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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.


1.1 Introduction
upon which the whole structure of

The Organization is foundation

management is built. Organization is related with developing a frame work where the total work is divided into manageable components in order to facilitate the achievement of objectives or goals. Thus, organization is the structure or mechanism (machinery) that enables living things to work together. In a static sense, an organization is a structure or machinery manned by group of individuals who are working together towards a common goal. Alike 'management', the term 'organization' has also been used in a number of ways. Broadly speaking, the term 'organization' is used in four different senses: as a process, as a structure of relationship, as a group of persons and as a system, as given below. Organization as a Process is the In this first sense, organization is treated as a dynamic process and a managerial activity which is essential for planning the utilization of company's resources, plant and equipment materials, money and people to accomplish the various objectives. Jayashree construction ltd is a mosaic tiles manufacturing company located at sager road industrial estate shimoga ( dist ) in the state of Karnataka. Jayashree is an industrial firm producing different type of colored and

designed mosaic tiles. Basically this firm designed to manufacture of mosaic flooring tiles this unit purchased the mosaic ready made chips from andrapradesh. This firm needs monthly 40 to 50 tones mosaic chips.
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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

The jayashree construction ltd is experienced nearly 30 years in trading business. the firm is going is to work 60% of trade related to government and 40% other this firm very much famous for white designed tiles. In totally this unit is designed to produce those products which are required in the building construction for decoration purpose. Finally it was nice experience during my entire training period in jayashree Construction ltd shimoga and I think my effort to preparation of report is satisfactory to the required extent.


Scope of the Study

The scope of study is restricted to Jayashree Construction Limited shimoga for the period of one month from 8 august to 7 September. The scope of the study mainly concentrated on mosaic tiles production and overall organizational departments.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

To study the production process of the jayshree construction limited. To study the industrial profile of the company. To know about the different functional departments. To study the SWOT analysis of the company. To understand construction Ltd the management system in the jayshree

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

1.4 Research Methodology

Source of Data Collection Primary data The primary data are those which are collected a fresh and for the first time, and thus happen to be original in character. Primary data has been collected through discussions with concerned executives and the staff members and through observations. Secondary data The secondary data, on the other hand, are those which have already been collected by someone else and which have already been passed through the statistical process. Secondary data collection sources include Annual Report, Records of the company. 1.5 LIMITATION OF THE STUDY

The cover the study is limed to Shimoga city with references to jayashree construction ltd., at Shimoga district. The study is based on information given by the members of the organizations only.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,


Chapter -1 This chapter deals with general Introduction, introduction, objectives, scope of the study, limitation and data collection.

Chapter -2 This chapter deals with industry profile. Chapter -3 Company profile deals with introduction, profile, mission, vision, objectives, product profile, marketing mix, product mix. Chapter-4 This chapter deals with Mckisys 7s with frame work. Chapter-5 This chapter focused on SWOT analysis. Chapter-6 This chapter deals with suggestions and conclusion.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,


Mosaic tiles are very popular with architects. Civil engineers, people associated with of building contractors and especially the owner of building, the reason for the universal appeal and Occam of these unique materials is due to its heterogeneous color, pattern and beautiful design etc.


History of the Mosaic Tiles

The English word tiles and French tiles are derived from the Latin word ferula thus may be used as structural or decorative to cover floor. The composition of the lay and fining temperature determine whether tiles and the will be porous were similar to bricks. They may be coated with a vitreous glaze containing mineral oxides that give string color the term tiles is extended to include small that pieces of surfacing materials.

Cone mosaic courtyard Iran Roman floor mosaic detail from the palace of shapur I at Bishapur from Uruk in Mesopotomia 3000 BC Fur mosaic with portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It may be a technique of decorative art, an aspect of interior decoration, or of cultural and spiritual significance as in a cathedral. Small pieces, normally roughly cubic, of stone or glass of different colors, known as tesserare, are used to create a pattern or picture. Mosaic is an art of decorating a surface with designs made up of closely sets, usually variously colored small pieces of material such as stones minerals, glares tiles or shell, unlike, inlay in which the piece to be applied one set in to a surface, which has been hallowed out to receive the design, mosaic, piece are applied on to surface which has been prepared with an adhesive. Mosaic differs from inlay in the size of its components; mosaic differs from inlay in the size of its components. Mosaic piece are anonymous fraction of the design and rarely have the dimensions of piece in tarsia work tied inlay usually of wood whose function is after the rending of whose portion of a figure of pettern. One dissembled mosaic cannot be resembled on the basis of the form of the individual pieces. In Romans Imperial times, however an important change occurred, when mosaic gradually developed its our arthritic laws, still basically a medium used for floor, its new rules of composition were governed by a conception of perspective and choice of view point different from those of wall decoration. Equally important was simplification of form brought about demand for expectation production methods. In the same period the increasing use of more strongly colored materials also stimulated the growing autonomy of mosaic from painting.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

As means of covering walls and vaults, mosaic finally realized its feel

potentialities for striking and suggestive distance effect which surface theyre of painting. In antiquity, mosaics first were made of unit pebbles of uniform size the Greeks, who elevated the pebble mosaics to an art of great refinement. Also imrented the so called Teresa techniques, Teresas [Latin for cubes or dice] are pieces that have been cut to a triangular squares, or grid of cubes that make up the mosaic surface. Tersaras very considerably in size. The finest mosaics of antiquities were made of tersarae cut from glass threads or splinters ordinary floor

decorations consisted of cubes about one centimeter square. As long as mosaic was a technique for making of floor, the main requisite for making of floor, the main requisite for making of floor, the main requisite of its materials, besides their color was their resistance to wear. Mosaic is a design produced by grouping together small piece of colored marbles enamel or glass and cementing them into a surface Mosaic is used in decorating walls floors and ceilings and also in tell making of something as monuments bags groceries. The pieces of material used in Mosaic work are usually in the general shape of cube although they may not be uniform the pieces vary in size accounting to the type of work. In the middle ages, when this act was at its height artist are some time used cubes so small that they could insert eighty of them in one square inch place. In some mosaics however, the pieces. Are several cubic inches in size and bigger.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

To make a large Mosaic the artist may use many thousands of pieces. A mason first cover with west plaster is cementing the surface that is to be decorated. Then the artists outline his design and fasten in the cubes.

The Islamic And Chines That Lead To Mosaics

Buildings in 9th century the samaria in Mesopotomia were adorned with 10th inch square tiles surrounded by long hexagonal tiles with multi colors. Persian tiles works was at its height from 12 the to 15th century. The mosque public building and fine hours of such cities as Rayy. Tabriz, Isfahan and Veramin were respondent inside and out with brilliantly glazed wall tiles or were lastered in an indecent golded broken that changed to green purple or ruby in the changing light, large tiles had parts of such design and were combined to large form of panels, small monochrome tiles were arranged in geometric mosaics. That was important in ancient china, Thumb of plan period were

decorative with tiles bearing stamped or molded figures molded wall tile as the high tiles of the roof of when assembled formed diagonals and other figures.

