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Is an outline plan of conducting the study. It may be about 3 - 4 hand written/typed pages and include :a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. Title of the Project (Not more than 5 7 words) Statement about the Problem in brief (Problem Statement). Why is the particular topic chosen? What contribution would the project make and to whom? Objective and scope of the study. Methodology Chapter scheme Guids Resume

This is the main report of your chosen project and follows the Field work and analysis of the data as per the chapter scheme you have given in your synopsis. Generally, the sequential presentation should be as under: Chapter I

Introduction of the problem:

This should provide a background and symptoms of the problem. What is proposed to be investigated and the details of the problem chosen by you. The objective and scope of the study are derived from this. Chapter II

Theoretical Perspective :
This should give an overview of the theoretical concepts related to the problem investigation. Chapter III Objective & Scope : Be brief and to the point. Normally, it is in the form of To study .and recommend measures to .. Chapter IV under

This should describe in detail the steps followed in completing the study. The research tools/instruments being used (Questionnaire and Structured Interviews) and the sample size and composition. The sources of primary and secondary data must be stated.

Chapter - V Chapter VI Chapter VII Chapter VIII Chapter IX

Data Collected Data Analysis Findings Recommendations Conclusion

Amity Center for e-Learning (ACeL) REMARKS ON SYNOPSIS

Attempt No: 01 Name Roll Number Course-MBA-EFT Title of the Project Name of Organization & Place where the Project is to be conducted Date of Submission REMARKS OF THE EVALUATOR:

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Amity Center for e-Learning (ACeL) SYNOPSIS APPROVAL PROFORMA

Name Roll Number Course Session Study Center Address for Correspondence Name & Designation of the Project Guide Title of the Project Name of Organization & Place where the Project is to be conducted Place Date of Submission Signature -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------APPROVAL RECORD
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