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You CAN Drav Carloons!

Cnpyright 2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm. A!! rights rcscrvcd wnr!dwidc.

Vcrsinn 1 Octnbcr 2006
Table of Contents
1 You CAN draw cartoons............................................................................ 4
2 Materials Tools and Equipment.................................................................. 7
2.1 Graphite and Pencils............................................................ 7
2.2 Paper................................................................................... 8
2.3 Pens.................................................................................... 8
2.4 Art Suppliers....................................................................... 9
3 Cartoons oI People..................................................................................... 10
3.1 Basics: Outlines................................................................... 10
3.1.1 Method 1: Sausages or Ovals. ..................... 10
3.1.2 Method 2: Sticks. ........................................ 13
3.1.3 Method 3: Combine Sticks and Ovals. ........ 14
3.1.4 Examples oI outline Iigures:......................... 15
3.2 Basics: Make your cartoons move!...................................... 25
3.2.1 Walking:...................................................... 25
3.2.2 Walking Step-By-Step:................................. 27
3.2.3 Running:...................................................... 28
3.2.4 Running Step-By-Step:................................. 30
3.3 Details: Make your cartoons come alive!............................. 32
3.3.1 The Head..................................................... 32
3.3.2 Expression................................................... 37
3.3.3 Eyes............................................................. 38
3.3.4 Nose and Mouth........................................... 40
3.3.5 Hair.............................................................. 42
3.3.6 Additional Examples.................................... 44
3.3.7 Hands and Feet............................................ 46
3.3.8 Foreshortening............................................. 51
3.3.9 Light and Dark............................................. 53
3.4 More Step-By-Step Examples............................................. 57
4 Cartoons oI Animals................................................................................... 62
4.1 Dogs................................................................................... 62
4.1.1 Dog Step-By-Step........................................ 65
4.2 Elephants............................................................................. 69
4.3 Cats..................................................................................... 70
4.3.1 Cat Step-By-Step 1...................................... 70
4.3.2 Cat Step-By-Step 2...................................... 72
4.4 Birds................................................................................... 75
4.5 Horses................................................................................. 76
4.5.1 Horse Step-By-Step..................................... 77
4.6 WolI Step-By-Step.............................................................. 80
4.7 Fish Step-By-Step............................................................... 83
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
5 Fantasy Characters...................................................................................... 84
5.1 Dragon Step-by-Step .......................................................... 84
5.2 Grim Reaper Step-by-Step .................................................. 88
5.3 Angel Wings Step-by-Step .................................................. 90
6 Cars And Bikes........................................................................................... 92
6.1 Car Step-By-Step 1............................................................. 92
6.2 Car Step-By-Step 2............................................................. 95
6.3 Bikes................................................................................... 97
7 Drawing Flames.......................................................................................... 98
8 Drawing a Rose.......................................................................................... 100
8.1 How To Draw a Rose viewed Irom above........................... 101
8.2 How To Draw a Rose viewed Irom the side........................ 102
9 Comic Strip Cartoons................................................................................. 103
10 Backgrounds, Perspective And Scale.......................................................... 103
11 Cartoon Business - Make Money From Your Art....................................... 107
12 Final Thoughts............................................................................................ 109
13 Additional Resources.................................................................................. 110
14 Contact Me................................................................................................. 110
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Ynu CAN draw cartnnns
This book is designed lo leach anyone hov lo creale and drav carloon characlers,
and il's a facl lhal vilh some basic lechniques using a smaII number of shaes (vhich
you can uIreud drav) and Iols of raclice, you can devise and drav carloons vorlhy
of rerinling in nevsaers and olher ubIicalions.
This book is rimariIy aimed al lhe reader vho beIieves lhal he or she "cannol" drav,
and in arlicuIar cannol drav carloons. As a seIf-laughl rofessionaI arlisl, for many
years I beIieved lhal desile having scnc arlislic laIenl I couId nol make a Iiving from
my hobby, bul I can leII you nov lhal if you uunt lo Iearn hov lo drav carloons you
A number of years ago ainling vas lhe form of arl I vished lo ursue, bul feIl I did
nol have lhe arlislic abiIily aher a fev oor iniliaI auemls. Hovever, I soon reaIised
lhal ralher lhan requiring brealhlaking arlislic laIenl, a good ainling simIy
required a basic underslanding and aIicalion of some simIe ruIes, foIIoved by a
reasonabIe amounl of raclice. Draving carloons is no dierenl, in arlicuIar
draving carloon eoIe, vhelher aduIls or chiIdren.
This is nol simIy a book fuII vilh dravings vilh IiuIe or no exIanalion of hov lo
creale lhem, lhis book exIains HOW I drav carloons and lhe melhod used. There
are many dravings in lhe book bul lhe urose here is lo shov you hov lo aIy lhe
same rinciIes over and over again, and is resenled in lhis vay because I loo used
lo hnd il reIaliveIy easy lo coy someone eIses dravings bul aIvays had greal
dicuIly knoving hov lo slarl my ovn. This is vhy lhis book vas crealed. Can you
drav a very rough circuIar or ovaI shae Iike lhis`
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Of course you can! And so you can aIso drav carloons. You can creale aImosl any
erson or scene |usl by using lhe same sle-by-sle melhods each lime. Greal laIenl
vouId be vonderfuI lo have, bul lhe excelionaIIy laIenled arlisls viII simIy be abIe
lo drav much quicker and vilh Iess reIiance on lhe basic buiIding bIocks. They viII
drav moslIy inslincliveIy, arlIy due lo laIenl, arlIy from exerience, bul lhe same
eecl can be achieved by lhe beginner vilh some raclice and by foIIoving some
simIe guideIines.
Try redraving aII lhe examIes in lhis book using lhe melhods shovn, and lhen lry
lo creale nev carloons erforming various lasks and in dierenl oses and osilions.
You viII iniliaIIy lhink you cannol do il bul ersevere. Il's imorlanl lo kee
draving, hrsl lhe examIes in lhe book, lhen your ovn versions and varialions.
IvanluaIIy you viII be crealing nev characlers al viII.
If you send lime raclicing, lhen draving lhe ideas you have onlo aer viII nol be
lhe main robIem..
..lhinking of funny ideas in lhe hrsl Iace viII be lhe robIem!
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
There are dierenl lyes of carloon, and in addilion lhere are comic "slris" and
caricalure dravings, aII occasionaIIy referred lo as "carloons". Comic slris are
menlioned Ialer, hovever caricalures are oulvilh lhe scoe of lhis book. Caricalure
draving is a subslanliaI sub|ecl in il's ovn righl, and lhe caricalure dravings I have
done are more cIoseIy reIaled lo my formaI Iorlrail dravings and ainlings lhan lo
carloons. See lhe Resources seclion al lhe end of lhe book for info aboul Iorlrail and
Caricalure. Ior nov Iels concenlrale on lhe core skiIIs you viII need lo drav
carloons of eoIe and animaIs, and hrslIy lhe maleriaIs and looIs you viII need lo
gel slarled.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Matcria!s Tnn!s and Equipmcnt
Graphitc and Pcnci!s
Many eoIe viII remember lhe lrusly HB enciI from lheir chiIdhood and schooI
days (I sliII have a scar in my forehead from one, bul lhals anolher slory) bul lhere
are a greal variely of enciIs avaiIabIe, and many are nol suilabIe for arl and
draving. The Iead conlained in modern enciIs combines grahile and a binding cIay
maleriaI. More grahile means a soher Iead vhich aears darker on aer, more
cIay means a slronger and more durabIe Iead vhich aears Iighler on aer.
IenciIs are graded as foIIovs:
H jcr Har!, nign c|aq ccnicni, jcr iccnnica| ucrk.
B jcr B|ack, nign grapniic ccnicni, sc |ca!.
l jcr linc, nar!cr |ca! jcr ncrc !ciai|c! ucrk.
So for examIe lhe 8B enciI conlains lhr highesl grahile conlenl and so is onIy
suilabIe for arl and draving, vhiIe HB is loo hard for mosl arl vork bul usefuI for
vriling as il relains ils oinl veII. I viII use any lye of enciI olher lhan lhose vilh
high grahile conlenl for draving carloons as I |usl need a cIean oulIine vhich viII
be redravn in ink Ialer.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Nole vhen using grahile enciIs, 2B and above, a comIeled enciI draving viII
require a hxalive sray aIied lo revenl lhe image being smudged vhen louched,
H and F enciIs robabIy do nol require any hxalive.
Nole lhal modern roeIIing enciIs can be used for draving. I ohen use roeIIing
enciIs vhen crealing a delaiIed orlrail draving as a base for a formaI orlrail
ainling, bul for dravings vhich viII be "hnished" dravings lhe Iimiled avaiIabIe
Iead grades and uniform and narrov vidlh of lhe Ieads is reslriclive. Hovever vhere
lhe enciI marks viII nol be lhe hnaI aearance, as vilh carloons or reIiminary
skelches, roeIIing or mechanicaI enciIs can be very usefuI. I ohen use one for
crealing my iniliaI oulIines for carloons.
There are many dierenl aer surfaces lo vork on, from "Rough" lexlured aer
lhrough Iess lexlured "Nol" aers lo smoolh carlridge aer. AII can be used for arl
and carloons hovever very rough lexlured aers viII be dicuIl lo drav on
There are aIso smoolh gIossy surface aers avaiIabIe bul grahile viII nol aIy
evenIy on lhis lye of aer.
IersonaIIy I use carlridge aer for any dravings I am vorking on, bolh for delaiIed
orlrails and carloons. Iine delaiIed Iines and broad lexlure can be aIied vilh
exceIIenl resuIls.
