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January 11-17, 2013 January 11-17, 2013

Ben Maynigo

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87% of Filipino Internet users have been victims of cybercrimes–DOJ
ABS CBN News | MANILA, Philippines 1/7/013 – Just days after the Philippines was called one of the “destinations to watch in 2013,” another prestigious travel magazine dubbed the country as one of the hottest travel spots this year. Travel + Leisure included the Philippines in its “13 for 2013” list, which the magazine compiled with the help of

PRST STD U.S. Postage Paid Permit No. 203 Chula Vista CA 91910

PH among hottest travel destinations for 2013

The Dark Nights of Father Madrid
A Historical Novel by Dr. Ed Gamboa
Inspired by a True Story ....

branding agencies and other experts. Some of the Philippine destinations featured in the article are Boracay island in Aklan, Panglao island in Bohol, and El Nido Resorts and Ariara in Palawan. “The archipelago of Palawan, a UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Philippines, just
(Continued on page 19)

Chapter 25. Guerrillas Zones and Bases


he new position in the party meant his ideas would carry more weight in strategic planning not only within his assigned region, the Central Visayas, but nationwide. It also meant more travels, more visitations, more risks.

WBC president ‘worried’ about Pacquiao
ABS CBN News |MANILA, Philippines – World Boxing Council (WBC) president Don Jose Sulaiman expressed his concern for Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, who suffered a devastating knockout loss to Mexican rival Juan Manuel Marquez in December. In a statement released to Boxing Scene, Sulaiman called Pacquiao’s knockout loss “dramatic.” “No one could withstand such a powerful punch, right on the button, and that is worrying,” Sulaiman said.

He could not refrain from comparing his rapid ascent and growing influence in the Communist Party to the restricted situation of his fellow priests. As regional commander of rebel forces, he could hatch a plan and carry it to completion with relative freedom and in short order. He occasionally had to run things through the Central Committee, of course, but that was rarely a problem. Had he remained a priest, on the other hand, he would have been, like his clerical peers, been assigned to a specific parish or community, under the jurisdiction of a higher ranked bishop who oversaw the affairs of the diocese. The ascending hierarchy of bishops and archbishops and cardinals, forming the greater national conference, determined the course of the country in matters of religion and related matters. A sluggish behemoth of an organization when the times called for rapid and radical change. Yet, in many aspects, the life of a rebel, he had to admit, was tougher than the life of a priest. Living in Kilahanan, his guerrilla base, was anything but comfortable though, after time, he grew quite fond of it. Even missed it, when he was on extended forays. The insurgency generally separated their geographic areas of influence to either “guerilla zones” or “guerilla bases.” Barrios and villages under the influence of the communist party which were located in plains and valleys or along shorelines, and therefore vulnerable to attacks, were called “guerilla zones.” Those located deep in the mountains, isolated and impregnable, akin to Superman’s “fortress of solitude” George liked
(Continued on page 8)

“I pray that Pacquiao has no health problems, because he’s been the biggest star of the past decade and the world of boxing owes so much to the Filipino,” he added. Sulaiman noted that the
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ABS CBN News | MANILA, Philippines - Criminal syndicates are buying real estate and jewelry as well as go to casinos in the country to launder “dirty money,” Senator Teofisto “TG” Guingona said Monday. Guingona, in a press statement, said this should be addressed by passing Senate Bill 3123, which strengthens the existing Anti-

‘Dirty money laundered in casinos, real estate’

Money Laundering Law in the country. He cited an a new International Monetary Fund (IMF) report that shows money laundering, terrorist financing and related crimes can undermine the stability of a country’s financial system. “How we deal with money

By Dr. Preciosa S. Soliven

Incomparable Advantages Of ‘Pagsasarili’ Preschoolers As Testified By Parents

My Part 1 column last week was a plea to Mrs. Cynthia Villar to prevent the closure 26 year old Pagsasarili Preschool that has developed superior type of children who are the pride and joy of Las Piñas communities. We have discovered the biblical “precious pearl” within them as testified by their parents since 1986. She must help conserve these national treasures that bring light to our country. Since 1983 the Pagsasarili (Continued on page 14)

Preciosa S.Soliven

program for preschool children, have helped various kids in different communities all over our country. With UNESCO grants, it has helped develop quality education to meet the UN Millennium Development Goal for “sustainable development” by partnering with governors and mayors, regional directors of DepEd and DSWD all over Luzon down to Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, Palawan (MIMAROPA). With UNESCO focus on
(Continued on page 17)

By Christine O. Avendaño, | MANILA, Philippines, 1/7/2013 — Almost 9 out of 10 Filipino Internet users have been victimized by cybercrime or a malicious activity on the Internet at one time or another, the Department of Justice (DOJ) primer on facts and trends about cybercrimes committed in the country, said on Tuesday. The primer on Philippine cybercrime has been prepared by the DOJ as part of its advocacy program to prevent abuses in cyberspace as the legality of the new law against cybercrime is being deliberated in the Supreme Court. In October 2012, the implementation of the new Cyber-crime Prevention Act of 2012 was suspended by the high tribunal for four months until Feb.6 following 15 petitions seeking for the law to be declared unconstitutional wholly or partially. The high court is set to hear on Jan.15 oral arguments on the law that became controversial because of its provisions that included the criminalization of online libel. In the three-page primer presented in a question and answer format, the DOJ said that cybercrime has become “one of the fastest growing crimes globally.” In the Philippines, the primer quoted a 2010 report of the security software firm Symantec that as many as 87 percent of Filipino internet users (nearly nine out of 10) were identified as victims of crimes and malicious activities committed online. These included being victimized in activities such as malware (virus and Trojan) invasion; online or phishing scams; sexual predation; and services in social networking site like Facebook and Twitter. From 2003 to 2012, the Anti-Transnational Crime Division (ATCD) of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) looked into 2,778 referred cases of com(Continued on page 16)

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Legal Buzz
by Atty. Lilli A. Baculi
Law Offices of Chua Tinsay & Vega

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USD’s FUSO would like to invite you to our second annual Ugnayan Conference! We will be hosting it on Saturday February 9, 2013 at Mother Rosalie Hall at the University of San By: Lilli A. Baculi, Esq. ment. Applicants seeking to Diego (5998 Alcala Park). Parking utilize this waiver process must and Food will be provided! On January 2, 2013, Secretary of establish “extreme hardship” to a The conference this year revolves Homeland Security, Janet Napoliqualifying immediate relative. Under around the several diverse roles that tano, announced the publication of the final rule, a qualifying relative family has played in each one of the Final Rule that would permit a is limited to a U.S. citizen spouse or our lives (Especially in the Filipinocertain category of immigrants who parent. To this end, DHS cannot in- American Community). We want to will be pursuing an immigrant visa clude children as qualifying relatives explore our familial roots in order application at a consular post abroad for purposes of the extreme hardto understand the people that we to file an application for a provision- ship requirement because the statute are today. In order to do so we ask al unlawful presence waiver for inonly permits a showing of extreme ourselves, “What has family done admissibility while still in the United hardship to a spouse or a parent as a for me? What role do I have in my States. The new regulation aims to basis for granting the parent. Thus, family?” There will be several worksignificantly reduce the amount of a showing of extreme hardship to an shops that deal with these questions. time that families are separated from LPR spouse or parent will not satisfy Workshops: each other when their immediate the requirement. Political Activism relative departs the U.S. to obtain A Quick Note about Deferred CasLeadership their immigrant visa abroad. es and Aliens with Final Removal Romance Currently, immediate relatives of Orders. Individuals whose cases Traditions U.S. citizens who are not eligible are deferred as authorized by the ImReligion to adjust status within the U.S. migration and Customs Enforcement Higher Education must leave the U.S. to obtain their (ICE) or by the USCIS through an Values immigrant visa abroad. However, approved Deferred Action for ChildCultural Identity for individuals who have accrued hood Arrivals (DACA) application Film and Media unlawful presence in the U.S., the must meet all requirements under the Careers act of leaving the U.S. triggers either regulations to receive a provisional To register for the conference, a three-year or a ten-year bar to unlawful presence waiver. Deferred please follow the “Ugnayan Conferre-enter the U.S. These individuals action does not override or modify ence” tab on the top of this page, and must then obtain a waiver to overthe eligibility requirements as speci- click on registration. It will be $7 for come the unlawful presence bar to fied under this new rule. Therefore, Preregistration (No later than Februadmissibility before they are able to individuals whose cases have been ary 6 on this website) and $10 at the return to the U.S. Under this process, deferred but nonetheless have final door on the event date. immediate relatives cannot file their orders of removal or other grounds This event is open to the entire waiver application until after they of inadmissibility beyond unlawcommunity! So please invite your have appeared for an immigrant visa ful presence will remain ineligible friends and family! interview abroad and the Departfor a provisional unlawful presence ment of State has determined that waiver. they are inadmissible. The new pro“Unlawful presence,” “extreme cess will allow eligible immediate hardship,” and “qualifying relative” relatives to apply for a waiver while are terms of art. An experienced still in the United States and depart immigration firm or attorney will at a much more convenient time be able to help you understand what nearer to their visa interview date, these terms mean specific to the with an approved waiver already regulations, how the new waiver in hand before leaving the country. process might be applicable to your The new process would cut through particular case, and the options the long periods of wait time and available to you under the evolving the uncertainty of whether or not an immigration laws. Applicant will even be granted an immigrant visa at all. The current Atty. Lilli A. Baculi is an associate We are nearing another sell-out for process remains in place for those attorney with Chua Tinsay & Vega, the 28th Annual YMCA of San Dinot eligible for the new process. A Professional Legal Corporation ego County Dr. Martin Luther King, (CTV) - a full service law firm with Who is Eligible for the Provioffices in San Francisco, San Diego, Jr. Human Dignity Award Breakfast next Friday, January 18 at the Town sional Unlawful Presence Waiver? Sacramento and Philippines. The information presented in this article & Country Resort Convention Center. Our speaker Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, This waiver process is available is for general information only and Jr., pastor emeritus at Cleveland's to individuals who are immediate is not, nor intended to be, formal Olivet Institutional Baptist Church, relatives of United States citizens legal advice nor the formation of – spouses, children, and parents as an attorney-client relationship. Call and member of the White House Advisory Council on Faith-Based and defined under immigration laws. or e-mail CTV for an in-person or Neighborhood Partnerships might Unmarried sons and daughters of phone consultation to discuss your U.S. citizens who are over 21 years particular situation and/or how their be one of the best keynotes ever. He worked closely with both Martin old, married sons and daughters or services may be retained at (619) Luther King, Jr. and Martin Luther siblings of U.S. citizens, spouses and 955-6277; (415) 495-8088; lbacuKing, Sr. and continues to be active minor children of Lawful Permanent for social justice. I know you will Residents (LPR), and other preferlove his message. ence categories are not eligible for If you would like to reserve your the Provisional Unlawful Presence seat(s), you can email and send your Waiver. attendee roster to mblanek@ymca. org or call 619.264.0144x104. Feel In addition, this waiver process free to share this information with will remain available only to those your associates, family, and friends. individuals who are currently in the They can register online below at United States and will be departing http://www.jackierobinson.ymca. for consular processing abroad. InQuiet Neighborhood org/yregister/mlk2013.html. dividuals already outside of the U.S. in National City. No must pursue a waiver of inadmissibility through the current process. smoking. No drugs. Follow @asianjournal The “Extreme Hardshipi to a U.S. on Twitter Citizen Spouse or Parent” Require-

DHS Announces the Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver

FUSO’s Second Annual The 3rd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Family Ugnayan Conference Reunion & Celebration Family Celebrawill The 3rd Annual Dr. Martin Luther tion non-stop Feb. 9. 2013 Open to KingisJr.a FREE community event that Coachesrsvp atreceive a certificate MLKwill haveReunion &live enterFamily Reunion & Celebra- following the workshop. Space is tainment complete with r&b singers, limited MLKsportsfest@ tion teams, the whole family can enjoy! Come the Entire San Diego celebrate social justice leader Dr. On the field the Stephen Pierce bands, youth stepmore! comedians and much, much Our kids zone will have a face Foundation & Former NFL Pro Martin Luther King Jr. at his only Community! painting booth, FREE astro jumps, namesake park in the County of San Players will host the NFL ExperiDiego! Kicking off the festival is the MLK Sportsfest at 9am!! In the gym, the Ground-Up Youth Foundation Basketball Showcase will host a FREE skills camp, 3-point shootout, dunk contest and 5-on-5 games for youth 5 years old to adults! In meeting room 1, Marc Smith, Coach/Trainer, Monarch Basketball Academy will offer a FREE Coaching Workshop to help unleash the talent in every player on your team. ence. Players will learn techniques and training tips from former NFL players. On the tennis courts the Mt. View Sports & Racquetball Club will host a 3-day MLK Tennis Tournament. Register online at http://www.mvsra. com/. In the craft room, the George Stevens Seasoned Seniors will host a Bid Whist & Dominoes competition complete with prizes! Walk-in are welcome! At 11 am on the main stage, the

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photo booth and lots of free games with prizes. Of course our festival will have a marketplace where you can buy merchandise, food and connect to a number of community resources and programs. The highlight of the day will be San Diego's LARGEST Wobble line dance at 12 noon!!! Bring your whole family, organization, church,
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28th Annual YMCA of San Diego County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr Human Dignity Award Breakfast


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January 11-17, 2013

Contemporary Asian American Issues
Founder, President & CEO Kalusugan Community Services.

by Dr. Ofelia Dirige

Volunteer Opportunities at Kalusugan Community Services
Kalusugan Community Services (KCS) is calling for volunteers for the year 2013. It had many volunteers since its inception in 1995 but the program had only been officially formalized in January 2012. Recruitment continues today. Recruited volunteers worked throughout the year and helped in special events such the signing of the cookbook, “Global Filipino Cuisine: Healthy Recipes” at Villa Manila and KCS 20th anniversary celebration at the Jacobs Center; Riz Oades Memorial Golf Tournament at Eastlake Country Club; workshops conducted by KCS on “Sponsorship and Grant Writing”, “Financial Literacy,” and Health Care Reform; and special projects such as the Alliance of Filipino American Community Health Workers. Volunteers help in recruiting participants to our events by sending email blasts, making fliers and distributing them, and making personal contacts through telephone, regular mail or personal encounter. At events, they make sure that it runs smoothly by helping during registration, making sure guests feel comfortable, taking charge or assisting in the program, monitoring the audio equipment, conducting evaluations, serving food, and thanking participants for attending. Some volunteers help in writing articles for the media, assist in doing financial statements, manning exhibit booths, selling our books at and teaching computer skills. Some help in just being at the Center as receptionist, making referrals and helping to keep the Center in order. Young people also volunteer in projects such as the annual “Filipino American Arts and Cultural Festival (FilAmFest)” and the Kuya Ate Mentorship Program (KAMP). These groups frequently meets at the Center to plan their activities, work with their peers and conduct in-service training to develop leadership skills, organize socials and events for the public, and share their accomplishments with the community. We are then challenging some of you to volunteer this year with KCS. Please see information below if interested to volunteer or need more information. A. Why should you volunteer? 1. It benefits the Organization. Volunteers are unrecognized assets to the organization and therefore we always welcome them. We have proven that volunteers are valuable to any organization so we treat them as gold. As our consultant Melissa Pregill said, “They have an obvious strong personal interest in the work, they don’t ask to be paid, often they become the most committed board members, and in large measure they become significant future financial donors. So let’s build a program that identifies their interests and expertise; gives them consistent, respectable work; develops, recognizes and rewards them; and suitably honors their service. Let’s treat them as gold nuggets! The need for volunteers became critical for KCS in 2010 when we were in a period of transition due to the economic recession that started in 2008 and continues to the present. Coupled with this was the passing away of our Founder and President, Dr. Riz A. Oades who had been our mentor and guide. These events had tremendously affected our funding sources from grants and due to lack of revenue we had to cut back on our staff and resort to volunteers to assist us with our tasks. Because of our collaboration with the community, previous participants of our projects came to our rescue and continued to help us throughout the years. 2. It benefits the individual by providing: Purpose, meaning and fulfillment to life. Volunteering or serving has personal advantage to an individual. Our Pastor, Mike Meeks, of Eastlake Community Church, mentioned that “all of us

