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Journal of Architectural Conservation

the international journal for historic buildings, monuments and places

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Consultant Editors Bob Kindred MBE, Elizabeth Hirst, Professor Peter Swallow, Professor Norman R. Weiss, Ian Brocklebank Managing Editor Jill Pearce As the leading authority in its field, the international Journal of Architectural Conservation provides invaluable guidance on policy, practice and technical developments. Encouraging debate on a broad variety of conservation issues, this peer-reviewed Journal with its high academic and professional standards fulfils its ambition to illuminate, question and inform.

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For conservation research and innovative practice Appealing to an international professional and academic readership, with its wide-ranging review of research and innovative practice, it offers a valuable resource on:

Building types Building materials and their conservation Recent case studies Developments in specific construction techniques Research results from key investigations

The Journal is now been accepted for indexing in Thomson Reuters Web of Science, and will be indexed and abstracted in:

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This begins with Volume 14, No. 1, 2008.

Papers published in 2012

Historic Window Glass: The use of chemical analysis to date manufacture David Dungworth The Arab Hall, Leighton House Museum: Restoration and Conservation Works 200810 Dante Vanoli

Determination of Water Content in Brick Masonry Walls Using a Dielectric Probe Poul Klenz Larsen Nano-lime for Consolidation of Plaster and Stone Paul D'Armada and Elizabeth Hirst
Conserving our Wartime Heritage: A reinforced concrete air raid shelter in East Lothian, Scotland Isobel Griffin and Jim Tate


Conservation of the 1948 Olympic Roll of Honour Plaques Tim Pretty and Alison Foster
Enhancing the Colour of English Brickwork Peter Sloane Assessment of Architectural Terracotta Friezes in Bologna Claudio Galli and Francesco Conserva The Anatomy and Demise of Decorative Brickwork on Artisans Housing in Birmingham Hugh Byrd The Sumptuous Interior Decoration of the Japanese Tower at the Royal Domain in Laeken Ann Verdonck and Marjolein Deceuninck


Dolomitic Lime in the United States: History, Development and Physical Characteristics Jennifer Schork
Investigating and Restoring Decorative Finishes on Architectural Metals Joseph Sembrat, Mark Rabinowitz and Justine Bello

The Debate on the Need for a Protective Shelter over the Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great Maryam Rafiee Fanood Structural Monitoring of an Ancient Post Mill Michael Chapman and Jack Hale
The Impact of Energy Improvement Measures on Heritage Buildings Eir Grytli et al

Papers published in 2011

Conservation Issues in the Design of the United Kingdom Supreme Court Hugh Feilden Conserving and Stabilizing Masonry Ruins Jon Avent Headfort: A Robert Adam Designed House Interior Rediscovered Richard Ireland and David Gundry Application of 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Map Building Surfaces John Smits Hot Lime Mortar in Conservation Repair and Replastering of the Faades of Lck Castle Ewa Sandstrm Malinowski and Torben Seir Hansen

Teaching Conservation and Vernacular Architecture Maria Philokyprou Is Ivy Good or Bad for Historic Walls? Heather Viles, Troy Sternberg and Alan Cathersides Current Initiatives to Address Heritage Crime in the UK Bob Kindred 100 Years of Site Maintenance and Repair: Conservation of Earthen Archaeological Sites in the American Southwest Avigail A Charnov Combined Photogrammetric Techniques and Computer Vision: 2D-3D Recordings of Gharissa, Jordan Yahya Alshawabkeh, Khaled Douglas, Mohammed Matarya and Bilat Khristat

Plaster, Stucco and Stuccoes Claire Gapper and Jeff Orton Wollaton Hall: Prospect Room Floor Ed Morton Cast-Iron Faades as Structural Shear Walls Marie Ennis and Donald Friedman Ventilation, Infiltration and Air Permeability of UK traditional dwellings Diane Hubbard

Stone Restoration Practice In Palestinian Territories: A Case Study From Jerusalem Shadi Sami Ghadban and Marwan Ashhab

Papers published in 2010

The Use of Laser Cleaning in the Conservation of Public Copper-Alloy Monuments in the UK Helen Thompson and Martin Cooper Heritage Management in Australia Richard Mackay and Chris Johnston The Great Stair at Kedleston Hall Paul Ragsdale Castle Howard Mausoleum: Reconstruction of the Twenty Columns Ian Hume Conservation and Conflict in the Central Asian Silk Roads Enrico Fodde

Guggenheim Museum exterior colour: A note from the paint analysts Norman R Weiss, Glenn Boornazian and Amanda T Trienens


The Construction of the Classical Elevation of Selfridges Store Michael Beare

The New York Public Library: Protective Treatment for Sugaring Marble A. Elena Charola, Silvia A. Centeno, Kyle Normandin Issues Surrounding the Conservation of Vitrolite Glass Fiona Hudd

Sandstone Chamber Humidity and Tourism in Petra, Jordan Thomas R. Paradise Commissioning Architectural Paint Research: A Researcher's Perspective Karen Morrissey


Climate Change and Traditional Buildings: The Approach Taken by Historic Scotland Roger Curtis The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Spanish Ceiling Project: Interpretation and Conservation Batyah Shtrum, Melanie Brussat, Miguel Garcia, Timothy Hayes, Stephanie Massaux Surface Stratigraphy on Limestone of Venetian Palaces Manuela Sgobbi, Peter Brimblecombe, Carlotta Grossi, Guido Biscontin, Elisabetta Zendri The Listing and Conservation of the Farnborough Wind Tunnels Judy Allen Tuff Stone Masonry near Tower Hill in Victoria: Fragmentary Remains of Pioneer Settlement in Australia Chris How, Marie Jackson and Catherine Woolfitt

Papers published in 2009


Egryn: Conservation of a Working Farm Elizabeth Green The Conservation of Coral Buildings on Saudi Arabia's Northern Red Sea Coast Aylin Orbasli Applications of Infrared Thermography to Historic Building Investigation Jonathan Spodek and Elisabetta Rosina Environmental Control in National Trust Properties Linda Bullock


Belton Boathouse: A Review of its Repair and Restoration for the National Trust Nick Cox 'Where Shall She Live?' The History and Designation of Housing for Working Women in London 1880-1925 Emily Gee Impacts of Fire on Stone-Built Heritage Miguel Gomez-Heras, Stephen McCabe, Bernard J. Smith and Rafael Fort Fills for the Repair of Marble: A Brief Survey Jonathan Kemp

Cantilever, Hanging or Pencheck Stone Stairs Ian Hume


Conservation of Historical Observatories in the UK and Ireland Elliss Sharpe The Monument to the Great Fire of London: An Investigation of the Verticality of the Monument and the Re-securing of the Flaming Orb Judy Allen Historic Fabric vs. Design Intent: Authenticity and Preservation of Modern Architecture at Frank
Lloyd Wrights Guggenheim Museum Angel Ayon

Diagnosing Defects in Lime-Based Materials Jeremy Ingham Bats and Historic Buildings: The Importance of Making Informed Decisions Jonathan Howard

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