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God as a Heuristic Concept By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., M.B.A., Phd., Coif Perpetual (C)Copyright by Anthony J.

Fejfar and Neothomism, P.C., (PA) and The People of God and The American People as a Perpetual Public Domain Copyright. Some persons are Athiests, some are Agnostic, and the question arises for such persons why it is that some people believe in God and even Pray to God for help, and for thanksgiving. Of course, there are Proofs for Gods Existence which are objectively valid, but I suppose such proofs are not enough for the typical Athiest or Agnostic. I suspect that the real question is not whether God Exists or not, but rather what God is like, and whether or not I should try to be like God and or, have God as my Friend. So, let us consider the Idea of God from a phenomenological point of view. God is The Good Personified. The Good is that which if Positive. An Important aspect of The Good is Existence. God is an Unmoved Mover. So if I

were to Pray to God, and to be like God or analogous to God, then of course, I would continue to Exist Forever as an Unmoved Mover. I would be like a Saint or an Archangel. Also, I would participate in The Good, thus I would be entitled to, and have, Good Food, Good Clothing, a Good Home, Good Transportation, Good Education, Good Hobbies, Good Recreation, Good Self Actualization Projects, Good Vacations, Good Entertainment, etc. Of course I would find out that my Inner Self is the Holy Spirit in Me, which is truly both the Holy Spirit and Me simultaneously. I would begin to find out that I have outstanding Intuition so that I have Insights flowing from my Intuition which others do not. All of the foregoing is possible, even if God, so

to speak, does not really exist for you at the outset. You see, the way Quantum Spirituality and Psychology of Consciousness works is that when you Pray with the right intent, you begin to

Insert the Concept of God into the Quantum Field which Creates Quantum Actuality and even Quantum Reality, so that God soon becomes Actual for you and you begin to become God like. If you are wise, you will stay with the Quantum God and Quantum Actuality, for if you insist that God becomes Real, you may find that God is a little bit too Real for you, and in the end, you may find that God Destroys you instead of helping you. and then he destroys you. Or it may be that you find that Satan is Real,

Instead, if you follow the advice of Saint Paul, if your Spirituality is

sufficient, you are better off staying single and not getting married and having children. But, if you do have Children, you had better make sure that their Spiritual Formation is like yours and that they become and stay your Friends, not your enemies. And remember, in the end, and in the beginning, Existence is a Game to be Played.