have a desire for greatness, fame and fulfilled life. We try to reach for it by excelling in school, having a good career, earning a lot of money, getting married and having children, and living a life of pleasure and ease. But when we come to the place that we have accomplished all this, there is that void or yearning for something that would satisfy us. Only being a “servant” can fill the void. “ I am reminded of King Solomon in the Bible who was the richest and wisest man who ever lived on earth. He had everything that his heart desired—wealth, wisdom, women, fame, pleasure, possessions, and worthwhile projects. Yet he stated in the Book of Ecclesiastes: “I denied myself nothing my eyes desired: I refused my heart no pleasure. My heart took delight in all my work, and this was the reward of my labor. Yet when I surveyed all that my hands have done, and what I had toiled to achieve, Everything was meaningless, a chasing after the wind: Nothing was gained under the sun.” The pastor mentioned that the only way to find fulfillment is to help or serve others. By serving we can be like Jesus Christ, the Master, who came not to be served but to serve. Peter the Apostle also said that “each one should use whatever gifts he has received to serve others.” I find that serving gives me joy and happiness beyond compare. Try it and you will experience the joy that volunteering gives. So let’s give and serve. Experience and contacts for young people aspiring to climb the career ladder. A high school or college student or young professional can gain work experience in their field while working for the organization which can eventually help advance their career. If diligent, they can usually get a good recommendation from the Director if they are going to college/graduate school, applying for scholarship, or looking for a job. Oftentimes, after they have proven their worth, they can eventually be hired as staff of the company or recruited as board member of the organization. B. What makes for a successful volunteer? There are three ways that one can find purpose and fulfillment as a volunteer: 1. Availability- One should be available at all times and not wait until we are called or have time. A farmer who waits for perfect weather will never plant or if they watch every cloud, they will never harvest. Let’s be ready anytime. 2. Passionate- We should be passionate about the group’s mission and serve gladly. We should be happy when we do

it and glad that there is an opportunity to help while we are still strong. Let’s not be lazy when coming to work thinking that anyway they can get along without us. 3. Faithful- We should be faithful in what we do, confident that nothing done is a waste of time and effort. Let’s stick to our commitments no matter what, for we know that we will be rewarded if not here, in heaven. C. What do we do to make our VOLUNTEER PROGRAM successful? In 2010, we started a pre-formal Volunteer Program by inviting a consultant to help us develop a program for volunteers. Melissa Pregill, founder of Cipher, a marketing communications business, conducted a workshop for us on “Volunteer Programs that Work.” These are 9 tips that we have followed since then to have a successful program: 1. We let the community know we need volunteers- We did this through emails, website, direct mail solicitation, personal contacts, and continuous request at board meetings, social occasions or whenever there is an audience who can help announce the need to the community. KCS had been advertising the need and had been successful. 2. We are developing a Volunteer Program- We have started organizing a program that include development of policies, systems, procedures, forms, methods and techniques for consistency so one does not handle issues and people differently over time which leads to valuable effort and sending unintended mixed messages 3. We qualify volunteers by screening them carefully- As for any other position, we determine if there is genuine motivation, if they are passionate about the mission, what their skills are, and if they indeed have time to devote to volunteer work. We determine this through the questionnaire that applicants fill out and by interviewing them during sign up or orientation time. 4. We educate them about our mission and their role- During orientation, KCS staff informs recruits about the work of the organization and what their roles and responsibilities will be in supporting that work. Often volunteers become bored or disillusioned because they don’t know what they are supposed to do and most often, won’t ask. 5. We keep a watchful eye on them through evaluation – KCS staff monitors the volunteers through their attendance at monthly meetings to report on their progress and any concerns they have. An

Attending the International CES is a challenge in decision-making. After choosing which airline to take and which hotel to stay in, you have to decide which of the events organized for members of the Press to attend, which exhibitors to visit, and which sessions and press conferences to attend. The decisions were not really hard to make after developing the criteria for decision-making. Of course, one criterion that I used in the case of the exhibitors was to give priority to those who invited me to check out their new products. Another was to visit those that express excitement over my interest in visiting their respective booths. There was one dilemma that presented some difficulty to me last Sunday. I had to decide which of three events happening at the same time to go to. First, I was supposed to attend a luncheon at the Storage Visions 2013 Conference at the Riviera Hotel. I had RSVP’d earlier that I was going. Second, there was the first session for members of the Press on the topic, “The State of the Consumer Electronics Technology”. Third, was to watch the Washington Redskins-Seattle Seahawks NFL playoff game. The first was free food and drinks. The second was on a subject I was very interested in. And the third was a game that RG III fans like me who live in the Washington, D.C. area do not want to miss. Watching the game at a Sports Bar at the Mandalay Bay meant I had to pay for food and (Continued on page 16) drinks while watching the game. Below is a story sent to me by Alijandra Mogilner – an author that does work for the US government. She said it’s ours – no charge. Photos are attached. Miles ***

Decision-Making at the International CES

I decided to watch the game. As I said, it was a game I could not miss. I watched it until the early part of the fourth quarter when I decided to leave in order to attend the CES Unveiling of new products and technology. This is an event that the Press gets the first look at the new inventions and/or creations. There was also a big reception for the members of the Press with virtually unlimited food and drinks. The Redskins were leading 14-13 when I left the Sports Bar. Although I was hoping that they would still win, I noticed that the momentum was on the side of the Seahawks and that I thought that my favorite player RG III was hurt and would be replaced soon. I was enjoying the free food and drinks at the CES Unveiling when I noticed in the Exhibitors’ List two companies, namely Griffin Technology and Wilson Electronics. Griffin “designs, manufactures and delivers useful and fun solutions for digital entertainment and personal computing to people in the Americas, Europe and Asia.” Wilson Electronics “designs and manufactures a wide variety of cell phone signal boosters and related components. It has solutions for poor cellular reception in mobile, building and machine-tomachine (M2M) applications”. In the Washington-Seattle playoff match, it was a battle between two rookie quarterbacks whose last names are Griffin and Wilson. It is indeed a strange coincidence that in
(Continued on page 19)

At Large...
by Miles Beauchamp, PhD
Miles is Assistant to the Dean and Assistant Professor in the Shirley Hufstedler School of Education at Alliant International University where he teaches new media and diverse writing courses. He has been with the Asian Journal since the 1990’s.

just seem to be able to find tools and car parts). But no, I was in a hurry and simply started opening cabinet doors and moving things around. This was a big mistake, a very big mistake. As I’m pawing through pots, pans, dishes, and things that I have no idea what are, I start asking myself, "what all do we have in these cabinets?" Unload, put away, forget When we moved in our house we did the normal thing, we unpacked boxes and put everything away. We tried, as we were putting these things away, to place the stuff intelligently. You know, put the things you use the most at levels and in areas where you can access them easily. Coffee mugs and everyday glasses go low, wine glasses go higher. Sure... That’s how it all starts out. And then, over time, things get arranged again and rearranged until you have some sort of order worked out that your family knows. No one else might recognize this order but it works for you so what the heck. And gradually, the things you use the least, get pushed farther and farther away. Finally, all that stuff is out of sight and reach and you never think about it again. You never think about it again, that is, until some sort of fool’s errand sends you searching through the cabinets for something when you should have asked your wife for it in the first place. And then you come face-to-face with all the wonderful things you own and don’t use – many of which you absolutely had to have because when you saw it on late-night TV it looked so good and would save you so much time, energy, and money. And now you are staring at all those things and wondering just what on earth is back there, how long has it been there, does anyone in the family even know it’s there, and what should we do with it now that it’s come to light? The list Here is a partial list of the things that are generally stored in the backs of cabinets. Some of these are in my cabinets; some are in the back of

friends and relatives cabinets. The main thing is, some of these things are in all of our cabinets. The fondue set you received for a wedding gift The second crock-pot – the one you don’t use because you like your other one better The new wok The old wok you actually use The last frying pan from a set you received twenty-two years ago The second fondue set you received as a wedding gift The automatic lemonade maker The ice cream maker The third fondue set you received as a wedding gift The electric skillet The snow cone maker The ice cream maker The angel food cake pan Two glass pots from a very large set of glass pots that were supposed to be unbreakable Three rusted cookie sheets An old woven chip and dip set An old ceramic chip and dip set Another old ceramic chip and dip set A gummed-up muffin pan A doughnut maker An electric cookie press A nutshell crusher A popcorn maker Weird “home and kitchen” gifts from Christmas 2012 (yes, there are new ones), 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000 (remember when we were worried that all the computers in the world were going to crash?), 1999, 1998…I could go on until before my wedding day but I’m sure you not only get the idea but are bored to tears by now so I’ll let it go. But one thing to think about: if you don’t use it, it’s probably a good idea no one else will either so why get it for them? A nut cracker Another nut cracker A third nutcracker A hot air popcorn maker (thank God it’s not another nutcracker!) A small case of sterno cans for the fondue sets. What? Another fondue set? Who makes these things and
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The lost, the forgotten, the hated
What is lurking in the back of your kitchen cabinets?
I’m willing to bet that you have a kitchen. And I’m willing to bet that in this kitchen you have cabinets. And I’m also willing to bet that in these cabinets, way in the back, there are things that haven’t seen the light of day since you shoved them there. I started thinking about all the things in the back of our cabinets the other day when I started looking for something. See, had I thought about it I would have done the smart, the rational, thing and simply asked my wife where it was. She knows where everything is – I don’t know how she knows it but she does. She says all women have this ability and it comes from their uterine tracking device. Men, not having a uterine tracking device, will never know where anything is except in the garage (the uterine tracking device doesn't work in the garage and men

Shootout with Philippine Security Forces at a Highway Checkpoint
By: Alijandra Mogilner In this photo released by the

criminals at a checkpoint along a road in the town of Atimonan in Quezon province, about 140 kilometers (100 miles) southeast of Manila, in the Philippines Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013. Philippine army special forces and police killed 13 suspected criminals in a gunbattle Sunday in the latest violence to erupt in the country in the past week. Philippine National Police Quezon Provincial Director's Office At least three police personnel were among 13 suspected criminals who were gunned down in a shootout with Philippine security forces at a highway checkpoint, officials said Monday. Gunmen riding in three black SUVs opened fire on more than 50 army and police troopers who flagged down the vehicles late Sun-

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Philippine National Police Quezon Provincial Director's Office, Quezon provincial police chief Valeriano de Leon, left, visits a wounded policeman after a shootout with suspected

day in the coastal town of Atimonan in Quezon province, about 140 kilometers (90 miles) southeast of Manila. Eleven suspects died on the spot,

January 11-17, 2013

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Immigration 911
by Atty. Susan V. Perez
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Frequently Asked Questions about Stateside Processing of I-601 Provisional Waiver
On January 2, 2013, the Secretary of Homeland Security announced the stateside processing of I-1601 waiver to take effect on March 4, 2013. Under the new rule certain relatives of American citizens who are in the country illegally and need a waiver of unlawful presence before being eligible for a green card can get a decision on their case before leaving the United States. This is a huge development because it means peace of mind for the U.S. citizen relative knowing that his or her loved one is likely to successfully complete the immigration process and not be stranded in a foreign country for an unknown length of time. The I-1601 waiver has been in existence for a long time, but very few people would like to avail of it because of the risk of not being able to come back to the U.S. in case the waiver is denied. The denial can be appealed but the applicant has to stay outside the U.S. while the appeal is pending. For many, the consequences of unlawful presence outweigh risk of filing the waiver. Since the announcement of the new rule, I’ve been bombarded with questions such as: Can you explain the newly published rule on waiver in simple terms? Under our existing immigration laws, aliens who entered the country illegally or overstay their visas cannot apply for permanent residence or a green card in the U.S., and must finish the immigration process abroad. Unfortunately, leaving the country would trigger the bar for unlawful presence. An alien is inadmissible for three years if he or she was unlawfully present in the U.S. for a period of more than 180 days but less than one year. An alien is inadmissible for ten years if he or she has been unlawfully present for one year of more. For some, but not all, this inadmissibility can be waived. However, the application for waiver has to be filed abroad causing sleepless nights and anxieties to the applicants and their loved ones because the process could take weeks, months or even years. There is also the possibility that the application for waiver will be denied. The new rule means that many immigrants will leave the U.S., knowing in advance that their case will probably be approved, and they could be back with their families as a legal resident in a matter of days. Who is eligible to apply for stateside processing of I-601 waiver? The applicant must be an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen such spouses, parents, and certain children. Take note that spouses and children of legal permanent residents or green card holders are not immediate relatives. Also son and daughters over 21 years of age of U.S. citizens are not considered immediate relatives. The applicant must be physically present in the U.S., and not have already have a scheduled interview at a U.S. consulate abroad. More importantly, the applicant should not have criminal issues or other immigration violations. Unlawful presence should be the sole ground for inadmissibility. People who are in immigration court or who have an order of removal or voluntary departure may not qualify unless they get special permission from the government and a court order resolving the case. Why is the waiver provisional? It means that the waiver, even if granted, is not permanent. It can be revoked if the government finds out that the applicant had previous immigration violations or criminal history. When can we file the application for waiver? USCIS will not accept any filings until March 4, 2013, when the new rule goes into effect. You can only apply for a provisional waiver after an immigrant petition has been approved. If you haven’t filed the I-130 petition or if you’re waiting for a decision, you cannot apply for the provisional waiver as yet. What are the benefits of having an approved provisional waiver? Getting an approved provisional waiver does not give one the right for work authorization, a social security number or a driver’s license. It also does not protect you from deportation or any other consequences of being in the country illegally. Can the denial of the application for waiver be appealed? It cannot be appealed, but you can refile in case you found new evidence to prove your case or there has been some changes in the dynamics of the case that would warrant an approval. For example, the U.S. citizen spouse got seriously ill that it would be extremely hard for him or her to take care of the children without the applicant, or the U.S. citizen spouse lost his or her job and the family would suffer financial hardship if the applicant leaves the country. Do I need to work with an attorney? First off, you need to know if you’re qualified for the waiver. Making this determination is not easy. Immigration law is not simple as you think. Many individuals think that immigration law is just filling out forms. This is not true. Filing I-601 waiver needs a brief and evidence. The lawyer can determine if you do not need a waiver at all or you are better off not filing a waiver at all. If you’re eligible for a waiver you need to prove that: 1) the qualifying relative would suffer extreme hardship if he or she move to the applicant’s country; AND 2) the qualifying relative can’t simply remain in the U.S. without the applicant. The term “extreme hardship” means over and above the normal hardship the qualifying relative would experience if the applicant’s visa were denied. A successful I-601 waiver case requires not only good arguments but also credible, well organized, and presented evidence. The adjudicator may only have minutes to make a decision in each case. A well-organized and presented evidence can make the adjudicator’s job easier. Adjudicators are humans, not tin men. A well-written brief usually does the trick. We welcome your feedback. If you have any immigration questions, please feel welcome to email me at susan@ or call 619 819 -8648 to arrange for a telephone consultation.


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Shootout with Philippine
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including a police colonel who was a regional commander and two other officers, said police spokesman Erwin Obal. Authorities were checking the identities of two other victims on suspicion they were either former or current members of the intelligence service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Obal said. Two gunmen jumped out of one of the cars and fired from a roadside canal, said Lt. Col. Monico Abang, who led an army platoon in the clash. The rest stayed in two vehicles, which troops raked with gunfire on a sparsely populated stretch of the highway.

