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Materials Needed: None

Materials Needed: Blindfolds for each player

Divide into groups of three, each picking a different bird sound such as coo-coo, tweet-tweet, or chirp-chirp. One person conducts this band to the tune of a common song such as Mary had a Little Lamb, as the conductor points to a group, the chirp or tweet to the tune in progress. It sounds crazy and young kids love it. Singing and conducting are equally fun.

Each team chooses the name of an animal that may be imitated by some noise. All are blindfolded and scatter around the room or playground. On signal, animals make their noises to attract other members of their team. For instance, the ducks start quacking. When two ducks meet, they join hands and seek other ducks. The first team to gather all its members wins.


Materials Needed: None


Materials Needed: None

Players stand in a circle, and one goes out of the room. The Brownies form a circle around five frogs who sit with their group chooses a leader, who starts doing a motion. Others feet crossed. The Brownies skip in a circle, close to the frogs, imitate the motion and change motions whenever the leader chanting Frog in the sea, cant catch me. Frogs try to tag any changes. It returns to the center of the circle and has three player, without rising or uncrossing their feet. Player tagged, guesses to find the leader. Next round, two other players changes places with the frog. volunteer to be it and the leader.

Materials Needed: One handkerchief

Materials Needed: None

Circle is formed. One Brownie is selected to be in the center. She laughs and tosses a handkerchief into the air. The troop starts laughing. All must stop, all faces must become expressionless. Anyone caught smiling is out.

To form the knot, have 10-12 players stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, and place hands in the center. Everybody grabs a couple of hands, but not the hand of a person right next to her or both hands of the same person. Now the group works together in an attempt to untie the knot without releasing handholds.

Materials Needed: music, small object (penny, button)

Materials: paper, pencil, safety pin for each player

Players stand in a circle. A small object is passed around the circle from hand to hand as music plays. The leader starts the object by saying, This Players in line formation behind the leader. The object of the game is to try to draw a picture of a dog on the 6x 9 card is a wiggle bug. If you get caught with it, it bites and it gives you the wiggles. When the music stops, the person caught with the wiggle bug pinned on the back of the player directly in front of them. must choose some kind of motion, and must continue doing motion for However, the leader keeps the line moving about the room. the duration of game. If he is caught another time, he chooses a new Group then decides which drawing looks most like a dog. motion and adds it to the first one.

Materials Needed: 20-30 pieces of heavy yarn (6" long)

Materials Needed: 1 length of rope for each team

Prepare 20-30 pieces of heavy string- each piece six inches in length. Hide all but three or four pieces of string. Divide the troop into three or four teams of equal size. Each team chooses a cat, who is given one of the extra pieces of string. At a given signal, all players except the cats scatter to find the hidden strings. As a girl finds one, she takes it to her cat and ties it with a square knot to the last piece of string the cat holds. The team that makes the longest tail of strings wins.

Decide on a knot to use for this game. Divide into teams of equal size and count off. Each team sits or stands in a circle with the number one player holding a piece of rope. At a given signal, the number one player runs around the circle and returns to her place. She then must tie the knot correctly (if the clove hitch was chosen, she should have a short stick to tie the knot around.) She passes the rope to the player on her left, who must untie the knot before starting around the circle. Each player takes a turn until the rope has come back to the number one player and she has untied the knot.

Materials Needed: None


Materials Needed: None

Divide the group into two teams. Allow each team 15 minutes to collect nature objects and take them back to their side. Then have one person from each team go the opposite side with an article. If the opposing team can name it, award 1 point; if they can match it from their collection, award 2 points. The team with the highest score wins.

Newspaper Pop top tab The time of day Mushroom Photograph

Soup can Pine cone 1982 penny Paper cup Thorn

Bottle cap Gum wrapper Match sticks Fossil

Materials Needed: Orders for each team


Materials Needed: None

Troop is divided into teams, each girl receiving a number and each team a name. Orders for each team are hidden. When each team finds orders, they begin to carry them out. Number one player carries out number one order, etc. Ex: collect three kinds of tinder for starting a fire. Tie three kinds of knots. Lash something. Lay a log cabin fire. Team that finishes orders first, wins.

Dogwood Blossom or seed pod Piece of charcoal Bottle top Insect Rock at least 5 in diameter Tiniest thing you can find A berry A nut Piece of lichen Evergreen cone Something gray A feather Something that has been burned Teaspoon of sand A Holly Leaf A Bone Something a bird used in nest-building An item that proves people have been around An outdoor item beginning with the letter t Something that has never seen the light of day

Material Needed: length of practice rope for each player

Materials Needed: Licorice ropes

For this game, all players need practice ropes of the same thickness. Players sit in a circle holding their ropes. Each girl ties one end of her rope with a square knot to the rope of the girl on her left. When all knots are tied, lift the rope circle over your heads and down to the middle of your back. At the signal, lean back hard against the rope circle. (If any of the square knots isnt tied correctly, youll all fall over backwards). Try this game making the knots behind your back instead of in front of you or tie with your eyes closed.

