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University status brings changes to campus

By Jaslyne Halter
Staff writer
After becoming a university last January, the Mercyhurst college community embraced the new title, and the class of 2012 became the rst class to graduate from Mercyhurst University. Toward the end of last academic year, the bookstore began printing university merchandise, along with the campus ofces printing the new university letterhead. Little did we know that a full-edged university-branding campaign would soon take the campus by storm. Looking past everyday life, branding has made some changes for the merchandise sold at the bookstore, the cosmetic aspect of student IDs from the OneCard Ofce, and has the potential to affect college nights at local bars. Dan Cullen, the general manager of the campus bookstore said, The new logo cannot be printed on certain colors because it just doesnt make sense when you see the logo and it does not allow for proper branding. Therefore, students should not expect to see the university logo printed on neon, tie-dye, and similar colors because of the clashing colors. The biggest issue we have as far as production goes is with placement, especially zippers and embroidery, he said. Cullen also said that the distressed look that former merchandise featured cannot be used with the new logo because it isnt what the school wants and just wont transfer well. There is no difference in production costs, between the university merchandise and former college merchandise. It is all a matter of determining what does or does not look good. Along with managing the merchandise the school has permission to sell and change the ID cards from saying college to university. However, the changes in identication cards have caused dissatisfaction among students who received an acceptance letter and ID card from Mercyhurst College. Junior Chris Gaertner said, I think that the option to get a new university ID card for free should be given, instead of the usual game of lets see step in their competitive marketplace of attracting new students. The move to becoming a university is a unique event in the life of an institution as it can happen only once. This is an opportunity to reinvigorate the Mercyhurst name in the community and the region, said Livingston. Seeing the words Mercyhurst College seemed normal to everyone for the past 84 years. Most of what is seen with Mercyhurst University is the same that was done last fall, but it had Mercyhurst College on it and no one noticed that, because that was normal. This is new and so it is noticeable, he said. Livingston added that they are continuing to change signs and other materials to read Mercyhurst University. It is who we are now and as such I think we should embrace it as much as possible, sophomore Andrew Shepard said. Campus might be missing neon t-shirts sporting the new logo and upperclassman may have a fee to upgrade their card to say Mercyhurst University, but so far the branding of the university status has been well received from both the campus and Erie communities.


September 19, 2012

Zach Dorsch photo

Signs sporting the new university design are slowly appearing around campus.
how much money we can take from our students today that the school usually plays. Gaertner is referring to the $15 charge for students to get a new university ID card. According to John Patterson, director of the OneCard ofce, there is a charge because this is the same fee as a damaged or lost ID card. As for the new layout of the university ID cards, it features a largely printed Mercyhurst University label at the bottom. Patterson said, The school told me what was required of the cards, but it was ultimately my decision for the layout. The Public Relations Department and designer of the card, Steve Perkins, made sure it was appropriate, and we came up with the card. Vice President for Advancement David Livingston, Ph.D., explained that branding the university is an important

Pep band debuts homecoming weekend

By Kierston Bromley
Contributing writer
Mercyhurst University has not had a pep band since 2009, but now the band has returned. John Marszalek, Marching Band Director at General McLane High School, changed this. He was hired to put together a pep band at Mercyhurst University to raise school spirit. Currently the band itself is comprised of 25 students, though the band is in a continual state of recruitment. Various disciplines make up this number such as music majors, non-music majors, freshmen and seniors. The band is currently in rehearsal, putting songs together and recruiting members. They are set to debut at homecoming on Saturday, Sept. 22, where they will play from the home stands on the football eld. Mercyhurst Director of Athletics Joe Kimball doesnt think the band is ready yet to play at half time because they do not have enough members or enough practice. Nevertheless, the pep band will play the national anthem at homecoming and will also play songs throughout the opening game. Following homecoming, as long as weather permits, the pep band will play the rest of the football season and at some baseball games. Theres a good cross-section of students in the pep band, said Marszalek. Its very promising and Im very excited about the bands future. What happened to the schools previous pep band, though? Mercyhurst University had a pep band up until the bands director could no longer ofciate as director in 2009. However, now that increased student interest has brought the band back, they hope to expand. We hope to double the pep band to 50 members by this time next year, Kimball said. The bands ultimate ambition is to form a full marching band. Such an event would increase the size of the pep band to between 75 and 110 members. It is expected to take four to ve years to see a full marching band come to Mercyhurst. The pep band is great for the school, said Kimball, the school could really use a boost in school spirit. Junior Nicole Popielarz agrees. Having a pep band is a good idea because it will help raise school spirit at Mercyhurst, Popielarz said. Freshman Alicia Eisenhardt also thinks the pep band is a good addition to the school. Having a pep band is a good thing because it gives students a more diverse range of activities in which to get involved, she said. In the future, band members plan to create a Facebook page for the pep band with contact information and other details. For more information about joining the pep band, call Kimball at (814)-8242559.

