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From please and thank you to good morning and good night you'll have what you need

to be polite and win a smile for trying.




1. Yes/No 2. Yes, please/No, thank you 3. Please 4. Thank you 5. You're welcome 6. Here is/are 7. Hello/Good morning/afternoon 8. Hello/Good evening 9. Goodbye 10. Good night 11. How are you? 12. Very well, thanks 13. Excuse me 14. Do you speak English? 15. Can you help me?

Oui/Non Oui, s'il vous plat/Non, merci S'il vous plat Merci (madame/monsieur) Il n'y a pas de quoi Voici... Bonjour, (madame/monsieur) Bonsoir (madame/monsieur) Au revoir Bonne nuit Comment allez-vous? Trs bien, merci Excusez-moi

wee/non wee, seel voo play/non, mair-see (non main end ka n is more like lamba oo, nasal tone) seel voo play mair-see (mah-dahm/mer-syer) eel nyah pah der kwah vwah-see bon-zhoor, (mah-dahm/mer-syer) bon-swahr, (mah-dahm/mer-syer) oh rer-vwahr bonn nwee kommo tahlay voo tray byan mair-see ex-kewzay mwah

Est-ce que vous parlez esske voo pahrlay ahng-glay anglais? Est-ce que vous pouvez m'aider? esske voo poovay may-day zhe ner kompraun pas (p when joined with r is prounounced like phre(hindi main dekhe toh ph and aadha r) and d is silent) zhe ne say pah(when you speak, its quick so you say, zhensaypah)

16. I don't understand.

Je ne comprends pas.

17. I don't know.

Je ne sais pas.

18. Could you please write it down 19. Sorry 20. Leave me alone! 21. Where? 22. When? 23. How? 24. Why? 25. Who? 26. Which? 27. Where is...? 28. How much? 29. How many? 30. What's that? 31. I'd like... 32. I want... 33. Ilike it. 34. I don't like it. 35. OK/Agreed. 36. That's fine.

Est-ce que vous pouvez l'crire? Dsol(e)

esske voo poovay lay-kreer day-zo-lay

Laissez-moi tranquille. lay-say mwah trahn-keel O? Quand? Comment? Pourquoi? Qui? Lequel?/Laquelle? O est...? Combien? Combien? Qu'est-ce que c'est? Je voudrais... Je veux... a me plat. a ne me plat pas. a va/d'accord. C'est bien. oo Kwan (sound that comes out is ka par chandrabindu) kommo poor-kwah kee le-kell/la-kell oo ay kom-byan kom-byan kesske say zher voodray zher ver (je taime wala Je) sahm play sah ner mer play pah sah vah/dah-korr say byan