On 12 the century tiles floors began to appeal tiles in which cathedrals they were of encaustic tiles in which designed is yellow or white clay were inlaid in red broom durable surface over the countries floors of houses came to be made of plains clay tiles in fine houses, of black and white marbles tiles . Spanish architecture, under strong Islamic influence and tiles to such an extent that Spanish expressions for poverty in to have
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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

house without tiles walls were wainscot in tiles which were often blue and white or furthered. By mid 7th century whole walls of Dutch room were covered with depth tiles in a unique Dutch Style. Some times each tiles had a delicate scheme painted on it and sometimes many cities. Together formed an cargo seen. Dutch tiles were exported and to England and America to face fine places and to Germanic countries to cover the great heating stones.

Architecture, under strong Islamic Influence, used file to such as extent that a Spanish Expression for poverty is wall were wainscoted. Dutch tiles were exported to England and U.S.A to face fire and to ceramic to cover the great heating stones.

In 21st century tiles provide not only color design but also durable, sanitary and early maintained surface, it is used on the walls and floors of kitchen, Foyers, Bath rooms patios, Swimming pools, Laboratories, Hospitals and public areas such as Sub ways.

The most commonly used adhesive for mosaics was mosaic, the functions of which in 21st century has been largely takes over by modern tougher kinds of Martas of glue. In Roman floors two or others layers of martar preceded the getting bed that first layer rested on a thick foundation of stone that presented getting of the mortar bed and the formation of cracks. The final layer rested On a thick foundation of
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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

stone layers was of fine consistency and frequently contained powdered marbles and binding elements such as pounded brick. In 20th century, Mosaic increasingly has become an art divided the inventor who the design and the worker who executes it. It may be that the dry character of name modern mosaics can be described to the facts that the artist no long Roman transferred Mosaic from an exclusive art to a common decoration medium. Some of the earliest example of thin new type of floor is in the late republican [2nd century BC] houses at decos. For room of secondary importance and often for floors surroundings the finely designed and executed central embelmata room the Roman developed a simpler, can artistic kind of mosaic the floors are set with fairly large tessare with a limited range of colors. Some sending towards monochrome [B &W] the decorative designs and motifs are also simple and un complicated. In the early Middle Ages. The Byzantine developed their particular form of floor covering consisting of geometrical mosaic made up of pieces of marble of various size and shapes usually with some tesserae work added for special coloristical touches. This fashion spread to other parts of Italy and even to France and Germany. 19th century histograms and the breaking down of Neo classicisms contempt for Byzantine art led to increasing interest in and demand fast mosaics improvement in the techniques of prefabrication according to the Indirect method and in the manufacturing of tesserae material led to a

veritable mass production which has put its mark on countless churches, town halls and open houses.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Todays Mosaics is just one out of a very range of technique that have as common principle the piecing together of a surface covering with the use of different durable or non durable material.


Other Aspects Regarding The Product History

The pieces which mosaics are made are called tesserue some of the best of these come from Italy today. Mosaics makers know have a choice of about 23,000 different color stones to use in their designs. Although beautiful designs required real artisting the basic process of Mosaic making is simple. It has been used in many part of worked for thousand years ago. About 5000 years ago the Samarians [In what in know Iraq] covered walls with mosaics formed of cones of baked clay. Latin American, Indians were making stones mosaics a thousand years ago. Although they had no contact with the Old world. The major Indian made some mosaics of feathers. The ancient Egyptian and Astrians and for making inlays for decorating thrones and other furniture and for making jewelry. The Greeks often cover their monuments and columns with mosaic. The roman made mosaic pavements the designs of which ranged from black and white geometric pattern to colorful landscape, and portraits. In pompail there is a mosaic picturing Alexanders Victory as Issues. In the fourth century BC Ancient temples were decorated with mosaic and mosaic work was also begun in Christian about the fourth century. Today school children some time use bits of color stones to tile to make mosaic trivets tabletop and marble morals in simple but colorful designs.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

2.3 Kinds of Mosaic Works

Floors are often made of mosaic chips although terrazzo is also popular. The terrazzo is a cement flooring in which fragment of stones are set to make a stone surface, which is completed by polishing. A mosaic effect is produced terrazzo when different colors are used. Many of the wide in Lisbon, Portugal and Brazil are made of Mosaics. The use of Mosaics in other modern countries has increased rapidly during the past few years. Mosaics how appear in churches, government is the making of a mosaic design to hand on the walls in a frame like a painting.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,


3.1 Back ground of the company

The Jayashree construction ltd was situated in industrial area (or) industrial estate of Shimogga city. It was started in the year 1980 . The unit was

based on partnership of Sri Balakrishna S and another one is sri Bapu Rao. By investing equal share of capital. Current partners of the firm in the year 1991 Bapu Rao died, in the same line deelip Kumar had been join to firm, In the year 2001 Sri Balakrishna S. Nikam retired from partnership firm, on behalf of S. Nikarn the Smt, Vijaya Laksmi and Mr.Purushotham Join the firm. Basically this firm designed to manufacture of mosaic flooring tiles, the unit purchased the mosaic readymade chips from AndraPradesh, this firm needs monthly 40 to 50 tones mosaic chips. The mosaic important means of establish this firm is (i) marketability of the firm 1. Shimogga city is easy to access to all type of transportation. 2. Availability of labour 3. other Jayshree construction Ltd is experienced nearly 30 years, in is treading business. The firm is going to work 60% of trade related to government and 40% others this firm very much famous for manufacturing white designed

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

tiles. In totally, this new unit is designed to produce those products which are required in the building construction and for decoration purpose. Name of the company Address : Jayashree construction ltd. Jayashree construction ltd. Industrial estate . sager road Shimoga. Karnataka state : : : : : : : : 1 unit 1980 150 Mosaic tiles 10 acres 5 crore 6 acre Canara bank State bank of India. Idbi bank

Unit Year of establishment Total number of workers Product Plantation Initial investment Build up area Banks

3.2 Company Vision

Jayashree construction ltd to achieve organizational profitability by

attaining the high level productivity, to earning the trust of customer, and earning the trust of cutomer , and providing better value for mosic tiles attract the customer.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd., 3.3 Company Mission

To increase the sales. To increase the quality of the product and fulfill the needs of customer . Provide superior and services to our customer maintain leadership


Customer orientation Development of the human resources Concern for environment Process and product excellence.

The company activities involved in the firm, is divided into 3 departments 1. Administrative department 2. Manufacturing Department 3. Distribution and polishing Department

Functions: 1. Administrative Department:-

The process of administrative department is to build a good relationship with contractors, engineers and customers. This administrative department is going to perform the following functions. 1. 2. 3. Formation of policies, producer of office work Receiving orders from customers, contractors and engineers. Assisting manufacturing department in producing tiles of quality in right guaranty 4. Collecting customer feedback
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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

5. Instructing works proper polishing and designing them in buying properly without defuse in playing 6. Supervising other departments. This department has a managing director who has face control over all departments. Which are working in a firm Manager Accountant Salesman


Manufacturing Department:

This department is situated in the factory premises which is located at industrial estate this department is consisting of a manager, Supervisor, 40 skilled worker and 90 unskilled workers, the main function as this department is concerned with manufacturing of tiles. It also arranges for distribution of the products.