September 19, 2012

Student union undergoes changes

By Stefani Baughman
Contributing writer
With all of the remodeling and repurposing that took place this past summer, all three oors of the Carolyn Herrmann Student Union look very different than they did when students left in May and the changes are not over yet. Though plans for the renovation of the Student Union Great Room have been in the works since last fall, the joint Senior Gift Committee Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) venture has taken longer than expected. We are working very hard to make the student union a more comfortable space, Sarah Allen, director of the Campus Involvement Center and adviser to MSG said. When asked what still needed done to the Great Room, Allen replied that there are still a lot of nishing touches to be completed, including a gas insert for the replace, connection to Direct TV for the at-screen televisions and the addition of accessories such as area rugs and artwork. I am so excited for it, said sophomore Julie Smicinski. It sounds like it will be a great place to hang out and do homework. Students have denitely taken notice of the division of the Great Room from the rest of the Union which was completed over the summer.


Assistant Professor Kimberly Zacherl in the Walker School of Business used a Diversity Enrichment Grant to take students to the 2012 Annual Diversity Conference Thursday, Sept. 13, in Pittsburgh, PA. Zacherl, junior Dan Tremblay, sophomore Dennis Arthur and senior Menda Tenzing attended sessions including Bridging Cultural and Gender Barriers, Women Take Care and Men Take Charge, Multicultural Leadership and Its not the Glass Ceiling but the Sticky Floor. The group also attended the Keynote Luncheon Address by Soledad OBrien, special investigation correspondent and host of CNNs In America documentaries.

News Brief
Students attend 2012 Annual Diversity Conference

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Lindsay Beers photo

Changes to the Student Union Great Room are a work in progress. Finishing touches to the space have yet to be added.
I like the enclosed commuter lounge, said senior and commuter Brittany Barko. Hopefully, this will be the rst of many changes geared toward improving campus life for commuters. Sophomore Lauren Smith said, The fact that the Great Room is

closed off is awesome for studying, privacy and events held there. However, I do wish the furniture took up more room though; maybe they could add some comfy couches or something. Though the completion date remains uncertain, MSG is planning to hold an opening ceremony around mid-October. The goal of the renovation is to make the Great Room more inviting for students to hang out in. In addition to the new decorations and walls in the Great Room, several departments have new locations within the Union. Both the MSG and the SAC ofces have moved from the second oor to the basement, located next to the Laker Inn. Since their new location typically receives more student trafc than the second oor, MSG and SAC hope to achieve greater visibility to students. The Campus Involvement Center has relocated from next to Campus

Ministry on the rst oor to the ofces vacated by MSG and SAC. Sarah Allen said that the new location is better suited to the needs of the expanding department and has been getting just as much student trafc. Director of Service Learning Colin Hurley and AmeriCorps member to Service Learning Bethany Brun made the biggest transition, moving from the rst oor of Egan to the space right next to Campus Ministry. Betty Amatangelo, Campus Ministry secretary, thinks that the Service Learning departments new location has strengthened its relationship with Campus Ministry, especially where student service opportunities are concerned. It has really helped collaboration between the two departments, Amatangelo said. Overall, the many changes aim to add to the convenience and appeal of the Union for students and staff.