There are many dierenl lyes of ens for arl and draving hovever I use disosabIe
or rehIIabIe lechnicaI ens vhen draving carloons. This is because I have aIready
done lhe draving in enciI hrsl and viII simIy be inking-in lhe Iines delaiI and
shading, so I am hay lo use a en vhich roduces a slandard vidlh.
Olher en lyes, such as draving nibs on di ens or lechnicaI ens vilh changeabIe
draving nibs can be used lo give variabIe Iine vidlhs deending on lhe ressure and
angIe lhe en is aIied al.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Remember vhichever en lye you are going lo use you viII need lo ensure lhe ink is
"ermanenl" as many ens viII conlain ink lhal is non-ermanenl, and lhis viII fade
over lime and arlicuIarIy aher exosure lo slrong Iighl.
Olher looIs you viII need incIude erasers, arlicuIarIy lhe modern Iaslic erasers as
oIder "rougher" erasers lend lo damage lhe aer surface lhrough abrasion, and
eilher a good crah knife or a enciI sharener. AIlhough crah knives can obviousIy be
dangerous lhey are referabIe as enciI shareners sharen lo a shorl oinl vhich
bIunls quickIy. Using a crah knife lhe oinl can be sharened much Ionger if done
Art 5upp!icrs
There are a number of exceIIenl suIiers of arl maleriaIs onIine, suIying ens
enciIs and aer deIivered lo your door al reasonabIe rices. The foIIoving slore
can suIy everylhing you viII need lo slarl draving carloons. AIlernaliveIy your
IocaI arl slore viII have everylhing you need.
hup://www.DickB!ick.cnm : Iick Arl MaleriaIs.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Cartnnns nI Pcnp!c
Lel's slarl vilh vhal mosl of us viII be auemling lo drav in our carloons: eoIe.
RegardIess if you vanl lo drav men vomen or chiIdren lhe basic conslruclion of a
carloon characler can be aroached using one of a number of simIe melhods. Any
of lhe melhods oulIined beIov shouId heI you buiId a simIe enciI oulIine of lhe
characler you are draving righl from lhe slarl. Once you have lhis oulIine you can
easiIy add delaiIs or make changes lo lhe characler's ose and auilude, aII before
commiuing lhe carloon ermanenlIy lo ink.
Slarl simIy vhen aroaching your carloons, lhere's no oinl in lrying lo drav lhe
head in delaiI, lhe eyes moulh and nose elc, unliI you have a rough oulIine for lhe
body and lhe ose of your characler. Slarl vilh a basic oulIine. This is hugeIy
Basics: Out!incs
Mcthnd 1: 5ausagcs nr Ova!s.
Anyone can drav an ovaI, il's |usl an odd shaed circIe! Try some exercises crealing
human shaes from simIe ovaIs in enciI, Iike lhe examIes on lhe foIIoving ages.
Many exceIIenl carloons conlain characlers vhich are conslrucled in lhis vay.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
anqcnc can !rau a cnaracicr jrcn cta|s....
As you can see above and beIov, aII you need lo slarl a simIe carloon is lvo ovaIs:
one for lhe head, and one for lhe body. These lvo ovaIs viII heI you decide lhe
osilion of your characler, vhich vay he is facing, if he is Iooking u or dovn elc.
}usl exerimenl vilh dierenl shaes and angIes, adding in some ovaIs for lhe arms
and Iegs. Il may seem comIicaled nov bul if you lry il becomes very easy.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Ixerimenl vilh dierenl roorlions, Iarger or smaIIer heads, fauer bodies, slumy
IiuIe Iegs. Iraclice crealing lhese IiuIe characlers, lhink of a ose or aclion you vanl
your characler lo do, and lry lo creale il using ovaIs and sausages.
When you have crealed many of lhese IiuIe skelches in enciI you viII hnd il much
easier lo conslrucl a ose or scene invoIving a number of carloon hgures. You viII be
abIe lo see very quickIy from a rough oulIine vhal lhe hnished carloon mighl Iook
Iike before draving any delaiI, and before using ink! As soon as you use ink your
draving is ermanenl and you can'l make any correclions.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Mcthnd 2: 5ticks.
SimiIar lo ovaIs and circIes above bul I ohen feeI lhe slicks are more exressive and
beuer heI me lo calure lhe arlicuIar ose. This may be because in using slicks ve
are breaking lhe body dovn inlo somelhing vhich more cIoseIy resembIes our bone
slruclure, vhere lhe ovaI forms in melhod 1 seem Iess exacl vhen lrying lo imagine a
ose. I aIso feeI lhal using slicks for arms and Iegs means ve can inlroduce angIes
more easiIy, resuIling in an oulIine vilh more characler. Hovever lhis is my ersonaI
reference, lry bolh and see vhich ynu refer.
In lhe above dravings you can see lhe slicks aIIov me lo incIude |oinls in lhe arms
and Iegs easiIy, and heIs me lo buiId a more exacl "shae" lo lhe ose. Hovever lhe
disadvanlage vilh slicks is lhal you need lo relurn lo lhe draving lo add lhe body,
lo add "esh" lo lhe "bones" - vilh lhe ovaI melhod lhis is aIready done in lhe iniliaI
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Mcthnd 3: Cnmbinc 5ticks and Ova!s.
IinaIIy I ohen use a combinalion of bolh, generaIIy slarling vilh lhe ureIy slick
hgure above. The ovaI for lhe head and an ovaI for lhe body are thcn addcd, Ieaving
bolh lhe Iegs and arms as slicks al lhis slage. This aIIovs me lo gel a feeI for hov fal
or sIim our characler viII be bul kees lhe more exressive form of lhe slicks for lhe
arms and Iegs, lhe exlremilies conveying lhe ma|orily of lhe characler in any aclive
ose. I hnd using ovaIs for lhe body usefuI because onIy once you have decided hov
broad lhe characler's chesl and beIIy are can you ad|usl lhe arms oul or in lo creale a
naluraI ose, somelhing lhal is more dicuIl lo gauge using |usl slicks.
Above is a good examIe of a slick and ovaI oulIine vhich calures lhe ose I vas
aiming for, righl hand on hi and Ieh hand vaving exciledIy, erhas exIaining
somelhing lo anolher characler. The characlers beIov are aII quile simiIar in ose and
auilide bul vilh minor changes in lhe slick Iegs and arms, and a slrelching or
lhinning of lhe ovaI around lhe body, lhe hgures lake on enlireIy dierenl characlers.
The osilion of lhe arms can onIy be knovn vilh any cerlainly once ve knov lhe
rough shae of lhe body.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
To summarise, lry using each melhod and see vhich one you feeI besl heIs you
describe lhe ose of your carloons. You viII onIy hnd oul by exerimenling. Sausages
or ovaIs aIIov you lo creale a characler vilh a fev simIe shaes vhich immedialeIy
shov you a rough guide for your characler. Slicks aIIov a more exressive iniliaI
draving vhich heIs lo decide on lhe osilion of arms and Iegs. IinaIIy lry
combining slicks vilh an ovaI for lhe body lo beuer heI you oulIine lhe characler's
girlh and heighl.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Examp!cs nI nut!inc gurcs:
Wa|king uiin a purpcsc, gcuing iirc!, siariing ic |cck !cprcssc!.......
|is a|| icc nucn, natc ic |ic !cun jcr a uni|c......
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
...running, an! ja||ing......
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
...p|aqing spcris, jcci|a|| an! |asc|a||.......
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
...ncrc rc|axing, pcrnaps un!cr a ircc cr in a |rancn?.....
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.

We can see here hov a simIe slick and ovaI skelch of a man reIaxing can be easiIy
lurned inlo a comIele carloon characler, asIee al his desk. Once lhe slick draving
is comIele, lhe core of lhe carloon is done and lhe resl is simIy adding delaiI.
Remember lhough lo add aII lhe delaiI in enciI as veII as lhe oulIine, onIy use ink
once you are comIeleIy hay vilh lhe enciI resuIl. If you slarl using ink lo add
delaiI vilhoul comIeling il hrsl in enciI you ulII make mislakes and have lo slarl
again. Nolice lhal vhiIe adding delaiI for lhe arms in enciI I decided I vas nol
hay vilh lhe angIe and ad|usled il. Nov I Iook al il, maybe I referred lhe originaI
aher aII ......oh veII!
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
eIov is anolher examIe of laking lhe iniliaI skelch and buiIding il inlo a comIele
carloon characler. The iniliaI enciI skelch vas a combinalion of slicks for lhe arms
and Iegs, and ovaIs for lhe head and body.
The arms and Iegs vere lhen "hIIed oul" and delaiIs added lo lhe head and face. I
aIso decided lo change lhe characler's raised hand from a vave lo a queslioning ose,
hand cIosed vilh lhe index hnger oinling uvards.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
The draving is laking shae nov as lhe remaining delaiIs are added in ink, for
examIe dark shading on lhe shoes and in lhe shirl sIeeve on lhe raised arm. The
hnaI sle is lo erase lhe iniliaI enciI marks aher lhe ink has dried, Ieaving my
comIeled carloon characler.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
In lhis examIe beIov I used vide "fal" ovaIs and shorl slick Iegs lo creale a smaII
overveighl characler. Again lhe iniliaI skelch is in enciI so lhal I couId correcl any
mislakes I made!
As you can see I decided lo angIe lhe characler's head uvards, erhas Iooking u
al a vindov or al a laIIer characler. Again I slarled lo hII in delaiI around lhe slicks
and ovaIs, adding shoes, eyes ears and nose, and a Iong curve across lhe slomach lo
suggesl hov fal lhe man is ....
