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The characteristics of modern tests of speaking are integrative, objective, high reliability, authentic, direct and good validity. In your own opinion, explain clearly what integrative, objective, high reliability, authentic, direct, and good validity mean? (10 points) 2. Unreliability is the main problem in testing students speaking skill. What should the teachers do in order to avoid unreliable results of testing speaking skill? (10 points) 3. Which of the following statements is most applicable to the selections of distracters for multiplechoice items? a. Distracters should be attractive to the uniformed. b. Distracters should heterogenes. Choose one of the two options and why do you choose it? (10 points) 4. Dictations are considered by some assessment specialists to be integrative (requiring the integration of listening, writing, reading, along with grammatical and discourse abilities). Is this a valid claim? Justify your response! (10 points) 5. A test designer needs to observe carefully the competence standard (CS) and basic competence (BC) before designing the test. In line with this statement, observe CS and BS of English then: a. Develop a table of specification (TOS) for the sake of developing a test. The TOS is used to develop 10 up to 15 test items for one of four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, or writing skill. (15 points) b. Based on a TOS you developed, write the test items to measure students language skills. You need not to develop test items for four language skills, but choose one language skill only to be your emphasis. (15 points)

1. a. Integrative in this term means connecting skills and knowledge from different and multiple source and experience. While testing speaking skill, utilizing other skill like listening is important to have a better test quality due to integrative skill gives clearer test objective and better guidance to test taker. b. Objective is a mark for professional teacher. Objective means denying aspects that might differentiate between students, such as students personal relation to the teacher (like a father and son), physical appearance and even whose son the student is, a mayors son or headmasters son. If a teacher objectively testing students, the speaking score would be more reliable. c. High reliability mean the test is can be trusted for its ability in measuring students ability in particular skill. A test is said to have a high reliability if it produces similar results under consistent conditions. d. Authentic is form of assessment in which students are asked to perform real-world tasks that demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills. e. Direct means f. Good validity

2. A person speaking skill what is affected by many factors like the person mood, health condition, interest to the material, and many more. It would be very difficult to overcome all those problems, but it can be achieved if students and teacher understand the importance of speaking and how to get best result in speaking test. The teacher can get a reliable speaking result with giving an interesting topic and friendly conversation during the test. This helps the student to be interested and doesnt have burden or fear during the test, allowing them to give their best during test. 3. We choose option A; Distracters should be attractive to the uniform. A uniformed attractive distracters have better percentage of being selected and can have the students to think twice before choosing an answer. Unlike attractive to the uniform distracters, heterogeneous distracters are have little chance of being selected. heterogeneous have obvious difference than other answer and even doesnt make sense or relation to the question. 4. P 5. We create a TOS to put in use in assessing speaking CS BC True/False Multiple Choice Fill-in