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Thomas Nagork / TT-Customer Service / Alps

Touratech Hand Protectors KTM LC8 Adventure
- Optimum lever protection (brake and clutch levers) - Robust even at high speeds - Good wind deflection (with spoiler) - Elegant design enhances the enduro looks - Colours of hand protector and spoilermay be different - Hand protector colours: black (1), yellow (2,) blue (3), red (4), white (5) When ordering, please substitute the X on the end of the order number for the number in brackets.

040-671X (LC 8 Adventure) 040-672X (Superenduro)

Handlebar Risers ADV 990/950

- For an upright and relaxed riding position - Less strain on shoulders and wrists - For sports riding: Better standing, less exhaustive riding - Better handling - Natural aluminium - Handlebars 30 mm higher - German TV type approval


Horn Relocation ADV 950

Do you want to relocate the horn so that it is no longer visible and fitted directly above the mudguard? We have a solution for this: Using an adapter the horn is positioned high up under the fairing. It is well protected there.


Cockpit, Handlebar

GPS Bracket Adapter KTM ADV 950/990
Bracket adapter for fitting one of our handlebar brackets whilst retaining the original cockpit. There is no need to retrofit a handlebar crossbar or a balljoint adapter Caution: Can only be used in conjunction with the original cockpit.


Until 2008: From 2009:

040-0662 040-0659

Windscreen Spoiler KTM LC 8 ADV 950/990

Especially tall LC 8 drivers often complain about excessive airflow when riding at high speeds. This is particularly annoying with an enduro helmet. Our KTM windscreen spoiler solves this problem quickly and easily.

040-1360 040-1362 lockable

Kaoko Cruise Control, Mechanical Cruise Control, KTM LC4 640-Adventure, 690 Enduro, LC8 The original by the South African inventor! The throttle control replaces the original handlebar end weights. The anti-slip knurled screw secures the accelerator in position. This significantly reduces the strain on the right hand during long journeys. Thanks to the continuous adjustment, the accelerator can also be fixed to decelerate very gently - leaving you enough time to take your hand off the handlebar for a moment without immediately losing throttle. Despite that, the motorbike decelerates in a gentle and controlled way. This item is illegal in road traffic in Germany and could be dangerous if used incorrectly. We are unable to accept any responsibility for this. Used at the owners/riders own risk. 330-0006


Headlight Protector Steel KTM LC8 Adventure ADV 950/990

Welded steel mesh headlight protector for the LC8. The shape of the guard aligns with the design of the LC8 headlight. It is supported by four steel braces at the windscreen screws. Gloss black plastic coating. The headlight protector does not have German TV-type approval and was developed for off-road use.


Headlight Protector Polycarbonat KTM LC8 Adventure ADV 950/990

The headlight protector for the LC8 is made of crystal clear polycarbonate, a nearly indestructible, non-shattering material. The shape of the guard aligns with the design of the LC8 headlight. It is supported by four black steel braces at the windscreen screws. The headlight protection does not have German TV-type approval and was developed for off road use.


Thomas Nagork / TT-Customer Service / Alps


Lighting, Light Cover


KTM 950/990 Adventure Light Cover with Twin Headlights

The appearance of a motorbike is determined by headlights and front fairings. The so-called face. A face lift changes things! So does the new light cover with two headlights. A reminder of the Rallye 950. A hint of Dakar. The new front cover measures 44 cm in height. That is 10 cm less than on the original. The front cover is also bent towards the top. Therefore you have the option to put a roadbook or other instruments on it.The two headlights are operated by the original switch on the handlebars. A journey in the dark is not a journey into the unknown if you have two DE headlights. The headlights are fitted onto the original brackets with a strong bracket. The light cover is placed and also fitted onto the screws of the original windscreen.


370-0103 (blue) 370-0104 (black) 370-0105 (blue) 370-0106 (black)


Additional Xenon and Fog Headlights LC 8 Adventure 950/990 Due to the excellent lumen output of Xenon bulbs, the light emitted reaches further and the illumination the road is much better. Also, the light produced by Xenon bulbs is more closet to the colour of natural daylight. This makes for better visibility in night driving conditions. Xenon gas discharge bulbs produce an electric arc of light by igniting a mixture of inert gas and metal salts when high voltage is applied. In contrast to conventional headlights equipped with halogen bulbs which produce light through a glowing filament inside the bulb, Xenon bulbs provide a much higher luminous flux (3200 Lumen instead of 1500 Lumen). They use only 35 watts of electrical power (instead of 65 W) which nearly doubles their service life. Compared to halogen bulbs that give off light with a distinct red tint, Xenon bulbs produce light with a slight bluish tint. Y will ou certainly benefit from greater safety and comfort when driving,especially in bad weather conditions. The fog headlight can be fitted as a single light, or in a pair. The wide, low fog beam of the 55 W halogen allows much safer driving when it is raining or snowing. The fog light housing matches our Xenon headlight. The headlights include a German TV T Approval and ype need not be registered. Xenon auxiliary headlight left LC 8 Adventure Additional fog headlight right LC 8 Adventure Additional fog headlight left LC 8 Adventure 040-1511 040-2011 040-3011

One Xenon headlight and one fog headlight or two fog headlights permitted.