Distribution and polishing department:

This department is situated in the factory premises which is located at industrial estate this department is consisting of a manager, Supervisor, 30 skilled worker and 10 unskilled workers, the main function as this department is concerned with manufacturing of tiles. It also arranges for distribution of the products. This department is concerned with the distribution of mosaic tiles and fixing and polishing activities. This department only on customers demand performs the fixing and polishing features. In performing its function it assisted by the administrative department. At present where are 10 layer

and polishers working in the department under a supervisor

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd., 3.5 Material Management:

The material management places very important role in a growth of the firm. One of the basic function management is to employ capital efficiency to get maximum result. 1. To Maximum the profit 2. To Minimizing cost of production 3. To maximizing production with a given amount of capital Market Management: Offers a wide scope for reducing costs technique of materials management losing about reduction in cost and increasing profiles a more and also quality of a product in easy way. Material Management: is a body of knowledge which is help manager to improve the productivity of capital, if contains most effective techniques which are necessary for an industry. It preventing carriage amounts of capital being clocked up for improving capital turnover ratio

1. Maintaining continuity of productive operation by insuring a uniform flow of materials. 2. Reducing materials cost by systematic use of scientific techniques. 3. Reducing working capital for productive purpose by effective control of inventories


Inventory Control: Inventory control is a planned method of managemen t what to indent when to indent, how much to indent and how much to stock so that purchasing with a lowest price.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Inventory control department responsible for receiving the

materials which is purchased, scientific strongs and induce of materials to other departments on authorized requisitions and also maintain necessary records. Thus inventory control is most important of control cost of production and total capital investment is reduced others increasing the return on capital.

Purchasing Functions:Purchasing functions is one of the basic functions of material management. Which carried by purchase departments the department which concerned with purchase of right quality of materials in right quantity as right price from a source of department On the requirement of the production department the purchase is done. The spending of every single rupee sainted goes directly to the profile major purchasing decision will handed by a purchase manager.

Storage Department
The store department t especially meant with three things is quality, quantity and cost of production the storage of materials should be affected in sufficient manner as to ensure savings in space, time and energy and avoided cost of stationary. This store department mainly handled by a store store keeper.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd., 3.7 PRODUCT PROFILE

The production tile is very familiar to everyone because now a day it is very essential necessary produces to the consumers. Highly it is used for recording the floors walls, roofs etc in may study. I am dealing with the mosaic tiles.

Types of tiles:
They are many kinds of tiles we may found in our usual market. Those are follows Ordinary tiles Designed tiles Mosaic tiles Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass stone. Or other material .it may be a technique of decorative art, an aspect of interior decoration

Polishing and laying works:Actually laying works will takes 8 to 10 days. It takes one week gap after the laying of the tiles as the sight of customers. Then the polishing work is begin the layed mosaic tiles require there stage of polishing. First stage second stage (or) third stage (or) Final stage. At first stage it takes 10 days for polishing. A second stage to takes 15 days after towards final stage of polishing will be done with finishing work, then the owner will asked to have a caller of complication of works by the particulars controlling about amount given to polishers layers.
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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd., Marketing mix:

Marketing does not mean were transfer of goods from sellers to buyers. Marketing means distribution as good from producers to final consumers these marketing concept divided into 2 division:1. 2. 1. Traditional (or) old concept Modern marketing concept Traditional concept made available to the final

It is a process by which products are

consumers from the place of production. It consists of all those activities which are meant to ensure the flow of good and service from the producers to the final consumer. In the traditional concepts involves the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers consumer (or) user


Modern marketing concept:-

Modern marketing concept is consumer oriented, according to modern marketing concept the marketing is the process of discovery translating

demand for their producers under the keep competition and secreting the demand with the help of channel of distribution. The concept of marketing is will going to as will modern

as science and art includes several

approaches those are follows as under.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

1. Commodity approach:-We study the flow of a certain commodity and its transformation from the original producer to final consumer. 2. Institutional approach:- Under this the process of distribution of goods from producers to final consumer, various agencies take part, they include producers middlemen like, Wholesalers and retailers, Mercian will agents like commission agents brokers etc. 3. The financial approach: Under these concept marketing activities divide into number of functions, and the approach analysis in deistic the specific functions of marketing such as buying, selling transportation 4. The management (or) decision making approach:- This is the studying of marketing this approach combines certain features as the first three approach it seeks release them from decision. Making viewpoints it is based on the fact is purely a management function. These are some important approach which is maintaining considered by manufacturing industries.


Marketing Mix Policy

The produce itself constitutes the most important comment of marketing mix closely field to the product of its packaging branding. As a product along with its packaging branding. Create a particular image in the consumers mind. Another element in the marketing mix of any firm is the system of marketing channels through which products are distributed ultimate consumer.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Another clement is pricing policies of marketing mix. Finally another important element which has been used by firm is promotion, activities which includes, advertising, sales promotion, and free gifts as well as personal selling. Thus the marketing function are grouped has under, 1. Product mix policy: - which includes produce manager, packaging, branding cabling and produce life cycle quality design. 2. 3. Price mix policy - Policies of pricing discount, Concessions etc Promotion mix policy: - Advertising, salesmanship, sales promotion and publicity. 4. Distribution mix policy:- Consisting of transportation ware housing, physical distributor.


Product mix policy:-

A product is the buy element of marketing mix, a product policy and strength in the important element of a firm, since any firm is flaked to manufacture and sell a produce as a sale price which will yield a reasonable profit of the firm. In general usage, product a set as eligible physical and chemical attitudes, assembled in an easily independent and reaching recognizable firm. According to Phillip kotlar A product is everything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use (or) consumption that might satisfy want (or) need.
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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Thus it is clear that product is an only a tangible abject, the intangible service and psychological attribute s such as satisfaction, precise image etc.

Product policy adopted by Jayshree Construction:This industry is carrying on with the production of mosaic tiles this produce comes under the category of convention goods other basic necessary or the luxuries goods. In order to compare the market this concern produces the varieties of tiles. Which are different in their design, color, price etc modification of the products transitive to him is taken with modern technique for acquiring more market share. It produces various as tiles, each variety are made on the basis of main

colors of the stones. Sales force and the concern has sufficient knowledge about the selling of tiles in dynamic method they which the customers in their purchases. They adopt proper product policy the policy is a certain principle of operation adapted by management to guide other of operation adopted, a policy sets the objectives to be achieved and also the limits within which management has to operate product policy are company all to guide.

