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1. A jumper of weight w presses down on the floor with a force of magnitude F, and the jumper leaves the floor as a result. The force the floor exerted on the jumper must have had a magnitude a. Equal to w and less than F b. Equal to w and equal to F c. More than w and equal to F d. More than w and more than F 2. Kinematics is the study of _____ without reference to the forces that causes the body to move. a. Motion b. Force c. Forces and motion d. Matter 3. A ball dropped from the top of a building and strikes the ground 5 sec later. How high is the bridge? a. 122.6 m b. 140 m c. 135.6 m d. 160 m 4. A boat travels 10 km in 30 min. What is its speed in kilometers per hour? a. 10 kph b. 15 kph c. 20 kph d. 30 kph 5. What is the property of a material which resists forces acting to pull the material apart? a. Shear strength b. Tensile strength c. Torsional strength d. Compressive strength 6. Strength of a material that is of a stress intensity determined by considering the maximum test load to act over the original area of the test specimens: a. Yield point b. Ultimate strength c. Breaking strength d. Elastic limit 7. In the LRT II project, steel railroad rails of 10 meters long are to be installed. If lowest temperature considered is 160 C, and a maximum temperature of 360 C is designed, assuming coefficient of thermal expansion of steel to be -6 o 11.6 x 10 m/m- C and modulus of elasticity of steel to be 207 GPa, determine the clearance rail such that the adjoining rail will just touch at maximum design temperature. a. 1.32 mm b. 3.32 mm c. 2.32 mm d. 4.32 m 8. Determine the load in kN on a 30 mm diameter by 1000 mm long steel shaft if its maximum elongation will not exceed 1.2 mm. a. 167 b. 199 c. 176 d. 245 9. What is the pressure above zero? a. Gage pressure b. Vacuum pressure c. Absolute pressure d. Atmospheric pressure 10. Science of water at rest a. Hydrostatic b. Hydrokinetics c. Hydraulic d. Hydrodynamic 11. Water flows through a 10-cm diameter, 100 m long connecting two reservoirs with an elevation difference of 40 m, the average velocity is 6 m/s. Neglecting minor losses, the friction factor is: a. 0.020 b. 0.024 c. 0.022 d. 0.026 12. A 1.5 m pipe stands vertically with 0.08 m top diameter and 0.04 m bottom diameter. If the water flow rate is 0.020 m3/s, find the pressure difference at the top and bottom. a. 104 kPa b. 220 kPa c. 300 kPa d. 901 kPa 13. An ideal gas is contained in a rigid container. There is no work of a rotating shaft associated with the container. Any heat transfer is a function of: a. Pressure b. Heat transfer equal to work c. Volume only d. Temperature only 14. Which of the statements is true? a. Entropy always decreases. b. Entropy increases up to the critical temperature, then it decreases. c. Theoretically, entropy may be zero at a less enough temperature d. Entropy does not change in a throttling process 3 15. A 0.90 m tank contains 6.5 kg of an ideal gas. The gas has a molecular weight of 44 and is at 21 C. What is the pressure of the gas? a. 201.3 kPa b. 301.3 kPa c. 401.3 kPa d. 501.3 kPa 16. One kg of hydrogen are cooled from 450 C to 320 C in a constant volume process. The specific heat at constant volume, cv, is 10.2 kJ/kg-K. How much heat is removed? a. 1136 kJ b. 1326 kJ c. 1623 kJ d. 2136 kJ 17. The corporation purchased a machine for 1 million. Freight and installation charges amounted to 3% of the purchase price. If the machine shall be depreciated over a period of 8 years with a salvage value of 12%, determine the th depreciation charged during the 5 year using the sum of the years digit method. a. P101,107.11 b. P107,110.11 c. P170,110.11 d. P100,711.11 18. An asset is purchased for P9000. Its estimated economic life is ten years, after which it will be sold for P400. Find the depreciation in the first three years using sum-of-theyears digit depreciation methods. a. P4221.81 b. P5221.81 c. P6221.81 d. P7221.81 19. Damages that specified in the contract to insure that if the contract becomes disputed, the amount of damages are agreed upon in advance. a. Liquidated damages b. Nominal damages c. General damages d. Special damages 20. The place where buyers and sellers come together. a. Market b. Business c. Recreation center d. Buy and sell section