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Collge Priv Marie Curie (2012/013)

Name: _______________________________ Class: _______________

When Rokhaya left school, she applied for a job in a local company. They gave her a job as a trainee. She didnt earn much, but they gave her in-house training, and she did several training courses. Rokhaya worked hard and her prospects looked good. Her manager was very pleased with her progress and she soon got a good pay rise. After two years she was promoted. After five years she was in charge of a department with five employees under her. By the time Rokhaya was thirty, she decided she wanted a fresh challenge and a career change. She wanted to work abroad, so she resigned and started looking for another job. After a month she got a job with an international company which involved a lot of foreign travel. She was very excited about this and at first she really enjoyed it. But after six months, Rokhaya started to dislike the travelling and living in hotels. She didnt do well in the job either. After a year the company dismissed her, and Rokhaya found life difficult. She was unemployed for nine months until she got a part-time job in the kitchen of a restaurant. Rokhaya loved the restaurant. She enjoyed learning to cook, and two years later she took over the restaurant. After a year, she opened a second one, and after 20 years she had 10 restaurants. Last year Rokhaya retired at the age of 50. She finally became a rich woman. READING COMPREHENSION (08 pts) 1. Text title: read the text carefully and find a relevant title for it. _________________________ 2. Vocabulary: Match each phrase in A with its appropriate definition or synonym in B. (1.5 pts)

a. b. c. d. e. f. dismiss someone resign be promoted prospects retire part-time job 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

be given a better position future possible successes in a job stop performing ones work (usually at 60 or 65) expel from a job job consisting in working less than the standard time for it leave a job voluntarily half- an- hour job

Answers: A a b c d e f B 3. Match each paragraph with one of these titles. (2.5 pts) Answers: 1.____ Paragraphs Titles 1 a. Leaving the company 2.____ 2 b. Moving up 3.____ 3 c. Getting a job 4.____ 4 d. Happier times 5.____ 5 e. Hard times f. School days 4. Find the logical answer on the right for each of the questions on the left. (2 pts) a. When did Rokhaya apply for a job? 1. She wanted to work abroad. b. Why did she soon get a pay rise? 2. In the kitchen of a restaurant. c. Why did she resign? 3. For nine months. d. How long was she unemployed? 4. Because her manager was very pleased with her progress. 5. After she had quitted school. Answers: a._____ b.______ c.______ d.______

5. Read the text and say Who or What the underlined pronouns in bold refer to. (1.5 pts) a. she (line 2) refers to ____________________________ b. they (line 2) refers to ____________________________ c. which (line 8) refers to _____________________________ LINGUISTIC AND COMMUNICATIVE COMPETENCE (06 pts) 1. Put the verbs between brackets in the right tense or form. (2.5 pts) Rokhaya _____________ (start) working 25 years ago, after she had ___________ (leave) school 2 years before. Since then, she _________________ (work) in several companies. She _______________________ (cook) in her own restaurant for five years now. In fact, it is the first time I _______________ (meet) such a good and committed cook. 2. Complete the interview below with the right questions or tags. (2 pts) Journalist: You have had a long career, .? Rokhaya: Yes, I have. Journalist: ..? Rokhaya: I first worked in a local company. Journalist: employed as a full-time worker? Rokhaya: No, I wasnt. I worked there as a trainee. Journalist: ..? Rokhaya: I have become rich by opening a chain of restaurants throughout the country. 3. a) b) c) Fill in the blanks with the right option: who which when where whom whose(1.5 pts) Rokhaya, . success is known all over the country, is a hardworking woman. Cooking is the activity .. she likes most. Rokhayas restaurants are places . you can enjoy true Senegalese meals.

WRITING: Giving opinion (write 12 lines maximum) (06 pts) What do you think about school uniforms? Defend your opinion. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

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