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More gunmen fired from a third vehicle, which turned around and fled, Abang said. Authorities didn't say how many suspects were believed to have escaped. Security personnel sometimes collude with criminal syndicates to rob banks or traffic narcotics in an underworld that often includes corrupt politicians. Abang said an initial investigation showed that the gunmen were likely members of a gun-for-hire group operating in provinces south of Manila. "They rolled down their windows and started firing, so we had to retaliate," Abang said by cellphone from the scene of the clash. "They were clearly outnumbered and outgunned." On the side of the security forces, a police colonel was shot in the hand and foot and taken to a hospital. Abang said the army and police had set up the checkpoint after an informant told police that gunmen involved in illegal drugs, gambling and kidnapping for ransom would pass through Atimonan in mountainous Quezon, where communist guerrillas have a presence.

The latest violence followed two other deadly shootings that have revived calls for tighter gun control in the Philippines, where there are more than half a million unlicensed firearms, according to police estimates. A man who reportedly was drunk and high on drugs killed eight people before being gunned down by police on Friday in Kawit town in Cavite province, 16 kilometers (10 miles) south of Manila. A 7-year-old girl died a day after being hit in the head by a stray bullet while watching fireworks with her family on New Year's Eve outside their home in Caloocan city, near Manila, despite a high-profile government campaign against powerful firecrackers and celebratory gunfire by Filipinos to welcome 2013. Earlier Sunday, before the shootout, presidential spokeswoman Abigail Valte told reporters that President Benigno Aquino III, a known gun enthusiast, would study gun-control proposals with other officials. Among the proposals is a call by anti-gun groups to ban the carrying of firearms by civilians outside their homes. The proliferation of firearms has long fueled crime, political violence and Muslim and communist rebellions that have raged for decades in parts of the Philippines. Previous attempts by authorities to clamp down on unregistered weapons have yielded few results in a country where several politically powerful clans and families control private armed groups in provincial strongholds outside Manila. PHOTOS: Cars riddled with bullet holes and dead body Car showing bullet holes Wounded policeman

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a historical novel by Dr. Ed Gamboa, MD

Selection e Dark Nights of Father Madrid

Author’s note: August 21, 1983. Exiled Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, the charismatic opposition leader, arrives at the Manila International Airport to a returning hero’s welcome. Escorted by government soldiers, Ninoy is summarily shot to death as he steps on the tarmac… Kumander Gusi watches the TV coverage of the assassination while recovering from wounds sustained during an encounter with commandos of the Philippine Constabulary. Years earlier, Gusi was the newly-ordained and affable Father George Madrid whose social justice work among oppressed farm workers (sacadas) in the parish of Santa Lucia eventually led to his defection to the Communist Party of the Philippines. In short order, the rebel priest had risen to the rank of commander of the dreaded New People’s Army. In this chapter, Fr. Madrid settles into his unexpected life as a fugitive and insurgent leader...
(Continued from page 1) guerrilla bases, where pop music played second fiddle to revolutionary songs. For instance, young mothers sang the “Internationale”, the official hymn of the communist party, to lull their babies to sleep. The use of radio was restricted to political news and commentaries, in part to minimize the corrupting influence of mass media and, for practical purposes, to conserve battery life which was a premium. Economically, the guerrilla zones were relatively more advanced than the bases. However, since modern land implements, such as tractors, were not utilized and since tenanted land areas were limited, the agricultural yield barely provided surplus food. The zones therefore thrived on what was referred to as “subsistence agriculture.” The means of production in the bases were even more primitive and backward. Farm workers did not own a single decent plough. Land was tilled primarily with hand tools. Deep in the forests, in the resettled areas, “slash and burn agriculture” was the norm. Forest products, such as rattan strips, were transported, and then sold in the guerrilla zone markets, the proceeds of which were then used to buy supplies and provisions, which were transported back to the bases, usually on foot. It was a very hard life. In the guerrilla bases where George spent the early years of his underground

Chapter 25: Guerrillas Zones and Bases

to imagine, were referred to as “guerilla bases.” Newly developed areas hidden deep in the forests and reserved for refugees or people displaced from their homes by military operations were also referred to as “guerilla bases.”

Bases were strictly and fully under the control of the community party. Zones, however, had two de facto governing bodies -- the civil government under the baranggay captain and the revolutionary government under the barrio or section party. These two governing agencies, for the most part, coordinated well with each. Conflicts were few and far between the civil and revolutionary factions. Guerrilla zones were open areas where government agents and military personnel came and went. Guerrilla bases, on the other hand, were completely isolated from the outside world and maximally protected against enemy intrusions. Thus, culturally, the guerrilla zones were no different from any town or barrio elsewhere in the country. People listened to popular mass media - radio, TV, newspapers - and bought popular consumer goods. The “bourgeoisie” or “burgis” way of life was well and alive in these areas. But not so in the

life, food, if available at all, was Spartan. Or ascetic, if you were religiously inclined. The ex-priest often consoled himself by thinking that he now lived the life of St. Anthony of Egypt and the early monks. Or, of St. John the Baptist and his disciples. Basic food stuff, such as coffee, tea, dried fish, rice, corn, etc. were hard to come by. These had to be transported, by foot, from the guerrilla zones to the bases. People subsided mainly on root crops. Even cooking oil was scarce because coconut trees were not as plentiful deep in the jungle. Comrades who were assigned to live among the poorest peasants in the zones considered themselves lucky. They had actually more opportunities to enjoy “little luxuries” every now and then -- such as salted fish, sweetened rice, a smuggled cigarette, etc. -- compared to their ascetic brethren in the bases, surviving mainly on bland root crops. But, through the years, George was impressed by the change he witnessed in people’s consciousness, whether in the zones or bases. Men showed more respect to women. He noticed how sharing and cooperation gradually replaced selfishness and greed, even among the children. People were quick to volunteer and help others. Were these, perhaps, the tangible fruits of mass political education campaigns? Ever the Christian disciple, George considered the experience of immersion in the life of the poor in these areas as a sort of “Incarnation.” He was gradually but definitely shedding off the “old self”, abandoning old habits, giving up his personal accoutrements. Before he knew it, he had lost the desire for material comfort or any inclination towards luxury. He had lost an awareness of class distinction. He was not different from anyone, nor superior than anyone -- for everyone was God’s creation, God’s child. Once he had fully merged with the poor and the oppressed, he experienced and understood their sorrows, hopes, and aspirations. He had more admiration for their resilience, their honesty, their simplicity. Christ died for them too. Had Christ reserved a special place for them in the next life, since He himself had preferred to be incarnated as a poor and lowly carpenter? When his new assignment came up, George said his goodbyes to his buddies at the guerrilla base -- Eddie, Rodrigo, Joaquin, Cresencio, and the dozens who had nurtured him through the years and changed him. His eyes were moist as he wondered if he would ever see them again. #### To be continued... The author welcomes comments, corrections, suggestions, etc. from Asian

More pay tribute to Fr. James Momentous 85th FEU Reuter, ‘the honorary Filipino’ Founding AnniverBy Tarra Quismundo, | sary Celebration: Its MANILA, Philippines, 1/12013 — He was one “great Filipino,” a brother and Glorious Heritage an inspiration. The late American Jesuit priest, Fr.
James Reuter, SJ, indeed touched many lives in his seven decades in the Philippines that his legacy — in communication, in activism, in the arts — may well live on as a legend. Vice President Jejomar Binay recalled how Reuter, a Jesuit broadcast pioneer in the country, made use of his mastery of communication to reach out to Filipinos through an underground radio station during the martial law years. “Father James Reuter harnessed the tools of media and communications in promoting the Catholic faith and in the defense of freedom and democracy, especially during the days of martial law and the glorious 1986 Edsa Revolution,” said Binay, a human rights lawyer during the fight against the dictatorship. “In life, Father Reuter was a man of faith and a defender of the rights that we hold sacred. In death, he will be remembered as a great Filipino,” said the Vice President. Long frail due to age, Reuter, 96, passed away on Monday due to lung and heart failure at the Our Lady of Peace hospital in Parañaque City, where he had been under the constant watch of private nurses for three years. Reuter’s remains will be at the St. Paul University in Manila until Wednesday, and will be moved to the Church of the Gesu at the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City, where public viewing will be open until Friday. Reuter will be laid to rest on Saturday at the Jesuit cemetery at the Sacred heart Novitiate in Novaliches, Quezon City. The funeral mass will be held at the Gesu at 8:30 a.m. The New Jersey native, officially proclaimed by Congress as an honorary Filipino in 1996, had many times professed his love for the Philippines and its people, even saying at one time that “Filipinos brought God to me.” Former Ateneo de Manila University president and prominent Jesuit priest, Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, said many of his fellow priests considered Reuter, a long-time Ateneo educator, as their big brother. “For myself and Jesuits of my generation, Fr. Jim was an older brother we

January 11-17, 2013


Journal readers. These may be included in the novel’s final version. Please send your remarks to ed.gamboa@yahoo. com. Happy New Year! Copyright. E. Gamboa

In celebration of Far Eastern University’s momentous 85th Founding Anniversary celebrating Its Glorious Heritage, DR. CESAR D. CANDARI OF class 1961 have been chosen and named an Outstanding Medical Alumnus upon the recomlooked up to and admired for his deep mendation of the Search Committee faith, his love for the Church and the Philippines, for the Society of Jesus and for Outstanding Alumni Awards and approved by the Chair of the Board the Ateneo,” Nebres said. He said Reuter often shared this in his of Trustees. “By recognizing the exemplary talks and writing. “I am deeply grateful for the gift of achievements of the alumni, Far having lived and worked with him as an Eastern University seeks to hold older brother and friend,” said Nebres. them up for emulation by others The activist priest, Fr. Robert Reyes, even as it seeks to extend its apmeanwhile took time off his “silence” preciation for what they have done. break to honor Reuter, the “great comIt is to inspire, to motivate and to municator” he considered his mentor. influence others” a statement from “Fr. James insisted that knowing Search and Screening Committee. how to use and relate with media is The later continued to say; “The one thing. However, his life was both FEU 85th founding anniversary medium and message as he spoke both in word, action and silence about Jesus, outstanding alumni award seeks to the word made flesh,” said Reyes. give due recognition to Tamaraws He sent the statement from the Juan de for their extraordinary contributions Plasencia Franciscan Novitiate in Liliw, to the growth and development of Laguna, where he has been residing afthe Philippines and whose achieveter deciding to take a break from public ments in their professions or vocalife in 2011. tions have substantially brought Reyes, an activist priest often seen honor and prestige to Far Eastern in media while advocating various University.” causes, credited Reuter for helping him Awards Criteria were: understand the culture of the press in the • Personal Philippines. He offered a prayer run for Reuter on Tuesday. • For good moral character “It will be different now without the • Continuing identification with voice, the pen, the face of the priest in Far Eastern University the white Jesuit cassock. Not really, for • Professional achievements posithis communicator did not die in vain. tion held (more points) He has taught hundreds to speak well • Performance/ achievements and effectively about Jesus through the • Membership in professional and means of social communication. But related organizations more than skill and art, he passed on a • Recognition/ awards spirituality,” said Reyes. • Professional development • Community and social service position held (more points) • Standing and reputation of organization served/ affiliated • Projects undertaken on a community/organization level • Impact of projects undertaken Quiet Neighborhood • Recognition and awards received

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Several categories were awarded from Science and Technology, Law, Medicine and Allied Services, and several more. The selection process was rigorous, 5 months of eliminations phases; all nominations pre-screened by the Search and Screening Committee as to their qualifications, merits and compliance with the basic requirements. Nominees who pre- qualified underwent a background check for validation and confirmation of qualifications. After validation, the Search and Screening Committee came up with a list of Final Nominees for submission to the Selection Committee. Not so many people have this kind of achievement in their lifetime. Dr. Candari said, “The honor bestowed upon me strengthens my belief that life would not be the same without my work. It is overwhelming to see that my hard work and endless effort to give the best has been recognized.” There were 11 nominees for the field of Medicine category according to the committee.

January 11-17, 2013

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Spiritual Life

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Lower Your Nets Gutierrez by Msgr. Fernando G.

Joke of the week: In a certain parish it was the practice to give instructions to the parents and sponsors, and also the custom to invite relatives and friends to a buffet luncheon afterward. Just before the ceremony, the priest asked the daddy of the baby, "Baptism is a serious step. Are you prepared for it?" "I think so," answered the daddy, "my wife has a couple platters of finger food, plenty of cookies and cake ..." "I don't mean that," interjected the padre. "I mean, are you prepared spiritually?" "Oh sure, padre," exclaimed the father of the baby, "I've got a case of beer, a gallon of wine, and a case of whiskey. Don’t you think that will be enough?” Scriptures: First Reading: Isaiah 42: 1-4, 6-7. The identity of the servant has not been rightly established. Some think of him as representing the nation of Israel. Still others believe that he is an individual person, a prophet, a king or a messiah. Second Reading: Acts 10: 34-38. In the Mediterranean world of Jesus it is customary to introduce a person to the community through some kind of ritual. At his baptism, Jesus has been empowered by the Spirit and has begun his mission of healing and transformation. Gospel: Luke: 3:15-16, 21-22. Jesus' baptism by John is not for the forgiveness of sins, because he is sinless. Jesus’ baptism is for the purpose of fulfilling “all righteousness;” his baptism is done as part of God's plan that is accomplished in him. John the Baptist fulfilled two prophetic roles: (1) he proclaims a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins and (2) he prepares the way of Jesus, the long awaited Messiah.

When God Was Exceedingly Pleased.

Jan. 13: Baptism of the Lord

Reflection: This Sunday is the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord Jesus. The Christmastide ends on Monday after the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord which signifies the purification of the world through Christ. In the Mediterranean culture, water acquires different shades of

meaning. The Near Eastern region constantly experiences lack of ample water supply through droughts and scanty rainfall. Water is a precious necessity for Near Eastern people; it means survival or death, a blessing or punishment. Water is also used as a purification ritual before someone could assume a role in a community or take part in a religious ceremony. Jesus’ first step into the water of the River Jordan was a first leap into his mission. This mission, culminating on the cross, reveals also who Jesus Christ is: he is the beloved Son with whom God his Father is well pleased. This identity is the pivotal point of everything that Jesus will undergo in his ministry, death, and resurrection. The identity and mission of Jesus are inseparable. He is the beloved Son with whom God is well pleased, because he obediently fulfills his mission. Conversely, he accomplishes his mission in full obedience to his Father even to the point of death, because he is God's

beloved Son. Even though he has no need to repent, because he is without sin, yet Jesus went to John to be baptized. By accepting the baptism of repentance from John, Jesus is completely identifying himself with us, even to the point of dying for own sinfulness. In solidarity with us, except in sin, yet on the day of his baptism he publicly assumed our sins. However, Jesus does not only redeem us from sins, he wants us also to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, who descended upon him at baptism. Jesus wants our lives to be transformed into his likeness. Jesus wants us to be fully true to our identity as God’s sons and daughters. The Oak Ridge Boys said it rightly when it comes to trusting ourselves in God’s hands. “Put your hand in the hand of the man who stilled the water. Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea.” “And a voice came from heaven, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” (Luke 3: 22) True to his identity as the beloved and obedient Son, Jesus pleases his Father. God the Father is happy with Jesus who makes him smile. “Peace begins with a smile.” (Mother Teresa of Calcutta) Jesus brought “peace to men of goodwill.” Happiness makes us smile. Happiness gladdens the heart. We too can make God happy and smile when we live in peace and love as his sons and daughters. Someone said that most of the times we are pleased with God because he bestows us with manifold blessings. On the other hand, is God pleased with us? That is a question we all have to honestly answer. Quotation of the week: “The day when a person is baptized is more important than the day when a person is ordained priest and bishop.” Raymond E. Brown.

