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Step 1. Intention Why are we embarking on the path to the Realization of Allah and the Prophet (saw)?

1) To realize our true agenda of living is only for Allah and the Prophet (saw) 2) To realize the light of the Prophet (saw) as the true guide in all aspects of our lives 3) To realize that Allahs Mercy is always around us throughout our journey in life.

Step 2. Repentance What is the purpose of repentance?

Step 3. Focus How should our intentions mature? 1) We should always ask ourselves where we place Allah and the Prophet (saw) in our lives at all time and at every breath. 2) We should realign our lives to this true intention.

Step 4. Action By renewing our intention and focus, we must act in accordance with it. Let the intention grow and mature with you as you travel on the path towards Allah and the Prophet (saw). 1) Establish the 5 times daily prayers. 2) Establishing the sunnah prayers before and after the obligatory prayers. 3) Recognizing and battling the vices done by the limbs. 4) Recognizing and battling the vices of the heart.

1)To seek Allahs forgiveness 2) To seek guidance from Allah.

3) Asking Allah to guide us through the proper akhlak (etiquettes) so as not to act the same way when faced with the same situation.

4) To change our intention and action to those that Allah and the Prophet (saw) is pleased with.

Step 5. Blooming of Intention Once we have established our intention firmly with sincerity, we should see some changes within ourselves with the Mercy of Allah. 1) 2) From not praying to praying From not doing Sunnah to doing Sunnah From engaging limbs in sins to engaging limbs in worship. From being uncouth to being courteous (Adab) From easily being angry to being patient. From having negative thoughts to always being positive and having faith in the Mercy of Allah and the Prophet (saw).

Step 6. Listening to the self Seekers must write down their thoughts, understanding and changes that they see within themselves. 1) Start a journal by firstly expressing your intention on why you want to change and walk towards Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Always contemplate on your previous entries and track the progress of your intentions and actions.

Step 7. Acquiring Knowledge It is important for the seeker to seek knowledge which is beneficial for the seeker. 1) Purification of the self (Tahara) 2) Rules of Prayers 3) Biography of the Prophet Sayiduna Muhammad (saw) 4) We recommend seekers to study, understand and practise the book Beginning of Guidance by Imam Al Ghazali.

Beginning of Guidance on the Path of Sayyiduna Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)






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Compiled by Muhsin Hamzah