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Competitive behavior means the direct struggle between individuals for a common goal. Competitive behavior is essential requirement for every student, every student come across competition many times in students life. A classroom competitive behavior development for students is necessary because to get admission in a good institution student have to face various competitive examinations. Researcher has chosen the topic A Study of competitive behavior of Physics students with reference to class interaction to explore the competitive behavior of the students studying in secondary school. This dissertation divided into five chapters. Chapter 1 discusses backdrop of research, chapter 2 includes structure of the present study, chapter 3 describe analysis of data in detail, chapter 4 describe testing of hypotheses and chapter 5 include conclusion and suggestions. In the first chapter backdrop of research, conceptual framework, rationale of the study, research questions, statement of problem, objectives, conceptual hypothesis, variables defined, basis of hypothesis, delimitations discussed by the researcher. Method of study, objectives, conceptual hypothesis, population, sampling, nature of data, tools used in study, administration of tool, scoring and statistics used described in chapter second, analysis of data on the basis of objectives described in the chapter third. Findings are discussed in the fourth chapter. Results, conclusion, education implications and suggestions discussed in chapter fifth. First of all I express my heartiest devotion to God for his graceful blessings. I am thankful to the Banasthali University where I got an opportunity to do this research. I present this Dissertation with pride of accomplishment with blessing of parents, my sister Himani Bisht, my Husband C. M. Negi, my friends Jyoti, Neha and senior Pragya di. I am deeply indebted to my esteemed and reverted to my research supervisor Dr. Sujeet Kumar who gave me valuable suggestions, other commitments and always found time to inspire me. His wide knowledge and his logical way of thinking have been of great value for me. His understanding, encouraging and personal guidance have provided a good basis for the present thesis. He could not even realize how much I have learned from him. Next I would like to thank Principal, Aradhana Vidya Mandir (Senior Secondary School), Newai, for providing all the facilities and a good working environment in the School. I am deeply indebted to the Dean of the Faculty of Education, all the teachers of the Faculty of Education and library staff for their cooperation.

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VINITA BISHT M.Ed. (2011-2012)

CHAPTER CHAPTER I : Backdrop of Research 1.1 conceptual frame work 1.2 Rationale of study 1.3 Research questions 1.4 Statement of the problem 1.5 Objectives of the study 1.6 Conceptual hypothesis 1.7 Variables defined 1.8 Basis of hypothesis 1.9 Delimitations Chapter references Page No. 1-8 1-3 3-5 6 6 6 6 6-7 7 7 7 8 9-22 10 10 10 11 11-12 13 13-19 19-20 20-21 22

CHAPTER II: Structure of Present study 2.1 Method of study 2.2 Objectives 2.3 Conceptual Hypothesis 2.4 Population 2.5 Sampling 2.6 Nature of data 2.7 Tool used in study 2.8 Standard Norms interpretation 2.9 Statistics used Chapter reference

CHAPTER III : Analysis of Data 3.1 Analysis of Data for first Objective 3.2 Analysis of Data for second Objective 3.3 Analysis of Data for third Objective Chapter reference

22-49 22-31 31-35 35-54 55

CHAPTER IV : Testing of Hypotheses 4.1 Testing of first hypotheses 4.2 Testing of second hypotheses 4.3 Testing of third hypotheses 4.4 Testing of forth hypotheses CHAPTER V : Situation and Directions 5.1 Results 5.2 Conclusion 5.3 Educational Implication 5.4 Suggestions

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