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1. A highway curve has a super elevation of 10 degrees. What is the radius (in feet) of the curve such that there will be no lateral pressure between the tires and the roadway at a speed of 60 mph? a. 1363.92 ft b. 2363.92 ft c. 3363.92 ft d. 4363.92 2. A ball is thrown upward with an initial velocity of 20 m/s. How high does it go? a. 10.38 m b. 20.38 m c. 30.38 m d. 40.38 m 3. The coefficient of friction for dry surfaces: a. Depends on the materials and the finish condition of the surface b. Depends only on the finish condition of the surfaces c. Does not depend on the materials d. Depends on the composition of the materials only 4. Relative to the force needed to keep a box moving at constant velocity across a floor, to start the box moving usually needs a. Less force b. The same force c. More force d. Any of the above, depending on the natures of the surface in contact 5. A round steel bar 12 inches long is to withstand a dead load of 40,000 lb in compression. The rod must not shorten more than 0.004 inch and have a factor of safety of at least 10. Assume the ultimate strength of the material to be 110,000 psi and modulus of elasticity to be, 15,500,00 psi. Determine the diameter of the rod. a. 2.14 in b. 4.14 in c. 3.14 in d. 5.14 in 6. Compute the lineshaft diameter that transmit 40 kw at 1200 rpm. The ultimate shear stress is 81.95 MPa and safety factor is 10. a. 5.3 in b. 3.3 in c. 4.3 in d. 2.3 in 7. The ratio of the moment of inertia of the cross section of the beam to the section modulus: a. Equal to the radius of gyration b. Equal to the area of the cross section c. Measure of a distance d. Dependent on the modulus of elasticity of beam measure 8. Stresses that are independent of loads: a. Working stress b. Operating stress c. Residual stress d. Shear stress 9. What is the flow rate through a pipe 4 inches in diameter carrying water at a velocity of 11 ft/s? 3 a. 726 cm /s 3 b. 19184 cm /s 3 c. 993 cm /s 3 d. 27183 cm /s 10. Oil flow through a 30 tubes condenser with a velocity of 1.75 m/s. The internal diameter of tube is 20 mm an oil density is 0.90 gm/mL. Find the volume flow in liters per second. a. 16.5 b. 11.6 c. 15.6 d. 9.4 11. In a uniform flow, the velocities at all points are ___. a. Constant b. Equal c. Increasing d. Decreasing If A is the cross section of the flow and Pw is the wetted perimeter, then the hydraulic head, Hd, is equal to: a. Pw/A b. A/Pw c. Pw x A d. Pw A A water temperature rise of 18 F in the water cooled condenser is equivalent in deg C to (ME Board October 1994). a. 7.78 C b. 10 C c. 263.56 K d. -9.44 C An ideal gas is contained in a vessel of unknown volume at a pressure of 1 atmosphere. The gas is released and allowed to expand into a previously evacuated bulb whose volume is 0.500 liter. Once equilibrium has been reached, the temperature remains the same while the pressure is recorded as 500 millimeters of mercury. What is the unknown volume, V, of the first bulb? a. 1.069 liter b. 0.853 liter c. 0.961 liter d. 1.077 liter The measure of the ability to transfer heat to other bodies based on a reference temperature where a body has given up all the thermal energy it possibly can. a. Zero pressure b. Gage pressure c. Vacuum pressure d. Absolute pressure An open system, first law should be utilized for all the following, EXCEPT: a. A turbine b. A pump c. A piston cylinder device with no inlet and exhaust valves d. A nozzle For a loan acquired six years ago, a man paid out the amount of P75,000. The interest was computed at 18% compounded annually. How much was the borrowed amount? a. P24,782.36 b. P26,782.36 c. P25,782.36 d. P27,782.36 For having been, loyal, trustworthy and efficient, the company has offered a supervisor a yearly gratuity pay of P20,000 for 10 years with the first payment to be made one year after his retirement. The supervisor, instead, requested that he be paid a lump sum on the date of his retirement less interest that the company would have earned if the gratuity is to be paid on yearly basis. If interest is 15%, what is the equivalent lump sum that he could get? a. P100,375.37 b. P137,375.37 c. P107,375.37 d. P237,375.37 A diagram drawn to help visualize and simplify problem having diverse receipts and disbursements. a. Budget b. Investment c. Year-end-convention d. Cash-flow Instead of the profits being paid out to the stockholders or owner as dividends, they are retained in the business and used to finance expansion. This is called: a. Retained earnings b. Flow back c. Bonds d. Deposits