Bob Woodward to speak at Mercyhurst

By Juan Mendez
Contributing writer
Investigative journalist and author Bob Woodward, famous for breaking the stories on the Watergate scandal during President Nixons term, is coming as a guest speaker to the Mary DAngelo Performing Arts Center (PAC) on Monday, Oct. 29. His talk, named Inside the White House: From Nixon to Obama with Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, is penned to be a part of the guest speaker series for the 2012-2013 academic year. Mercyhurst students and faculty will be able to get their free tickets starting Thursday, Sept. 27 by presenting their Mercyhurst ID. There is a limit of two tickets per person and any remaining tickets will be offered to the public starting Monday, Oct. 1. Born in Illinois, Woodward has received various awards for his work in the world of journalism, such as a Pulitzer for his work for The Washington Post during both the Watergate scandals and his coverage of the September 11 attacks. His work for the Post has been recognized for having remarkably reliable accounts and a strong tone, as well as attention to detail. Executive Director of The Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes, called him the best pure reporter of his generation, perhaps ever. Woodward is also a non-ction author, with 12 of his books gaining No. 1 New York Times Bestseller status, more than any contemporary non-ction author. One of his most notable publications, All the Presidents Men, co-authored with Carl Bernstein, was adapted into a major motion picture starring Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman as Woodward and Bernstein. It depicts the events surrounding the Watergate scandal that led to the eventual resignation of President Nixon. The lm received excellent reviews and garnered some major accolades, including two Academy Awards. The book chronicles the investigative journalism on behalf of the initial report on the Watergate break-in, detailing the events behind the major stories the duo wrote, using sources that remained anonymous for years and were nally named in the publication. In addition, it tells of a series of audio recordings from the White House that further incriminated Nixon for covering up the break-in. Tickets can be reserved online at http://pac. mercyhurst.edu or at the box ofce. For more information call the PAC box ofce at 814-824-3000.

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September 19, 2012

Culinary Cab serves students appetites

By Caitlin MacBride
Contributing writer
For those who have the late night munchies, the Culinary Cab is here to your rescue, serving food around campus. Parkhurst thought of the idea after seeing food trucks on other campuses and the Food Network. A truck was purchased and over the summer they got to work testing and improving their late night snacks. Some of their choices include philly cheesesteak, pulled pork sandwich, buffalo chicken sandwich and cab chips. They have also begun weekend specials like walking tacos and pitas. Food selection isnt going to stay the same said employees. Manager Robert Scott said, How the students perceive foodwhat they want and what they like is how items will switch up. The food is something different and it is convenient for those living on Briggs and Lewis. Parkhurst hopes this makes life easier for students. The Culinary Cab takes dining dollars, money, and credit cards, but they do not take boards from the meal plan. As for other food ideas, Fielding Cloud, supervisor of the Culinary Cab said, The students will dictate. There are many ideas in the works and they want to make it accessible for everyone. Similar to the Laker and Egan, suggestion cards will most likely become a way of communicating your thoughts and ideas.

Fall Ball successful

By Abigail Robinson
Contributing writer
We made it three weeks into the school year, thats enough reason to party right? MSG and SAC thought so. Friday night was the ever so classy Fall Ball. This is a chance for students to get all dolled up, eat some delicious food and dance all night long. You could say that it was the kickoff event to Spirit Week; Fall Ball is our equivalent to a homecoming dance. MSG put a lot of thought into making this event a classy and sophisticated night. With a black and white color theme, appetizers and desserts catered from Parkhurst and music by DJ Henry GQ, their goal was denitely accomplished. Parkhurst catered the event with an array of choices to please students tastes. The food served at the event included buffalo chicken dip, hot artichoke dip, an assorted fruit and bruschetta bar, applewood bacon-wrapped chicken, stuffed mushrooms, dessert shooters and chocolate covered strawberries. Hype was generated for this event from eye-catching posters posted around campus and with a Facebook events page. MSG and SAC utilized Facebook to get the message to students about the event and post where students could buy their tickets. In addition, the site was also a place for students to express their excitement, with one student posting, So pumped for this! Their marketing techniques were deemed successful with 150 tickets sold, which was a great turnout for the event. Admission for each student was $5. Events Coordinator for MSG, Jenna Dascanio said, We typically charge for this event to raise some extra money, which generally goes toward the Spring Charity Ball location or Spring Fest. The small fee was worth it though because the Fall Ball was a huge success, and those who attended had a great time dancing with friends.

