the American Civil War. For Abraham Lincoln, the war was a tragedy involved effort to rebuild the unity of this nation. In the course of the division and conflict, slavery became a primary focus and a chief point of contention. For many, the war became a war of freedom. On January 1, 1863, 150 years ago, the Emancipation Proclamation became a part of the laws of this country. The face of the United States changed. From that point forward, the union of this nation was to become a union of liberty that was for all people of all races. There can be no doubt that we live in a greater nation to this day, in part because of that newly valued liberty expressed a century and a half ago. There continue to be struggles for the perception of freedom and equality, but the engagement of it is a fact. We are free. The truth of God in the blood of Christ has granted to us freedom from sin and its consequences. The truth has set us free. Russ


The Sentinel January 6, 2013

Keep These In Prayer

John Murray, Annas husband, has been having some, as yet, undiagnosed pains. Larry Hannah, Donals brother-in -law, fell and fractured his pelvis. He is a member of the Southwest congregation. Jayne Thackers brother fell and broke his wrist and hip. He is undergoing therapy at Integris Baptist. Riley Baldwin continues having surgeries about every six weeks.

Homebound or Limited:
Jean Christian Lorella Wilson Aline McDaniel Don & Jo Hutton

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Happy Birthday
Marguriete Shobert Karla Holmes Kera Jaworsky Rick Greenroyd Carolyn McFadden Aline McDaniel John Murray Zoe Glidewell Audrey Jaworsky Wayne Haynes Teah Ausmus Glenn Elmore Pat King - -

Be a Daily Bible Reader In order to aid you in reading your Bible on a daily basis, we will run a calendar reading schedule in the bulletin each week. Note: We are nearly a week behind schedule. Add a bit to each day for a while until you have caught up to the schedule. January2013 1. Genesis 1-3; Romans 1 2. Genesis 4-6; Romans 2 3. Genesis 7-9; Romans 3 4. Genesis 10-12; Romans 4 5. Genesis 13-15; Romans 5 6. Genesis 16-17; Romans 6 7. Genesis 18-19; Romans 7 8. Genesis 20-22; Romans 8 9. Genesis 23-24 10. Genesis 25-26; Romans 9 11. Genesis 27-28 12. Genesis 29-30; Romans 10 13. Genesis 31-32 14. Genesis 33-35; Romans 11 Handymans Corner Do you have or know of a small job that needs doing? We have some men who are ready to help. Give a call to the church office, and we will advertise it here. It is a good way to put talents to good use. Lost and Found Check the table on the east side of the foyer if you are missing something.

Announcements to Notice
It is a new year. Have you invited a friend or family member to

come with you to Bible class and worship this year? Why not start the year in a great way by making an invitation? It will be a blessing to everyone involved. Who knows, it just might save a soul.
Mens Breakfast: The next mens breakfast is scheduled for Satur-

day, January 26.

New Brothers Keeper Groups2013 Darrell has developed our

groups for the new year. If you desire to be a part of one of these fellowship groups, but did not get your name on the list, just see Darrel. He will make sure you are added
Visitation Update Group #1 will be in charge of making visits

this week. See Kevin.

Christian Service Center Donations of clothing and other items

that are intended for the Christian Service Center may be deposited in the next to the last classroom on the east side of the foyer. If you have any questions, see Michael Berry. Affirming the Faith The ATF seminar is just about six and a half weeks away. It is always a great time of fellowship combined with tremendous , faith inspiring lessons. Make plans to attend. Brochures are on the east table in the foyer. The new House to House magazine is available. Take one and read it. Share some with others.

The Sentinel January 6, 2013

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Announcements & Scripture: 1 John 3:16-18 Song 234 Higher Ground Song 332 In the Desert of Sorrow and Sin Prayer Song 287 I Love the Lord Comments Lord's Supper Collection Song 842 A Common Love Sermon: We Know Love 1 John 3:16-18 Song 356 Jesus is Tenderly Calling Song 847 Bind Us Together Prayer

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Randy & Linda Vance Don & Anita Worden Teah Ausmus

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