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Collge Priv Nelson Mandela

2012 / 2013

2 hours

Students name: .. Class: 1re L

A brilliant young man
John Gregory is an unusual boy. He is 16 but he has never been to school. Johns family went to live
on the little island of Lundy, South Wales, when John was five and there is no school on Lundy. When John
was younger, his parents gave him lessons. But now he knows more than they do about his favorite subject
(especially mathematics and physics; and he says he doesnt need lessons anymore). Rachel Jones who is his
professor of math at Cardiff University has spent a lot of time talking to John. In her opinion, he is better at
math than she is. She says that if John wants a job, she will give him one now (teaching math at her university!)
But math is not the only thing that John is good at. He was also Britains best young chess player. The
last time he lost a game was four years ago, when he was twelve. Next week, he is going to play against Nigel
Fored, the American chess champion.
Dimitri Malakousky, the Russian world champion has said that if John beats Nigel, he will play against
him next year.


(08 points)

A- Multiple choice: Tick () the right option to complete each of the following sentences.

(2 pts)

1- John has never been to school because:

a- his father didnt want him to do so.
b- there wasnt any school in Lundy.

c- he didnt want to go to school in Lundy.

2- John doesnt need lessons anymore because:
a- he is no longer a young boy.

b- he wants to become a chess player.

c- he knows more than his parents.

B- True or false: Decide whether the following statements are true or false. Justify from the text. (3 pts)
3- John is very different from the boys of his age.

4- He lived on the island of Lundy for five years.

5- John has already played against Nigel Fored.

C- Vocabulary: Find the synonyms of these words in the text. (1.5 pts)
6- extraordinary =
7- defeats = ..
8- point of view = ..

D- Referencing: Who or What do the underlined items in bold refer to in the text?

(1.5 pts)

9- He (line 1) refers to:

10- they (line 3) refers to: ..
11- She (line 6) refers to:


(06 points)

E- Ask the questions corresponding to the underlined words in bold. (3 pts)

John has lived on the island for five years.
12- ..?
13- ..?
14- ..?
F- Put the verbs in brackets in the right tense.

(1.5 pts)

15- John (lose)a game last night, didnt he?

16- Professor Rachel always .( spend) her time talking to John.
17- John .. (play) chess with a friend right now.
G- Complete the following conversation meaningfully with the right tag questions.

(1.5 pts)

18- Moussa: You cant play chess, ?

19- Alpha: No, I cant. Chess is not popular in Senegal, ?
20- Moussa: No, it isnt. However, you play scrabble, ..?
Alpha: Yes, I do. Its my favourite game.


(06 points)

What do you usually do at weekends? Write a letter to a friend of yours to tell him or her.