Culinary Cab travels around campus and serves food to hungry students.
The Culinary Cab doesnt just provide food to the student body, but it also creates a place to meet fellow students. Cloud wants to make the Culinary Cab a place where friends can socialize and others can come to meet someone they may not have had the pleasure of meeting before. Cloud said, [The Culinary Cab] is not just a food truck, its a novelty. Im just happy to be apart of it. Satisfying students is the key goal of the Culinary Cab and so far it has had a positive impact. Junior Caitlin ONeil said, The waking tacos are delicious and they have convenient hours. Its denitely one of the best ideas theyve ever had, sophomore Damian Walker said. As the seasons are changing there has been talk of hot apple cider and

Sarah Hlusko photo

hot chocolate coming soon for the cold weather. Cloud also had thoughts about using the Culinary Cab to pass out treats to kids on Halloween and mentioned that big things would hopefully be happening on that day for students. Another big holiday for the Culinary Cab will be St. Patricks Day. There are endless possibilities with the truck, Scott said. The team would like to extend business outside of campus. They have already begun going to Mercyhurst North East on Tuesday nights, and would like to go to festivals over the summer. Two possible events to join are Celebrate Erie and Presque Isle Days. The Culinary Cab runs Thursday through Saturday from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. each week on campus.

Salina Bowe photo

Students party all night at Fall Ball.

Homecoming weekend starts Thursday

By Abigail Robinson
Contributing writer
Homecoming weekend is a time for students, family, alumni and faculty to come together to mix and mingle, and share in the ever-changing experience of the new Mercyhurst University. This year will feature several showcase events and activities throughout the weekend. All are welcome to join Mercyhurst Student Government and Student Activities Council in these festivities. It all begins Thursday. Spirit Week(end) starts then with class color day and a class wars barbeque. Fridays events include a softball alumni game, which begins at 5 p.m. The Friday Night Lights pep rally will also occur with a ribbon cutting ceremony for the renovated locker rooms. Athletic Director Joe Kimball and football head coach Marty Schaetzle will be speaking. At 9 p.m. there will be the student versus alumni lacrosse game on Tullio Field. If you are not interested in the lacrosse game on Friday from 9-11 p.m., there will be family bingo in the Recreation Center. Senior cheerleader Alyssa Ross said, Homecoming is my favorite time of year, I love seeing all the school spirit, and I am so grateful to be cheering on the football team for another year. On Saturday, MSG and SAC have organized the Hurst Fest in Garvey Park. Like past years, the Hurst Fest includes several fun activities. This year the events include a petting zoo, caricatures, inatable obstacle courses, a photo booth, free stadium cups, MU window decals, Mighty Fine Donuts, caramel apples, cider and the Culinary Cab. Saturdays main event is the football game, which kicks-off with tailgating at 11:30 a.m. Then the football game starts at 1 p.m. versus Slippery Rock. At half time, the crowning of Homecoming King and Queen will occur. Continuing with Saturdays festivities the Halfway to St. Patricks Day Celebration will start at 4:30 p.m. When asked how this Homecoming would be different than past years, in honor of the Year of the University, MSG Events coordinator Jenna Dascanio said, We eliminated the Hurst Fest shirt and decided to go with THE Shirt to keep our spirit initiative going throughout the campus community. Keeping that in mind, MSGs events/PR and spirit committees, have planned some extra spirit events for the week leading up to Hurst Fest to pump up the student body for this years Homecoming. This year there were a record-breaking number of nominations for Homecoming King and Queen. The nominees for Homecoming King include Adam Borgman, Jeremy Dickey, Adam Ferrari, Ben McCormick and Jacob Jaskiewicz. The nominees for Homecoming Queen include Adrianne LaGruth, Caitlin Handerhan, Kaleigh Hubert, Kelsey Trosch and Rhona Boyle. From the looks of it, this Homecoming will be one for the books. Show your school spirit, and join in any of these activities. This is a time for the entire Mercyhurst community to come together and celebrate all the reasons we love Mercyhurst.