Our Lady of Medjugorje Message of Jan 2nd 2013
“Dear children, with much love and patience I strive to make your hearts like unto mine. I strive, by my example, to teach you humility, wisdom and love because I need you; I cannot do without you my children. According to God’s will I am choosing you, by His strength I am strengthening you. Therefore, my children, do not be afraid to open your hearts to me. I will give them to my Son and in return, He will give you the gift of divine peace. You will carry it to all those whom you meet, you will witness God’s love with your life and you will give the gift of my Son through yourselves. Through reconciliation, fasting and prayer, I will lead you. Immeasurable is my love. Do not be afraid. My children, pray for the shepherds. May your lips be shut to every judgment, because do not forget that my Son has chosen them and only He has the right to judge. Thank you.”

by Virginia H. Ferrer
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Ang Aking Mga Hiling
Isa sa aking mga hiling ay ang maging matiyaga matutunang ganap ang maghintay ng buong tiyaga alisin ang kapusukan maging mabuti sa kapwa nang makamit ko ng maayos ang tunay na biyaya. Sa mga suliranin na sa aki'y ibinibigay malutas ko po sana gamit ang wastong karunungan walang mandadaig at wala namang malalamangan at nang maging patas po mga desisyong ipapataw. Hiling ko rin po sanay di ako maubusan ng lakas na maaari kong magamit na isang panlunas sa mga pagkakataong panghihina'y dinaranas ng ang mga kumakapit sa akin ay di bumagsak Katulad ng marami ako ay maraming kahilingan tulad ng pagmamahal sa aking mga kaibigan subalit maraming problema ang aking nasuungan na siyang mga nagpatibay sa aking kahinaan. Ang maging matapang ay isa sa aking mga hiling nang aking malampasan mga panganib na darating kinailangan ko pa ding mga bundok ay tawirin at maging madidilim na gubat ay aking suungin. Hindi rin nawala ang hiling ko na maging matibay sa lahat ng pagsubok na sa akin ay naghihintay aking pinagtiisan ang lahat makamtam ko lamang ang bunga ng pagsisikap na matagal kong inasam. digital

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by Jill Dysnrk, Reprinted from January 3, 2013, ( - Scientific American termed the research findings another way: “Scientists discover children’s cells living in mothers’ brains.” But I wanted to drive home a touching point: Mothers who terminate their pregnancies apparently don’t completely rid themselves of their babies. The cells of murdered children live on inside their mothers to help – or perhaps – hurt them: Cells may migrate through the placenta between the mother and the fetus, taking up residence in many organs of the body including the lung, thyroid muscle, liver, heart, kidney and skin. These may have a broad range of impacts, from tissue repair and cancer prevention to sparking immune disorders. It is remarkable that it is so common for cells from one individual to integrate into the tissues of another distinct person. We are accustomed
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Scientists discover aborted baby cells living in mothers' brains

©2013 Virginia H. Ferrer. All rights reserved.
About the Author: Virginia H. Ferrer is a Retired Filipino Language Teacher at Otay Ranch High School in Chula Vista.

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Bill’s Corner
by Bill Labestre, MBA
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National Higher home prices reduce California housing Prayer Service affordability, C.A.R. reports centage of all households that can dian-priced, existing single-family LOS ANGELES (Nov. 12) – Rison Roe-Wade ing home prices offset lower interest home in California fell to 49 percent afford to purchase a median-priced, single-family home in California. rates, reducing housing affordability in the third quarter of 2012, down Anniversary C.A.R. also reports affordability in California during the third quarter from 51 percent in second-quarter
of 2012, the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (C.A.R.) reported today. The percentage of home buyers who could afford to purchase a me2012 and from 51 percent in thirdquarter 2011, according to C.A.R.’s Traditional Housing Affordability Index (HAI). C.A.R.’s HAI measures the perindices for regions and select counties within the state. The Index is considered the most fundamental measure of housing well-being for home buyers in the state. Home buyers needed to earn a minimum annual income of $65,810 to qualify for the purchase of a $339,860 statewide median-priced, existing single-family home in the third quarter of 2012. The monthly payment, including taxes and insurance on a 30-year fixed-rate loan, would be $1,650, assuming a 20 percent down payment and an effective composite interest rate of 3.72 percent. The effective composite interest rate in second-quarter 2012 was 3.92 percent and 4.63 percent in the third quarter of 2011. Every Southern California county experienced lower affordability than the previous quarter because of higher home prices, while affordability improved or was stable in most San Francisco Bay Area counties. At an index of 77 percent, San Bernardino County and Solano counties were the most affordable counties of the state. Conversely, San Mateo County was the least affordable, with only 24 percent of households able to purchase the county’s median-priced home. Visit to see C.A.R.’s historical housing affordability data. For first-time buyer housing affordability data, visit marketdata/data/ftbhai/. Leading the way…® in California real estate for more than 100 years, the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® ( is one of the largest state trade organizations in the United States with 155,000 members dedicated to the advancement of professionalism in real estate. C.A.R. is headquartered in Los Angeles. Leslie Palma , BreakingChristian | Jan 8, 2013 : Priests for Life

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January 11-17, 2013

The fiscal cliff may have been avoided but, we still have to look closely at our own financial status this year. If you’re still employed, expect a reduced take home pay. The social security tax withholding is back to the normal rate. Unless you make more than $200,000 this year, there’s no big change on your income tax. Well, if you are filthy rich, paying taxes is no big deal. You can afford to hire the best accounting firm or a good tax lawyer to preserve your wealth. The politicians and the media made it sound like the wealthy are the bad chosen few. Was it their fault if they strived hard to become rich or being born from a rich family? Do you have any idea how much tax these rich people paid? How many percent of the American people don’t pay any income tax at all? How many of you received benefits like SSI or Medicare even if you have not contributed a dime to the Social Security fund? Do you consider yourself rich or middle class? If you are poor as determined by the federal government, then you would qualify for welfare or handout. There is rental assistance, child care assistance, food stamp, WIC program or Medicaid. Where would the government get all the money to support these programs? Tax wise, a single working parent with 3 young children under 17 years and earning $17,060 in 2012 who did not have any Federal or State tax withholding will get a refund check of $8,000 from the IRS. She got qualified for Earned Income Tax Credit ($5,891) and Child Tax Credit ($2,109).

Darn taxes

On the other hand, a working couple with a combined gross income of $175,000 considered middle class may still be financially strapped. If they have 3 kids in college and each driving a car, they have home mortgage, car loans, tuition fees, dorm payments, car and health insurance to pay. They cannot qualify for student financial aid, EIC, child tax credit, and even education credit. Their taxes withheld may not be enough to cover income taxes. The government is trying to help its poor and needy citizens but, there are people who are taking advantage of the system. There is no perfect system so they discovered the loopholes. There is a sector of the citizenry that are waiting for their entitlements and not willing to work anymore. They are the perpetual dependents. Despite the economy, more people still want to come to this country. And why not? An older legal immigrant and no longer employable can still receive government benefits. Once qualified, there is SSI (Supplemental Income) and Medicare benefits. Sometimes even a caregiver (mostly a family member) gets paid by the IHHS to take care of the elderly welfare recipient. Well, taxes have to be paid to support our government and its programs. We may not like it but, that’s the way it is. Do not get mad at the IRS or FTB, they are only doing the dirty jobs for the government. We still have a better tax system compared to most countries. Hey! if you don’t like it, who is stopping you from packing your bags and crossing the border?

American Taxpayers Relief Act signed into law

with an AGI of $400,000 would be $100,000 over the threshold; the couple’s deductions would be reduced by $3,000 which is 3% of $100,000). No matter how high a taxpayer's AGI, the Pease reduction cannot exceed 20 percent of the amount of itemized deductions otherwise allowable for the year. The restoration of a tax deduction for mortgage-insurance premiums, including premiums paid to the Federal Housing Administration and private mortgage insurers. This provision expired at the end of 2011 but Here are some housing-related has now been retroactively extended provisions included in the federal for all of 2012 as well as 2013. law: 10 percent tax credit (up to $500) Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief for homeowners for energy improveAct extended for one year ments to existing homes is extended The “Pease Limitations” that through 2013 and made retroactive reduced the value of itemized to cover 2012. deductions, including the mortgage Capital gains rates will remain at interest deduction, are permanently repealed for most taxpayers but will 15 percent for those earning less be reinstituted for high income filers. than $400,000 (individual) and $450,000 (joint). Gains above This provision reduces a taxpayer's those income levels will be taxed itemized deductions by 3 percent at 20 percent. Gains on the sale of of the amount of his or her adjusted principal residences will remain gross income (AGI) that exceeds unchanged and continues to exclude the threshold amount. Under the the first $250,000 for single taxpaynew law, the Pease thresholds are ers and $500,000 taxpayers filing $300,000 for married taxpayers filjointly. ing jointly and $250,000 for single taxpayers (i.e., a married couple Last week, Congress reached an agreement in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations, and President Obama signed the American Taxpayers Relief Act into law last Wednesday. C.A.R. would like to recognize and thank the tens of thousands of C.A.R. members who worked to successfully maintain the mortgage interest deduction by responding to the Call for Actions and open letter advertisements in the state’s major newspapers.

The National Memorial for the Pre-Born and Their Mothers and Fathers promises to be the largest interdenominational prayer service being held in conjunction with this commemoration.
(Washington, DC)—The month of January marks 40 years since the Roe vs. Wade decision, and the national prayer service to mark the occasion has been announced. The National Memorial for the Pre-Born and Their Mothers and Fathers promises to be the largest interdenominational prayer service being held in conjunction with this commemoration. A larger venue was chosen this year to accommodate what is anticipated will be the biggest turnout ever for the service. "This prayer service always reenergize and re-focuses our prolife movement," said Father Frank Pavone, president of the National Pro-Life Religious Council, which is organizing the event along with Priests for Life, the National ProLife Center on Capitol Hill, and Faith and Action. Fr. Pavone will deliver the sermon at the service. The National Memorial will take place from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. on Friday, January 25, at Constitution Hall, 1776 D St., NW (18th and D St.). This is the same day as this year's March for Life, which will begin a few hours after the service. "After 40 years of legal abortion, and the misery it has brought to untold millions of American women, men and families, we want to have one of the largest expressions ever of communal repentance and fervent intercession for an end to abortion in our nation," said Father Pavone. "Everyone in DC for the March should make an effort to attend this service."

C.A.R. sponsors bill to help underwater homeowners get much-needed financial relief
LOS ANGELES (Jan. 7) – In an effort to conform state law to a federal law passed last week that extended mortgage debt forgiveness, the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (C.A.R.) is sponsoring Senate Bill 30, so that California homeowners on the brink of foreclosure can get much-needed debt relief. SB 30 (Calderon, D-Montebello) will for one more year exempt the taxation of mortgage debt that is forgiven when homeowners and their mortgage lenders negotiate a short sale or loan modification (including any principal reduction). “We applaud Senator Ron Calderon for acting so quickly on an issue that’s critical to the housing market,” said C.A.R. President Don Faught. “We urge the California Legislature to also act quickly and pass a measure that will give hope to tens of thousands of California homeowners and provide the vital financial relief they need in order to make important personal financial decisions.” The previous California exemption lapsed at the end of 2012, so forgiven mortgage debt is considered taxable state income for the time being. Upon passage of SB 30, the measure will be effective retroactive to Jan. 1, 2013. "The swift passage of SB 30 is critical not only for economicallystressed Californians who have lost their homes through short sales but also for the continued recovery of California's housing market," said Sen. Calderon. "To heap an insurmountable tax bill on top of the pain and emotional duress of losing a home is unconscionable. I am grateful to the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® for recognizing the importance of SB 30 and providing its sponsorship and full support." Leading the way...® in California real estate for more than 100 years, the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® ( org) is one of the largest state trade organizations in the United States, with more than 155,000 members dedicated to the advancement of professionalism in real estate. C.A.R. is headquartered in Los Angeles.

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January 11-17, 2013

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In the News
Golf Clinic at North Oaks a success Rancho Costa Verde Invite to 3-Day Weekend Tour of San Felipe Spicy House Restaurant “Hunan Style” Now Open
By Conrado I. Reloj, Jr. Spicy House Chinese Restaurant is a major hit in California’s finest city. It's now open for your dining choices listed in their menu. The food here is real spicy - deliciously tasty. Others describe it as piquant, tangy hot and peppery. After I tried their Hunan style

The Chipping and Putting Free lesson on January 5 was a great success under the activity of Ladies on Course & Buddies golf tournament at Oaks North. We have 2 new students, Patricia, Office Staff from Paradise Valley Hospital Out Patient Rehab and our well known Community Leader Dr. Aurora Cudal, Regional Director for NAFFFAA Region 10. James Lorenzo gave free lessons and pinters to all the Ladies on Course that morning. James graduated at Professional Golfers Career College and currently serving as appointed Handicap Commitee of Parshooters Golf Club. James is one of a kind Chief Petty Officer USN Retired. Member of SCGA/ USGA. For those who wants to know more about James....just stay tune to Fore Organized Golf Face Book!!! — Like us on Facebook. https://www.

PUTT OF THE WEEK (top right). Juliet Decadiz, Vice President for Membership of Ladies on Course Golf Club of San Diego, Office Manager Nobel Markk Premiums National City. SHOT OF THE WEEK DAY ONE (bottom right) Cristina Pierce, President of Ladies on Course Golf Club of San Diego. IBM Sales Manager/ Carlsbad San Diego.— ForeOrganizedGolf on Facebook

pleasure. This exclusive diner is filed with locals as well as guests alike from morning until dawn. Its food preparation simply superb from the best quality ingredients combined with authentic Szechwan/ Hunan style Chinese sensibility reflecting their unique food presentation and service. RMAC boss Rob Rios (top photo, 2nd from last) invited dinner guests to a 3-day weekend Seeing & tasting is believing tour of the thriving beach town of San Felipe BC and the “green” community of Rancho Costa their featured specials from over 200 Verde. For more information or to sign up for the tour call Darla Gogin at 714.812.5856

Tilapia Fish with Tofu & chopped peppers and Mao's style pork with bacon sauce, I felt ready to rise to the challenge battling those cold wintry weather blues. But Mary Dang, the owner said that the dishes are prepared at the customer's desire - from spicy, medium spicy, mild or not spicy at all. She warns though
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January 11-17, 2013

January 11-17, 2013

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Showbiz Watcher
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by Ogie Cruz

Wala Raw Siyang Parkinson’s Disease, Sabi ni Pacquiao !!!
By Ogie Cruz Last Sunday sa “D Buzz” naging special co-host nila Boy Abunda at Toni Gonzaga si Ms. Gretchen Barretto, sabi nga nito at magbabalik na raw siya sa dati niyang teleserye. Marami lang nakapuna na napakagaling pala ni Gretchen magco-host ng isang showbiz oriented show,halos lamunin niya si Toni Gonzaga sa Tv hosting sa naturang show. Nagmukhang saling pusa si Toni at parang nahihiya ito magtanong sa mga guests nila.Samantalang ang basta ito makasingit sa usapan sa “D Buzz”.Para nga sina Boy Abunda at Gretchen na lang ang hosts ng nasabing show,at kanila nakasentro ang camera dahil importante ang kanilang sasabihin,habang parang nawawala si Toni. Sabi nga ni Kuya Boy sana maging co-host nila ulit si Gretchen sa mga susunod ng linggo.Aminin natin na iba ang level ni Gretchen kapag ganitong klaseng show,about showbiz marami siya puedeng itanong na importante at yung ibang host halos hindi makasingit. Ganon ang nangyari kay Toni,sana nga maging permanenteng host na ng “D Buzz” si Gretchen Barretto. DANIEL MATSUNAGA, BAGONG MANLILIGAW DAW NI KRIS AQUINO !!!Siya ang dating boyfriend ni Heart Evangelista si Daniel Matsunaga isang BrazilianJapanese model na dati ring kapuso na ngayon ay nasa kapamilya network na. Napapabalitang siya ngayon ang nagpapakilig kay Kris Aquino, at takenote co-host ngayon siya mismo sa “Kris Tv” kaya naman lalo itong pinag-uusapan. Kesyo siya raw ang kasama ni Kris noong manood daw ito sa isang sinehan ng “Sisterakas” at may regalo pa raw ito last Christmas sa bunsong kapatid ng ating Pres. Noynoy,pati raw si Joshua at Bimb niregulahan din daw ng cupcakes at DVD. Ngayong nasa Kapamilya Network na ang Brazilian-Japanese Model tiyak lalong aalagwa ang papularidad nito dahil sa sobrang guapo nito.Pati nga ang agaw eksena na si Gretchen Barretto, sang-ayon na guapo ang

Job No.:

DD220649 Ad Size: 5.875” x 5” Engagement City: San Diego, CA COPAO New 4c News Ad EVP - Rey Monson, fourth from right is the newly appointed executive vice-president of the Section: ENTERTAINM Media:
Insertion Date(s):

Council of Philippine American Organizations – San Diego. He was sworn in for the position along with other officers at the COPAO’s meeting last January 7, 2013. Sworn in by President Merly Ferrer are (l-r) Rudy D. Liporada, immediate past vice-president for operations, now director; Frank Monzon and Nedy Lao, directors; and Devie Yu, treasurer. Other directors sworn last December 31, 2012 are Directors Juanito Amor, Jr., Beth Atendido, Aurora Cudal, Rosalina Idos, Joseph Mazares, and Crisabel Ramos. Alicia De Leon Torres is the new vice-president for operations and Denden Dominguez, secretary. Photo courtesy by Nedy Lao

Opening Night Tickets $10!*
JAN. 23 – 27
Wed. JAN. 23 H 7:00 PM

Get Tangled In The Fun!