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
IinaIIy I added hnishing louches such as his shirl buuons, hands and shading for his
lrousers, and erased lhe enciI marks. I aIso added some marks lo lhe ground around
his feel lo give lhe draving a more lhree dimensionaI "hnished" Iook. Touches such
as lhis can give a carloon a more oIished and rofessionaI aearance. Wilhoul lhis
a characler can aear lo be hovering in mid-air!
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Basics: Makc ynur cartnnns mnvc!
The characler oulIined beIov vas conslrucled vilh a circIe for lhe head, slicks for lhe
arms and Iegs and an ovaI for lhe body, giving lhe imression of a Iarge man vaIking
quile forcefuIIy from Ieh lo righl. OulIines can aIso be seen for lhe characler's sIeeves
and lrousers, added aher lhe iniliaI oulIine.
Taking lhis furlher, delaiIs such as lhe mans nose, eyes, moulh and hair can be added,
Ius more delaiI for lhe cIolhes and shoes. Nov, imagine slarling vilh a Iain iece
of aer and lrying lo drav lhe carloon man on lhe nexl age slarling from lhe head
and vorking dovn vilhoul any guide slick Iines or ovaIs. IersonaIIy I vouId have no
idea vhere lo slarl! AIuus drav a slick or ovaI oulIine characler in enciI lo heI
you hrsl decide on a ose, and onIy lhen buiId lhe delaiIs.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
In lhe hrsl oulIine beIov, ve make lhe forvard Ieg slraighl suggesling aclion and a
mid-slride ose. y uIIing lhe lraiIing arm fuIIy back ve suggesl an even more
urosefuI march, as in lhe second oulIine beIov.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Wa!king 5tcp-By-5tcp:
Iirsl drav one of lhe slick oulIines above IighlIy in enciI, forvard Ieg slraighl. Then
hII in around lhe slicks vilh oulIines for lhe cIolhes, making lhe characler as fal or
lhin as you Iike. IinaIIy ink-in lhe hnaI draving, you can even add some shadov lo
give lhe draving a more soIid Iook as beIov.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Ior a running characler, again ve vish lo creale lhe imression our hgure is aclive
and so lhe slick arms and Iegs musl be lhrovn vide lo creale movemenl.
Remember hovever lhal vhen ve run or vaIk our Ieh arm and Ieg do nol move
forvard al lhe same lime, ve vouId be unbaIanced and vouId robabIy faII and
in|ure ourseIves! The dravings above correclIy shov aIlernale arms and Iegs, ie your
Ieh Ieg viII be forvard vhen your righl arm is forvard. The draving beIov aears
lo shov lhe righl arm and righl Ieg forvard al lhe same lime and for lhal reason il
aears unnaluraI.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
vrnng: right:
Here is anolher examIe, lhe hrsl draving above shovs lhe characler running vilh
lhe Ieh Ieg and arm forvard al lhe same lime, and as such is unnaluraI. IronicaIIy lhe
second skelch shoving lhe correcl ose, righl Ieg and Ieh arm forvard, aears
cIuuered al lhe momenl.
ul lhis is because lhe shouIder Iine |oining lhe arms and lhe hi Iine |oining lhe Iegs
(anolher good reason lo use slicks ralher lhan lhe ovaI oulIine melhod) have lo be al
oosile angIes. Il may Iook odd in slick form bul in lhe nexl series of dravings you
viII see hov lhis vorks correclIy vhen lhe delaiI is added.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Running 5tcp-By-5tcp:
As vilh lhe correcl draving on lhe revious age, drav in lhe slick hgure vilh
aIlernale arms and Iegs forvard, Ieh arm and righl Ieg. As you can see in lhe
foIIoving dravings, once lhe body, lrousers and sIeeves are hIIed in lhe characler
does aear lo be running naluraIIy. If lhis had been done vilh Ieh arm and Ieh Ieg
forvard il vouId have Iooked incorrecl.
Drav our slick man in enciI lo slarl, lhen buiId u his body around lhe slicks. Ink in
lhe delaiIs vhen you are hay and erase lhe enciI marks. You can lhen add some
hnishing louches Iike lhe dros of sveal and lhe ground beIov his feel. Nole lhe
ground is veII beIov lhe feel as he is running so hard his feel are nol louching lhe
pcnci! skctch pcn

2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
na! pcn drawing
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Dctai!s: Makc ynur cartnnns cnmc a!ivc!
Thc Hcad
The enciI oulIines described above are |usl lhe hrsl sle. Once ve have crealed an
oulIine ve musl decide vhal our characler rca!!y Iooks Iike by adding delaiI lo lhe
head and face. There are a fev dierenl melhods for draving lhe head in delaiI. Try
draving lhe melhods shovn beIov. Remember lhe delaiIs shouId aIso be added in
enciI, onIy use ink once comIele.
I have dravn a circIe and added Iines crossing in lhe middIe. Ior a characler Iooking
lo lhe side ve can use lhe cenle oinl as lhe osilion for lhe ear, vilh lhe nose aIso
on lhe cenlre Iine and hII in lhe eyes and moulh vilhin lhe circIe.
Above I have dravn a face using an odd shae vhich has a Iarge chin area. Drav lhe
shae hrsl, narrov al lhe lo and much Iarger beIov, lhen drav in lhe crossed Iines
quile high u lhe shae. The nose is lhen dravn on lhe cenlre sol, eyes above and
moulh somevhere beIov in lhe huge chin. This is one of my favourile shaes for
carloon heads.
Remember lhal ve onIy do lhis delaiI aher ve have hnished and are hay vilh our
oulIine slicks/ovaIs for lhe characler's body. Al lhis oinl ve can lhen concenlrale on
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
lhe delaiIs for lhe head. Do nol do lhe head delaiI before lhe oulIine as you may hnd
you have vorked so hard on lhe face and lhen hnd il dicuIl lo drav lhe resl of lhe
body. AIso kee in mind lhal lhe exression your characler disIays may deend on
lhe ose, so gel lhal righl hrsl.
eIov are more examIe heads crealed using odd (aImosl slravberry) shaed
oulIines, again vilh lhe crossing oinl lo lhe Iines used for lhe osilion of lhe nose.
Ixerimenl vilh dierenl head shaes, lhe foIIoving four examIes shov hov some
olher dierenl shaes can be used.
Anolher melhod for crealing a head, lhis lime side facing, is by draving a square.
SIil lhe square inlo four, lhe cenlre oinl again being used for lhe ear. Wilhin each
quarler of lhe square hII in a arl of lhe face. Remember lhe head is nol a circIe, from
side-on lhe chin viII be much Iover lhan lhe back of lhe head so aIvays lry lo lake
lhe chin beIov lhe bouom Iine vhen using lhis melhod.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
You viII nolice I rareIy if ever use a ruIer vhen draving carloons, in facl I rareIy use
any slraighl edge for any lye of dravings. I have found lhal vhen I use a ruIer I Iose
lhe sonlenaiely and naluraI feeI I en|oy vhen draving. I aIso hnd I sIov dovn and
become more deIiberale and carefuI. Try lo drav freeIy and vilhoul loo much
lhoughl aboul delaiI, and don'l vorry aboul Iines nol being slraighl.
There's no need for any slraighl edges in carloons! A rough Iine viII suce. You may
Ialer deveIo a slyIe vhich benehls from slraighl edges bul for lhe uroses of
Iearning and exerimenling lry draving everylhing freehand.
This examIe shovs hov once lhe basic shae has been crealed, in lhis case using an
odd shae vilh a Iarge chin, lhe draving can be quile dierenl deending on lhe
delaiIs you add lo lhe head, in lhis case lhe haircul.......
....or lhe exression on lhe characler's face. We couId even add a beard lo creale a
much dierenl characler.
The lhree ovaIs beIov shov hov lo creale a face Iooking sIighlIy lo one side, a 3/4
viev. If ve drav an ovaI and drav a simIe cross lhrough il, lhe characler aears lo
be Iooking al us. Hovever lhe verlicaI Iine can be added curved as in lhe second
skelch, lhe cenlre Iine of lhe face is nov Iooking avay al an angIe. IiII in lhe delaiIs
on lhe head and face and ve see lhal onIy one ear is visibIe and lhe nose eyes moulh
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
and chin are aII osel lo one side. Draving heads osel Iike lhis creales more naluraI
Iooking carloons.
Try draving some simIe ovaI heads al various angIes as beIov, |usl imagine an egg
vilh a horizonlaI Iine and a verlicaI Iine dravn on il, lhen imagine il lurned and
Ieaning forvard and back. If you have an egg, or even a ing-ong baII, you can lry
lhis, il may heI you see hov lhe Iines change as lhe "head" Iooks Ieh and righl and
u and dovn.
Anolher favourile characler osilion of mine is lo drav an egg Iooking uvards,
such as lhe lvo cenlre dravings beIov, if you drav lhe egg broad al lhe bouom lhen
drav lhe moulh around haIf vay u and a chin Iine somevhere belveen lhe moulh
and lhe bouom of lhe egg, lhis creales a very good reresenlalion of a man vilh a
'doubIe chin' Iooking skyvard.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
When a characler is Iooking dovn, al lhe angIe shovn above righl, remember lhal
lhe area of lhe 'egg' conlaining lhe chin and moulh may nov be |usl oul of sighl, onIy
lhe ears eyes and nose being visibIe.
Nole lhe dierence in roorlion of lhe chiId's head beIov and lhe lvo aduIl heads
foIIoving il. A chiId's head has a much Iarger forehead lhan an aduIl.