September 19, 2012


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Tisto bringing club life to Erie

By Zachary Dorsch
Staff writer
That is right. One of the worlds biggest DJs is coming to Erie on Oct. 3. The Erie Insurance Arena is the venue where he will play one of his legendary shows. So grab your neon clothing, some shades and get ready to rage. For those who do not know, Tisto is a house music producer from the Netherlands. He has been ranked best DJ by My DJ Magazine for the past three years in a row. He is well known for his live performances that can last as long as six hours. Tisto lls his show with heavy hitting beats and mesmerizing lights. His signature trademark is to take popular songs like Coldplays Paradise or Goytes Someone That I Used to Know and remixing them into more danceable versions of the original song. Erie is Tistos second stop on his 15 day, Tiesto Club Life College Invasion Tour. If you have been waiting to see a DJ performance, then you do not want to miss Tiesto on Oct. 3.

Sarah Hlusko photo

Jon Lehrer energizes dance department

By Mathew Anderson
A&E editor
Jon Lehrer, a respected dance instructor, came to Mercyhurst early last week to give a master class that gave a whole new outlook to movement and the way the body works. Approximately 35 dance students and faculty lled the dance space in anticipation for the master class. The group could chat, laugh and stretch at their own leisure while a few faculty members help set up the equipment. John Lehrer walked into the space and a sudden silence lled the room, an obvious sign of respect for the veteran performer. Raised in Queens, Lehrer took his rst dance class as a dare from his girlfriend at the time. After receiving a passing grade in the course, he knew that dance was right for him. He has his B.F.A. in Dance from the University of Buffalo, and in 1994 received a scholarship to the Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival where he had the chance to study with highly revered faculty including Carolyn Adams, Danny Grossman and Mark Morris. Lehrers rst professional company membership was with the John Passaume Dancers located in New York City. In 1995, Lehrer was hired by the renowned Erick Hawkins Dance Company and toured the world, performing modern dance works for the next year. Lehrer then auditioned and got accepted into Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago (GJDC), the worlds most prominent dance company. He quickly moved up the ladder and became associate director of the company. Along with his outstanding works for the GJDC, Lehrer has choreographed works for many well-known dance companies across the United States, as well as those in Mexico and Russia. In 2002 and 2004, Lehrer was one of four choreographers selected to lead the rst ever Dance Chicago Choreography Project. He continues to travel the world to give master classes to university dance companies. Lehrer is on the Advisory Board of Dance Spirit Magazine and was featured on the November 2007 cover of Dance Teacher Magazine. Last here in 2000, Lehrer taught an

Jon Lehrer teaches the students of the dance students to move with motion and purpose. He tells them to let momentum drive their movements.

entirely new class of dance majors, although hes used to our facilities. He was incredibly experienced in his eld, displaying it through his teachings. He held himself in front of the group, and also in the information he gave to the group. There is no such thing as a straight line, but the body can grow and move to give the elusion of a straight line, Lehrer said, having the students stretch and go through routines of movement. He went on to describe an idea he called Organic Athleticism. This idea is to not go harder, faster or stronger, but to promote exibility and uid motion so that a performer could make themselves into a pretzel or a bow. He used more mainstream terms in teaching the students to move uidly such as release instead of relev, which means to rise or a raising of the body. The big message of the class was to not cut corners. Use momentum and the bodys natural movement to keep a healthy, breezy performance.

