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SHUBHAM KUMAR(2012EE50558). This is an assignment given to us from our course teacher of COMPUTER SCIENCE 10 2.

Linux terminal is somewhat similar to command prompt of windows. An Essay on experiences at IIT-D. Experience is what we gather throughout our life. It's never late or early for an experience to be gained, as it enriches our soul to live our life well enough and take maximum out of it.The Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi is a public engineering institution located in Delhi, India. It is one of the IITs al ong with other Indian Institutes of Technology institutions in India.IIT Delhi i s located in Hauz Khas, South Delhi. The campus of 320 acres (130 hc)is surround ed by the beautiful Hauz Khas area and monuments such as the Qutub Minar and Lot us Temple. The campus is also close to other educational institutions such as th e Jawaharlal Nehru University, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, National Institute of Fashion Technology, National Council of Educational Research and T raining and Indian Statistical Institute. At IIT we the students are able to discover our potentials,and unknown facts. So,I have done the same,I have learnt really a lot to how to tackle situations,control my emotions,fight with the unknown happenings. At IIT every s tudent is made capable to learn plus employ those learnings at a personal aw wel l as practical level.The IIT-D campus is divided into four zones: Student Residential Zone Faculty and Staff Residential Zone Student Recreational Area, that includes the Student Activity Center (SAC), football stadium, cricket ground, basketball courts, hockey field, lawn tennis c ourts. Academic Zone that includes department offices, lecture theaters, libraries and workshops. The student residential zone is divided into two main sector one for men's hostels and another for women's hostels.The Student Activity Center or SAC is a part of the Student Recreation Zone in IIT Delhi. Its awesome experiences happen ed in my life till now. Department of electrical engineering is really very good.labs in this department are well equipped and there is no shortage of anything. In my first semester there are many courses are alloted.I like PHL110 very much because there is no lab in this course.MEL120 lecture is boring but workshop is really good.MAL111 is very boring initially but after two months I like it becau se of calculus part in it.EEL 101 course is easy because sir taught us from the slides and it help me to understand the lecture.labs of PHL(PHYSICS PRACTICAL LA B) is surprisingly good.The SAC is for the extracurricular activities of the stu dents. The SAC consists of a gymnasium, swimming pool, pool and billiards rooms, squash courts, table tennis rooms, a badminton court, a music room, a fine arts room, a robotics room and a committee room used to organize quizzing and debati ng events. The SAC also has an Open Air Theater where concerts are hosted. Stude nts can use the radio broadcasting facility in the SAC although its use has decl ined over the years. The other student council is the Co-curricular and Academic Interaction Council (CAIC).[6] which deals with the academic and co-curricular activities of the stu dents. There are 45 student representatives to the CAIC: 22 from the UG students and 23 from the PG students, apart from 2 representatives from each co-curricul ar body. The co-curricular activities under the CAIC are: Robotics Club. Entrepreneurship Development Cell. Technocracy (consisting of Astronomy Club, Economics Club, Electronics Club) . Automobile Club. The annual technical festival of IIT Delhi, Tryst.(Which is going to come,and i am eagerly waiting for it.) I was very excited before coming to IIT,because it's a dream of every stud ent to study in national level institutes as such IITs,IIMs etc. So, it was a dr eam come true for me.The fests and events at IIT are well known throughout the g

lobe. IIT Delhi offers a Bachelor of Technology in nine areas that include: Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering (Power) Engineering Physics Mechanical Engineering Production and Industrial Engineering Textile Technology. IIT-delhi also provides extra variety of courses such as NSS,NSO,NCC. NSS-NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME. NSO-NATIONAL SPORTS ORGANIZATION. NCC-NATIONAL CADET CORPS. I am a part of NSS,as it's my type. It serves to the humanity. There are various initiatives taken by NSS, such as BLOOD CONNECT,NRCVEE etc.I have donated blood twice at IIT before coming to IIT i never even thought of donating blood. NSS I IT Delhi is an initiative taken up by IIT Delhi students to take part in service of humanity. It has a volunteer base of around 2000 students belonging to vario us disciplines and degrees of IIT Delhi. The student team works on a diverse ran ge of social issues including voluntary blood donation, working for the educatio n of the under-privileged, environmental issues, etc .Blood Connect is a student run non-profit organization which works on tackling the grim situation of blood in Delhi. Started on 1 April 2010 by NSS IIT Delhi, BloodConnect has now expand ed to various colleges and corporates around NCR region.Raging Streets is a stre et play group formed by students and alumni of IIT Delhi. Since May 2011, Raging have performed several voluntary plays on Jan Lokpal Bill, blood donation and D elhi Police's guidelines for citizens to prevent and manage terrorist attacks, a t venues including India Gate, Qutub Minar and major market places. All this is what i want to share, about my experiences in IIT-D till now.I hope and I know that I will surely gain much than I expect. As Indian Institute of Techology, Delhi's location,is in the mid of our nation a s well as our country.The location enables the student to enjoy their study as w ell as the environment and beautiful locations of Delhi,and its nearby states, l ike Rajasthan,Gujarat,Madhya Pradesh. As I have came from Jharkhand's Jamshedpur city,it was earlier difficult to adjust to the environment of cool-attitude of delhi....so called "chill" -attitude of students at Indian Institute of Techolog y Delhi. At the end of my essay I want to share that I am feeling lucky, to writ e an essay in the CSC of my dream college, Indian Institute of Techology Delhi. I thank god,my parents,gaurdians,and friends for their support as I am present h ere.Thank-you every one.