Sat. Sun. JAN. 26 JAN. 27 11:00 AM 11:00 AM 3:00 PM 3:00 PM^ 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM *Excludes Front Row and VIP seats. No double discounts. Additional fees may apply. ^Spanish performance Thu. JAN. 24 Fri. JAN. 25

Gretchen, relax lang kung magtanong at halatang may patutunguhan ang tanong niya.May question pa dapat si Toni sa isang guest nila pero hindi siya makasingit dahil sa concentrated ang lahat sa bibitawang salita ng kontrabersyal aktres. Sabi nga ng iba,mukhang naiintimidate si Toni sa kapatid ni Claudine Barretto kaya hindi basta-

naturang model. Siya na kaya ang susunod ng boyfriend ng Queen of All Media, siya na rin kaya ang susunod na hottest heartrob sa channel 2 ?May mga nag-iisip nga na parang nanggagamit lang ang guapong model para mapag-usapan,lalo pa’t isang Kris Aquino nadidikit ang name niya. Pwes,abangan na lang natin ang mga susunod na kabanata,kaso paano na ang hula na si Coco

Buy tickets at,, Retail Locations, Valley View Casino Center Box Office or call 1-800-745-3000
Regular Ticket Prices: $17 • $24 • $40 VIP • $60 Front Row
Additional fees may apply.

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we work. we play.
At UC San Diego, we work hard, we play hard and we still make time to make a difference in the community. In more than 100 student service organizations, roughly 16,000 of our students spent nearly 2 million hours dedicated to community service last year—one reason UC San Diego was named to the United States President’s Community Service Honor Roll three years in a row. Commitment to serving others is also the force behind the chancellor’s Volunteer50 program, where support from all members of the UC San Diego community has totaled more than 30,500 hours.


we serve.

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January 11-17, 2013

Tech IT
from My Barber by Benjamin Maynigo


The Digital Storage Revolution
we could put 1,000 pages of word document. Plus, you could increase its memory capacity by adding a 32MB or 64MB MMC (multimedia card). This was quite useful when you also wanted to store songs or audio books. Franklin decided to sell the technology to Amazon. Now we have the Kindle and then Apple’s iPod, iPhones, iPADs, Smart phones, and Tablets. These gadgets or mobile devices have internal memory capacities starting with 8 GB (gigabytes) and as high as 64 GB. Of course, more could be added by inserting memory cards of higher capacity. Just to put this in the proper perspective: If we can put 1,000 pages in one megabyte (MB), we can put 1,000,000

ore than 10 years ago, I was involved in the introduction of the eBook Reader technology in the Philippines. This is by way of bringing Franklin Electronic Publisher’s eBookMan, which was the predecessor of Amazon’s Kindle.
My company was a licensed manufacturer and exclusive distributor in the Philippines of the device. Its premier product, which was an eBook Reader, but also a music and audio book player, a digital recorder and electronic organizer, had an internal memory capacity of 16 MBs (megabytes). To add more value to the device, we decided to include contents that targeted what consumers might be interested in. For example, in all the devices we put a dictionary and an encyclopedia. In certain cases, if the customer requested it, we even put the Holy Bible or the Koran. The most popular contents added in the device were the electronic law and medical libraries. The law library consisted of all the prevailing laws and Supreme Court decisions since 1901. We called it “Law on the Go” and promoted it to the lawyers, judges and justices, as well as law students with the slogan, “You can now take the law into your own hands” (Literally). The contents that were available in the eBookMan to certain targeted customers were called “Library in Your Pocket, Knowledge at Your Fingertips”. We eventually included as eBooks, CIA’s World Almanac, the 10 best literary novels of all time, and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Open Courseware. Sixteen Megabytes (16MB) of internal memory seemed big at the time. This was because for every megabyte,

pages in one GB, which means 64 million pages in 64 GBs. You can literally put the entire National Library of the Philippines or the San Beda Law Library in your pocket. This is reason I decided to attend the Storage Visions 2013 Conference when I found out it would be held 2 days prior to the International CES, world’s largest consumer electronic conference. Again I attended as a credentialed member of the Press. Both conferences are being held in Las Vegas. The theme of the Storage Visions 2013 was “Petabytes are the New Terabytes.” Again, while we were talking about

gigabytes earlier, the conference as attended by the major players in Content Creation, Content Distribution, and Content Deliveries, are now dealing in terms of not just Terabytes but Petabytes. Using my description above vis-à-vis pages of documents, a billion pages can be contained in one Terabyte and a trillion pages in a Petabyte. It is mindboggling isn’t it? Content Creators are usually attributable to book publishers, movie studios, the recording business, and other producers. The giants in this area are Time Warner, Disney, Sony, Newscorp, Comcast, Viacom and Reliance Media. Content Distributors are those that make sure that content goes from their servers to you, anywhere you are. We all traditionally get our Media and Entertainment from radio and television broadcasters, movie theatres, record labels, book publishers, and others. Of course, we now flock to the Internet and mobile networks to view and receive Entertainment content on our computers, smartphones, and televisions via online streaming. Giants in broadcasting and distribution include Fox, Turner/CNN, BBC, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, NBC, France Televisions, CTV, Yahoo!, Telemundo, and CBS. Content Deliverers are “those that effectively deliver content using an interconnected system of computers that provides web content rapidly to users. Delivery can occur over the Internet, via cable, via satellite, or via WAN file transfer to central playout site via servers.” – (John Carucci) The conference precisely dealt with contents, distribution and delivery. It focused on the need for higher capacity devices, systems, software and applications to store, distribute and deliver the contents. It also dealt with storage used by Smart Phones, Tablets, and Ultrabooks. The role of Cloud storage was also discussed. More importantly, protecting, storing, and recovering personal and commercial content attracted my interest.We all create contents every day and store them somewhere. We also want these contents protected, retrievable and recoverable. This is why I thought that the Storage Visions 2013 Conference was as relevant to me, to my barber, and to all of us consumers and readers as the CES.

Tech Trend

What’s New in Version 1.5 ■ Realtime air quality for more than 1380 cities worldwide ■ More than 100000 bases stations added worldwide ■ Improved search by address Description Pollution informs you about your local pollution sources, and their measured exposures : • Electromagnetic pollution (base stations) • Air Pollution • Water Pollution • Pollution and emissions to soil ■ Key Features ■

Lifestyle App: Pollution 1.5 by aMobileFuture
data) ■ Important notes ■ • Pollution purpose is only to inform about potential presence of pollutant sources. The application is not about providing health effects reports for actual situations. • The supplied information is for private and indicative use, and should not represent any legal value • Despite all our efforts, the

Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom) ■ Keywords ■ ecological, natural, environment, resource, climate, radiation, geographical, green, earth, nature, chemical, antenna, health, gps, map, ecology, air quality, ozone, carbon, emission, polluted, source, effect, impact, gas, environmental, co2, epa, radioactive, compound, atmosphere, particulate, organic, waste, monoxide, fuel, opencellId, gsm aMobileFuture Web Site Pollution Support Free Category: Reference Updated: Nov 05, 2009 Version: 1.5 Size: 0.9 MB Languages: English, French

• Realtime air quality (1380 cities worldwide) • Interactive map, with visualization of pollution sources • Geolocation button to get to your information • Detailed list of nearby pollutant facilities, with discharges details and volumes • Research on a city, a region (global search) • Summary pages on pollutants and environmental norms, as well as potential risks regarding your health • Frequent database updates, with various pollution databases compilation • Access to detailed pollution sources in Europe and USA • Global coverage regarding base stations (use of OpenCellID project

information provided may not take into account all pollutant sources, or provide comprehensive information on pollutants ■ Geographic coverage ■ • Realtime air quality in 1380 cities • GSM base stations: USA, and more than 160 countries • Air / Water / Soil pollution sources: USA + Europe (USA, France, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg,

Seller: WaveIdea © 2009 aMobileFuture Rated 4+ Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 2.2.1 or later Source: iTunes. Get the best results for your CLASSIFIED AD with our 3-in-1 PRICE offer via online+digital+print editions. Call Asian Journal 619.474.0588

Little Saigon Fundraising and Award Dinner
Little Saigon San Diego Foundation (LSF) is Fundraising to open first Vietnamese Community Center in City Heights as Part of Community Revitalization Effort.
San Diego – For 4 years, the Little Saigon San Diego Foundation has been working with local non-profit organizations, businesses, and residents to revitalize the community. The aforementioned effort requires multifaceted approaches which include business improvement and social and cultural services. These projects include cultural and tourism events such as Lantern Festival; infrastructural improvements such as Street Clean-up, graffiti removal, uplifting storefronts and installing trash bins and benches; businesses promotion such as free online directory and Taste of Little Saigon event. LSF also partner with community designers to place cultural banners throughout the district and is looking to install additional landmarks and signage. In response to the long-time needs and present demands of the Vietnamese community, the Little Saigon Foundation is opening a Vietnamese Community Center in order to create a space for social services and cultural interaction. Early services includes Vietnamese Language School, Youth Leadership Development, Translation services, and physical health programs such as “Càng Khôn Th■p Linh” (a combination of Tai-chi and yoga), as well as international ballroom dance. With spaces offered to local community groups to meet and hold events, the Center is the first Vietnamese Community Center in City Heights. Up to now, the Organization has been operating on mostly the support of Volunteers, but is now looking to add permanent paid staff. As such, the organizations will host a Little Saigon Fundraising and Award Dinner port, states that policy making could be put to test as illegal money would most likely remain unaccounted for and affect the government data. “SBN 3123 serves to reinforce our country’s Anti-Money Laundering legislative measures. It ultimately addresses the noted deficiencies in the Philippines’ legal framework with regard to anti-money laundering, by making our state fully compliant with international standards,” Guingona said. The Senate bill eyes the expansion of “covered institutions” such as casinos, real estate agents, dealers in precious metals/stones, foreign exchange corporations, money changers, and pre-need companies. “There is a need to monitor possible money laundering activities in other institutions. More and more, ‘dirty money’ are being laundered by betting in casinos, buying jewelries and later on reselling them, and converting unlawfully acquired funds into real estate This Sunday, Jan 13, 2012 at 6:00pm - 11:00pm Lucky Star Restaurant 3894 54th St., San Diego, CA The goal of the event is to raise fund to support ongoing projects and program as well as to recognize long-time community members who have contributed their time, effort, and leadership to the revitalization of the community. Local State, County and City government officials have invited. The event includes: * 8-course meal * Lion Dance * Performance by Little Saigon Idol and other top Vietnamese performers from Asia Entertainment, Inc. * Raffles and Silent Auction * Ballroom Dancing * Open Bar Frank Vuong President, Little Saigon San Diego Foundation Cell: 619-719-0700

Been living in San Diego since 1977
*Member, California State Bar Licensed to practice before the US Federal District Court Southern California and California Supreme Court *Author,”How to Apply for the US Tourist Visa” as listed by worldwide bookseller Bookstores *Former San Diego Regional Coordinator for U.S. Immigration Amnesty for Catholic Community Services, Catholic Diocese of San Diego *Legal Advisor, Los Chabacanos of Cavite City Association, Inc., San Diego, California *Juris Doctor law degree, University of San Diego (1985), Diploma; Oxford Institute on International and Comparative Law (USD), Oxford, England (1984); Bachelor Degree, University of Southern California (1983); Montgomery High School, San Diego (1979) *Born in the Philippines (Cavite)


“20+ Years Experience”

Dirty money
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coming from possibly illegal transactions affect investors’ perception on whether or not we have a safe banking system. A weak anti-money laundering legal framework discourages legitimate banking activities and invites instead criminals who seek to make the Philippines a safe haven for their unlawfully acquired money,” Guingona said.

He said inflows of “hot money” in the country’s various financial institutions can also undermine the country’s economy. The IMF, in its December 14, 2012 re-

Quiet Neighborhood in National City. No smoking. No drugs. 619.746.3416


properties,” Guingona said. It also proposes to expand the list of unlawful activities including terrorism, conspiracy to commit terrorism, bribery, fraud and illegal transactions. Likewise, it also extends the definition of money laundering as a crime where it outlaws the proceeds of illegal activities that are transacted, converted, transferred, disposed of, moved, acquired, possessed, used, concealed or disguised. The bill is expected to be tackled in the plenary once the Senate resumes session on January 21. Guingona urged his colleagues to fasttrack the measure. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is set to meet again on February 2013 where it will tackle the fate of the Philippines if the measure is not approved by then, he said. Aside from being blacklisted as a result of the non-approval of the measure, some of the adverse consequences of being blacklisted include stricter scrutiny of remittances from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and equally stringent processing of financial transactions that involve Filipinos or Filipino corporations, he added. These result in severe delay and may negatively impact the Philippine economy in the long run, Guingona warned.