Langer Film Series Presents:

The Guard

The Guard is a comedic sh-out-of-water tale of murder, blackmail, drug trafcking and rural police corruption. Two policemen must join forces to take on an international drugsmuggling gangone, an unorthodox Irish policeman and the other, a strait-laced FBI agent. The Guard is a pleasure. I cant tell if its really (bleeping) dumb or really (bleeping) smart, but its pretty (bleeping) good. Roger EbertChicago Sun Times Friday, Sept. 21 at 2:15 and 7:15 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center


Music and Dance featured Saturday at 7 p.m. in the PAC

Look for a full calendar of A&E Events

www.merciad.mercyhurst. edu/arts_entertainment

Page 6


September 19, September 3, 2008 2012

Homecoming Weekend Music/ Dance Activities:

DAngelo Department Jazz Ensemble Presents: All of Me A Night in Tunisia Mercyhurst Theatre Ballet: Ave Maria ...I Used to Know SoMar Dance Works: Zoom Tube Swingin with the Summit DAngelo School of Music 2012/13 Productions: The Seven Deadly Virtues If Ever I Would Leave You Black Swan

By Chelsea Schermerhorn
Copy editor
This year is going to be very eventful for the Lumen, starting Sept. 20 at 4 p.m. with a poetry jam in the Carolyn Herrmann Student Union Great Room. Students from all disciplines are invited to bring their own creative work to share with their peers. The scope is not limited, however, so

students may also bring works to read from their favorite authors and poets. Everyone is also encouraged to bring instruments and perform in preparation for the Literary Festival that will be coming in the spring. The poetry jam is a continuation of the 2011-2012 Lumen staff s attempt to give students a positive feedback environment that will build condence for sending submissions to the magazine and garner attention to its ongoing success year after year.

Upcoming events at the PAC:

Langer Film Series: The Guard Friday, Sept. 21 at 2:15 and 7:15 p.m. Voxare String Quartet Meets Man with a Movie Camera Saturday, Sept. 26 at 7:30 p.m. Langer Film Series: Take Shelter Friday, Sept. 28 at 2:15 and 7:15 p.m. On Screen/In Person: Runaway Friday, Oct. 5 at 2:15 and 7:15 p.m.

Phillip Lim photo

Fashion week concluded with a stunning display of the fall fashions that each designer had to offer.

NYC fashion week bids farewell

By Juan Mendez
Contributing writer
Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein showcased the nal statements in American spring fashion and, as usual, they did not disappoint. Ralph Laurens collection for the season went a different direction than the usual array of plaids and stripes. Instead it was taken south of the continent and delivered breathtaking pieces inspired by Latin American and Spanish toreadors and traditional garments, featuring bold colors on textured pieces that blend perfectly into more neutral tones. Calvin Klein, however, decided to play it simple, and delivered a very elegant collection in a neutral palette, focusing more on fabric than on color. Through smart use of lace and translucent details on his pieces, Francisco Costa may have scored one for Klein with a collection that is underrated, but delightful nonetheless.

Spring Fashion Week left New York City last Wednesday, a spectacle of elegance and glamour that made the celebrations close, not with a zzle, but with a bang. Before the event moved to London, England, for its second week, designers

September 19, 2012


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The views expressed in the opinion section of The Merciad do not necessarily reflect the views of Mercyhurst University, the staff of The Merciad or the Catholic Church. Responses on any subject are always welcomed and can be emailed to opinionmerciad@mercyhurst.edu.

No role model
Taylor Swifts lyrics send a negative message to young female audience
By Christy Moore
Contributing writer

Homecoming weekend and Hurst Fest are upon us, and many students are eager to welcome their alumni friends back to campus.

The Center for Academic Excellence has been quite a focal point on campus lately, drawing both positive and negative attention. Students and faculty seem to love the new facilities, but the lack of vending machines and coffee bar have left many hungry and in need of a caffeine boost.

I do not like Taylor Swift. It is not that her music is not my cup of tea, it is that I genuinely do not like her as a person. Why? Because I think shes a terrible role model. I think she sends damaging messages to women in what she writes about as an artist, and also in the way she carries out her life as a person. In her latest hit single, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Swift writes about a boyfriend who keeps calling it quits and then wants to get back together. When I rst heard the song, I rolled my eyes at another boy-crazy, sappy song, but then I read an article describing the song as a girl power anthem and from that indignation was born this commentary.

Swift is not a feminist. Swift is a patriarchal enabler..