Decision making policy with regard to product:The product policy is not nearly concerned with producing good quality products is as obviously higher quality in distending the producer quality the marketing mix must be considered and integrated to arrive at a produce planning is these concerned the following points.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

1. The development and production of new produce. 2. Modification of existing products. 3. Elimination of unprofitable products. 4. Packing and branding also clearly connected with the product characters. This firm as adopted the good decision. Making policy and satisfies all the above policy well in good faith. Thus product Planning is major responsibly of the firms chief executive of the company it as a team as activates and the most important link in development of any product obviously management. S0 it is necessary to understand the following management decision. Management should firms be responsible for formulating policies marketing management can take up any problems counted with the produce development of introduction Co- ordination consideration. Quality control, produce design, ability to take calculated take is considered. also between the various departments as the next important

Produce planning of Jayshree Construction Ltd.,

Produce mix Is important concept of marketing management the produce mix is three dimensional those are breadth refers to the varying of produce manufactured, and deals by a single manufacture, depth depends upon a number of production in each mix of produces and its consistency.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

The following are the products manufacture deal of the firm. Produce line (1) 1. Mosaic chips of all colors and designed PBLBS are manufactured, 2. Curbs 3. Pavers Product line (2) 1. Marbie 2. Kadappa 3. Polyshing and cutting PACKAGING AND TRANSPORTATIN:Packaging may be defined as the the wrapping and creating of goods for the purpose of transportation (or)strong (or) it may be defined as the general group of Aviles in the planning of a product while corresponding mosaic tiles there packing is no necessary due to necessary produce. Packing includes the talent of the designer, the technician the advertisement and the top management.

Objectives of Packing:1. To create the desire to possess the producer. 2. To compel attention to purchase the producer. 3. To supply a consumer need. 4. .To re distribute existing consumer demand more. 5. To improve profit by improving the product image

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd., 2. Price mix policy:-

Pricing decision have starting importance in any enterprise the pricing as a firm no. may importation the manufacture but also to the wholesaler pricing governs the very flexibility of any a marketing program because it is the only element in a marketing mix ascending for demand and sales. Price influence consumer purchase decisions because price as the prime regulator of the production. Distributing and consumption of goods, and also a manufacturer we not really free to adopt his own price police. But only good pricing policy must be aimed to offering reasonable price to the customer are substitute available in the market. Jayshree Construction tiles has its own pricing policy % has equal margin of profits on the cost of production for the fire there category tiles. But for the last category is increase the profile margin that is shown in the table given bellows. The industry has in own payment policy amounting to the policy the customer as the time to placing order pay 50% payment of the amount. after finished according to the requirement in 30% should be paid and after carrying and policing remaining 20% should be paid. In case laying and polishing need not be under taken by the firm, the customers required to pay 100 % amount of the time of purchase (or)

delivery of products.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd., 3. Promotion mix policy:

Promotion is the process of marketing communication involving information persuading and influence. It sets as powerful goods and providing the setting edge of its ensure marketing program of is a form of non competition. The promotion that when is followed by Jaya co industry 1. Advertising 2. Publicity 3. Personal selling. 4. Other


Distribution mix policy:-

Distribution means to be a way in which the produce transfers from purchase to final customer, the channel (or) link of the industry is shown as under. The firm un supply mosaic tiles directly to consumer. In which has been the risk of clearly of the produce through carry etc. The copy of distribution packaging wrapping etc. the distribution cost will be stimulated on the basis of orders.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,


4.1 Introduction

In McKinseys model there are 7 basic dimensions, which represent the core of managerial activities. These are the Levels which executives use to influence complex and large organization. The 7s framework for management analysis was developed by McKinseys and company. 7s model provides an effective way of analyzing an organization, in terms of dynamic relationship among 7 key elements namely- Structure, System, Strategy, Style, Staff, Shared values (Subordinate goals) and Skills.

Framework of McKinseys 7-S Model According to this model there are seven basic dimensions which represent the core of managerial activities. The originators of the model have coined the managerial variables with words beginning with the letter S so as to increase the communication power of the model. The 7 S are,

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Structure: The way of organization unit relate to each other; centralized, functional divisions (top down), decentralized (the trend in larger organizations), matrix, network, holding, etc., System: The procedures, processes, and routines that characterize how important work is to be done are financial systems, hiring, promotion and performance appraisal systems, and information systems. Strategy: plans for the allocation of firms scarce resources, overtime, to reach identified goals; Environment, competition, customers. Style: Cultural style of the organization and how key managers behave in achieving organizations goals. Skill: Distinctive capabilities of personnel or of the organization as a whole. Staff: Numbers and types of personnel within the organization. Promoters of the company and qualities of the key staff. Shared values: The interconnecting centre of McKinseys model is shared values. What does the organization stands for and what it believes in central beliefs and attitude.



Structure describes the hierarchy of authority and accountability in the organization. These relationships are frequently diagrammed in organizational charts. Most organizations use some mix of structures pyramidal, matrix or networked ones to accomplish their goals. A structure is the formalizing of relationships, roles and

responsibilities in order to organize and perform work. In simple terms, structure is the pattern which various parts or components are interrelated or interconnected.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd., President

Vice president

Joint President


V.P Mines President







MGR. (P&A)

S R GM (P&D)










Fig. 4.1 Organization Structure

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Analysis Jayashree construction Limited, involves various departments and all departments are under the president are having the centralization authority in the organization, in the above diagram organizational structure of Jayashree construction Ltd is in a structured manner. Therefore, board of directors are at the top level in hierarchy of authority and responsibility, next to the directors departmental heads in charge of marketing, finance and purchase, production, technical and human resource, and quality and machine. Next to this level assistant of the departments are working, below the assistants there are some supervisors and inspectors and dispatch workers are operating for the smooth running of the production process Detailed study of the departments 4.2.1 Human Resources Department As manpower is the main and basic pillar of any Industry, even here it plays major role. So proper planning must be done in man power recruitment and safety promotion etc. It is done as per requirements by different departments. The personnel manager and there officers to manage the whole of the activity and carry out the function with blend of industrial relation and human relation activities, the time office manage any information on monitory and non monitory related aspects of every employee, whether is a workman or the management staff in company. The department has based up by information systems to maintain payroll, employee details, accounting details, pertaining to ESI, provident fund, health insurance schemes and other benefits of the employee. They also take care of the leave and attendance making and salary issues with allowances concerned with each employee.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

General Manager

Time Officer

Security Officer

Medical Officer

Training Officer

Welfare Officer


IR Officer

4.2 HR Department structure The department is functioning through the above shown flow chart of the department as head of General Manager they will assign the function to As. Time officer, security officer, Medical officer, Training officer, welfare officer, D.G.M, IR They carries all work from the labor supervisor and providing guidance and assigns work to labor contractor. To be competitive in all facets of the business operation, it has become an imperative that all employees of the company must strive towards enhancing their operational performance and developing their potentials to add-value significantly. Therefore, the Performance Management System (PMS) is being looked at very critically by the Management. PMS is implemented for attaining a set of objectives Administrative: (Decision on promotion, salary increase, placement, transfer, discharge, etc.) Organizational: (Human resources planning and restructuring of operations and enhancing human resource productivity. Motivational: (Appraisal interviews, participation in goal setting and work planning, earning incentives/reward/stock options, self appraisal and learning etc.)
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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Development:(Counseling, communications). HRM Policy & Man Power Planning HRM policy firmly believes in induction, orientation, training and training and development,

performance appraisal, PPRD, individual rating, up-gradation of knowledge and skills for achieving technological change, cost reduction, targeted

reduction with reciprocate profit motive and shared challenging aims of the organization. The policy believes in give and take reciprocation, punishment and reward promotion for long service, education and skills and for timely action with integrity and dignity of human value. Man Power Planning This includes forecasting, planning, inventorying man power resources depending upon the technology adopted, capacity of the production unit, layout of the plant, building & machinery, time & motion studies, skill of the workman, job responsibilities, and workload, raw material supply, marketing & turnover. Recruitment It is generating of application or applicants for specific jobs. It consists of two main processes: Identification of vacancy of staff and workman A stock of recruitment sources.