Use licorice ropes to learn knots

Materials Needed: None

Materials Needed: Shoe (egg-Easter, broom-Halloween)

Form inner and outer circle, partners facing each other. Leader is the only one allowed to speak. She asks each couple to introduce themselves, inner circle first, to outer circle through charades. More questions can be asked, such as occupations, hobbies, etc. When each partner in inner circle finishes, outer circle takes turn. All then sit down and introduce her partner to the whole group.

Form a circle. Explain, A tiny leprechaun was given his first assignment, to guard the gate leading to the end of the rainbow. He guarded faithfully for 29 days and nights, but his foot hurt, so he took off his shoe and fell asleep. If anyone can get his shoe and take it back to the circle without waking him up, the leprechaun will have to grant him 7 days of good luck in order to get his shoe back. One person is the leprechaun, who sits in the center and takes off shoe. The leader nods to one at a time, giving permission to try to steal the shoe. If leprechaun hears a noise, he says, Halt. Anyone who can steal the shoe without being detected becomes the next leprechaun. Game can be varied to suit the season- a witch who fell asleep beside her broomstick, the Easter Bunny who took a nap while hiding eggs, etc.

Materials Needed: None


Materials Needed: String ball (many colors/sizes)

Sit in circle and assign each person a number in consecutive order. The leader begins, setting a 1-2-3-4 rhythm: 1-snap thighs, 2-clap, 3-snap right fingers, 4-snap left fingers. All join in. On the first finger snap, she calls the number of another person. Without breaking the rhythm, the person who has the number called must repeat his own number on the first snap and another number on the second snap, and so forth.

Keep on hand a ball of string made up of pieces of different lengths, at least one for every member of the group. Sitting in a circle, one member begins a tall tale, and as she speaks, she unwinds a piece of string. When her string comes off the ball, she must stop, even in mid sentence, and hand the ball to the next person. Second member continues the tall tale only as long as her piece unwinds. Last person must end story while her string unwinds.

Materials Needed: None


Materials Needed: List of simple spelling words

Explain, I am going to make some statements. If a statement I make is true for you, hold your thumb up, if it is false, hold your thumb down. If you cant decide, hold your thumb sideways. Choose a subject such as their values, their likes and dislikes, their plans for the future, what they like and didnt like about the days activities. Its a good way to get the positive and negative feedback, and a quiet, good-humored way to express their frustrations as well as their enthusiasm.

Divide into two teams, each person in turn is given a simple word to spell, alternating between teams. The catch is that the letters in the word must be said in alphabetically order: Anyone who misses moves to the other team.

Materials Needed: Balloon

Materials Needed: 10 small soft items for each team.

Field set up in rows like fuseball. Rows on the ends must face inward. A round balloon is thrown into play in the two center rows, and without standing up, the two teams try to bat the balloon with their hands into the end zone over the heads of the last rows of players. If the balloon goes out of bounds, the referee tosses it back in where it went out. Two minute periods.

Each player weaves his fingers into the fingers of the players on both sides of her. Place 10 corks, peanuts, or other small objects in a bowl at the front of each line. Objects must be passed down the line while everyones hands remain clasped. If an object is dropped, it must be picked up with hands still clasped.

Materials Needed: None


Materials Needed: Colored paper, pins or tape

Circle formation with leader in center. Leader selects two players from circle. They are the roosters. They stand back to One player is it. She turns her back to group. The other back, leader pins (tapes) piece of colored paper on back of players form a chain by clasping hands with the player in front each. Roosters face each other, at signal roosters try to and behind. The leader then leads chain in and out and over discover the color of the paper on her opponents without the hands into any position possible without dropping hands. letting opponent catch a glimpse of color on her back. It is called to untangle chain without breaking links. Winning rooster and opponent return to circle. Two others chosen.

Material Needed: None


Material Needed: one blindfold

It stands in front of the line. Players line up behind in pairs. It calls LAST COUPLE OUT. Last couple separates and runs forward, one on each side of the line. As the players run by it tries to tag one of the two before they join hands. Should it succeed in tagging one player, that player becomes its partner and they become head couple. The other player becomes it. If it does not tag a player before they join hands, she continues to be it.

Complete silence, King stands in center blindfolded. Players, at signal of a leader, try to get near the King. If heard, the King sends them back to start by pointing his arm in the direction of the sound. The girls who can touch the King without him hearing her becomes King. (One girl at a time, stalking is usually better than a large group.)


Materials Needed: None


Materials Needed: None

Players are in couples and stand within small circle marked on the floor or on the ground. There is one more couple than circles. Each couple, with the exception of the odd couple, chooses the name of a fish. The odd couple are the whales and walk about the room, calling the names of fishes. When a couples name is called, they leave their circle and walk behind the whales. After all names have been called or after the whales have called all the name they can think of, they cry: The ocean is stormy! and all the fishes and whales find a place in the circles. Odd couple becomes whales.

It steps aside; others form groups of three. Each group forms a house (2 players holding hands) with a rabbit (the other player) inside. At the given signal the rabbits run to another house. A player cannot enter the house she just left. At the same time it tries to find a home. The rabbit left outside becomes it.

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