- Christy Moore

John Patterson of the OneCard ofce is following a new policy of issuing school IDs for students wishing to vote. New cards feature the coveted expiration date on the front required for the ID to be an eligible form of Pennsylvania identication. With many students registering to vote in Erie County, it is a disgrace he personally refuses to issue cards to the out-of-state students who need it the most.

Swift is not in any way, shape or form a model for female empowerment. In fact, she is the opposite. In this songs lyrics, Swift writes of the exhausting cycle of breakup and makeup, with her boyfriend making false promises and picking ghts in some kind of twisted game that she cannot seem to gure out. Are we supposed to stand in awe of your strength, self-respect and maturity in nally telling whichever of your boyfriends it was that we are never getting back together, and just completely ignore that it was you who chose to keep taking him back in the rst place? And this is not her only song with this theme of letting people take advantage of her see Dear John, White Horse and Fifteen to name a few. Whats even worse, Swift herself doesnt even recognize that she is an agent of her own victimization, as she believes that it is she that leaves abusive relationships with an upper hand, writing lines like But I took your matches before re could catch me. Really? Thats debatable at best. Of course, we all know about the

Kanye incident in which Swift was interrupted, undermined and humiliated in front of all of her peers and a national TV audience, and instead of defending herself, Swift waited for then-boyfriend Taylor Lautner to come rescue her and let her cry on his shoulder (see Back to December lyrics). The message? Females, stay weak and silent and subjugated and just wait for the men. Where was the girl power then, and when it was arguably needed most in her career? When music critics disparage her talent, vocal abilities and song-writing skills, she replies not with intelligence in the form of an articulate and wellthought argument about her legitimacy as an artist, but with emotional, childish name-calling: Youre mean! Swift is not a feminist. Swift is a patriarchal enabler. In Swifts most recent album, Speak Now (2010), only two out of 14 tracks are actually about a life other than Swift being obsessed with boys. Which begs the question: what will Taylor Swift write about when she does nally marry someone? What will her image revolve around then? Will her working girl career be over? Thats a patriarchal message if I have ever heard one. A womans one and only goal in life is to get married, and any other interests leading up to that, like a music career, are just a strategy for achieving that goal, and are to be put aside once that goal is achieved. I strongly believe these messages make Taylor Swift even more damaging to impressionable young women than the blatantly questionable morality and values of women like Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan. On account of the subtle nature of her lyrics, no questions are raised and no critical thinking ensues the just blatant acceptance of gender roles and stereotypes: a pretty, boy-crazy, emotional woman-child exuding conservative purity (and by association, passing judgment on any form of sexual expression), weak-willed, powerless, complacent and forever seeking validation from men. Taylor Swift is certainly no role model for young women.

OFA not clarifying new voter registration requirements in Pa.

By Danielle Vaccaro
Contributing Writer
This week I switched my voter registration from Buffalo to Erie, at the urging of Obama for America (OFA) volunteers on campus. Being that this is the rst presidential election I am old enough to vote in, I was so excited to cast my vote. My excitement was shortlived when I learned that without a Pennsylvania ID, I would not be able to vote in my new district. While switching my registration to Erie, I changed my address to the schools address, which I was told by OFA volunteers was a valid address to use. Since I am originally from Buffalo, N.Y., and as a result of my registration switch, I now have no valid form of identication that says I reside in Erie. Without a valid form of Pennsylvania identication, I will not be able to cast my ballot in November. I tried to remedy this by obtaining one of the voter ID cards that have been promoted by the OneCard ofce. I was curtly informed, however, that the cards are only for in-state residents at the college, leaving me even more confused than before. I am utterly shocked by the complete lack of information provided. The OFA voter registration pushes over the last few weeks gave no information on the ID law. Im frustrated by the misinformation, conicting information and total lack of clarity surrounding this issue. On Nov. 6, this voter may not cast a ballot at all.

If you dont want it printed . . . dont let it happen.