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The Benefits Of Sweet Tamarind
By Matthew Lee,, 8/18/2011 -- Tamarind is a fruit that is popular in the foods of Southeast Asia, North Africa and India. While tamarinds are typically sweet and sour in flavor, they tend to become sweeter as they ripen. Due to their sweet, robust flavor, tamarinds are common in candies, chutneys, jams, desserts, steak sauces and Worcestershire sauce . In addition to its high energy and fiber content, the tamarind is a great source of B-vitamins and a number of minerals. SWEET TAMARIND Due to the range of flavors and variety of uses for the fruit, a number of cultivars are grown in Thailand. While their nutritional and medicinal benefits differ little from other varieties of tamarind, these cultivars have different uses in food. One of these is sweet tamarind, or makham wahn in Thai. In addition to the different cultivars of tamarind, a number of varieties of sweet tamarind are available in Thailand. Of these, the si thong and muen chong varieties are the sweetest, with the si chompho tamarinds retaining more of the fruit's sour taste. MACRONUTRIENTS While the sugar content varies between different varieties and cultivars, there are approximately 57.4 g of sugar in 100 g of sweet tamarinds. With .6 g of fats and 2.8 g of protein, the majority of the 239 calories in 100 g of sweet tamarinds comes from sugar. In addition to providing a large amount of energy for shortterm use, sweet tamarinds are a good source of fiber. As there are 5.1 g of fiber in 100 g of tamarinds, these depending on your age, sex and refruits can help to promote healthy digestion and lower your blood pres- productive status. With an additional 22 percent of a man's and 29 percent sure. of a woman's magnesium, tamarinds have a range of nutritional benefits VITAMINS due to their high mineral content. Tamarinds contains small amounts These include benefits for blood flow, energy, bone health, muscle of a variety of vitamins, including vitamins A, C, E and K. In addition, tamarinds are a rich source of a number of B-vitamins. This includes between 35 and 40 percent of your recommended daily intake of thiamin, 10 and 15 percent of your riboflavin and 12 to 14 percent of your niacin. As all B-vitamins are essential to the metabolism of glucose, fats and protein, tamarinds can help you to meet your fitness goals. In addition, these B-vitamins help to regulate your body's production of stress hormones, potentially reducing stress and helping you to feel calm throughout the day. MINERALS Tamarinds are a source of a number of minerals, with 100 g of sweet tamarinds providing you with seven percent of your daily calcium, 16 percent of your phosphorous, 13 percent of your potassium and 10 percent of your copper. These fruits are surprisingly rich in iron, providing between 16 and 35 percent of your recommended daily intake

6 Easy Ways to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s!
Alzheimer’s Disease” reports that extracts of this antioxidant-rich fruit helped defend against brain-cell damage linked to homocysteine (an amino acid that increases Alzheimer’s risk). The berries, which look like red raisins, taste slightly sweet and sour and can be found in healthfood stores. Walk Daily – Studies suggest that a 20-minute walk daily is enough exercise to stimulate the release of nerve growth factor (a natural compound that revs production of healthy new brain cells). The more aerobic activity you do, the better for growing new brain cells. Resveratrol- Taking a daily supplement with a 20mg-50mg dose of the antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes inhibits the formation of plaque deposits in the brain linked to Alzheimer’s. Note: Be sure to check with your doctor first before taking any new supplement. Vitamins C & E- Taking 400 IU of vitamin E and 500 mg of vitamin C daily can lower your risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory-robbers by 88% by protecting brain cells from dangerous molecules. Stay Connected to Family and Friends – Feeling lonely lessens the brain’s ability to fight off age-related changes, which doubles the odds of Alzheimer’s. Control Your Blood PressureVascular dementia, which is caused by a lack of blood flow to the brain, accounts for 1 in 4 case of Alzheimer’s. Visit the Alzheimer’s Association here!

function and development, diabetes, by Anne Sandaretto, AlawysNewhigh blood pressure, wound healing, | 7/25/2012 -arthritis, high cholesterol and thyroid Approximately 5.3 million Ameridisorders . cans have Alzheimer’s disease with direct and indirect costs amounting to more than $172 billion annually. REFERENCES Unless a cure or prevention is found, • Purdue University: Tamathat number will increase to between rind 11-16 million by 2050. • F.C. Intertrade: Fruit I researched several health articles • "AGRIS"; Analysis of and here are 6 easy ways I found to Some Nutrition on Sweet Tamarind help prevent Alzheimer’s. to Species Srithong and SrichomGoji Berries – “The Journal of poo; Chuanpis Dangsawas et al.; 1998 • USDA Nutrient Data Library: Search the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference • Food and Nutrition Board, Cody Mooneyhan BreakingChrisInstitute of Medicine, National | Jan 7, 2013 : FedAcademies: Dietary Reference eration of the American Societies for Intakes (DRIs) Experimental Biology • "The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book: The Definitive Guide "Now that we know that we to Designing Your Personal Supplecan target the basic molecument Program: Fourth Edition"; lar defects in Alzheimer's Shari Lieberman and Nancy Bruning; 2007 disease, we can hope for Article reviewed by Jessica Lyons

Discovery Restores Memory Loss, Reverses Symptoms of Alzheimer's

treatments far better—and more specific—than anything we have today." -Dr. Gerald Weissmann

Last updated on: Aug 18, 2011 Read more: http://www.livestrong. com/article/516215-the-benefits-ofsweet-tamarind/#ixzz2HQdvypFM Where to get tamarind: Sweet Tamarind is sold at Seafood City for $3.99 a box.

A new ray of hope has broken through the clouded outcomes associated with Alzheimer's disease. A new research report published in January 2013 print issue of the FASEB Journal (Federation of the American Societies for Experimental Biology) by scientists from the National Institutes of Health shows that when a molecule called TFP5 is injected into mice with disease that is the equivalent of human Alzheimer's, symptoms are reversed and memory is restored—without obvious toxic side effects. "We hope that clinical trial studies in AD patients should yield an extended and a better quality of life as observed in mice upon TFP5 treatment," said Harish C. Pant, Ph.D., a senior researcher involved in the work from the Laboratory of Neurochemistry at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders

at Stroke at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. "Therefore, we suggest that TFP5 should be an effective therapeutic compound." (Photo by: Cécile Graat) To make this discovery, Pant and colleagues used mice with a disease considered the equivalent of Alzheimer's. One set of these mice were injected with the small molecule TFP5, while the other was injected with saline as placebo. The mice, after a series of intraperitoneal injections of TFP5, displayed a substantial reduction in the various disease symptoms along with restoration of memory loss. In addition, the mice receiving TFP5 injections experienced no weight loss, neurological stress (anxiety) or signs of toxicity. The disease in the placebo mice, however, progressed normally as expected. TFP5 was derived from the regulator of a key brain enzyme, called Cdk5. The over activation of Cdk5 is implicated in the formation of plaques and tangles, the major hallmark of Alzheimer's disease. "The next step is to find out if this molecule can have the same effects in people, and if not, to find out which molecule will," said Gerald Weissmann, M.D., Editor-in-Chief of the FASEB Journal. "Now that we know that we can target the basic molecular defects in Alzheimer's disease, we can hope for treatments far better—and more specific—than anything we have today."

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87% of Filipinos
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(Continued from page 6) evaluation of their performance is done after three months to let them know how they are doing. Volunteers are often out in the community as ambassadors, so some thoughtful oversight is in order, especially if they quietly become disgruntled. One unhappy volunteer can spread ugly and damaging gossip faster than the speed of light. 6. KCS find ways to reward and acknowledge them publicly- We salute their successes privately and in public such as the giving of a certificate of appreciation during our annual anniversary celebration and special occasions. We also give gifts throughout the year such as grocery store gift cards, movie tickets, or complimentary tickets to special events and shows during their birthdays and special occasions. 7. We help them grow- For those that show interest and capacity, we help them develop new skills by letting them attend workshops and in-service training conducted by KCS or other organizations such as Non-Profit Management Solutions. This will require close watch to see when they are ready. Many programs just ask people to do the same thing all the time, leading to boredom and disappointment. 8. We consider them to be prospective board members? - The most committed board members come from the volunteer pool. They know the organization, have demonstrated their loyalty, and now just need to know what board service entails. KCS has recruited staff and board members from our volunteer pool. 9. If they leave, we find out why and stay in touch- Sometimes volunteers just fade away, not showing up for activities or not returning phone calls. Maybe something has happened in their personal or professional life that they don’t want to announce, so we call them to show the respect and concern they deserve. If they don’t want to participate anymore, we graciously ask why, wish them well, and stay in touch in case circumstances improve. D. Meet some of our new volunteers for 2012: Marygrace Flores- She volunteered in the beginning of the year assisting in KCS events such as the book signing of the “Global Filipino Cuisine “ cookbook at Villa Manila. She is a student at Southwestern College and was a member of Rejoice Fellowship of San Diego. Ed Fontanilla- He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, San Diego. He edits and copy-write event articles and analyze grant information for KCS. In addition, he performs volunteer work for the Legal Aid Society of San Diego, YMCA, and the Boys and Girls Club of America. Glen and Maryann Lubao- Glen is a Pastor of Rejoice Fellowship of San Diego that he and his wife MaryAnn founded a year ago. This church also rents the Center on Sundays for worship services. They had been volunteering with KCS during the first six months of 2012 in KCS events such as the golf tournament and book signing. Noel Malvar- A medical doctor from the Philippines, he came to the U.S. a year ago with his family. He had been volunteering with KCS assisting in its events while also looking for a job in the health field. He has volunteered to help the CHW’s in teaching the “ Healthy Heart, Healthy Families” together with the other CHWs. Genlie Sto. Domingo- A newcomer to the U.S. from the Philippines, he had been volunteering at whatever capacity he is needed at KCS. He is a chef so his main talent is to prepare and cook food. Currently he is looking for a job in the culinary field. Regular 2012 volunteers include: Jennibelle Azucena, Letty Bustria, Pete Cortez, Beth Dalindin, Lydia Duro, Doreen Felicitas, Paul & Aida Ones, Rudy Liporada, Elvie Magsarili, Leony Pamintuan, Fe Rivero, Rose San Pedro, Paul Valen (Volunteer Coordinator) and Jeannette Soriano Sivila (UCSD Student). E. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES AT KCS KCS is recruiting volunteers for the coming year starting January 2013 for a period of 3-6 months to 1 year. If interested, call Dr. Dirige at (619) 477-3392 or send email to or visit our Website at www.filamwellness. org to fill out the volunteer form. Orientation will begin January 26, Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 12 noon at the FilAm Wellness Center, 1419 East 8th St, National City, CA 91950. One may serve as receptionist at the Center, do general secretarial work, set up and man exhibit booths, take blood pressures (nurses), assist during workshops at registrations, order and serve food, conduct evaluation, disseminate information, send email blasts, write articles for the media, teach computer skills, work on financial statements, and maintain and follow up on our contacts.

puter crimes from government agencies and private individuals nationwide.
The primer defined cybercrime as a crime committed “with or through the use of information and communication technologies such as radio, television, cellullar phone, computer and network, and other communication device or application.” Quoting the 2001 Budapest Convention on Cybercrime, the primer said there were four types of cybercrime — offenses against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data systems; computer-related offenses; contentrelated offenses and offenses related to infringements of copyright and related rights. The primer also noted that the first cybercrime case in the country was the controversial case involving Onel de Guzman who in 2000 released the “I Love You” virus. “The case filed against De Guzman was dismissed at the first stage

because there was no law punishing the deed as of that time in May 2000 in the Philippines,” it said. The primer also said that two cybercriminals had been convicted for hacking under Republic Act no. 8792 or the Electronic Commerce Act or the E-Commerce Act. The first conviction involved a person caught hacking the government portal and other government websites while the other involved a person who used the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) call center provider Sitel Philippines Corporation to illegally secure credit card information from the company’s sister firm, Sitel USA. Since the new law against cybercrime has been suspended, the government is dealing with cybercrime-related cases using existing laws such as the E-Commerce Act, RA 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Voyeurism Act of 2009, RA 9725 or the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009, RA 9208 or the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003, RA 8484 or the Access Device Regulation Act of 1998 and RA 4200 or the AntiWire Tapping Law.

The lost,

January 11-17, 2013

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does anyone ever use them besides someone on their third date making a dinner for a "special someone" they're trying to impress? So there you have just a partial list of some of the things lurking in the back of kitchen cabinets. What, right now, do you have in the back of your cabinets? And what things are you going to put back there today that you just received from someone? Well, its re-gift time, baby! With the economy in the shape it's in, well, 2013 will probably be the Year of the Re-Gift. Enjoy the fondue set.

Mga Tulang Tagalog by Romeo Nicolas
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Huwag Mo Sanang Lilimutin
Huwag mo sanang lilimutin ang tangi mong kaibigan, Kahit nagkaiba pa man itong naging kapalaran. May tamis pang nalalabi sa magandang kasaysayan, Buong-buo na naganap, ang gumanap, ako't ikaw. Para tayong teleseryeng “Maala-ala Mo Kaya”, Sa haba ng pangyayari, ang limutin, 'di magawa. Sa lalim ng pagsasama ng halakhak mga tuwa, Sumimbulong ala-ala ay 'di kaya na mawawala. Kung iyo lang babalikan, tatanungin ang sarili, Mayron ka bang kasaysayang hanggang ngayo'y naitatabi? Kasaysayan na sing tamis, ala-ala mong parati, Na tuwing iyong iisipin, may ngiti kang 'di maikubli. Sige, sige, aminin mo, litrato na iyong bigay, Nasa saan tayo noong tiwala mo'y sa akin lang? 'Di ba ako'y inaya mong sa kuwarto mo ay maghintay, Hanggang litrato'y maiabot, kay saya ko aking mahal. Kahit kaunti na hinuha, malinis ang aking isip, Wala akong nadarama kungdi wagas na pag-ibig. Mahalaga'y damang-dama na ito ay hanggang langit, Ito'y tunay, tanging ikaw, ikaw lang ang iniibig. Magsabi ka ng totoo, mayron ka bang nalalaman? O mayron kang naririnig na may iba akong mahal? Sobrang linis ang damdaming iniukol ko sayo hirang, Kaya aking masasabi, huwag mo akong kalimutan. Kaibigan pa rin kita, 'laon ko ng tinatanggap, Bahagi lang naman tayo sa pag-ibig na naganap. Lumihis man ang ating buhay, pati na rin ating landas, Naging dulo'y kapalarang Maykapal ang syang naglapat. 'Tuloy nating 'wag limuting magmula sa kamusmusan, Labis tayong nagkilala, higit bilang kaibigan. Ang 'mommy mo at mommy ko, mag-best friend ding nagturingan. Kaya nga lang naging wakas, nagbago ang kapalaran. Ang pakiusap ko sana, huwag mo akong kalimutan, Magkaibigan pa rin tayo, kahit mundo ay magunaw. Hinding-hindi maipagpapalit itong ating kasaysayan, Kasaysayang naging yaman, yaman noong ako't ikaw. Tulang halaw sa tunay na buhay ni: Romeo Nicolas 11/20/2012

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Tony® winner Lea Salonga has been captivating audiences since creating the title character in the Broadway hit Miss Saigon.



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WBC named Pacquiao their “best of the decade.” Last week, a neurologist said the “Pacman” may be MAKE THIS YOUR NEW showing early signs of Parkin- YEAR'S RESOLUTION ! son’s disease.
Dr. Rustico Jimenez, president of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines, told DZMM that he observed Pacquiao showing early signs of Parkinson’s, including stuttering and hand-twitching. Jimenez said that he has not met with Pacquiao personally to check on his condition, but added that the boxer’s hand twitches, which he saw during TV interviews, is a cuase of conern. Pacquaio, however, has stressed that he is in good health and criticized both Jimenez and forensic expert Dr. Raquel Fortun for being irresponsible and showing “a total lack of ethics.” After Pacquiao’s loss to Marquez, Fortun called on the boxer to retire in order to prevent further head trauma. But Pacquiao insisted that there was nothing to worry about. “I am 100% healthy,” Pacquiao told Boxing Scene.

Samahan Dance offers Adult Class on Sundays

Join Ruby and dance with Samahan's new Adult Class on Sundays. As you know, the best remedy to heart disease, arthritis, and depression is to DANCE DANCE DANCE your heart and soul. Sundays 6 - 7 pm The studio at 3403 East Plaza Blvd Suite L, National City 91950 behind Conching's Cafe and Tita's It will be folk dancing & hawaiian [ and also belly dancing, ballroom, etc per your request ]. Any questions, you can ask or email me, Angeli 619-540-8521 or Ruby 619-917-9011 or Elly.

