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Escorts-JCB 3D

Note:- Company has stopped manufacturing this model.

The JCB 3D Excavator Loader can dig or load endlessly. It can perform operations like excavation, loading, dozing, grading, grabbing, backfilling, trenching, ditch cleaning and rock breaking and can also move on any terrain. It gives excellent all-round visibility to the operator, has a well-ventilated cabin and fatiguefree controls. SPECIFICATIONS Kirloskar 4R1040, four cylinder, water cooled diesel, delivering gross power of 57 KW (76 Engine HP) at 2200 RPM as per BS Au 141 a and net power of 53.8 KW (72 HP) at 2200 RPM (ISO 3046 IFN). Maximum net torque 29.5 kgm. JCB Syncroshuttle transmission incorporating Torque converter, reversing shuttle and synchromesh 4 speed gearbox in one resiliently mounted unit. Electro-hydraulic direction Transmission control through a steering column mounted switch for forward/ reverse shuttling. Foot pedal operated, transmission disconnect switch for on-the-move gear change. Torque converter stall ratio 2.83 Rear: Drive axle rigidly mounted, incorporates JCB Max-Trac torque proportioning Axles differential, driven by short propshaft from gear box. Front: Steer axle, centrally pivoted, with oscillation angle of 10 degrees total (16 degrees for 4WD). Service: Hydraulically actuated, dual line, self adjusting, oil immersed, multidisc type on the rear axle, well protected from dirt, water, etc., requiring no maintenance. Through Brakes independent pedal linked together for normal use. Parking: Hand-operated disc brake on gearbox output. Full power, front wheel hydrostatic power steering with manual capability in the event of Steering engine or hydraulic power failure. Hydraulic supply from pump via priority valve. Working pressure 1750 psi (121 bar). 3000 psi (207 Bar) system; Pump flow: 109 lpm at 2200 RPM. Filteration through suction Hydraulics strainer and return line `JCB Filtromati Overall length 6.11 m Overall height 3.54 m Wheelbase 2.11 m (2.17 m for 4WD) Width (over 2.43 m bucket) Track width 1.80 m (1.82 for 4WD) front Tread width 1.71 m rear Speed (km/hr) Forward Reverse 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 2nd 3rd 4th 4th Service Capacities Hydraulic system 110 L 5.81 9.57 16.29 29.50 5.81 9.57 Not recommended Not recommended

Fuel tank 85 L Engine coolant 15 L Engine oil 11 L Axle 25 L Transmission 21 L Weight Shipping 6670 kg (With 2WD, Standard buckets) Options - Loader Buckets - 6-in-1 Clamshovel Bucket - Bucket Mounted Forklift - Jib Crane - Excavator Buckets - Ditch Cleaning Bucket - Taper Ditching Bucket - Square Hole Bucket - Rock Breaker - Ripper Tooth - JCB Telescopic Dipper - 4 Wheel Drive - Heavy Duty Rear Tyres - Tipping Lever-Speed (201 degrees) All dimensions, weights and timings are variable within 1.5 % EJCB reserves the right to change specifications without notice