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By Joe Chiodo
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September 19, 2012

Pilarski struggled during his rst round of the day, and relied on his teammates to get him back into the game. I had a tough rst round and couldnt really get anything going. I had a couple guys check my swing out, and by the second round I was ready to go and make some moves, Pilarski said. As an upperclassman, Pilarski understands his responsibility as a role model for his teammates. Being an example to the younger players pushes Pilarski to always be improving. If the younger guys dont have someone to look up to and see improvement through dedicated practice, then they wont have anything to look forward to, Pilarski said. Pilarski is optimistic about the rest of the season. I want to win tournaments. The teams game is there, we just need to make sure we keep it together, Pilarski said. This past Monday, Sept. 17, the Lakers placed 14th at the 39th Annual Guy W. Kuhn Invitational in Meadville. On Sept. 18, the team will travel to Coshocton, Ohio for the NCAA Atlantic Regionals.

Pilarski carries mens golf to ninth place in Clarion

The sun is barely up, but senior Jake Pilarski is already on the green. While you are still sleeping or rushing to your 8 a.m. class, Pilarski is busy getting ready for his next tournament. Pilarski is a senior International Relations major with a minor in Spanish, but golf is his real area of focus. Every day that he hits the greens, Pilarski is focused on one thing going pro. His goal is a difcult one, but Pilarski is up for the challenge. I really want to be a professional golfer. I havent really thought outside of the whole golf thing, because mentally, if youre out of it, youre out of it, Pilarski said. Like many athletes, Pilarski picked up his sport at a young age. His grandfather was a major inuence on his understanding and appreciation for the game. My grandfather taught me how to play the game when I was six years old. I looked forward to going to the golf course every Friday morning with him, it was the best, said Pilarski. Its my dream to make it into the PGA Tour and look up to my grandfather and say

Sydney Cuscino photo

Pilarski ends a hole at the Clarion University Invitational.

You brought me here, you helped me get this far. It will always remain my motivation every time I hit the course. In the Clarion University Invitational on Sept. 9 and 10, Pilarski led the golf team to a ninth place nish, shooting a combination of 150 during the series. Sophomore Cory Vinborg and junior Evan Watkins also performed well, both scoring just +5 behind Pilarski.

Former Hurst baseball player reaches MLB

By Samantha Bante
Contributing Writer
Coming from a Division II baseball team and going into the major league would be a dream for most athletes, but former Mercyhurst outelder David Lough is making that dream his reality. After being the 11th round draft pick for the Kansas City Royals in 2007 during his junior year, Lough went to play for the Burlington Royals in North Carolina, the Burlington Bees in Iowa, the Wilmington Bluerocks in Delaware, the Northwest Arkansas Naturals and the AAA Omaha Royals which switched their name to the Storm Chasers in 2012. Finally, this September, he was called up to play for the Kansas City Royals. I always set goals for myself, and when I was a sophomore in college I realized that I might have a shot in the major leagues. Once I went pro, I set new goals for myself, always trying to accomplish them, making sure that I stayed where I worked so hard to be, Lough said. In 130 games with the Royals Triple-A afliate, Lough had 19 doubles, 11 triples and 10 home runs, leading the team with 26 stolen bases. The major leagues a big transition, you see a lot of guys who throw hard. With better command and hitting more, its a lot different. Its a learning process. Im still learning the game even still to this day, Lough said. With his game day debut on Sept. 1 in a doubleheader against the Minnesota Twins, Lough became the fourth Royal in franchise history to score two runs in his major league debut. The feeling of being in the Major League is great. I was so shocked in my rst game; it is really awesome being part of the team, it was just so eye opening. My family came which meant a lot to me because of all the support. It wasnt easy working so hard to get here, but I am so glad that I did, Lough said. Lough, 26, is the third former Mercyhurst baseball player to reach the major league, joining pitchers John Costello and David Lee, both of whom are in the Mercyhurst Athletic Hall of Fame. Lough has played in eight games so far on the Major League level, with 31 at bats and 8 hits, with one double and one triple, he is on his way to making a huge impact on the team in seasons to come. To anyone aspiring to make it all the way someday, I would say to just always set goals for yourself, and make sure theyre obtainable, said Lough. Work hard to reach them, and set more goals, and keep reaching them. Not only just in sports, but in life too.

Ed Milliard photo

Lough takes bat for the Kansas City Royals.

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