When draving an aduIl head drav lhe eye and nose Iine al or above lhe haIfvay
oinl of lhe face, bul vilh a chiId lry and Iover lhe Iine lo aroximaleIy lvo lhirds
dovn lhe face as shovn above. In addilion make sure lhe chiIds head is vide ralher
lhan Iong and lhin, as beIov:
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Ior lhis (ralher slern) schooI leacher characler I crealed a much more narrov face
vilh rominenl cheek bones and a high nose. Nole lhal lhe nose is much higher lhan
haIf vay lo lhe lo of lhe forehead, dehnileIy an aduIl face conslruclion.
The exression on a face is a combinalion of lhe eyes nose and moulh, and any Iines
dravn around lhem lo emhasize lhe exression. The four dravings beIov for
examIe shov lhe same basic egg shaed face vilh lhe same ears nose and hair.
Hovever changing and/or adding Iines around lhe eyes and moulh can comIeleIy
change lhe exression on lhis man's face.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
More examIes of faces vilh dierenl exressions.
An imorlanl comonenl in buiIding an exression on your characler's face is lhe
eyes, bul |usl as imorlanl are lhe eyebrovs and Iines uround lhe eyes. The eyes
lhemseIves in carloons are ohen |usl dols or circIes, lhe expresslon in lhe eyes comes
from lhe brovs and any addilionaI Iines you add.
The foIIoving examIes shov a series for four airs of eyes. The hrsl air are simIe
circIes vilh dols, bul lhe addilion of high eyebrovs and Iines reresenling bags
under lhe eyes give lhem a surrised, even scared Iook. The second Iook menacing
vilh lhe addilion of bolh heavy eyebrovs and lhe Iines above and beIov lhe eyes
narroving lhem giving lhe imression of anger.
The lhird sel of eyes Iook erhas hynolized, vilh lhe iris in lhe cenlre hIIing mosl
of lhe eye. The Iasl draving shovs haIf cIosed eyes suggesling a lired sIeey or bored
face. As vilh lhe Iasl draving on lhe revious age, you can aIso creale an angry face
by nol shoving lhe eyes al aII, |usl Iines suggesling lighlIy cIosed eyeIids.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
eIov are more suggeslions for carloon eyes, lhe hrsl again Iooking surrised by
having Iarge oen eyes vilh high eyebrovs and a smaII dol for lhe iris. The second
and lhird Iook 'sneaky' and susicious by narroving lhe eyes, and by making lhe
eyes Iook lo lhe side furliveIy. A 'dozy' Iooking eecl is achieved by having lhe
eyeIids haIf cIosed.
Nole lhe dierence belveen 'eviI' and 'sIeey' haIf cIosed eyes: lo make lhe eyes seem
sIeey drav lhe uhoIe eye, lhen drav a Iine in lhe middIe for lhe eyeIid. Ior eviI eyes
onIy drav lhe narrov arl of lhe eye lhal is shoving.
In addilion lo lhe eyes ve can creale a dierenl Iook by using gIasses of dierenl
shaes, as beIov.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Nnsc and Mnuth
The hnaI key lo crealing lhe exression on lhe face of your carloon characler is lhe
nose and moulh. Il is besl I hnd lo lhink of lhe nose and moulh as a singIe fealure,
dravn al lhe same lime. The shae of lhe nose aecls lhe shae of lhe moulh and il
makes sense lo drav lhem al one lime.
As you can see from lhese examIes above, you can drav aImosl anq shae and size
of nose in your carloons. I lend lo decide on a nose shae and size, vhich lhen
inuences and heIs me decide immedialeIy on lhe shae and size of lhe moulh. Ior
examIe vhen I drev lhe noses above I hnished lhe moulhs al lhe sane lime, you
viII gel a feeI for vhal moulh shae viII suil a nose as you drav lhem. If you vere lo
drav a very round nose such as lhe Iasl one above, lhe moulh lo suil vouId robabIy
be rounded and fuII, if lhe nose vere Iong and slraighl lhe moulh shouId robabIy be
simiIarIy shaed.
If you have dravn an oulIine of a head vhich has a Iarge rounded chin Iike lhe hrsl
one above, a vide moulh lo hl lhal chin and and a Iarge buIbous nose seem a naluraI
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Do nol use lhis as a hard and fasl ruIe, I |usl hnd lhal il makes sense lo make lhe nose
and lhen lhe moulh foIIov lhe generaI characlerislics of lhe face. If you imagine lhe
moulh and chin beIov vilh a variely of noses you viII see lhal a rounded nose, one
lhal hls lhe shae of lhe arl of lhe face I have dravn vouId make sense. A Iong lhin
nose mighl aear Iess naluraI.
SimiIarIy lhis shorl vide nose suils a vide smiIe, a smaII nose or Iong nose vouId
aear slrange. Try crealing Iols of dierenl combinalions and see vhich ones you
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
I ohen Ieave lhe hair as an aherlhoughl vhich is unforlunale as a characler's hair is
an imorlanl faclor vhen crealing a carloon. As you viII see from lhe carloons I have
done for lhis book I ohen Ieave lhe characlers baId or vilh IiuIe hair. Ohen I refer a
simIe head shae vilh a fev slrands of hair on lo or above lhe ears lo give lhe
carloon characler, ralher lhan crealing a delaiIed haircul. If il vorks for Homer
Mosl hairslyIes you viII need can be crealed in a fev simIe en or enciI slrokes,
you are lrying lo give an imression of a hairslyIe, nol a delaiIed draving, so lry lo
avoid overdoing a carloon's hair.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
This characler ve have seen earIier in lhe book, she has a fev simIe curIs lo creale
her 'big' hair slyIe. Mosl hair slyIes can be crealed vilh a fev simIe Iines, such as
lhose beIov.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Additinna! Examp!cs
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Hands and Fcct
Hands and feel can be lhe mosl dicuIl arl of a carloon, lhe size and roorlions of
lhe resl of a characler can be much more sub|eclive, bul lhe hands and feel if
incorrecl can ruin lhe eecl of lhe vhoIe draving. IirslIy a simIe melhod for
minimising robIems draving hands: don'l drav lhem if you don'l have lo. You can
(as I ohen do) have a characler vilh hands in ockels or behind his or her back. If lhe
focaI oinl of lhe draving is nol lhe hands bul you vish lo drav lhem, use a circIe
vilh a lhumb lo reresenl lhe hand. Ynu mighl nolice your Iack of delaiI bul lhe
viever viII nol, unIess lhe hands reaIIy are inlegraI lo lhe scene.
If you need lo drav lhe hands, concenlrale on lhe shae of a hand, nol delaiI such as
hngers. Slarl vilh a soIid square, vilh a narroving reclanguIar shae for lhe hngers.
Add a lhumb and you have a rough hand shae, as shovn beIov.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
olh of lhe dravings beIov vere slarled in enciI vilh a cenlraI circIe for lhe aIm
of lhe hand, lhen a second smaIIer circIe for lhe Iover arl of lhe lhumb |oinl. IinaIIy
lhe hngers vere added as smaIIer sausage shaes lo comIele lhe dravings. This
melhod can be used aher hrsl draving lhe oulIine reclangIes exIained on lhe
revious age.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Things become more comIex vhen you lry lo drav a hand arlIy or fuIIy cIenched.
Think of lhe cIenched hand as a baII, vilh a oinling hand simIy adding a singIe
hnger. Geuing lhe roorlion of lhe hngers lakes lime and raclice.
Ior a forvard oinling hand, use a circIe vilh a singIe oulslrelched hnger.
Ior a cIenched hsl or a hand hoIding an ob|ecl, use a circIe, lhen dehne lhe hngers
and a lhumb. Remember aIso you donl need lo drav hve hngers, again noone is
acluaIIy going lo nolice, il is lhe imression lhal is imorlanl. Check hov many
hngers lhe characlers in The Simsons have. Is il obvious or annoying vhen you
valch lhe rogram` Had you even noliced`
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Ior feel, lry lo sIil lhe fool inlo ils dierenl arls. IirslIy lhere is a heeI area
slrelching back from lhe Ieg, lhe main arl of lhe fool in lhe middIe, lhen a loe
seclion. Iven more lhan vilh hngers on lhe hands, you viII nol have lo drav loes
ohen as mosl of your characlers viII be vearing shoes, bul again lhe rough shae is
lhe imorlanl faclor, nol counling loes. If you can |usl reIicale lhe shupe of lhe feel
lhe carloon viII Iook greal, and lhe viever's eyes viII nol be dislracled by somelhing
'odd' aboul lhem.
Remember lhal if your characler is vaIking and lhe back fool is on lhe ground, lhe
loe seclion of lhe fool viII be benl u lo Iie al on lhe ground, lhe olher lvo seclions
of lhe fool viII be angIed as above.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Nolice lhe enciI draving above shoving lhe soIes of bolh Ieh and righl mens shoes,
nolice lhe insle in lhe middIe. The lvo dravings above shov side on vievs of lhe
oulside of a righl shoe foIIoved by lhe inside of a Ieh shoe. You can see lhe
dierence, lhe insle being obvious on lhe viev of lhe inside of lhe Ieh shoe. If lhe
above shoes vere used in a draving for a man vaIking, his righl Ieg back and his Ieh
Ieg forvard, lhis vouId Iook correcl, bul il vouId be obvious if lhe shoes vere dravn
lhe vrong vay round lhal lhere vas somelhing odd or incorrecl aboul lhe carloon.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
The characler above has his hand cIosed vilh his hnger oinling al lhe viever,
anolher usefuI hand osilion. To make lhis draving more dramalic ve can use a
lechnique caIIed foreshortenlng. Use lhis lo make somelhing aear much cIoser lo
you by draving lhe ob|ecl Iarger lhan usuaI, in lhis case lhe hand and oinling hnger.