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Selection Selection will be done at the interview after complete verification of applicant. If selected the salary offered, grade, trainee or probationer or direct employment, designation etc., offered should be mentioned for final approval of the president and senior president in case required.. In case of the workers, wage board employees, staff etc trainees, management trainees, graduate trainees etc, the HOD of the personal department, the department head and subject specialist will be in selection committee .For the selection of SR manager, De manager, manager, the HOD, V.P, president will be the selection committee. Placement Depending on the clear, vacancies in the concerned department. On the basis of sanction strength the candidate selected on the basis of qualification, experience, age, Professional requirement, are placed with proper designation in the respective dept initially on probation of one year. Fresher are taken on the stipend basis per month. Test conducted for trainees (oral and written) Medical examination Verification of certificates and reference. A circular is sent to all the department, Intimating of the induction program. An induction schedule is prepared for personnel development giving different period of exposure in different depts. Like mines, crusher, raw mills, cement mill, kiln, workshop power plant, stores, packing plant, time office, sales dept, electrical dept and many others. The certified orders and code of

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conduct are also explained and required manuals are also given where ever necessary. Training and Development The company organizes training programmers, on need basis regularly for fresher and existing employees. The type of training is as under: On the job training for all categories of employees Learning new agencies. Refresher training for promotion in the organization. Remedial training and general training in safety, discipline, culture, rules and regulations of the company, statutory matter and procedure. Internship Training This sort of training is important of employees who are transferred from other units, fresher or to the employee promoted to the new job. This is advanced vocational training system. External Training Every year before march annual training calendar is prepared after consulting all the concerned departmental heads on various need based training programmed on different aspects like technical, marketing and HRD administration to develop skills and latest technical know how and same is approved by the management. techniques through internal training or by external

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Promotions Procedure Career path This is how the company plans for training according to month wise and in similar way they are having annual training programmer plan for all the 12 months. Performance Planning It is done from the level of Asst. General Managers and above quarterly, major tasks and key result areas are identified and written at the beginning of the quarter for each person. At the end of every quarter achievement marks are given against the targets set earlier. Review of each quarter is done with the individual and factors helping Hindering in the achievement of the targets are discussed and recorded. Assessment is done by the immediate superior and is reviewed by the next higher-up. 4.2.2 Finance Department Finance means acquisition of funds and proper utilization and allocation of funds in proper way. Finance plays a vital role in the development of any business. Thus development of any business majority depends on the effective financial department. In olden days the role of financial manager was only limited to raising funds and maintaining books of accounts, but now the trend is changing. The financial manager has wide scope in present

scenario and he plays a vital role in decision-making, costing, budgeting etc. Finance Management is one of the most important functions in the

organization. It is the lifeblood of the company. Financial management

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involves the preparation of budget which will be give information about the companys financial position to the customers, creditors and government. Financial Department will handle all the financial activities in the company like maintain the record of receipts and payment. Accountant maintains the sales records, maintaining records from the buyers and customers. The finance handles taxation and insurance. The finance department also deals the legal matters. It also does foreign bill discounting through their foreign exchange bank. Rising working capital, sundry debtors management of loans etc. have done by the finance department. The company has very strong position. It does work together with the MIS department for preparation and updating of profit and loss account, final account, cash flow statement and fund flow statement.
Sr. General Manager

Sr. Manager

Manager Fixed Assets

Manager Sales Tax

Manager Finance

Assistant Manager Personal Secretary

Sr. Accounts Officer

Accounts Officer

4.3 Finance Department structure

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Analysis This Finance Department Sr. General Manager is maintaining and taking

care of all records of business transactions with their assistants. It is the only department paying the money to raw materials and receiving the money from finished goods sold. This department announcing the annual report it may profit or loss. Financial management vows to the application of general management principles to a particular finance operation. It guides investment where opportunity is the greatest producing relatively uniform hard sticks for judging most of the firms operations and projects. Certain uniform norms for financial consideration have to be setup enable an enterprise to judge its activities properly. Financial management is the dynamic involving or making of day to day financial decision in a business of any size. Financial management however, should be so planned as to contribute to project

making activities for finance cannot be generated with out profits. Financial management unlike other functional areas of a business related both to the an operating entity and to the interest of the own Organizational Study of Jayashree construction ltd.

Objectives Determine the financial resources required to meet the corporation operating and capital expenditure program. Forecast of much of the requirement can be met through internal generation of funds and will have to obtain from external sources. Develop the best plans to obtain the external funds.

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Establish and maintain a system of financial control governing the allocation and use of funds in effective and efficient manner. Analyze the financial results of all operation, report the facts to the management and make recommendation concern future operations Carry out the special studies with a view to reduce costs, improve efficiency and profitability Functions Feasibility Study and Project Reports In regard capital expenditure related to new project or expansions, feasibility study and detailed project reports are to be prepared by the management. And these should be examined by the financial wing to ensure that the capital expenditure proposed would be in the further once of the objectives for which the corporation has been established, that the proposed expenditure is reasonable and profitable for the organization. Budgeting Long Term operating Expenditure Budget concerning a period of 10 years indicating the likely profit or loss earned during the period. The preparation of the long term capital expenditure budget covering a period of about 5/10 years and advise the arrangement in regard to the timing of the incurrence of the capital expenditure. Capital Expenditure budget is regard to the capital expenditure that is expected to be incurred during the year. The proportion of the arrival operating budget returns that out of the comprehensive budgetary system in operating. Changing in Government policies & less demand of the product may be change the budgeting system of the comp.
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Working Statement It will also make an assessment of the working capital requirement for the fiscal year and advice the management regarding the sources of financing the working capital requirements. Cash Flow Statement Based on the long term budget the financial wing would prepare a cash flow statement indicating the inflow and outflow of cash during the period similarly it will also prepare a details of monthly cash flow statement for the year based on the annual budgets. Stores Account Finance and account wing responsible for the maintenance of adequate system of store accounts. It would assists the management in determining the minimum, maximum and ordering levels of various items and also be responsible for the No. Finance will be associated on the matter relating to purchase of equipments, machinery etc., it would also lay down suitable procedures for purchase to ensure that adequate /control is exercised over such purchase and that there are un-economic chase. Service Conditions It advices the management on all service matters having financial

