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Global citizenship - CHINA Although china has made remarkable improvement in its economic development, it is still a relatively poor

developing nation. Yet, there are call for china to bear more global responsibilities and takes up more leadership positions. China Key Aspects of the Issue Climate change/ Environment issues Outline Changes Self-determined Forced The China premier In various world Wen jia bao environment describe summits, other environment countries raise protection as an concern on chinas impeding grim CHG emission issues problem and urge china vow to cut emission to assigned quota. China is willing to aid some countries like North Korea and Africa countries. Advantages China will able to improve its economic development model to a more eco-friendly and sustainable one. Also, Chinese citizen will be able to live in greener environment if pollution problem is mitigated. Currently the air pollution problem is quite severe in megacities like Beijing and Guang zhou. It rises Chinas reputation and popularities internationally. Additionally, some ties are strategic as China needs resources like crude oil from African nations and peace and stability in its northeast shared border. Promote the racial equality and hence ensure stability in the region with multiracial groups like XinJiang and Tibet. Disadvantages In the short term Chinas economic development will be affected, unemployment rate will start to rise if it pursues the environment protection too vigorously. Cost of production increases and the consumer price index will also rise.

Foreign aid and investment

Sometimes, other country may blame china for interfering the country because of Chinas extensive investment and ownership of key infrastructure in the country.


China has been always trying to infuse the idea of racial equality as China has 56 ethnic groups.

Various recent racial unrest force government to emphasize the importance of education.

Sometimes too much more benefits given to the minority races besides Han may cause the dissatisfaction of Han.

Peace and conflicts

Some neighboring nations are unfriendly to China. As a reponse, China keeps upgrading its weapon and military strength.

More able to restore the regional peace and protect national rights.

Make neighboring countries nervous and therefore some opposition

Australia Australia is one of the most developed countries in Asia and the world. However despite its economic development and influx of immigrants, Australian is still trying to adapt the and accept the idea of global citizenship. Key Aspects of the Issue Acceptance of immigrants Australia Outline Changes Advantages Self-determined Forced Climate refugee from Rise Australias international island in Pacific flood reputation. Increase Australians to Australia as they workforce and population size have no other place to and hence could make Australia go as the rise of sea more competitive as cheap labour level make their home and skill workers are available. country immersed in Citizens will need to learn how to sea. accept those refugees and may develop a sense of empathy the underprivileged as global citizens. Disadvantages Increase the pressure on housing job opportunities of local Australians and other kinds of scarce resources like the fresh water supply.


Australia is also has multiethnic groups. As there are local Australians that exist long time ago as well as recent larger influx of foreigners.

Help to consolidate the idea of racial peace and harmony and conducive environment to attract the immigrants to set up their families in Australia.

However, some extreme local Australians are opponent of this idea and movement after they know the government policy. And recently in Sydney 5 Indians were killed in the downtown, which is suspected as a response to the influx of 50,000 indian mineworkers Japanese men find it harder to find a wife.

WesternJapanese Marriage

Japanese women who marry overseas no longer need to face the pressure of gender inequality in Japan. Japanese women no longer need to face gender discrimination while overseas The United States of America

Japan's workforce will shrink

The U.S. is both one of the most developed, globalized countries and one of the biggest countries in the world. Likewise, its global citizenships has also developed into a mature stage. Saudi Arabia Key Aspects of the Issue Outline Changes Self-determined Forced Women are given more opportunities to work and are able to be financially independent Advantages Disadvantages

Fashion and consumerism

The influx of western culture open the eyes of Saudi Arabian women to fashion and other goods like bags and cosmetics. More Saudi Arabian women are conscious of fashion and consume more of those luxury goods Trade promoted by globalisation results in more imports of clothes and other goods from overseas The King realises the importance of education for his people and gradually open up more education opportunities to girls as well. Saudi Arabians who are exposed to ideologies from overseas realise the importance of education and the rights of women to education and thus more women are allowed to pursue higher education Due to influx of western ideologies and beliefs about women rights and equity, more men now allow their wives to work, continue their

Women are exposed to the Women are spending outside world by knowing more money on others' culture and goods luxury goods


Women can have more pleasure in their lives shopping and dressing themselves up. Women have the chance to be educated, making themselves more knowledgeable and employable.

Treatment of Women at home

Women now enjoy more freedom and independence which they deserve.

studies or go out without their company.