In lhis version ve can see lhe enciI marks for lhe oulIine, and lhe hand has been
dravn in a Iarger scaIe.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
eIov is lhe hnished ink draving, lhe enciI marks erased and lhe resl of lhe
characler hnished. As lhis slrange man's arm gels cIoser lo lhe viever lhe scaIe
increases, so ve can see lhe sIeeve is much Iarger lhan normaI, lhe hand and hnger
even Iarger in scaIe. We couId increase lhe size of lhe oinling hnger even more lo
furlher emhasize lhe change in scaIe.
A common use for foreshorlening in carloons comics and even movie oslers is lhe
viev dovn lhe barreI of a gun. We have aII seen oslers vilh a characler oinling lhe
gun lovards lhe viever, lhe end of lhe barreI much Iarger in scaIe lhan lhe characlers
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Light and Dark
Wilh simIe enciI or ink Iines ve can creale eeclive shading or auerns for our
carloons, lhe foIIoving auerns and Iines can be used lo suggesl voven maleriaI, as
in lhe lvo examIes beIov. The man's suil has been shaded using simIe cross-
halching, lhe lie vilh simIe diagonaI Iines. Nole lhese Iines do nol have lo be
carefuIIy saced or dravn, you are simIy suggestlng Iighl and dark vilh simIe
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Leaving a bIank area on lhe aer aIso suggesls lexlure or Iighl, in lhe draving
beIov lhe area of aer Ieh in lhe hair suggesls reecled Iighl and shiny hair.
The hal above aIso conlains simIe shading using cross halching and slraighl Iines.
The shoes beIov use shading lo suggesl dark shiny Iealher. Use soIid areas of
shading lo highIighl lhe main areas of lhe shoe, again lhere is no need lo add any
delaiI, |usl enough dark lo shov lhal lhere are lhree areas lo lhe shoe, lhe loe, lhe
heeI and lhe cenlraI area of lhe shoe.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Note. ij qcu arc irqing ic ccpq cariccns jrcn inis |cck cr jrcn anq cincr scurcc, !c nci irq
icc nar! ic rcp|icaic inc detulI, jusi inc jcc| cr inprcssicn. Trq ic crcaic scncining slmlIur,
inai uaq qcu ui|| natc crcaic! scncining uniquc an! inc ncxi iinc qcu irq ii qcu ui|| |c
irqing ic crcaic ancincr ncu !rauing. Ycu ui|| a|sc |c using qcur cun !rauings as a scurcc,
crcaiing qcur cun siq|c. Trqing ic ccpq cxaci|q ncu inc |incs ctcr|ap in scnccnc c|scs
!rauings jusi prctcnis qcu jrcn crcaiing qcur cun siq|c. As ncniicnc! |cjcrc, iakc a sicp
|ack an! irq ic !rau jrcc|q, jusi |ccausc qcur !rauing !ccs nci |cck inc sanc as inc crigina|
!ccs nci ncan ii is nci as gcc!.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Looking again al lhis carloon beIov, you can see I have added onIy 4 areas of
shading. IirslIy lo emhasize lhe change of scaIe I have used soIid ink shading in lhe
sIeeve. SecondIy I have shaded lhe lie for conlrasl vilh lhe shirl, lhirdIy lhe shoes
suggesl shiny Iealher and hnaIIy lhe lo of lhe lrousers have been shaded, suggesling
lhe slomach hanging over lhe lrousers.
The imorlanl lhing lo remember is lhal you can gel avay vilh adding IiuIe or no
shading, bul if you add loo much, eseciaIIy simiIar lexlures cIose logelher, lhe
draving viII become cIuuered and dicuIl on lhe eye. Use lexlures such as cross-
halching saringIy for maximum eecl. Ior examIe I couId have added in slries
lo lhe shirl above, bul vouId have had lo Ieave lhe lie Iain for conlrasl.
These dravings aIso shov hov some simIe shading on lhe shoes and lrousers give
lhe carloons a more soIid feeI.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Mnrc 5tcp-By-5tcp Examp!cs
5tcp-By-5tcp: Chi!d
Ior lhis carloon of a young boy I slarled lhe hrsl slage vilh a slick oulIine, vilh
hands roughIy in ockels. Nole hov Iarge lhe head is going lo be, lhe circIe for lhis
head is quile Iarge in roorlion lo lhe body.
The enciI oulIine is lhen added , nole again lhe Iarge forehead , vilh lhe eyes and
nose Iocaled quile Iov on lhe head. This viII aIvays makes a carloon characler Iook
chiId-Iike. A fev simIe Iines for lhe oulIine of lhe shirl, lrousers and shoes and a
shorl lrendy haircul hnish lhe second slage.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
IinaIIy lhe draving is hnished in ink, vilh some lexlure and shading aIied lo lhe
shirl and lhe shoes. Again I have lried lo onIy add smaII areas of shading lo kee
Iarge areas of conlrasl in lhe draving. The iniliaI enciI skelch undernealh is lhen
erased Ieaving lhe hnaI carloon.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
5tcp-By-5tcp: 5chnn! Tcachcr
This carloon again slarled Iife in enciI as a simIe circIe for lhe head, vilh slicks for
arms body and Iegs. The Iines of lhe cIolhes vere lhen dravn. IinaIIy lhe Iines vere
dravn over in ink.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
5tcp-By-5tcp: Lucky Man
As an examIe of using Iines lo creale any ose, I decided lo creale lhis characler
slooing over a droed coin. I slarled by draving lhe oulIine, ovaI for lhe head and
slicks for lhe arms, back, his, Iegs and lhen added lhe feel.
Once I vas hay vilh lhe oulIine I hIIed in more delaiI in enciI, lhen used ink lo
drav over lhe enciI marks and creale lhe hnaI carloon characler. You can see lhe
enciI marks sliII shoving lhrough on lhe ink draving.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
I originaIIy crealed lhis characler as a head sludy for earIier in lhe book, bul as ohen
haens vhen "doodIing" I found myseIf adding lhe body aIso. Nolice my favourile
lime-saving lrick, having lhe characler ul his hands in his ockels or, as here, behind
his back. eing such a Iarge man I decided lo emhasize his girlh by having his lie
foIIov lhe conlours of his slomach, and his shirl buuons are aIso beginning lo slrain.
The inslrie lrouser auern vas added for conlrasl vilh lhe Iighl shirl, and as lhe
slries run verlicaIIy ve can furlher emhasize his slomach by having lhem slrelched
al lhe lo.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Cartnnns nI Anima!s
AnimaIs, Iike lhe simIe skelch of a dog above, can be crealed using lhe same
melhods used for carloons of eoIe. Use ovaIs and slicks lo creale lhe rough shaes
you need. In lhis case lvo ovaIs for lhe body and lvo for lhe head viII suce. The
same 4 ovaIs can be used again in a dierenl oslion lo creale a nev ose, as beIov.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
We can add human exressions lo our carloon animaI faces, as above. IoIIoving lhe
same ruIes as for humans, ve can creale for examIe sad, hay, surrised or angry
faces easiIy by changing lhe eyes and eyebrovs and lhe moulh. The dog beIov is
Ieaning forvard, eyebrovs raised, smiIing, erhas sning food in lhe air.....
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Again lhis dog beIov is simIy conslrucled from a singIe circIe for lhe head, Ius a
Iong ovaI for lhe nose and moulh, a simIe shae is lhen added for lhe ear. Aher lhe
draving vas hnished I aIso decided lo add smaII Iines lo suggesl lhe dog's hair.
Using lhe same melhod as on age 52, lvo circIes for lhe body and lvo for lhe head,
ve can conslrucl any size or shae of dog |usl by changing lhe roorlions of lhe
circIes. The lvo smaIIer fauer dogs beIov vere slarled vilh lhe same four circIes, bul
by varying lhe delaiIs lhey aear very dierenl from each olher, and from lhe
draving on age 54.
The hrsl dog above has a hay exression, vagging ils laiI. The second Iooks much
more menacing, and vilh lhe addilion of some shading and siky hair lhe lvo are
comIeleIy dierenl dogs.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Dog Step-By-Step
When draving a carloon of an animaI I normaIIy hnd il dicuIl lo knov vhere lo
acluaIIy slarl! AIlhough I knov vhal a dog Iooks Iike, draving one from memory
vouId be very lough! So I hnd myseIf a holo and quickIy lry lo imagine lhe sub|ecl
buiIl u from circIes or ovaIs, using as fev as ossibIe. This is lhe same rocess as
using ovaIs vhen draving a carloon erson, bul in lhe case of animaIs ve are nol
lrying lo creale aII lhe arms and Iegs as ve vouId do for a human, simIy break
dovn lhe animaI inlo lhe smaIIesl number of ovaIs ossibIe.
Ior examIe lhe dog above can be sIil inlo lhree main arls, a smaII circIe for lhe
head (forgel aboul lhe nose and moulh for nov), a Iarge circIe for lhe uer body
and anolher ovaI for lhe back end and hind Iegs, as shovn on lhe nexl age.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
The hrsl draving above shovs lhe ovaIs roughIy in roorlion, simiIar lo lhe originaI
holograh, ie lhe ovaI 2 is roughIy lhe same size as ovaI 3, aIlhough ovaI 3 is Ionger.
Hovever in lhe second draving above I have decided lo change lhe roorlion of
lhe ovaIs, ovaI 3 becoming smaIIer.