implication such as scale of pay clearness allowance bonus gratuity etc. Accounting Records General finance and accounts being is in charge which allows budgets and internal audit of the organization. It shall maintain adequate records of assets,
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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

liabilities and all transactions and internal auditing made regularly, that all records are complete and correct, by enforcing approved methods and procedures. It with the prescribed administrative and accounting

requirements and procedure. Production and for operation of the ABC method of control with a view to reduce the inventory holding to the optimum level. It would also be responsible to ensure that the verification of stocks of various items of store is carried out by ensuring. Physical stock of selected items is carried is verified everyday. That each item of stock of selected is verified at lease once in a year. That the superior elements in regard to stock verification & maintained. Internal audit: It will organize effective internal audit departments and will process the reports submitted by the internal audit & place the same before the chief executive. Annual accounts and audit: It will ensure that the annual accounts are prepared in the time according to provisions of law. It will attended to all matters relating to statutory audit and the audit by the comptroller and audit general. Tax matters: It will be responsible for attending to all tax matters relating the corporations. Reporting The following reports are submitted to the management, Resources employed Summary of cash flow for the quarter
Forecast of cash flow for the next quarter
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4.2.3 Marketing Department
Marketing is a systematic function and it has its own importance in every organization. The main objectives of marketing department are to be identifying customers needs and satisfies their needs. It is process of buying and selling mainly based on demand and supply analysis. The process of marketing is an important activity in any organization. So marketing activity is to be conducted in a very systematic manner. Any mistake process results in huge to organization. Here they will maintain good customer relationship by having good competitive price to the product and if any fault in product the marketing department will contact the production dept to improve in quality of the product. Here this is done by having good distribution channel in the system.


Sr. General Manager

Dy. General Manager

Depot Staff

Site Staff

Excise Staff

4.4 Marketing Department structure

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Analysis Here the marketing department is headed by the president .He is assisted by all the department in that marketing is one here they have special policies, quality assurance and quality objectives. Jayashree Construction Ltd marketing has different networks across the State. Therefore president of Marketing assigns the function to different networks assistant manager that assistant manager assign to junior executives.

Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what the need want through creating, offering and exchanging products and value with others. The marketing process consists of analyzing

marketing opportunities, developing marketing strategies, planning marketing programs and managing marketing tools. Analyzing Market Opportunities The Marketing Department is continuously involved in analyzing the long run opportunities in this marketing for improving the unit's performance. The dept recognizes the abundance opportunities in the bargaining business field. The building of the future ids fast becoming a reality and high investment in this area is likely to continue incoming decades. As it is the dream of every individual in his life, should have his own house and it needs mosaic tiles for floring and because of boosting increase in population, demand for mosaic tiles is also increasing in the market. This wide and constant market and increasing demand for mosaic tiles is great opportunity for Jayashree Construction Ltd to launch new products into the market and to capture regular market with good quality of mosaic tiles by beating the competitors. Marketing dept is responsible for monitoring of commercial market and
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its components and the related technology trend never less than of competitors activities for forged materials. It is responsible for the following activities. 1. Finance purchasing

Pricing and order administration Regular customer interaction Handling non technical customer complaint Definition of commercial aspect of new supplier contract Price updating

Developing Marketing Strategies

Jayashree construction Ltd has decided to target the home segment, govt. and private customers, bulk purchases. It involves a This differentiating and includes the

position strategy for the target market.


excellent service, pricing and distribution and networking policies. 3. Planning Marketing Programs

Marketing programs includes marketing mix and marketing allocations. It includes 4ps such as Product Price Place - customer needs and wants - cost to the customer - convenience

Promotion - communication

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Managing the Market Segment

Organizing the market resources & than implementing & controlling the market plan. The company has built have marketing organization. This is capable of implementing a market plan. Marketing research, setting advertising, customer servicing and so on. As marketing dept is fully

automated and having talented personnel who work around the clock to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Functions and Objectives of Marketing Department Marketing dept has to perform following function and objectives. Price fixation Sales promoters Appointed at all major market centers with security deposit ranging from Rs.1akh to Rs. 10 lakes. Interest paid is 7% per annum. The main functions are: Sales promotion and market survey Price fixation Timely disposal of stocks Collection of confessional forms Attending meeting

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Appointment of Stockiest: Procedure Interested parties are selected and dealership application forms are issued. Security deposit between Rs.50000 to Rs. 100000 (depending upon the place of business. Interest is paid at 7% per annum on the security deposit. Minimum monthly sale guarantee ensure necessary taken from the stockiest.
Application form, partnership deed, sales tax, registration copies are

collected at the time of appointment of dept. In charge, area manager & Sales promoter of that area should forward. Authorized stockiest appointment letters are signed by the Gen.manager (S&M) and Jt.President.

4.2.4 Production Department

Production is considered to be crucial in any industrial organization production, is the process by which raw materials and other inputs are converted into finished goods. Definition: Production is the process by which, raw material and other inputs are converted into finished products.

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Vice President

Dy. Manager (PQC)

Manager (PQC) Sr. Engg. Officer Sr. Chemist Chemist Officer

Asst. Manager (Process) Unit-I Senior Manager Officer

Gen .Asst. Manager (Process) Gen.Senio r Manager Officer

4.5 Production Department Structure Analysis The Department is functioning through the above shown flow chart of the department as head of vice president they will assign the function to deputy manager(PQC) .The Dy. manager of ted into Manager, general assistant manager for . the manager of PCQ assistance by the senior engg chemist, senior chemist manager and chemist officer. And for the assistant manager assisted by the senior manager and officer, for the general manager assisted by the general senior manager and officer.

Production is the process by which, raw material and other input are covered into finished products. The other word synonymously used with production is manufacturing. Some people bring out the difference between both as, Manufacturing is understood to the process of producing officer. Only
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tangible goods, where as production is the process of both tangible and intangible goods.

Manufacturing Process of Mosaic tiles

Raw material Working of various machines Process of manufacturing

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Manufacturing process The required raw materials for the manufacture of mosaic flooring tiles are as follows 1. Port land cement (gray cement) 2. white cement 3. Dolomite powder/marble. 4. Marble colored chips. 5. Colored oxides. 6. coloring agents and pigments 7. Magnetite chips powder. The required machinery for the preparation of mosaic tiles are as follows. 1. Color mixing machine 2. cement powder screening machine 3. Hydraulic pump double position, 3 press capacity 2 tone weight. 4. Hydraulic accumulator 5. Hydraulic press 6. Tile polishing machine 7. floor polishing machine 8. Parijatha automatic mosaic tiles press. 9. Parijatha screw mixture.

