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The Lipton Talent Hunt (LTH) is back again. This time bigger, better and bolder with exciting prizes! So put your marketing skills to the test and make the most out of this opportunity of a lifetime to prove yourself! If you are an aspiring graduate with exceptional management and social networking skills and in search of a platform to prove yourself then Dip into it! LTH is a one of its kind competition that aims to:

DEVELOP local talent by providing students with business oriented experiential learning GIVE students a chance to experience brand management as a career option EXPOSE students to a real-life project with varying market realities PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY to students of a head-start in their possible careers at Unilever

Lipton Talent Hunt 2012

The competition will span over a period of 15 weeks and include 26 of the top HEC recognized universities in Pakistan.

The Challenge
To design a 360 degree campaign to enhance green tea penetration. [360 degree campaign would include: Campaign tagline, Radio Promotion concept, In Store Visibility Plan, Digital campaign, Print Advertisement campaign, Packaging Innovation Concept (this is not compulsory but could serve as a bonus point if the idea is relevant and appreciated by the panel of judges), On-ground Activation and Viral Marketing]. The 360 degrees campaign should not encompass a TVC concept.

Background Green tea, a lucrative format, contributes just 3% in total tea category volume. Lipton GT has less than a 0.3% share in the Green Tea segment. The segment itself is very small but is dominated by loose/unbranded and smuggled tea. Unbranded Green Tea makes up 90% of the

Green Tea Segment. We need to increase the penetration of Green Tea by educating the target audience of its health benefits so as to enhance segment growth. Within the branded Green Tea segment Lipton Green tea only has a 3% market share therefore it is imperative that we boost LGT penetration through targeted marketing and enhanced distribution. Task at hand is to devise a business plan to tackle the above stated business problem in Pakistan. Campaign Insight- what the Tea bag consumer thinks and feels I want to stay active and keep pace with the modern world and I know that the things I buy / consume have consequences on my health and wellbeing. Green Tea is great way to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

The criteria for judges would be as follows for all stages (as applicable): Originality of the Idea [15%] Concepts relevance to brands current positioning [25%] Execution strategy & link to objective [30%] Practicality of implementation [10%] Quality of test run on sample population and how effectiveness was gauged [20%]

Stage 1: After the registration deadline, each team will have 14 days to submit a document of
maximum 1500 words. This document will explain the big idea of their business plans. It needs to entail the concept and the big idea, how that concept will achieve the set objective, what would be the key pillars of their execution. An optional excel file for financials may also accompany the word document. Upon the review of this document, teams will be shortlisted and moved to the next round. [LTH team is not announcing any quota for teams that will move to
the next round as it all depends on the quality of ideas we want to take forward]

Stage 2: Successful teams from stage 1 will be given a small budget (to be announced later- in
the range of PKR 15,000 to PKR 25,000) to execute their plans. A detailed plan has to be created revolving around the different elements of the 360 degree campaign explained above. Teams are also required to do a small activation of their plan on their university campus to test their idea and see how it is working with their fellow students who are at the end of the day normal consumers as well. This would be the on- ground execution of their bigger idea. Post this, the teams will be required to submit a 5 minutes video clip as per the requirements that will be emailed to them (video name could be the team ID). This video would explain their business plan in detail: the idea, the link to the objective and brands positioning, the different

elements of the 360 degree campaign explained above. This also needs to cover clips of the on ground activation to demonstrate how they brought the idea to life. We encourage the teams to come up with some measures as to how they gauged the effectiveness of this test run and share that too with us [The video could also be in the form of a self running power point presentation.
This is left at the discretion of the students and video making skills will not be part of the evaluation process]

These videos will be uploaded on the Lipton Facebook page and open to voting. The voting on the Videos will remain open for 7 days which will be communicated later. Participants will be allowed to promote their videos through legitimate means [for voting ethics please refer to LTH Rules and Regulations.] With the results of the voting [25%] and Judges Evaluation [75%] combined, further teams will be shortlisted for the Grand Finale! Note: Please make sure that the videos just have instrumental music as having copyrighted music in the video will make it difficult to upload the video on the global page.

Stage 3: Team Leaders of these finalists will be invited to the Grand Finale to present their
business plan and a formal case study of their concept, 360 degree plan, on-campus execution and the response from the university students to a panel of judges post which one team would be declared as the winner of Lipton Talent Hunt 2012 Business Phase.

LTH would provide students with an excellent platform to experience closely how brand management works. Working on a global brand like Lipton would give them immense opportunity to challenge themselves and nurture their own talent. Apart from this opportunity that would benefit them in their future careers, the winners of the Lipton Talent Hunt would win an exclusive trip and get a chance to work with and learn from an international brand team on a brief but exciting project. The winners will fly to Dubai and meet the Lipton Dubai brand team which is one of the finest Lipton teams working in one of the most developed Teabags markets. This trip would not only be an excellent learning opportunity, it will also be filled with fun and good memories. Furthermore, the members of the winning team will get to participate in the Unilever Management Trainee Recruitment Process. They will be entitled to skip the first two rounds of the process and directly enter the third round i.e. the Assessment Center, thereby increasing the chances of starting a career at Unilever.


Target Audience Health Managers between the ages 18 and 35 from SEC A and B residing in the top 10 metro towns. These are health conscious individuals who have a modern fast paced life. They understand that what they eat and drink has consequences on their health and well being. They are therefore willing to make positive healthy choices. They are always on the lookout for healthy alternatives.

Brand Values and Personality Values: Approachable, invites to new experiences, pioneer in ethical innovation Personality: Bright, exciting, active and witty. NEXT STEP FOR REGISTERED TEAMS:

The next step for you is to submit a document of maximum 1500 words at liptonpak@gmail.com by midnight of October 15, 2012. The shortlisted teams will be announced on October 25, 2012.

Tentative Timelines Submission deadline 15 Oct Short listing: 16 Oct to 25 Oct Execution Plan: 26 Oct to 22 Nov Video Submission Deadline: 23 Nov Voting Period: 24 Nov to 30 Nov LTH Final: December For more news and queries please visit www.facebook.com/lipton or email us at: liptonpak@gmail.com We encourage you to keep visiting for timelines and other updates!

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