JAN 19 at 8pm

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Today’s Lifestyle
Are You Living Close To 'Cancer Generator'?
Symptoms include headaches, nausea, sleep disturbances, fatigue
likely to develop cancer than those that lived outside of the evaluated transmission area. Eger’s study was not the only one that showed a correlation between health problems and RF radiation. Another study by J.J. Santini and others with the INSA de Lyon engineering institute in Lyon, France, titled “Survey Study of People Living in the Vicinity of Cellular Phone Base Stations,” offered other evidence of the link between cell tower transmissions and health problems. The study theorized that chronic exposure to high frequency electric and magnetic field (EMF) radiation and microwaves can cause adverse health risks, including headaches, fatigue and memory loss. It gives credence to the fact that the ”non specific health symptoms” (NSHS) reported by people close to cell phone towers are real. The study states that the increase in reported NSHS seems to agree with findings from a 1996 Australian report that indicated that at 200 meters from a base station, some people exposed in their homes are complaining of chronic fatigue and sleep disturbances. Mrs. Helen M. Laruscain: ”My daughter Ana Czarina Laruscain graduated in 1994. She studied at St. John’s Academy from Grade School to High School and was the batch Salutatorian. She took up Business Management at the Ateneo de Manila and now has her own food business.” Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City Julia Evelyn dela Cruz: “My son Genesis is now in 3rd year high school at De La Salle Araneta University Foundation and is consistently at the top 10 of his class. He is independent and responsible, regularly preparing the family breakfast“. PAGSASARILI ADULT ALUMNAE AND PARENTS PLEAD TO MRS. CYNTHIA VILLAR I am Michelle Tayactac, sister of Michael, 30 years old who was among the first OB Montessori Pagsasarili graduates of CAA and is The study also gives credence to a Spanish preliminary study from the University of València which showed that people living within 500 feet of cellular phone base stations experienced symptoms of irritability, headaches, nausea and sleep disturbances as compared to those that lived at a distance greater than 800 feet. In the range of 600 to 900 feet, the Santini study indicated that the primary symptom exhibited was fatigue. The study also indicated that women experienced ill effects more often than men. In December 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the AAP, backed U.S. House Bill 6358, the Cell Phone Right to Know Act. The bill under consideration would “examine, label and communicate adverse human biological effects associated with exposure to electromagnetic fields from cell phones and other wireless devices.” The AAP, a non-profit professional organization of 60,000 pediatric physicians and health care professionals, is concerned that children are especially vulnerable to the effects of cell phone radiation. They currently a Project Engineer in Singapore. Michael recommended that I enroll my child Gabriele Railey T. Barcillo in the Pagsasarili where she stayed for 2 years. ”Sa simula nang mademollish at mapaalis ang Pagsasarili Preschool ay nakaramdam ng lungkot at paghihinayang ang aking kapatid. Bilang ina, hindi ko mapigilan and pagtulo ng aking luha. Bakit nila inalisan ng karapatan and mga bata sa CAA na magkaroon ng magandang pundasyon sa edukasyon na ibinibigay ng Pagsasarili School sa mababang halaga. Paano na ang susunod na henerasyon?” “Ako po ay si Mrs. Patricia A. Estevez. Ang aking bunsong anak at apo ay produkto ng OB Montessori Pagsasarili Preschool. Nais ko rin maranasan ng ibang bata and kaalamlan na natutunan ng aking anak at apo. Nanghihinayang ako na nawala ang Pagsasarili School na isa nang institution dito sa aming to a heightened risk of developing malignant tumors. Steve Elwart, P.E., Ph.D., is the The independent research team executive research analyst with the studied the case histories of 1,000 Koinonia Institute and a subject patients between the years 1994 and matter expert for the Department 2004. The participants were then of Homeland Security. He can be classified into groups: those living contacted at steve.elwart@studycen- 100, 200, 300 and 400 meters from the cell phone base station and a control group living beyond 400 Many people are concerned about meters. devices that generate RF radiation, The peer-reviewed study found such as cell phones, but now loomsignificant relationships between ing as a possible health threat are the exposure levels and symptoms. The related cell towers and Wi-Fi anten- study concluded that “the proportion nas that broadcast the signals. of newly developing cancer cases There is a growing body of eviwas significantly higher among dence the concerns may be valid. those patients who had lived during In 2004, a study was conducted the past 10 years at a distance of up in Germany titled “The Influence to 400 meters (1,300 feet) from the of Being Physically Near to a Cell cellular transmitter site, which has Phone Transmission Mast on the been in operation since 1993, comIncidence of Cancer.” The study was pared to those patients living further conducted on behalf of the president away, and that the patients fell ill on of the Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, average eight years earlier.” the German governmental departRead the startling report, “Is your ment for protection against electrobeloved cell phone killing you?” magnetic radiation. The study went on to conclude that The research team, led by Horst between 1999-2004, after five years’ Eger, conducted the study to deteroperation of the transmitter, resimine whether people living close to dents inside the 400-meter radius of cell phone antennas were exposed a cell tower were three times more reached college level. A battery of tests made sure we would end up with young ladies having average intelligence, good teaching aptitude and mature temperament to undergo a proficiency course of 5 weeks (Continued from page 1) intense theoretical and practical reengineering education, it training. This included the daily has also collaborated with observation of Pagsasarili children at work. teacher training state univerWe just concluded last May sities of Leyte and Cadiz in 25, 2012 the: Part I - Basic Monthe Visayas and Mati, Davao tessori Concepts and Philosophy Oriental in Mindanao. Training of 5 additional teachers for Batangas and 7 for Metro Manila; REENGINEERING PRESCHOOL Part II - Character Building and CURRICULUM Normalization of the Pagsasarili Teacher for 2 trainees from Ifugao The PagsasarilI preschool graduand 2 from Baler, Aurora. Lecturers ates adjust well to grade school require them to read the book “Mabecause of its rich programs in Lan- ria Montessori: Her Life and Work” guage, Math, Cultural Arts (Geogra- accompanied with daily essay writphy, History, Botany, and Zoology) ing, participate in Dale Carnegie sesallowing them to acquire competen- sions for English proficiency in oral cies equivalent of a third grader in expression, and experience hands-on the conventional school. activities with three fourths of the They can read English and Filipino complete set of Montessori materials sentences with comprehension and we use in our own OB Montessori can write long hand. Making use of preschools. Montessori Number Rods, Spindles Classroom Management trainand the Golden Decimal Beads, they ing continues as they return to their could master numeration up to the provinces. To assist them in setting thousands and eventually do basic up the new school, the Pagsasarili addition, subtraction, multiplicatrainors travel to the school site tion with three to four digit sums. where they stay for two weeks. ParIncredible, right? Parents can easily ent orientation is done with the new attest to this because after attending teacher giving the talk and explainthe June Parent Orientation deming the materials. Towards the end of onstration by their specially trained the year the trainors return to moniteachers they are scheduled inditor and evaluate them. The trainees vidually each trimester to discuss conclude the proficiency training by the progress of their children with returning to the OB Montessori Centhe teacher showing the apparata ter for an advanced refresher course used In the classroom. The parents the following summer break. actually acquire literacy with the Geography Puzzle Maps of the World, PARENTS’ TESTIMONIES Asia and Philippines, as well as the FROM DIFFERENT PAGSASARIHistory Time Lines, Botany & Zool- LI SITES ogy Nomenclature cards. As they receive the descriptive report cards, Lipa City, Batangas the parents realize that other than Mrs. Teddy B. Naredo: “My son their superior academic progress Carl Vincent B. Naredo has develthey readily develop an intense love oped a great interest in reading and for work, gain self-confidence and drawing. He is always interested to develop strong personalities. Soon learn new things. He did not have parents and children eventually get a hard time in Canossa Academy used to the discipline of “English for he is prepared academically and 24 hours” for learning a foreign socially. language is a lifetime process while Mrs. Juanita Evangelista: “My son Filipino, being the mother tongue, Lloyd Evangelista was First Honor doesn’t require as much learning. in Grade 1 of Bugtong Elementary REENGINEERING TEACHER TRAINING What is the difference between a traditional teacher and a Montessori Pagsasarili teacher? The former believes in the ancient philosophy that the child is an “empty vessel” and a more knowledgeable adult like the teacher or parent should fill it up. The Pagsasarili teacher believes that the child has a “secret teacher” which enables him or her to mature physically and intellectually if a “prepared environment of work materials” is provided. Frequent evidence of the Absorbent Mind is the ability of the Filipino OFW babies born in France or Italy to speak the local language without any teacher. Since 1986, when I programmed a teacher training module to make the Montessori system affordable for disadvantaged children the National Housing Authority Community Relation office (CRIO) would help us recruit teacher trainees who have School, Lipa, Batangas. He is well loved because he is friendly, courteous and helpful to everyone.” Parents at the Leyte Normal University Integrated Laboratory Pagsasarili Preschool are so proud of their preschoolers for they can keep things in order, can read and understand instructions, speak English, and initiate doing household chores. They are confident of their academic preparation for any grade school in town. West Crame, San Juan City Mrs. Melinda Tagala: “My daughter Wynona Tagala graduated from OBMCI Professional High School in 2012. As an OB MontessoriI Grassroot Leadership Scholar from West Crame, she got consistently high grades from Gr. 1 to 4th year high school. She is very disciplined and refined in behavior and speech. She actively participated in extra-curricular activities. She is now enrolled at the College of St. Benilde taking up Consular and Diplomatic Affairs. by Steve Elwart Technology. The organization is dedicated to disseminating information about communication technology, including cell towers, cellular phones and Wi-Fi. Clegg believes that the Canadian government is not sharing enough information on the potential hazards of communication technology. In 2011, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer determined that RF radiation is possibly carcinogenic. The agency cited mounting concerns about the use of wireless communication devices and noted that the number of mobile phone subscriptions has been estimated at 5 billion worldwide. Electric and magnetic fields, or EMFs, are pervasive. While the human body is bombarded with them from natural sources as well as manmade ones, the body reacts differently to man-made sources. There are recommended steps that can be taken to reduce exposure. A good first step is to determine the location of cell towers through To find out the amount of EMF radiation at a location, a qualified technician can be consulted or an EMF meter can be used. A good one lugar. Nagpapasalamat ako sa kagan- can be obtained for approximately dahang loob ni Madam Soliven na $100. nakapagtayo ng school dito kahit na Cordless devices such as cell “depressed area” ang aming lugar. phones, cordless phones and wireSana po magkaroon ng maayos na less monitors all produce EMF. If pagkakasunduan and OB Monessori, one is concerned about EMF or has NHA at LGU ng Las Piñas.” “electromagnetic sensitivity,” limit“I am Joan Miraflor de Leon, 32 ing or avoiding the use of RF deyears old and one of the first CAA vices has been found to give relief. Pagsasarili graduates. I am fortunate Shielding an entire home is not for having experienced the extraorfeasible for most people. A survey dinary way of Pagsasrili learning of a home, however, can reveal any that enabled me to be among the “hot spots” that could be shielded. top of my class. I am so sad that my What constitutes a high RF reading child was among the last to enjoy can be very subjective, but some this wonderful school. I cannot sources suggest that a reading of understand why the school will be 0.02V/m is a good threshold limit. closed when it is financially susSome have found it helpful to tained by the CAA residents instead remove any metals from beds, such of being a burden to the city hall. We as metal springs that may attack or are perplexed why such a valuable amplify electromagnetic fields. Posiasset and pride of the community is tioning a bed in such a way that the being taken away.” head is at least three to six feet away from electrical outlets also has been SINGING THE PRAISE OF PAG- found to be helpful. SASARILI PRESCHOOLERS FOR In addition, an EMF Faraday THREE DECADES canopy can be installed over a bed. The canopy looks like a mosquito Three decades of quality preschool net, and it can be very effective, education have made a difference in blocking 99 percent of the radiathe lives of those who have experition. To increase protection for an enced the Pagsasarili preschool. In entire room, a shielding paint can be 1983, General Gaudencio Tobias, applied to the walls. Some people NHA chairman sang high praises looking for a very low cost solution of the Pagsasarili preschool as have used aluminum foil secured he helped launch the first site at with wallpaper paste. San Martin de Porres, Cubao. He rhapsodized that ”the Pagsasarili preschool is a major instrument in equalizing opportunity for the underprivileged. It is just right and proper that all NHA projects should have Pagsasarili preschools all over the Philippines.” -- From A Point of Awareness, May 31 2012 believe that differences in bone density and the amount of fluid in a child’s brain compared to an adult’s brain make them more susceptible to RF energy deeper than adults. The AAP has noted that the Federal Communications Commission has not revised its cell phone standards since 1996 and that the current standards are only based on the heat emitted by the phones. AAP members have raised the concern that that long-term RF energy exposure at current allowable levels may cause specific types of cancer, including glioma, tumors that start in the brain and spine, and meningioma, tumors in the central nervous systems. In an interview with a Canadian press agency, Frank Clegg, the former president of Microsoft Canada, said the federal government has a duty to inform Canadians about safety concerns related to wireless technology. “We have a responsibility as adults, as parents, as legislators to inform people so they can make intelligent decisions.” Clegg, an icon in Canada’s technology sector, is now leading an organization called Citizens for Safe

‘Pagsasarili’ PreSchoolers

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Dr. A. Erwin Bautista and Atty. Liziel M. Corate. Standing from left: Christine, Vicvic, Lollie, Lu, Art, Toots, Willy and Noli.

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January 11-17, 2013

Light & Shadows
by Zena Sultana Babao
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Laughing Matter
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Street Poetry
by Michael R. Tagudin
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A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender, "If I show you a really good trick, will you give me a free drink?" The bartender considers it, then agrees. The man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a tiny rat. He reaches into his other pocket and pulls out a tiny piano. The rat stretches, cracks his knuckles, and proceeds to play the blues. The bartender pours the man a drink on the house and he puts the rat and piano away. After the man finished his drink, he asked the bartender, "If I show you an even better trick, will you give me free drinks for the rest of the evening?" The bartender agrees, thinking that no trick could possibly be better than the first. The man reaches into his pockets again and pulls out the tiny rat and tiny piano. The rat stretches, cracks his knuckles, and proceeds to play the blues. The man reaches into a third pocket and pulls out a small bullfrog, who begins to sing along with the rat's music. While the man is enjoying his beverages, a stranger confronts him and offers him $100,000.00 for the bullfrog. "Sorry," the man replies, "he's not for sale." The stranger increases the offer to $250,000.00 cash up front. "No," he insists, "he's not for sale." The stranger again increases the offer, this time to $500,000.00 cash. The man finally agrees, and turns the frog over to the stranger in exchange for the money. "Are you insane?" the bartender demanded. "That frog could have been worth millions to you, and you let him go for a mere $500,000!" "Don't worry about it," the man answered. "The frog was nothing special. You see, the rat's a ventriloquist."