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The process of manufacturing is as follows. 1. preparation of mosaic pulp 2. Preparation of dry and wet mixture. 3. Pressing 4. Curving 5. Leveling The tiles generally consist of one facing layer and two basic layers. The batches for facing and backing, mixtures are prepared and stored in compartments provided in the works on both sides of the Hydraulic press. The steel mould fitted up with a bottom plate in filled in 1 with facing mixtures are spread out up to an overall thickness exceeding over this a dry mixture containing 1:3 ratio of cement and sand is spread to absorb the water contents in the pulp .then the wet mixture is spread over dry mixture is certain thickness. How, would is closed and pressed in Hydraulic press or Hydraulic automatic press. The pressed tiles will removed and kept in open air for drying for 6 to 8 hours. Now the tiles are ready for curing the tiles so dried will be presented to curving tank for 3 to 4 weeks. After curving the tiles are leveled with help leveling machine and are then distributed.

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Parijatha Tile and Paving Block Press Apm - 216hd Automatic press APM-216 "PARIJATHA" the leaders in mosaic tile machinery in India now introduce their latest machine, the Parijatha Automatic press APM-216 HD The Blocks which are manufactured in this press by the process of vibration and pressing using high pressure have superior finish on all sides and more importantly very high compressive strength and low water absoption.

This machine is the modified version of the popular press model APM-216, which is capable of manufacturing Interlock paving Blocks. Moreover these blocks can be shot-blasted to give granular or matt finish and make it usable for heavy duty flooring applications.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

The other main advantages of this machine is that it can also be used to manufacture terrazzo/mosaic tiles, checkered tiles, heavy duty tiles of any thickness size or shape. All these features make this machine a very versatile for manufacture of a variety of products with very low investment, simple to operate and maintain and mould costs. Finally, the parijatha stamp of quality and assurance built over the years make this machine a valuable asset providing years of trouble-free service and excellent performance. TECHNICAL FEATURES:

Heavy duty frame for producing high strength blocks. Hydraulic power pack designed for very high pressure required for manufacture of Heavy duty Tiles/ Blocks.

Machine designed to accommodate different types of moulds for various designs/ shapes & thickness.

Very high strength blocks with superior finish due to unique mould design. Blocks/slabs can be shot-blasted to provide granular/ matt finish which is possible only on this machine.

Uniform thickness, strength and shape ensured on every block/slab.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Parijatha Screw Mixer

PARIJATHA presents the latest in the mixing technology, the PARIJATHA SCREW MIXER PSM-1, which is designed to mix cement and stone dust / sand in preset proportions, consistently & uniformly. It consists of two hoppers, one for loading the cement and the other for the stone dust / sand. The main Screw conveyor which helps in mixing of the material thoroughly by agitating action and also transfers the material to the discharge opening is coated with super-hard material for long life. The discharged material is then cleared of unwanted material like stones, dirt etc., by the inbuilt vibratory sieve thus ensuring that the material is ready to use in good condition. The main gear box which is specially designed for this machine, can take heavy loads, silent in operation and is of sturdy construction for long life. The overall construction of the machine is simple, yet sturdy and is also portable.
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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Thus the Parijatha Screw Mixer PSM-1 is widely acknowledged as an very versatile & the best way for mixing of cement aggregates, mainly for cement/terrazzo tiles, cement blocks, interlocking block factories etc.

4.3 Systems
The procedures both formal and informal, by which an organization operates and gathers information constitutes the systems of the company. This model is concerned with the systems that allocate and control money and materials as well as gather information
T.P.M. Policy

T.P.M stands for total productivity maintenance. It deals with productivity, people and profit. T.P.M is a powerful tool for organization and cultural transformation that brings in total efficiency of the plant by tackling key aspects of plant utilization quality and down time with the ultimate goal being zero breakdown, Zero Accident, Zero Defect, Optimum inventory and clean environment with the involvement of each and every employee right from top management to the bottom level person in the company.
The letter T stands for

Improving total effectiveness by maximizing the overall efficiency. Increasing total life cycle by reducing life cycle costs. Improving total employee participation by involving everyone and transfer of knowledge to everyone.
The letter P stands for Product to pursue maximization of the production system by bringing all losses to Zero, Zero Accident, Zero Defects, Zero Breakdowns.

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Maintenance in a much wider sense. It covers the entire life cycle of the production system maintain ace of individual processes, plants and production management systems.

T.P.M aims at involving all the employees of the organization through eight pillars of tpm. Individual improvement Autonomous maintenance. Planned Maintenance Education and Training. Maintenance Preventive system. Quality Maintenance. Administration and Support. Safety and Environment. 4.4 Strategies

Strategy refers to those actions that a company plans in response to or in anticipation of changes in its external environment, its customers and its competitors. It is a plan or course of action leading to the allocations of an organizations finite resources to reach identified goals. Push Strategy - In this type of marketing strategy the activities are incentives, gifts etc are given to dealers to introduce them to enhance the sale of mosaic tiles to end users. The marketing activity is not implied upon end users in this case, the idea is to push the product through the help of the dealers and other intermediates.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Pull Strategy Here the marketing activities are focused on the end users by providing them with gifts, incentives; mason meet engineers meet, etc. so that demand is created in the market and is sold to dealers in lieu of demand created in the market by end users. Advertising Strategy Advertising is one of the most common tool which companies use to direct persuasive communications advertising as follows Advertising is any paid form of non-presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor. Organization handles their advertising by some one in the sales or marketing department who works with an advertising agency. 4.5 Style to target buyers and public. We define

Culture or Style is the aggregate of behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and symbols that is conveyed to the people throughout an organization over time. Since it is very hard to change a companys ingrained culture, it is important to bear in mind when developing a new strategy. In Jayashree Construction Ltd They follow participative style; Decision Making is mostly made by the top level management. In the top to down manner. Day to day decisions are taken by top level management & meddle management. The supervisors do not have any authority in decision making.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

The culture of the organization, consisting of two components Organizational Culture: the dominant value and beliefs, and norms, which develop over time and become relatively enduring features of organizational file. Management Style: More a matter of what managers do that what they say; how do a companys managers spend their time? What are they focusing attention on? Symbolism the creation and maintenance (or sometime deconstruction) of meaning is a fundamental responsibility of managers. In Jayashree Construction Ltd the management is very much dedicated towards their task and it high concerned for production. The company follows democratic type of leadership style and the company encourages between subordinates group and decision superiors making. Accordingly a meeting of organization will be held

periodically and the various problems relating to their work area will be discussed and they collectively come to a final conclusion, which in tern will be conveyed to top management of implementation. 4.6 Skills

Closely related to staff are the distinctive abilities and talents that a company possesses. Skills may range from ability of a staff to speak Spanish to an understanding of Statistics to computer literacy etc.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Marketing & Sales (Commercial/Retail) The sales and marketing executives have deep knowledge of the market and focus on quality business. Marketing research Initiating product improvement Prepares annual marketing plan and sales forecast. Advertisement and sales promotion. Look after customer services.