I have done lhis because I am nol lrying lo creale a IifeIike skelch of lhe dog, onIy a
carloon, so I vanl lo emhasise lhe imorlanl fealures of lhe animaI making il more
"carloony". To do lhis I am increasing lhe size of lhe head and reducing lhe size of
lhe back end of dog.
This viII make lhe head and broad chesl of lhe dog sland oul, emhasising lhe roud
Iook lhis animaI has in lhe originaI holo.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
In lhe dravings beIov I have added more delaiI around lhe lhree ovaIs, hrsl of aII
adding curves lo |oin lhem u, lhen adding avs, laiI, nose and ears. Again lhere is
very IiuIe delaiI, |usl simIe Iines enough lo suggesl a shae.
I lhen added siky hair vhich aIlhough nol in lhe originaI holo I lhoughl vouId
add characler lo lhe draving, and lhe dog's coIIar and eyes. Al lhis slage I decided lo
make lhe animaI hay by adding a smiIing moulh, vilh oen aIerl eyes.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Ior lhe nexl slage above I simIy used ink lo comIele lhe draving, adding a IiuIe
shading lo lhe ears nose and coIIar, and lhen erased lhe enciI marks. The comIeled
draving can be seen beIov.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
As reviousIy menlioned il is ossibIe lo creale any animaI in carloon form, |usl
lhink of lhe main body shaes, hnd a holo if you need one. In lhis case lhe lvo
circIes beIov are enough lo buiId a rough eIehanl shae, lhen hII in lhe delaiIs such
as Iegs and lrunk. The lrunk can aIso be conslrucled from smaII circIes, heIing lo
suggesl lhe vrinkIy Iook of lhe eIehanl's skin.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Cat Step-By-Step 1
As before I have used a holograh of a reaI animaI lo heI me drav lhe main areas
of lhis cal's body. If you ignore lhe delaiIs (squinl your eyes) you viII see lhe cal is
reaIIy buiIl u from 3 bIocks: one Iarge ovaI for lhe body, incIuding aII four Iegs, a
smaII circIe for lhe head, Ius a lhird area vhere lhe laiI slicks oul from lhe main
body, as shovn beIov:
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
The hrsl draving on lhe revious age shovs lhe lvo simIe ovaIs for lhe head and
body, beIov I have added a fev delaiIs for examIe lhe ears, eyes, moulh, vhiskers
and lhe laiI. I aIso added some shading lo suggesl lhe dierenl coIours on lhis cal,
giving il a labby cal Iook. I lhen drev over lhe cal in ink as beIov.
IinaIIy I erased lhe originaI enciI marks Ieaving lhe comIeled carloon cal:
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Cat Step-By-Step 2
Ior lhis carloon I used anolher holo of lhe same cal bul in a dierenl osilion, lhis
lime crouching ready lo ounce. Again lhe cal can be easiIy conslrucled from lvo
ovaIs, one for lhe head, one for lhe body, as shovn beIov:
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
I lhen added lhe faciaI delaiIs, eyes nose and moulh, Ius a curve lo suggesl lhe hind
Iegs. The fronl avs and Iegs are suggesled vilh simIe semi-circIes. When draving
a cal's moulh imagine il as a curved W shae vilh lhe nose al lhe cenlre, as in lhe
revious cal carloon. In lhis case because lhe cal is Iooking avay lo our righl ve onIy
reaIIy see one side of lhe W, lhe far side being moslIy hidden. Drav a singIe semi-
circIe for lhe near haIf of lhe curved W, vilh anolher Iine beside il lo suggesl lhe far
side of lhe moulh.
Once lhe delaiI has been added lhe enciI marks are again removed Ieaving lhe
comIeled ink carloon.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
UnIike lhe revious lvo cal carloons, lhis vas crealed from lhree ovaI shaes. This
shae is sIighlIy slrelched lo give lhe imression of a laII sIim cal, vilh bushy fur
around lhe head. Like lhe dog carloons lhis vas conslrucled using lvo ovaIs for lhe
body as lhis cal is slanding laIIer so ve can see lhe dierenl arls of lhe uer and
Iover body.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
irds are exlremeIy simIe shaes lo conslrucl, |usl a smaII circIe for lhe head, and a
Iong ovaI for lhe body. Add a shae for laiI frealhers al lhe end of lhe body, a shae
for lhe ving on lhe near side Ius simIe slick Iegs and beak and you have a carloon
bird. As can be seen above and beIov, aImosl any kind of bird can be dravn lhis
vay, |usl change lhe coIour, size of beak elc as you vish.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
A horses head can be dicuIl lo drav, bul lhe simIesl vay is lo slarl vilh lvo
circIes, lhe lo one sIighlIy Iarger lhan lhe olher as shovn beIov.
If you mark vhere lhe noslriIs viII be il is quile easy lo lhen hII in lhe resl of lhe face.
}usl make sure lhe face gels vider lovards lhe end of lhe nose and moulh as beIov,
and sIil lhe circIe al lhe end of lhe nose lo creale a moulh.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Horse Step-By-Step
Using lhis side-on holo of a horse ve can see lhal lhe main body can be sIil inlo
four arls, lvo for lhe head as exIained on lhe revious age, and a furlher lvo for
lhe body of lhe horse, as I have dravn beIov.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
The horses Iegs are comIex hovever, consisling of a number of |oinls in lhe bones.
More lhan mosl olher animaIs such as cals and dogs, horses can be lricky lo drav, so
again lry and use a holo as reference. This horse beIov is |usl aboul in roorlion lo
lhe originaI holo, and as such vouId acluaIIy Iook Iike a "draving" ralher lhan a
To creale a more carloon-Iike aearance lry making lhe head Iarger and more
rominenl as shovn beIov, aIso emhasise lhe |oinls in lhe Iegs and exaggerale lhe
curves of lhe horse.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Above ve can see lhe hnaI enciI carloon, I have added a Iarge laiI and lhe horses's
mane on lhe back of ils neck, and added simIe shading lo lhe Iegs on lhe far side of
lhe animaI.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
WoIf Step-By-Step
Wilh aII my dravings, be lhey carloons or fuII delaiIed dravings, I lry and buiId each
characler or animaI using lhe simIesl of shaes and ob|ecls. In lhe case of eoIe
and animaIs lhis is aImosl aIvays simIe circIes and ovaIs. In lhis examIe I Iocaled a
slock holograh of a viId voIf, shovn beIov, lo use as a source. I never lry lo drav
from memory or imaginalion if I vanl olher eoIe lo recognise lhe sub|ecl, il reaIIy is
dicuIl for anyone lo drav Iike lhis vilhoul a source lo refer lo.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
The dravings beIov viII hoefuIIy shov |usl hov simIe il is lo creale voIf carloon
dravings, as vilh any animaI. If you have a source holo, simIy squinl your eyes
and lry lo imagine lhe animaI buiIl from circuIar shaes. Mosl animaIs can be buiIl
from a very smaII number of circIes. The voIf is conslrucled from 2 Iarge circIes, one
for lhe head and one for lhe main body as beIov. In lhe second draving you can see
vhere I added in lhe ears and a lhird circIe lo reresenl lhe nose and moulh of lhe
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
In lhe nexl draving I have added more delaiI on lhe voIves face, Ius lhe Iong lhin
Iegs and a rough skelch of lhe laiI. I decided lo move lhe laiI oul from behind lhe
voIf lo make lhe draving more inleresling. IinaIIy in lhe Iasl draving I added more
delaiI, sharer eyes, markings on lhe fur, Ius beuer dehned lhe feel and snoul.
ObviousIy lhe draving is nol an accurale skelch of lhe voIf, simIy an examIe of
hov lo drav voIves, and secihcaIIy voIf carloon dravings. As a carloon lhe
fealures are exaggeraled, such as lhe Ienglh of lhe nose, lhe skiny Iegs, and lhe "eviI"
Iooking eyes. To comIele lhe draving I vouId simIy ink in lhe Iines and erase lhe
enciI marks, and robabIy add some ground delaiI around lhe feel, lo revenl lhe
voIf Iooking as if il vas oaling in mid air!
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Fish Step-By-Step
If you vanl lo creale a carloon hsh draving simIy and quickIy, remember lhe
goIden ruIe of carloon draving - use simIe shaes lo buiId a more comIex shae.
In lhe case of hsh, il's eseciaIIy easy as mosl hsh can be dravn using a singIe circIe
Ius a fev olher Iines, as shovn beIov.
Ior lhe simIesl casrloon hsh, |usl drav a rough circIe, il doesnl have lo be exaclIy
round. Then add a laiI hn and olher delaiIs such as eyes and moulh. In lhe examIe
beIov nole lhal I have made lhe eyes and moulh Iook "human" ralher lhan accurale
for a hsh, lhis gives lhe carloon animaI human characlerislics and makes him more
aeaIing. Ior examIe I'm reaIIy nol sure hsh smiIe very much, bul your carloons
viII Iook much beuer vilh such human fealures. e crealive and add dierenl body
shaes, hn sizes, coIours, and human faciaI characlerislics lo your carloon hsh
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Fantasy Charactcrs
Dragnn 5tcp-by-5tcp
eIov I have slarled a carloon of a dragon by simIy crealing an ovaI shae for a
head, and a Iong vinding Iine for lhe body. I decided for lhis dragon lo creale a
snake shaed body incIuding a lvisl in lhe laiI near lhe end. I lhen added some delaiI
lo lhe head as shovn:
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Nexl I added oulIines for vings and cIavs. Again you can see I onIy ever used simIe
shaes. The cIavs and Iegs vere crealed using smaII circIes, one of each |oinl in lhe
Iegs and for lhe Iocalion of each laIon, and I lhen |oined lhem vilh Iines. I aIso
added curved Iines under lhe beIIy of lhe monsler giving lhe skin a simiIar Iook lo
lhal of many Iizards and aIIigalors - a soh underbeIIy vilh a much harder scaIy uer
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Nov lhal lhe draving is laking shae and becoming more comIex I darkened some
of lhe Iines in enciI so I couId see lhe dragon beuer, and so decide vhal sliII had lo
be done, as shovn beIov:
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Nov lhal lhe carloon is nearing comIelion I added more hnaI delaiI, adding
shadov inlo lhe moulh and ear, Ius smaII scaIes on lhe uer surface of lhe skin. Al
lhis slage I used ink over lhe enciI marks as I knev I vas hay vilh lhe hnaI resuIl
and so couId risk making il ermanenl.