Xenon/Fog Integral Headlight LC 8 Adventure 950 The highlight in headlight design for the LC 8. Stylish Xenon/fog high beam headlight integrated into the fairing of the large KTM. For technical details see Xenon and fog auxiliary headlight above. Includes all fittings. Xenon/Fog LC 8 Adventure 950 integral headlight 370-0101 Fog/Fog LC 8 Adventure 950 integral headlight 370-0102 Includes German TV T Approval and does not ype need to be registered. One Xenon headlight and one fog headlight or two fog headlights permitted.

Lighting, Tank



LC8 Adventure 950/990 Tank In order to increase the range of the KTM 950/990 Adventure significantly we are offering new large tanks with a total capacity of 45 litres. Just as with the original tanks here the two halves of the tank are fitted on the right and on the left. Even though these can carry significantly more, they do not spoil the sporty lines of the KTM Adventure 950/990 The width of the tank area of the KTM is only increased by about 6 cm each side.The tanks are supplied with lockable tank lids. Large plastic pads are also fitted on the right and left of the bottom of the tank. The Adventure 990s petrol pump is fitted in the left half of the tank as in the original tank. The 950 Adventurespetrol pump is outside the tank. For this reason these models need an additional kit to close this gap.The large tanks are available in three colours: black, orange and white/transparent. The seats and fairings of theAdventure 950/990 must not be changed or modified. The original tanks can be fitted again at any time. Delivery schedule: - T tank halves (right/left) wo - Fitting materials - Fitting instructions KTM Adventure 950/990 tank set 370-0300 orange 370-0302 black 370-0304 white/transparent Adventure 950 additional kit (petrol pump locking unit) 370-0309 Crashbar for large tanks KTM LC 8 Adventure 950/990 370-0310


Sportseat KTM LC 8 Adventure 950/990

In our opinion, a long-distance enduro bike such as the LC 8 should be equipped with a seat that enables both the driver and the pillion passenger to get off the bike without feeling stiff even at the end of a long daily stage and which guarantees unlimited driving pleasure until the end of the trip. We have developed such a seat for the LC 8! It features a bucket shape platform (to make it more comfortable to sit on) and a non-slip, stylish cover. The T ouratech LC 8 seat is available in three heights: high, low and standard. The high version is about 2 cm higher (0.8 Inch) and the low version is about 2 cm lower than the original seat.

055-2161 (high) 055-2165 (low) 055-2167 (standard)

Toolbox Lock
Expensive tools, mobile phones etc. have an excellent storage placein the compartment between the two halves of the tank. But unfortunately light fingered people can also get to them easily. Help is on the way with our toolbox lock.


Brake Cylinder Cover LC8 ADV/SE 950/990

A nasty fall and the LC 8s rear brake cylinder is damaged. So that you can still brake effectively with the rear brake, we recommend our brake cylinder cover. Quick and easy to fit.



Sportseat, Frame Protection


Crashbars KTM LC8 Adventure 950/990

Even falling off the stand can damage tank and fairing of the LC 8. Sometimes, a fall can cause even more damage. T solve this problem, there are very rugged engine bars available for the LC 8 . o - For all years of construction!


Frame Protectors LC 8 Adventure 950/990 / Super Enduro

On the standard motorcycle the frame is not protected and your enduro boots will soon damage the paint of the frame. Our new frame protectors made from aluminium solve this problem. They will last forever, are very lightweight and also add a stylish look to your bike.


Kick Stand Support Extension KTM LC 8 ADV 950/990
The KTM LC 8 stands much more firmly even on quite a soft surface with this kick stand support extension. Even if you park the motor bike in a meadow you do not always have to look for a small plank of wood or another base. This practical part is made of a combination of stainless steel laser parts and anodised aluminium. Quick and easy to fit.


Foot Brake Lever Extension KTM LC 8 ADV 950/990

Firm, safe pressure on the foot brake lever whether on or off road isvital for optimum braking. Somewhat narrow as standard, our extension offers you an optimum support surface and reliable pressure on thebrake at any time.


Folding Brake Lever Fixing Kit KTM LC 8 ADV 950/990

The brake lever can break even if you just fall. This will make it very difficult, if not impossible, to go any further. With our brake lever fixing kit you can reduce this risk easily and effectively because of the folding front lever.



Brake Lever, Engine Guard


Engine Guard KTM LC 8 Adventure 950/990

As standard, a simple plastic engine guard is used to protect the expensive sensitive electronic and engine parts on the LC against damage. In our opinion, this is completely unsatisfactory for the large KTM and its purpose. Now our LC 8 range includes an aluminium engine guard that is suitable for this motorbike.


TT Engine Guard Tool Box

Lockable tool box for the large T ouratech engine guard. Finally, there is a perfect place for your tools which has proved to be reliable on long-distance trips.