Members of the process team ensure that acceptances follow the laid-down procedure before they are converted into policy documents. Finance & Accounts This team consists of employees with accounting knowledge and this team also includes the charted accountants. Maintain accounts and financial transaction Efficiency of financial planning. Financial forecasting Provide information to auditors. In determining the financial ratios. Financial performance appraisal. .Preparing of payrolls. Working capital management

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Human Resources This team posses the skill of motivating and satisfying the employees within the organization. Requirement of Manpower The purpose of the procedure is to recruit personnel with desirable education, skills and experience. 4.7 Staff

Staff means the human resource systems which include appraisals, training, wages and the intangibles such as employee motivation, morale and attitude. The duties of various staff of Jayashree Construction Ltd can be mentioned as Processing of purchase bills booking pertaining to raw materials and sub contracts. Monthly TDS remittances including preparation of challans etc. Cheque writing.
Issue of debit notes; follow up with parties for recovery.

Assistant Manager Quality Control His Duties are Approval of packing slip. Approval of inspection certificates issued to customers. Approval of quality records. Approval of inspection plans.

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Project Engineer Preparation and updating of project schedule. Preparation of bill of material of the project. Identifying the bottlenecks in the production and solving the same. Jayashree Construction Ltd believes in attracting, retaining, training, evaluating, nurturing and unfolding of quality human resource aiming at objectives and the visions of the organization. HRM policy firmly believes in induction orientation, training, performance appraisal individual rating, up-gradation of knowledge and skill for achieving technological change, cost reduction targeted production with reciprocities profit motive and shared challenging aims of the organization Manpower planning Forecasting, developing and controlling the work force by the organization to ensure that it has right number of people is the man power planning. MPP depends on technology adopted, capacity of production unit and layout of plant, building and machinery.


Shared Value

Shared values refer to the core values and ideas espoused and shared by key. Members of the organization studies by Hage and Dewar (1980) and Khandwalla (1984) suggest that shared values importantly determine the cultural orientations.

Institute of Management Studies, Kuvempu University

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Organization To produce and deliver quality of mosaic tiles as per customers

required with an aim to enhance customer satisfaction Continuers improvement in quality, health, safety & environmental performance .Improvement in quality of raw material input Reduction in chronic looses Technological innovations

Institute of Management Studies, Kuvempu University

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,


The SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in matching the firms resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates as such, it is instrumental in strategy formulation and selection and it also provides a scan of the internal and external environment of the strategic planning process. Environmental factors internal to the firm usually can be classified as strength or weakness and those external to the firm can be classified as opportunities or threats such an analysis of strategic environment is referred to as SWOT Analysis.



Strength is defined as the positive attributes of the organization, which are within the organizations control. Such as, technical and experienced manpower, improved infrastructure, efficient market network, well planned layout, automated and highly sophisticated machines and major customers are educational institute/university Companys reputation is its major strength. Satisfied customers. Technological updating. Quality products. Encourage of workers with incentive system . Customer retention is more when measure with its competitors.
Institute of Management Studies, Kuvempu University Page 62

Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,


The property of lacking physical or mental strength liability to failure under pressure or stress or strain his weakness increased as he become older the weakness of the span was overlooked until it collapsed.

Non availability of skilled workers as per industrial standard. There is no proper media publicity No proper distribution within Karnataka Employees are not well trained

Advertising and sales promotion is not effective



Opportunities is the external factors that are providing benefit to Companys business directly or indirectly. Such as capacity of meeting higher demand, opportunities for securing achieving global standard and integrated Increasing demand. Growing construction industry. Other producers are in problem. Government support. New innovative ideas and technology might develop quick producing mosaic tiles. skilled people, capability of

Institute of Management Studies, Kuvempu University

Page 63

Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,


Positive or negative aspects of the external & internal environmental, that are under the direct control of a firm or a decision maker.
Increasing competition

Availability of raw material. Competitors are coming new technology. Other mosaic tiles industries surrounding area.

Institute of Management Studies, Kuvempu University

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,


Change in new technology : Organization can adopt for the new technology which will reduce in the work from worker. Lack of communication skills : some of the workers are not educated properly , so they are not able to explain the process what happening. Lack of direct feedback : in this organization we can seen there is no proper feedback system so organization has to look in to that which will help the employee.


Well co operation between the supervisors to the workers. Material should be supply at a time good relationship between the producers to the customers . Proper communication must be applied to the organization. The organization can make an attempt to increase the sales by adding more distribution network. The organization can contribute towards better turnover figure , if its marketing & distribution network is strength ended. The company should export product . Better to provide canteen facility to the employees. The company should give more facilities to employees like medical facility ,job security . etc

Institute of Management Studies, Kuvempu University

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd., 6.3 CONCLUSION

The consumer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of the Jayshree construction Ltd., Directing managerial producing and marketing activities towards the performance of the consumer can activities. For this achievement of compare efficiency increase in quality decrease in cost of production, creation of produce and company image is essential. Mosaic tiles is also a very good produce quality of the jayshree construction (jay co) tiles as very good but at present of Joy co tiles is only on factor which influence much on consumer behavior. For attracting more consumers towards the company is needs to improve his promotion activities by considering all the factors of production the price of the produce must be reduced. Some people say , that the price of the product is high, even then they purchase jayshree construction (Jay co) tiles, because of superior quality therefore price of the product should must be reduced and also firm may necessary used the important technique regarding promotion activities .

Institute of Management Studies, Kuvempu University

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

BIBILOGRAPHY BOOKS Philip kotler ,marketing management , 9th edition Himalaya Publishers, Year- 2004. Sudarshan Reddy, Financial Management, 1st edition Himalaya Publishers , Year- 2008. P. Subba Rao, Human Resource Management, 3rd edition Himalaya Publishers, Year- 2003.

BROACHERS AND REPORTS Jayashree construction Ltd Profile Annual reports of Jayashree Construction Ltd Records

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd., LEARNING EXPERIENCE

The MBA course has the In-Plant Training Programme as the part of its curriculum to make students experience the actual corporate world and learn its ways of functioning. In this competitive world this kind of approach

is extremely indispensable. Students coming out, as MBAs would be ready to have an interface with the corporate world with determination,

confidence and competence. Todays corporate world demands for all these qualities, without which facing the corporate world is a difficult task. The in-plant training has created a sense o f practical exposure and enlightenment in my mind as to what actually an organization is. Importance of different management functions such as planning, organizing, staffing , directing and controlling was know which guide the organization in facing competition. I have come to know how different things are in a

decentralized structure Inplant training has also helped me in knowing the importance of team effort when compared to individual effort in an organization goals. I also understand the importance of leadership traits. Which guide in achieving personal as well as organizational goals.

Institute of Management Studies, Kuvempu University

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Organization Study on Jayashree Construction Ltd.,

Organization is the process of identifying and grouping the work to be performed and establishing relationship for the purpose of enabling people to work most efficiently together in accomplishing objectives. To have a practical knowledge about the Organization Jayashree Construction Ltd has been selected for the Organizational study. The Jayashree Construction Ltd. is a need of the people which used as a house builder the company has established a co-generation project in back word area which would serve as power full media for augmenting the socio-economic prosperity of the formers. This report covers the information of raw materials used by the factory and also collects the information regarding each department by meeting the executives. This report deals with the history of the Mosaic tiles . This report has covered Company profile, objective, Vision, Mission, Mc KINSEYS 7s Model and SWOT analysis.

Institute of Management Studies, Kuvempu University

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