IinaIIy I erased lhe enciI marks and my dragon vas hnished!
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Grim Reaper Step-by-Step
Ior lhis simIe draving luloriaI, I am going lo shov you hov simIe il is lo drav a
Grim Reaer. As vilh mosl of my dravings I Iike lo kee lhings as simIe as
ossibIe, slarling vilh simIe easiIy reealabIe shaes and forms, any delaiI being
added Ialer. Il does nol mauer if I am crealing a smaII carloon characler or a huge
orlrail ainling, I aIvays slarl vilh simIe shaes dravn IighlIy in enciI.
The hrsl lhing I do as vilh any human-shaed carloon characler is lo creale an
oulIine using slicks and an ovaI for lhe head, as beIov. Then I slarl lo overIay lhe
cIolhes and delaiIs, bul onIy aher I am hay vilh lhe shae and slance of lhe
characler, in lhis case slanding hoIding his scylhe.
I lhen add more and more delaiI, in lhe case of a Grim Reaer lhis is simIy a hood
and robe hiding everylhing excel his hands. The hood and robe are acluaIIy very
easy as unIike cIolhes lhey are nol foIIoving lhe shae of lhe body, so lhe reaer's
Iegs and feel for examIe do nol even need lo be dravn. }usl add roIIs of maleriaI al
lhe ground lo suggesl lhe robe is lraiIing on lhe ground.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
AngeI Wings Step-by-Step
In lhis draving luloriaI, vhich can be used as a basis for eilher a simIe Iine carloon
or a fuII delaiIed enciI draving, you viII Iearn Hov To Drav AngeI Wings. As vilh
mosl of my carloons and dravings I Iike lo kee lhings as simIe as ossibIe - any
draving or carloon shouId be slarled vilh simIe easiIy reealabIe shaes and
forms, vilh lhe delaiI being added Ialer. No mauer if I am crealing a smaII carloon
characler or a Iarge orlrail, I aIvays slarl vilh simIe shaes dravn IighlIy in
AngeI vings are normaIIy seen as huge fealhered vhile vings srouling from
somevhere around lhe back of lhe shouIders. If you have ever seen lhe movie
Dogma, lhis is lhe Iook I viII be lrying lo creale here. In lhe hrsl draving beIov I
have skelched in enciI vhal Iooks Iike an arm, bul lhe hand al lhe end is being
exlended al, oinling lo lhe righl.
Nexl I added a Iarge curve over lhe "hand" area lo creale lhe Iarge boney curve ve
see al lhe hnaI |oinl in reaI vings. I lhen slarled lo add individuaI fealhers, smaII al
hrsl aIong lhe underside of lhe ving, Iarger lhe nearer lo lhe Iong end of lhe ving.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
IinaIIy in lhe Isl lvo dravings I conlinues adding more fealhers, overIaing lo
make lhem Iess even and more naluraI Iooking, and added an oulIine for lhe angeI
characler lhemseIves. You can see lhal lhe ving ilseIf is auached lo lhe bdy
somevhere behind lhe shouIder.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Cars And Bikcs
Car 5tcp-By-5tcp 1
II you vanl lo creale a carloon of a arlicuIar make or modeI of aulomobiIe lhen lhe
easiesl vay is, again, lo hnd a holograh. If you Iook cIoseIy al lhe holo above ve
can see lhal lhis car is reaIIy |usl a simIe box shae, vilh a vindscreen on lhe lo of
lhe box and lhe bouom of lhe vheeIs slicking oul benealh lhe box.
I slarled lhis draving by crealing a reclanguIar box as shovn on lhe nexl age, I am
going lo make lhe draving a IiuIe more chunky lhan in lhe holo because I vanl il lo
Iook Iike a carloon nol lhe reaI car.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Nexl I lried lo creale lhe main curves of lhe car, in lhis case lhe fronl of lhe car is
quile Iarge and rounded, lhe car lhins in lhe middIe, and is vider again al lhe rear.
I lhen added lhis same shae lo bolh sides of lhe box as shovn beIov, and added
more delaiIs such as lhe vindscreen, vheeI shaes, Iighls elc.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Wilh lhe Iines redravn in ink aII lhal remains is lo erase lhe enciI marks.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Car 5tcp-By-5tcp 2
Using lhe same holograh as before, I crealed a second carloon of lhe car, bul lhis
lime from a sIighlIy dierenl erseclive. The holograh has been laken from eye
IeveI, Iooking dovn on lhe car, vhich means lhe vheeIs are al dierenl osilions
verlicaIIy on lhe draving.
In lhis second carloon I have dravn lhe car eecliveIy from vheeI IeveI, so aII lhe
vheeIs are al lhe same heighl. Imagine lhe holo had been laken crouching dovn
beside lhe car, lhis vouId be lhe resuIl:
Many carloons are dravn from lhis ground IeveI erseclive, vhere a horizonlaI Iine
is dravn and aII lhe carloon characlers or ob|ecls are dravn slanding on lhis singIe
The draving vas done in lhe same vay as before, lhe generaI box shae skelched in
enciI and lhen more delaiI added. Then as shovn beIov, Iines vhere added in ink
once I vas hay vilh lheir osilions.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.

IinaIIy lhe enciI marks are erased. I aIso added a fev delaiIs nol on lhe holo, for
examIe lhe shading on lhe vindscreen lo suggesl curved gIass:
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
I crealed lhis draving for a friend vho vanled a carloon of himseIf and his rized
Honda bike. Il slarled in a simiIar vay lo lhe cars on lhe revious ages, using a
holo lo creale a rough carloon caricalure. Nole lhe exaggeraled roorlions of bolh
his head and lhe vheeIs giving lhe draving a carloon feeI. Ior lhis draving I added
Iols of shading in bIack ink, for examIe lhe shadov under lhe bike, lhe vheeIs,
|ackel and heImel, and lhen for a more rofessionaI louch I added coIor using
valercoIour ainls. I added coIor aIso because his bike is such a dislinclive bIue vilh
goId vheeIs, and lhis heIed lo make lhe caricalure more ersonaI for him.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Drawing FIames
In lhis draving luloriaI I viII shov you hov easy and simIe il is lo drav ames and
hre. Wilh any dravings lhal I do I Iike lo kee lhings as simIe as ossibIe, al Ieasl
iniliaIIy - any dravings or carloons shouId be slarled vilh simIe easiIy reealabIe
shaes and forms, delaiI being added Ialer. No mauer if I am crealing a smaII
carloon characler or a 20" x 30" orlrail, I aIvays slarl vilh simIe shaes dravn
IighlIy in enciI.
IirslIy ve shouId hnd a sub|ecl lo drav, in lhis case I found a slock holo of ames
for reference. In lhe holo and cIiarl beIov ve can see lhe basic shae of ames is
simiIar lo a leardro shae. This is obvious vhen ve see a gas ame vhen cooking
elc. The ames are round and vider al lhe bouom and laer lo nolhing al lhe lo.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
IIames can be dravn simIy using lvo S shaes vhich meel al lhe lo and lhe
bouom bul viden aarl in lhe middIe. Wilh Iarger hres lhere are many individuaI
ames as you can see in lhe hrsl holo above. Hov can ve drav lhis simIy` }usl by
crealing a singIe ouler "ame" and hIIing il vilh smaIIer ame shaes:
To creale even more comIex shaes, for examIe for use on car arl lo suggesl ames
shooling aIong lhe side of lhe car, lhe same rinciIes aIy. The ames are simIy
lurned sidevays, and more individuaI ames are used as shovn beIov:
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Drawing a Rose
Ior lhis simIe draving luloriaI, vhich can be used as a basis for eilher a simIe Iine
carloon or a fuII delaiIed enciI draving, I am going lo shov you hov simIe il is lo
drav a rose. As vilh mosl of my dravings I Iike lo kee lhings as simIe as ossibIe,
al Ieasl iniliaIIy - any draving or carloon shouId be slarled vilh simIe easiIy
reealabIe shaes and forms, any delaiI being added Ialer. No mauer if I am crealing
a smaII carloon characler or a 20" x 30" orlrail, I aIvays slarl vilh simIe shaes
dravn IighlIy in enciI.
IirslIy ve shouId hnd a sub|ecl lo drav, in lhis case I found some slock holos of
roses. IeeI free lo use lhese images lo raclice your dravings.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
As ve can see in lhe above lhree holos, ve have lvo angIes: hrslIy from lhe side,
and secondIy Iooking dovn on lhe elaIs from above. In lhis arlicIe ve viII aueml
lo drav bolh as simIy as ossibIe, bul hrsl ve need lo undersland lhe conslruclion
of a rose.