High Mudguard KTM LC 8 ADV 950
Our high fender kit makes the LC 8 even more suitable for off-road riding. Low fenders are great for riding on wet pavement, but on wet dirt, mud can gather in the space, and can even stop the front wheel. Raising the fender like a normal dirt bike cures this. The high fender does not detract from hispeed running even at maximum speed, and with the pattern of CNC holes, cooling is not blocked for low speeds. Includes all fittings and preparations for fitting the brake lines.

370-0160 orange 370-0162 silver 370-0164 black

Lifting Grip KTM LC 8

Anyone who has pulled a loaded KTM from the long forks onto the centre stand will appreciate our special grip! Discreet, but placed at just the right position, our grip is a great aid when pulling onto the stand. The grip also makes righting the machine easier, for example after sliding out in sand. Black coating, for the left side only.


Front Wheel Axle Removal Tool

Have you ever removed your front wheel? It is much easier than you may think! A simple but very handy tool, the same size as your on-board tools.


Luggage Rack Extension KTM LC 8 ADV 950/990
As the original luggage rack is very small, we have decided to develop a large luggage rack so that you can store your luggage securely. - 4 mm anodised aluminium - Many slots for fixing straps - Compatible with LC 8 tail rack bag Size: about 24 x 30 cm (h x w)

Mudguard, Luggage Rack



ZEGA Pro Topcase rack KTM LC 8 ADV The special carrier for our ZEGA Pro topcases.
Made entirely of stainless steel and specifically designed for the KTMs attachment points, the topcase rack is the perfect way to attach ZEGA Pro topcases to your bike. The topcase rack can be used on its own or in conjunction with our pannier system.

You will find the available topcases on pages 1074/1075. 370-5455

Zega Flex Carrier KTM LC 8

Lightweight, strong carrier to secure our Zegaflex bags firmly. Simple and quick to fix - for the roads in the world. Includes mounting material. Y will find the Zega-Flex bags on page 1108. ou


Tank Bag KTM LC 8
This tank backpack fits perfectly on the LC 8. - 25 litres main compartment, can be reduced - 2 small side pockets - 1 large map pocket: 26 x 29 cm - Detachable map pocket - T rear quick release buckles wo - T front aluminium hooks wo - Rain cover with clear window available as an option - Carrying handle
Water protected

T shoulder straps: wo When attached to the loops, these convert the tank bag into a backpack or normal bag. Perfect design if you dont want to leave your stuff on the motorcycle. Dimensions (l x w x h): approx. 34 x 23 x 22/32 cm Capacity: approx. 17/25 litres

055-1058 (Tank bag) 055-0069 (Rain hood) Universal Travel Bag for Pillion Seat
Water protected

A unique solution for all luggage issues! Specially developed to suit almost any motorbike and designed for multi-purpose use. Because it is easy to attach and remove, our universal Travel Bag is a flexible and ingenious alternative to fixed pannier systems, even for longer trips.

You will find more information on the universal Travel Bag and the accessories on page 1152! 055-1461 Tail Rack Bag
Water protected

This tail rack bag for the KTM LC 8 offers approx. 11.5 litres of carrying capacity. T tensioning straps wo tied shortwise are used to securely fix the bag to the luggage rack. An additional tensioning strap can be put lengthwise. The bag features a closed cell foam base for non-slip, limpet attachment. A zip expands the bag to approx. 19.5 litres of capacity. Size: approx. 31 x 25 x 15 cm, expands to approx. 31 x 25 x 25 cm


Bags, Aluminium Pannier Systems



92,6 cm

100,6 cm

108,6 cm




*ZEGA Pro* Aluminium Pannier System KTM LC8 The aluminium pannier system again has a very robust construction. We have tried to bring the pannier racks and the panniers as close as possible to the motorcycle. Numerous tests have already been performed in order to ensure that the entire development satisfies the required demands. The rack is made of 18 mm steel tubing and is attached to existing mounting points. Pillion comfort is not restricted in any way. Enhances the enduro and touring appearance of the KTM.
*And-S*: anodised aluminium case For more details on the ZEGA Pro panniers and accessories see page 1067 and the following. Delivery schedule of the system: - 2 aluminium panniers ZEGA Pro - 1 pannier rack including mounting hardware KTM LC 8 Adventure 990/950 31/31 litres 38/38 litres 45/45 litres ZEGA Pro 052-3330 052-3331 052-3332 ZEGA Pro AND-S 052-3333 052-3334 052-3335 ZEGA Pro AND-Black 052-3336 052-3337 052-3338 AND-Black AND-S ALU

Handlebar Crossbar KTM Super Enduro R
With our handlebar crossbar fitted to your Super Enduro, you can now also place a roadbook holder, motorcycle computer or navigation systems in your direct field of vision. A very useful part made from aluminium.


Touratech Hand Protectors GD - Optimum lever protection (brake and clutch levers) - Robust even at high speeds - Good wind deflection (with spoiler) - Elegant design enhances the enduro looks - Colours of hand protector and spoiler may be different - Hand protector colours: black (1), yellow (2,) blue (3), red (4), white (5)
When ordering, please substitute the X on the end of the order number for the number in brackets

040-671X (LC 8 Adventure) 040-672X (Super Enduro)

Herbert Schwarz / TT-CEO / Italy