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Chinese kernel driver furniture industry made in China to Created in China _ R & D

R & D design Chinese kernel driver furniture industry made in China to Created in China 2012-07-11 classical furniture magazine 129 Revival of the Universal Declaration of Chinese design involves many metaphysical things, it is difficult to quantify the grasp, the design community has a vivid metaphor: "a cheongsam, was put on the significant elegant, BellaRest mattress, was wearing significant side Zhuangqing Ya, same people wear worldly absolutely shattered "Chinese elements of the application is good or bad is purely the use of the wonderful, Bottom of Heart". Chinese core design have a Chinese flavor. Taste of Chinese Qin and Han mettle Wei, Jin and tolerance, the Flourishing Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties, the spirit of cohesion, is familiar with the circumstances of our childhood memories of a palace. Hometown old house the lintel eaves, the holidays posted New Year pictures couplet, Zhongtang hanging ink landscape. A bunch of Chinese section, a paper-cut painting, a town feet, one end inkstones Chinese elements, these simple, they constitute the outline of Chinese design. Chinese design is rooted in the bones of the Chinese people, the very old, but very cordial, very plain and very good flavor. The revival of Chinese design, the first condition is to have fans attention of fans. With the return of the Chinese national confidence, the need of Chinese are also on the rise, the Chinese designed usher in the best of times. This condition has been fully satisfied. The Chinese design renaissance condition have fertile soil, have a deep foundation support. The saying goes, "one soil to support a party who, what art soil, what art Qi Fu. Settle down after a thousand years, panning, Chinese elements, like the pearly eye-catching stunning, long-lasting classic. Design thinking "Heaven" between heaven and earth, the mountain water world, flowers and trees a Spring and Autumn "design concept, design nutrition Chinese design never scarce, thousands of years of accumulated classical essence, become inexhaustible material. Chinese design renaissance third condition is to have the participation of a number of top designers, jointly issued by the revival of the Universal Declaration. Whether Wang Shu (the highest award of the construction industry, the Pritzker Architecture Prize winner), or Lixiong Bo (Vanke V Park), and slowly gathered a large number of Chinese outstanding designer in the Chinese under the banner of exploration in on the road. We have to do is advocating for them. Circulating in Western design community such a point of view: "Chinese elements, not

extravagance. Ancient and mysterious Chinese design, has a powerful force to bring us quiet Qing Ji, the most unforgettable complex impact of our soul, which is the biggest virtue of the strong return of Chinese design, but also Chinese design renaissance dare issued a declaration of confidence sources. Rise of the road The literal meaning of the Chinese renaissance "is to restore the artistic brilliance of Chinese design, remodeling of the glory of the" Chinese elements ". "Renaissance" often means recovery revitalize the once brilliant stuff. Plaid high-rise buildings, floating Huasheng Jing, the hustle and bustle but monotonous, towering urban concrete jungle, awe-inspiring, but barren, magnificent American European style home decoration, luxury is more than lack of connotation. Looking ahead, the rapid change calls for the return of cultural eye clinics, by leaps and bounds the practical needs of Chinese aesthetic revival. Chinese regression usher in the golden century, people have a previous centuries never had confidence in this era of passionate. The Chinese renaissance "is automatically put on the agenda. We promote the revival of Chinese design, is not just to regression an art trend, more mainly in order to get to the root. We imagine such a scenario: if we fall at the Exotic culture, the overall identity of Western wave, the psychological will subtly agree with Western culture and values, over time, the popularity of foreign design, European, American Wind will be popular in China, the country of the Chinese nation the spirit of national temperament, Citizenship will slowly decay, the Millennium Arts will fade out in the forest of the world's cultural desalination, last obliterate disappeared. "Made in China" in order to achieve "Created in China" and "Chinese classic" big upgrade, there must be a "Chinese core", "Chinese elements" to drive, completed a tendency time of blind the westernized and excessive xenophilia of ocean culture Washback. Chinese design construction and interior design, has begun to gradually change the "European style" popular in the past, the North American wind. Beijing "in Tang", "Purple Cottage, Shanghai nine Church", "Furong ancient city of Chengdu, Suzhou" Suzhou people "Guangzhou" Tsinghua Square "... with the obvious." Chinese-style building designed to start somewhere. Chinese design to an "bones of China" to describe the most appropriate, it is rooted in the cultural temperament of the Chinese residents bones had deeply impact people deep feeling toward China. American scholar Samuel Huntington book mentioned in the "clash of civilizations": some countries towards the modernization process, the initial stage is often based on "the West" to promote modern, post often modern achievement has been made to promote the "nonWestern" and local cultural renaissance. Art in China, now in order to revive the old glory, not just refining or copy some Chinese symbol, Chinese elements, the more important is the cohesion of a Chinese artistic soul, classical Shen Yun artistic creation, which the traditional

Collection in every detail, the real "Chinese feel so thoroughly to awaken the minds of people long absence, Chinese Complex slumbered in a long time the Chinese Wind Art glorious tapped. The centuries "westerly Europe Rain" Chinese design start swinging back. A symbol with typical Chinese characteristics, elements, imagery, with creative design, into art, and become an integral part of the People horizon ideal landscape! Classical Revival, mattress China, Chinese reunification, the Chinese design ascendant, become a trend of contemporary art and design thinking. When modern material conditions reach a certain level is to find the emotional resonance back to nature and spiritual, is also a matter of course, the Chinese revival with the return of the Chinese people to restore confidence, the pursuit of the origin of instinct. And Starry missing moon revival Chinese wind. Chinese design renaissance at the moment, rise in the future, we have every reason to expect that the tide fully returned.