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Related Literature Time is gold, as the famous line goes. Time is a very precious thing in todays fast changing world that we lived today. Everything happens so fast sometimes we dont even notice it. Everyday time is always observed, we should always be more aware of the time to know what we should be doing and where we should be going at that certain point of time. Time is a special resource that you cannot store or save for later use. Most of us feel that we have many things to do but we dont have enough time and we blame time for our unachieved goals and stress. Wise time management can help you save time for what you need to do. Through time management, you can use your time wisely. You will become more productive, creative and can accomplish more things with less effort and time. Time Management can help you reduce wasted time that will lead to balance and fulfillment in life. As students, we should be masters of our own time. We should already know how to properly manage it. We should be able to allot time for our friends, for our family and especially for our studies. Most of the time, we lose track of our time and this becomes the main reason for being late in class. Punctuality is also a very essential factor for a student. It is vital that it can affect our learning. Missing a few minutes in class or in work for a day can be crucial.

Related Studies In 2008, a study conducted by Mario D. Castillo, Edmond Lawrence S. Ocampo and Jerome Christopher Magbojos, a group who developed a device that would lock and unlock the door using a finger print system and would send an sms warning message of the owner of the established whenever someone tries to force the door open. The device can be installed on a restricted area where the only authorized person can enter. The device composed of standalone finger print module, a magnetic lock, LCD and micro controller and a tilt sensor. The operational background and characteristics of these components were extensively studied since each of them is vital for the efficient performance of the machine.

In 2006, FARAHARUM BT MASRUNI designed and develops a system, Faculty Monitoring Attendance System (FMAS) that can record the attendance of the student in Fakulti Teknology Maklumat & Sains Kauntitatif (FTMSK). FMAS using finger print Technology to authenticate every student by using their finger print in order to get an accurate record. Attendance monitoring system of the PHILHEALTH Batangas branch in 2004 was focused on the conversion of the old-fashioned mechanical punchin or Bundy clock to record the daily attendance of the employees every day. By this, the handling of information is prone to human error often triggered by misread items. By then, Castillo Rochelle I. and Panopio Mary Ann C. Created

an attendance monitoring that requires a barcode reader and Employee ID with a barcode label for convenience and accuracy. Generation of reports is also easier and that file sharing enables a faster transaction processing. Back in 2003, Jeefner M. Adarlo, Arnelyn I. Laja and Marife H. Magpantay design and constituted a device which was an improvised students card using a barcode technology, with the use of a pc serial post interface that enables the barcode printed on the id card to be read by the device thru the process to swiping. The output is being displayed on the pcs monitors with the identification to be able to pass the gate validation.

Mico Paulo Blanco, Rosita Campaner, Anna Marie Owera, Jay-R Vista Students of the IT Department of Dalubhasaang Lungsod ng San Pablo conducted a study using Barcode Technology for automating time and attendance of their part-time instructors. The software gives the ability view the attendance, performance and efficiency data of the part-time instructor. Attendance must be monitored in order to protect their files. Automating the process reduces the time spent and making it simpler, easier and more accurate.

February 2012, students of the Benidicto Colleges conducted a study about Automated Class Monitoring System that is functional in providing essential reports of the teachers and students attendance records. Their main

goal is to produce a system that is useful in todays higher education environment. The system uses RFID (radio frequency identification) Scanner to detect the teachers and students who passes in or out per subject at every respective classroom. The system detects enrolled students on the subject and it can detect RFIDs at the maximum of 2-3 feet away.

Theoretical Framework of the Study The proposed study is based on the theory regarding of attendance
monitoring system with the aid of a biometrics fingerprint scanner and barcode reader, That has been conducted before. the studies cover business and services in different fields such as intuitional, academic and practicality The result of these undertaking all proved positive effects of the system on the over-all performance of the industry using it.

Conceptual Framework of the Study The proposed study has a unique concept. The study is based on the ideas and knowledge of the researchers.

INPUT Knowledge in type of Business Literacy in Computer programming using the following languages: a. Visual Basic b. HTML c. MS Office Tools Competency in software troubleshooting.




Significance of the Study The system is deemed significant in monitoring the attendance of the Faculty of Marian learning Center and Science Highschool and contributive to the following:

For Marian Learning Center and Science Highschool, they will have a comprehensive attendance monitoring system that will be used to monitor the daily time record of their teachers in an easy way.

For the Faculty Members, instead of signing into a log book, they will scan their finger over a finger print scanner. This will save time and effort. The system also features a Motivational Quotes that will motivate them in their work.

For the Future Researchers, this system can serve as a basis of an improved system and can be a source of vital information that can help their research.

Technological Significance As technology grows fast, certain advancements are being developed now a days and life is getting even better to live with. It makes every task as easy as possible and nothing seems too tiring if human tasks are aided with technology. It can be applied in any aspects of life; on medicines, sciences, military, and entertainment and even in the fields of education as a tool for advance learning. The Attendance Monitoring System using Fingerprint Scanner are not meant for big companies, but also in an organization. This system makes easy for the admin to keep a track and check on the attendance just by a click of the mouse, thus making the work extremely easy and capable.

Overview of the Software The System serves as a log book that is set up as a computerized database. It can monitor the attendance of the faculty using Biometrics as well as motivating them in their work. Rather signing into the log book, they will scan their finger over a fingerprint scanner that is compared to a list of pre-registered user and once a matched is made, they will be clock in or out of work. System Type and Functional Requirements The system has a database that contains the persons information Records Inquiry (per faculty member) Generating and Printing of Reports Archiving Restoration