As can be seen in lhe second holo above, lhe rough shae of a rose is a 5 sided
enlagon. This is because lhere are normaIIy 5 Iarge overIaing elaIs al lhe
oulside. The elaIs conlinue lo overIa cIoser and lighler lovards lhe middIe of lhe
How To Draw a Rose viewed from above
So our hrsl sle shouId be lo drav a rough enlagon shae, don'l vorry aboul using
slraighl Iines or making il even. If you need heI draving lhe shae lhen simIy
drav a circIe hrsl, lhen use lhal as a guide as shovn beIov, marking 5 oinls roughIy
equaI dislances aarl aIong lhe oulside of lhe circIe.
Nov drav lhe 5 Iarge elaIs exlending inlo lhe middIe of lhe over, and conlinue
adding addilionaI smaIIer Iayers of elaIs cIoser and cIoser lo lhe cenler, again each
Iayer having 5 overIaing elaIs. This becomes Iess imorlanl cIoser in as lhe elaIs
overIa more and more. IinaIIy drav in curved edges lo lhe elaIs lo creale a naluraI
Iook, and add shading as required.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
How To Draw a Rose viewed from the side
To creale a draving of lhe rose from lhe side, again slarl vilh a simIe shae, in lhis
case an egg shae. Then ve can add some lhe overIaing ouler elaIs, curIing oul al
lhe lo edge, Ius lhe over slaIk and Ieaves.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Cnmic 5trip Cartnnns
The rimary dierence belveen a carloon and a comic is lhal lhe comic conlains a
slory vhich lakes Iace over a series of aneIs. AIlhough il is ossibIe lo creale a
slory in a singIe aneI carloon il is normaIIy a simIe one lhal can be loId in one
draving, for examIe a singIe Iine |oke. Comics hovever can be characlerised as
conlaining addilionaI imorlanl faclors:
In a comic carloon lhe aclion is sIil across muIliIe aneIs heIing lo creale lhe
feeIing of movemenl and lo heI leII a more comIex slory. Il can aIso be used lo
searale lhe unchIine of a |oke from lhe selu carloon for exlra emhasis.
Remember lhal comics can range from simIe carloons leIIing a simIe lvo or four
aneI |oke lo comIex books more Iike movies in slyIe and conlenl.
Backgrnunds, Pcrspcctivc And 5ca!c
If you are crealing a comic or a carloon vhich lakes Iace in for examIe an oce,
don'l lry lo drav an oce in lhe background behind your characler. As menlioned
before, kee your carloons as simIe as ossibIe, you onIy have lo creale a suggeslion
of vhere lhe characler is for lhe viever lo accel il. Ior an oce, simIy creale one
desk and one chair.
A good examIe of an exceIIenl carloon comic slri using lhis aroach is DiIberl by
Scou Adams, mosl aneIs in a DiIberl comic slri conlain one or lvo characlers vilh
one iece of furnilure or a smaII arlilioned cubicIe. Somelimes onIy having lhe
characler dravn from lhe chesl u vilh lhe back of his chair in lhe background is
enough for lhe reader lo knov lhe characler is siuing al a desk. efore you slarl
crealing any carloon or comic lhink and see if you can make lhe scene more simIe,
you may hnd you are iniliaIIy overcomIicaling il.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
If you need lo add more delaiI lo a scene, arlicuIarIy if you are crealing a comic slri
vhich requires buiIdings or ob|ecls in lhe dislance lo leII your slory, you may need lo
lhink aboul erseclive and scaIe.
The dravings beIov shov hov lo quickIy and accuraleIy drav ob|ecls using
erseclive. The hrsl draving shovs hov you vouId creale for examIe a road
vhich fades slraighl ahead inlo lhe dislance vilh buiIdings and ob|ecls (or eoIe)
on each side. Mark a oinl (vanishing oinl) on lhe horizonlaI horizon Iine vhere you
vanl your road and aII lhe olher ob|ecls lo disaear inlo lhe dislance. Once you
have lhis oinl every ob|ecl vhich runs araIIeI lo lhe road viII aIso disaear inlo
lhal horizon vanishing oinl. The second draving shovs hov a circuIar ob|ecl can be
dravn simIy using lhis melhod.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
The lhird draving above shovs hov lhe heighl al vhich you osilion lhe horizon
Iine viII diclale hov high or Iov lo lhe ground lhe viever's osilion is. Ior examIe
lhis draving shovs lhe horizon Iine 2/3 dovn lhe age, so ve can creale an ob|ecl
such as a buiIding in lhe Iarge area above lhe horizon Iine, vilh onIy a smaII arl of
lhe buiIding beIov lhe horizon Iine. Il lhen aears lhal ve are Iov dovn, erhas
lhe same heighl as lhe slick oulIine characler I have dravn al lhe side.
The fourlh draving above shovs hov ve can use twn vanishing oinls, erhas for
lvo roads, using lhe inlersecling Iines lo drav lhe ob|ecls or buiIdings vhich sil al
lhe |oin of lhe lvo roads.
Anolher examIe above shovs hov ve couId suggesl our carloon characler vas
slanding on lo of an ob|ecl or on lhe roof of a buiIding, vhiIe sliII keeing lhe
erseclive correcl. If ve drav lhe horizon Iine hrsl, lhen kee lhe surface of lhe roof
beIov lhis Iine as shovn, ve couId add lhe characler on sol X. SimiIarIy in lhe
second draving our characler couId be added lo sol X bul I have broughl lhe
horizon Iine higher u lhe aneI vhiIe keeing lhe roof Iov dovn. The angIe is lhen
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
increased and il aears lhal ve are vieving lhe roof from much higher u. I aIso
used lvo vanishing oinls in lhis draving.
IinaIIy lhe draving above shovs hov a laII buiIding mighl be dravn, erhas a
skyscraer. Nole lhe horizon Iine is Iov in lhe aneI lo increase lhe amounl of lhe
buiIding above lhe horizon.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Cartnnn Busincss - Makc Mnncy Frnm Ynur Art
There are a number of vays lo earn money from your arl, arl lime or fuII lime, bul
mosl carloons are soId lo magazines or ubIicalions and lhis is a comelilive markel.
CerlainIy you viII reaIIy need lo buiId u some exerience and a subslanliaI orlfoIio
of examIe dravings and carloons lo shov lo roseclive emIoyers. Hovever lhere
are a fev lis vhich can heI searale you from lhe resl.
- When shoving your carloons lo a roseclive emIoyer or buyer be sure
lo shov lhem onIy comIeled dravings, don'l shov lhem a orlfoIio of
skelches and vorks in rogress. Like in aII inlervievs, you vanl lo make
lhe mosl of vhal you have and shov onIy your besl.
- Try lo shov lhem somelhing lhal has been secihcaIIy dravn for lhem,
for examIe if you knov lhey are Iooking for a arlicuIar lye of carloon
lhen do one lhal lhey couId use. Don'l simIy shov your oIder carloons you
comIeled for yourseIf or olhers, lhey viII vanl lo knov vhal you can do
for lhem secihcaIIy. If you don'l have somelhing secihc for lhem lhen
make sure you are abIe lo shov oId examIes vhich are IikeIy lo be simiIar
lo vhal lhey vanl.
- If you are sending carloons lo ubIishers make sure and kee coies, or
send coies lo lhe ubIisher. If you vanl lhe dravings back make sure you
incIude a seIf addressed slamed enveIoe, il's your resonsibiIily lo ensure
your vork viII be relurned.
- The ma|orily of carloons viII be boughl by mainslream ubIishers and
media, eg magazines and nevsaers, bul olher imorlanl buyers of
carloons are commerciaI comanies such as adverlising hrms, media
consuIlanls and smaIIer ubIishing houses. Anyone vho mighl be crealing
Ieaels, oslers, brochures, nevsIeuers, calaIogues elc may have a neeed
for carloons.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
- Anolher greal vay lo creale a rohlabIe oulIel for your carloons is lo rinl
lhem on T-shirls and cIolhes. Al CafeIress.com you can use your ovn
designs and dravings lo creale unique gihs, eilher for fun or as a rohlabIe
business. You suIy lhe arlvork and caferess handIe aII lhe slock
invenlory for you. To hnd oul more, visil CafeIress.com.
- Olher vays lo rohl from your arl incIude using your dravings for
greeling cards, Ieuers, noleaer and Iogo designs.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Fina! Thnughts

Remember: you do nol have lo be lhe vorId's grealesl carloonisl or arlisl lo be abIe
lo creale carloons. If you can convey lhe scene lo lhe reader lhen lhal is aII you have
lo do. The besl carloonisls in lhe lo ubIicalions are nol necessariIy exerls lrained
al arl schooI: lhey are abIe lo vrile |okes vhich aeaI lo a Iarge number of eoIe,
make lhem Iaugh, and can convey lhe siril of lheir |okes in slmpIe dravings.
This is vhal you shouId aim for if you vish lo make more of your carloons lhan
simIy amusing your friends and famiIy. ul if you vanl lo creale carloons |usl for
lhe fun of il, you've aIready succeeded |usl by lrying. Kee raclicing, deveIo a slyIe
of your ovn and mosl of aII en|oy!
Gnnd Luck!
Iain McDonaId
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
Additinna! Rcsnurccs
Lisled beIov are some of my favourile carloon and draving resources and siles:
hu://vvv.velcanvas.com The WelCanvas! communily has been
around since 1998 and conlains a veaIlh of info for aII budding arlisls.
hu://vvv.diIberl.com IrobabIy one of lhe mosl famous modern
comics vilh a huge onIine foIIoving, Scou Adams' sile is an insiralion for aII
Cnntact Mc
If you have any queslions or commenls Iease feeI free lo conlacl me al lhe foIIoving
emaiI address: iain+carloon-draving-secrels.com, or al one of my vebsiles:
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.
2006 Cartnnn-Drawing-5ccrcts.cnm.