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Home > Business > Malaysian Grid Code For Commercial For Industrial For Housing Developers & Electrical Contractors Discounts, Rebates & Offers Charges and Penalties Connection Charges Deposit Connected Load Charge (CLC) Power Factor Surcharge The Grid Code and Distribution Code, published by the Energy Commission Malaysia, is a regulatory instrument much needed to coordinate various electricity supply activities. The former is a technical specification which defines the parameters an electricity generating plant and grid system network have to meet to ensure proper functioning of the electrical grid. The following figure illustrates how the various parties identified in the Grid Code are connected or associated with Grid System.

Malaysian Grid Code

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YB Dato' Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui, Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water recently launched the Malaysian Grid Code and Distribution Code for the nations electricity supply activities in an event on 21 Dec 2010.

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The Grid Code is a set of technical regulations used by utility companies such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in the Peninsular Malaysia that serves as the main guidelines in electricity supply operation; to ensure the electricity supply in Peninsular Malaysia remains reliable. The following figure illustrates the Peninsular Malaysia electricity industry structure in terms of functions as used in the Grid Code.

The Distribution Code is a set of technical regulation established to make certain the operations at the distribution level are being carried out systematically. The Codes will set the regulations and technical requirements that need to be carried out by all party involved in the planning, managing and maintaining the grid and distribution systems to ensure security, safety and reliability at all time. The following shows the structure of the Power System, connected Parties and applicable codes:

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Malaysian Grid Code | Tenaga Nasional Berhad


The Codes highlight in details the roles and responsibilities of parties involved in managing or using the system, either through connecting or connected directly to the grid and distribution systems including generators, grid system operators, distribution system operators, single buyer and large power consumers. The Energy Commission Malaysia as the regulatory body of the energy industry; will chair the committee with members from the industry. It has been enforced since 1 January 2011. Click here to download the Malaysian Grid Code The Grid Code is divided into the following parts:
Part I: Glossary and Definitions:- contains definitions of some terms used in the Grid Code to ensure clarity to the meaning and intention of those terms Part II: Introduction and Purpose:- provides a general introduction to the Grid Code, its purpose and general requirements Part III: General Conditions:- deals with all administrative aspects of the Grid Code, provisions for the revision of the Grid Code as well as resolution of disputes and procedures associated with derogations and exemptions Part IV: Planning Code:- describes the process by which the Grid Owner undertakes the planning and development of the Grid System in the planning timescales and the provision and supply of certain information by Users and the Grid Owner to enable this process Part V: Connection Code:- specifies the minimum technical, design and operational criteria which must be complied with by Users connected or seeking connection or seeking to modify their connection to the Grid System Part VI: Operation Code:- deals with all processes associated with Operational Planning and Control Operation of the system in real time and obligations of the Users to provide and supply information to the Grid Owner and GSO to enable those processes Part VII: Scheduling and Dispatch Code:- contains preparation of an indicative Least Cost Generation Schedule indicating which Generating Units may be instructed or dispatched, the issuance of Control, Scheduling and Dispatch instructions to Generating Units, and the procedures and requirements in relation to control of system frequency control and interconnector power transfers. Part VIII: Data Registration Code:- sets out a unified listing of all data required by the Grid Owner and GSO from Users, and by Users from the Grid Owner and GSO Part IX: Metering Code:- deals with transmission metering at the Connection Points and at the interface with the Generation, Distribution and User Systems

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