New Laws for California Motorists
Motor Vehicles to adopt regulations that govern the licensing, bonding, testing and operation of autonomous Several new laws went into vehicle technology. effect at the beginning of the New Emergency Services: Seniors Year which will affect the way we drive in the road today and in the fu- (SB 1047) Similar to an AMBER Alert, ture. These laws were the product of legislations passed by the California the CHP would activate a “Silver Alert” upon request if person, age 65 Legislature and signed into law in or older, is reported missing to a law 2012 by Gov. Edmund G. Brown. enforcement agency and that agency “The changes to California’s determines that certain criteria are traffic safety laws are designed to met. The criteria includes: the perprotect the motoring public,” said son is missing under unexplained or California Highway Patrol (CHP) suspicious circumstances or disabilCommissioner Joe Farrow. “Citiity, environment or weather condizens are encouraged to familiarize tions; the person is in the company themselves of these new laws. Adof a potentially dangerous person; or hering to the rules of the road may there are other factors indicating that save your life, or the lives of your the person may be in peril. Finally, fellow motorists.” Driving Under the Influence (AB there is information available, if given to the public, may assist in the 2020) safe recovery of the missing person. The law no longer allows a Driver License (AB 2189) person who has been arrested and This law allows a driver’s is suspected of driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs, the option license applicant who provides satisof urine tests. Prior to this change, a factory proof that his or her presence in the United States is authorized person had the option of submitting under federal law, but who is not either urine or blood to determine eligible for a social security acthe drug content of their blood. count number, is eligible to receive Charter-Party Carriers of Passenan original driver’s license if he or gers: Alcoholic Beverages: Open she meets all other qualifications for Containers (AB 45) This new law prohibits under- licensure. Automated Traffic Enforcement age drinking in charter party carriers Systems (SB 1303) (limos, buses, etc.) and makes the This new law establishes concarrier and driver responsible for sistency in operations of red-light communicating this to their pasenforcement cameras throughout sengers. The new law requires a designee, who is at least 25 years of the state by requiring governmenage, to be present whenever there are tal agencies to follow specified guidelines regarding intersections, passengers who are under 21 years of age on board the vehicle and alco- signage, and the notice to appear. License Plates: Obstruction or hol is being transported. The designee shall be responsible for ensuring Alteration (AB 2489) This law forbids the altering the rules are followed, and the safety of the underage passengers through- and positioning of license plates from its original markings and clariout the duration of the trip. Electronic Wireless Communica- fies the penalty imposed for obscuring the readability of license plates. tions (AB 1536) Child Passenger Restraints (AB This law allows California drivers to use hands-free technology 1452) Hospitals, clinics, and birthing to talk and text while driving. This centers will now be required to prowill require the use of a device that vide and discuss contact information is specifically designed and configregarding child safety seat requireured to allow voice-operated and hands-free operation to dictate, send ments, installation, and inspection to or listen to a text-based communica- parents and caregivers upon discharge of a child, if the child is less tion. The device is required to also than eight years old. be used in a voice-operated, handsAdditional Registration Fees free manner to be in compliance (AB 1404) with the law. This law authorizes three Financial Responsibility and counties (Los Angeles, San Diego Insurance (AB 1708) Drivers will now have the op- and San Bernardino) to increase tion of providing proof of insurance vehicle registration fees to help fund and registration on an electronic de- vehicle theft programs. Increases vice (smartphone, tablet, etc.) when would be from $1 to $2 for passenger vehicles, and $2 to $4 for it is requested by law enforcement. High Occupancy Toll Lanes (AB commercial vehicles. Inflatable Restraint Systems (AB 2405) 1854) This law creates the Choose This law makes it illegal for Clean Cars Act, which allows cars a person to knowingly distribute or with a Clean Air Vehicle Sticker sell previously deployed air bag or free access to carpool lanes that are component that will no longer meet converted to High Occupancy Toll the original equipment form, func(HOT) lanes. tion or proper operation. Autonomous Vehicles (AB 1298) The new law allows driverless cars to be operated on public roads for testing purposes, provided that each vehicle has a fully licensed and bonded operator in the driver’s seat to take control if necessary. The bill also instructs the Department of By Zena Sultana Babao

in the midst of everything... every thing that is confusing FOCUS...FOCUS on the LIGHT! cause we are... in this passage... this ritual of going through this tunnel distinguishing between shadows... between brightness the vanquished dragon transcends time belonging both from the past and always in the present with its tail entrenched to our here... to our now... dragging us back to the past... memories vanquished reviving them again in the present so we head back in circles we move caught in this rip tide... do not look back to the past! less you turn to a pillar of salt! focus instead on the light... be one with the light! the darkness will succumb the tunnel no longer exist! everything is bright cause you are... you are... you are with the LIGHT! date: May 30 2012
©2013 Michael R. Tagudin. All rights reserved. About the Author: Michael R. Tagudin Educated as an engineer in the Philippines, the City of Los Angeles employee hopes his legacy of poems will provoke a dialogue about the human condition. He is donating the proceeds from the book “Crushed Violets” to the “Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST)”, a non-profit that provides public awareness and advocacy efforts against human trafficking in the City of Angels. To learn more, visit To help, call the CAST 24 hour hotline 888.KEY.2.FRE(EDOM) or 888.539.2373. Contact for more information about ordering the book “Crushed Violets.”

Food for Thought
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The Only Judge
"It is not what your hands are doing, nor even what your lips are saying; the main thing is what your heart is meaning and intending."- CH Spurgeon
the heart of that someone is a really sincere desire to do something but unable to do so because of the lack of capacity or personal issues going on into their own life. In every situation, God will be the only judge for He is the only one who knows the desires and intents of the hearts of a person. I look things that way, God grant us that we may not so much seek to be understood, but to understand.

Sometimes our hearts want to do something to help people needing help. But sometimes we ourselves do not have the resources or the capacity to assist them. Sometimes The flip side to the above statewe may judge someone for not being ment of Spurgeon is, "not all good able to help out in a particular need works are well intended." Some of relatives or friends but deep in people may be helping people but doing it grudgingly or not of pure motives. Some maybe doing it with THE FIAT OF THE strings attached or to be acknowledged . But God said, that if we do ETERNAL FATHER good deeds and it goes unnoticed, say every morning our God who sees in secret is the My Beloved Father, Thy will be one who will reward us openly. done on earth as it is in Heaven That's why if I don't praise someone .Be Thou my Father. Be always my Eternal Father. Do not leave my soul for the good works he or she performed, I just don't want to diminish . Do not abandon me . Do not leave the reward that the Heavenly Father me out of Your sight, my Father,for reserved for you. Or don’t feel bad I am Your child, whom You have created to please You, to adore You, having it unnoticed, for Jesus said to honor You, living my days as You greater is the reward. -- Al Lobarbio, Facebook have given me the license to live it. (I offer up this Fiat through Mary, to Jesus, to You, Eternal Father]
“Day after day, my children, say that in your mind. That will be the way you will say your FIAT to your Father. And I your Father will open My arms like this (and He stretched out his arms) and I everyday will gather you in My arms and I will hold you and I will rock you as your BELOVED MOTHER (Blessed Mother) rocks each baby in her arms. For yes, you are My children. Remember the FIAT of each day as you live. As you do this from the beginning of the day, I promise you, My children, I guarantee you I will cover you in My arms. I will send you My angel s with St. Michael to protect you and all the saints of your baptisms and of your devotions to be with you during the day to guide you and assist you. I promise you, you will feel the power of My great LOVE for you that I will send you day in and day out. But you have to offer me - everyday - as you get up in the morning - that FIAT.” -- Mary’s Call, 12400 Olive • Kansas City, MO 64146. 816-942-9783 • Fax 816-942-4313 •

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“The souls that say this chaplet will be embraced by My mercy during their lifetime and especially at the hour of their death (754).” -- Words of Jesus in the Diary of St. Faustina

The Hour of Great Mercy
At three o’clock, implore My mercy, especially for sinners; and, if only for a brief moment, immerse yourself in My Passion, particularly in My abandonment at the moment of agony. This is the hour of great mercy. In this hour, I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of Me in virtue of My Passion (Diary, 1320). -- Divine Mercy in My Soul: Diary of Saint Faustina Kowalska You expired, O Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls and an ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world. O Fount of Life, unfathomable Divine Mercy, envelop the whole world and empty Yourself out upon us. O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of mercy for us, I trust in You. Amen.

Using the rosary beads, recite one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one I Believe in God. On the Our Father beads say this prayer, which was given by Our Lord to St. Faustina (1905-1938). Eternal Father, I o er You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world. On the Hail Mary beads say: For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world. In conclusion say three times: Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

January 11-17, 2013

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Classified Ads
SHIATSU NI MAGDALENA, PINAGKAKAGULUHAN !!!Nasa bagong salon na si Magdalena Eoll, (Continued from page 6) (Continued from page 19) dati nasa Elsa’s Hair Salon siya ngayon ay nasa Shiatsu Health Serthe CES are two technology comMartin ang makakabuntis kay Kris panies battling for the big consumer Aquino kung nagiging maganda ang vice & Salon na nasa 8th st. .Nakita nga namin kung paano siya pinagmarket. While in the football game, relasyon nina Kris at Daniel ? kakaguluhan dahil laging may laman it was noticeable that Griffin was na customers ang naturang salon. hurting; in the CES exhibit, Wilson, HINDI NANINIWALA SI Dito niya pinatunayan na beauty the company was demonstrating a MANNY PACQUIAO NA MAY expert siya talaga dahil sa dami ng signal booster for cellular phone us- PARKINSON’S DESEASE SIYA ers. It was quite ominous that in both !!!Yes,hindi naniniwala ang pamban- nagpapagupit at nagpapakulay ng buhok sa kanya. Kasama niya sa the NFL and CES battle, Wilson sang kamao na si Manny Pacquiao picture si Ms. Merlita Mallinckrodt would be the winner. na may parkinson’s desease siya na isa namang Beauty Queen sa As I write this column, the Interayon sa isang obserbasyon ng isang kanilang lugar sa Pilipinas. national CES has officially startdoctor. ed. The expected 150,000 attendees Dalawang brainscan na raw siya have started crowding the Las Vegas sumailalim isa sa Las Vegas at isa Convention Center to visit the exhib- sa Pilipinas.Comment lang naman its which number more than 3,000. daw ng isang doctor yun at hala naThe attendees also have choices to man daw ay puedeng mag-comment make given the limited time. There kung anu ang sa palagay nila.Ang (Continued from page 9) are celebrities galore – Corporate Parkinson’s desease ay ganito rin executives that include Qualcomm’s ang naging sakit ni Mohammad Ali, to thinking of ourselves as singular Chairman and CEO Dr. Paul E. Jaautonomous individuals, and these na dahil naalog ang utak dahil sa cobs; Panasonic President Kazuhiro suntok e halos nanginginig na ang foreign cells seem to belie that noTsuga, Verizon Chairman and CEO tion, and suggest that most people mga katawan nito at hindi na tuwid Lowell McAdam and Samsung carry remnants of other individuals. ang pananalita na minsan inuulitElectronics President Dr. Stephen I need to stop and note that this ulit ang mga salita.Ganito rin daw Woo; Music industry titans Curtis ang naging sakit ng kanyang boxing politically incorrect article correctly “50 Cent” Jackson, and; defines preborn babies as “distinct coach na si Freddie Roach. Actress Felicia Day and other celebperson(s),” “people,” and “individuSabi pa nga ni Pacman, dalawang rities in the TV and Movie industries laban daw ang gagawin niya sa taals.” as well as some Sports figures like ong ito, isa kay Marquez na puedeng Sugar Ray Leonard. Moving on…. gawin sa Pilipinas o Singapore There are also special social events .’Yung isa na makakalaban niya ay such as the Official CES Opening As remarkable as this may be, hindi pa niya sinabi. Night Party; the Gibson Guitar: stunning results from a new study Kakauwi lang nilang mag-anak Happy Hour & Jam Party; Startup show that cells from other individusa Pilipinas,galing sila sa Israel na America Live Eureka Park; the als are also found in the brain. In this kung saan ay pinasyalan nila ang Global Matchmaking and Internastudy, male cells were found in the mga holy places doon kaya naman tional Reception; the CES Social brains of women and had been living lalong nagiging malapit sa diyos si Hour; the Mark of Excellence Systhere, in some cases, for several deManny Pacquiao. tems Integrator Awards Reception; cades. What impact they may have Hindi pa rin talaga paaawat sa the Leaders in Technology Dinner; boxing scene si Manny at dalawang had is now only a guess, but this and the Official CES Closing Party. laban pa ang gusto niyang mangyari study revealed that these cells were I will again write about some less common in the brains of women sa taong ito. of the amazing products that are who had Alzheimer’s disease, suglaunched in this year’s CES. It will gesting they may be related to the SARAH GERONIMO,OVER be under the topic, “Little Miracles health of the brain. REACTING SA HULA NA in the Sin City” again. We all consider our bodies to be MABUBUNTIS SIYA SA TAONG I will also write a review of some our own unique being, so the notion ITO !!! Sa hula raw na mabubuntis of the products that were displayed that we may harbor cells from other na sa taong ito si Sarah Geronimo, in the show. people in our bodies seems strange. over reacting naman daw ito sumaMy reports will most likely appear got at halos maluha pa raw ito ng Even stranger is the thought that, in the coming issues. sagutin niya ang tungkol sa issue na although we certainly consider our actions and decisions as originating ito,sabi ng ilang movie reporters. in the activity of our own individual Kesyo nanginginig pa raw ito ng Get the best brains, cells from other individuals sagutin ang issue tungkol sa pakiare living and functioning in that results for your kialam ng nanay niya sa kanyang lovelife.Tanong ng iba bakit ngayon complex structure…. CLASSIFIED AD They examined the brains of lang daw nagsasalita eto tungkol sa deceased women for the presence with our 3-in-1 nanay niya e matagal ng issue ito. of cells containing the male “Y” Pero may ilang sensyales na siya PRICE offer via sa mga sinasabi niya na kailangan na chromosome. They found such online+digital+print niyang magdisisyon para sa kanyang cells in more than 60 percent of the brains and in multiple brain regions. career.Nagbakasyon pa editions. Only from sarili atng anim na araw sa Brazil Since Alzheimer’s disease is more nga ito common in women who have had na hindi niya kasama ang kanyang the Asian Journal multiple pregnancies, they suspected magulang na super protected sa 619.474.0588 that the number of fetal cells would kanya. be greater in women with AD compared to those who had no evidence for neurological disease. The results were precisely the opposite: there were fewer fetal-derived cells in women with Alzheimer’s. The reasons are unclear. A post-abortive mother who gives any of this much thought will reach either distressing or comforting conclusions, depending on whether she has made peace. Reprinted from

Decision making Showbiz Watcher

PH Hottest Travel
(Continued from page 19)

added a resort with a scuba center; hop a two-hour flight from Hong Kong and you’ll soon be diving with the sea turtles,” Travel + Leisure’s Heidi Mitchell wrote.


Aside from the Philippines, other places in Travel + Leisure’s list include Bahia Ballena in Costa Rica, Basilicata in Italy, Puerto Rico, Minneapolis in the United States, Reunion island in France, Nepal, Charlevoix in Quebec, Uco Valley in Argentina, Zambia, Amsterdam, and Gold Coast in Australia. “So get out your map, block out some vacation time on your calendar, and make 2013 a year of travel discoveries. We promise at least a few of these places to go next will surprise you,” Mitchell wrote. The Philippines has been constantly mentioned in Travel + Leisure, with the magazine naming Boracay as the world’s best island getaway last year. Just recently, the country’s native yellow rice cake, bibingka, was dubbed as one of the “world’s most traditional holiday foods,” putting it alongside dishes from Japan, China, Russia and Sweden, among others.

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Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit, You who made me see everything and showed me the way to reach my ideals, You, who gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and You who are in all instances of my life with me, I want to thank You for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from You no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with You and my beloved ones in Your perpetual glory. Thank You for favors granted. Amen. Mention your request while making the request, please promise to publish the prayer or circulate the favor. This prayer should be said for 3 consecutive days and after the 3rd day, expect your prayer to be answered. From: David Family

Prayer to St. Jude
O Holy St Jude! Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful intercessor for all who invoke you, special patron in time of need; to you I have recourse from the depth of my heart, and humbly beg you, to whom God has given such great power, to come to my assistance; help me now in my urgent need and grant my earnest petition. I will never forget thy graces and favors you obtain for me and I will do my utmost to spread devotion to you.Amen. St. Jude, pray for us and all who honor thee and invoke thy aid. (Say 3 Our Father's, 3 Hail Mary’s, and 3 Glory Be’s after this.) From: David Family

Spicy House
(Continued from page 11)

that level two is not for beginners. But it's hot or spicy hot whichever your hear desire. There's a host of interesting lunch special at very reasonable price. While in San Diego, California, if you wish to try and taste your way to Hunan China (Mao's Home town in mainland China) visit Spicy House in Convoy Street today. Dining out especially for special occasion is not only convenient, and less expensive but relaxing for your family and guests. Dining out “Hunan Style” is the way to go.

Martin Luther King Jr
(Continued from page 4)

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neighborhood! Get ready to have some fun!!! Festival style seating... bring your lawn chairs, picnic blankets and enjoy San Diego's beautiful MLK park!! For vendor opportunities or event details call (619)527-3415 or email Casper Zamudio, Center Director, For event updates LIKE our page at:

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January 11-17, 2013

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