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Response to RFP for

Outsourcing of Application Development and Maintenance


Capgemini Inc.


Currency Leader Financial Services


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Executive Summary Company Profile I. Service offerings II. Financial Industry experience III. Quality Assurance IV. Process & Methodologies V. Transition Plan VI. Key Assumptions and dependencies

Executive Summary
Capgemini is pleased to submit its proposal for the proposed outsourcing of Application Development and Maintenance for Currency Leader. Company Profile: Capgemini was established in the year1967 and since then has become a global company with 120,000+ team members across 40 countries. With over 40 years experience, we custom-tailor solutions to minimize risk and maximize value and meet the unique requirements of our clients. In Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance our solutions are developed with deep domain experience and professionals that average 15 to 20 years of in-market experience. We understand the importance placed by Currency Leader on the selection of the application developer, who can demonstrate a capacity for managing a high quality, cost effective project delivery with adequate experience at the global level. We pride ourselves not merely on our technical proficiency, but on our integrity and ability to understand and communicate with each of our clients. Our deep industry knowledge and vast experience positions Capgemini to confidently deliver the desired results to Currency Leader standards by leading IT industry experts. Our proposed solution will help Currency Leader to attain; Financial and operational procedure streamlining & effectiveness. Transform financial processes to improve efficiency, raise service levels Real time access to information and analytics to ensure efficient, transparent decision making at the highest levels. Lower total cost of ownership Efficient data management to avoid duplication of effort, accuracy, timeliness and comprehensiveness of management information. Key differentiators: Our Collaborative Business Style Our People and Approach Our Application Development Experience Strong Financial Domain Expertise

The Capgemini business proposition is founded on a set of unshakable values including honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, team spirit, modesty and fun. They also reflect the way we do business - building innovative solutions that put our customers in a leadership position.

Company Profile
I. Services

Our Offerings:

Capgemini Application Development practice gives advantages like: Application Performance improvement Risk Management Independent blue print with 90% standardization 30% Lower TCO Protection of investment validation of architecture Robustness of Application Scalability and Flexibility Budgetary benefits

Key Strengths: 120,000+ employees with around 40,000 employees dedicated to delivery of IT outsourcing in India Presence in 40 countries across the globe Exhaustive Cross functional expertise


Financial Industry Experience

Please qualify your Financial Industry presence and experience.

Capgemini Financial Services brings deep industry experience, innovative service offerings and next generation global delivery to serve the financial services industry. With a network of 21,000 professionals serving over 900 clients worldwide, Capgemini collaborates with leading banks, insurers and capital market companies to deliver business and IT solutions and thought leadership which create tangible value. What We Offer Building on globally standardized frameworks and collaborative tools and methodologies, we custom-tailor solutions to minimize risk and maximize value and meet the unique requirements of our clients. In Banking, Capital Markets and Insurance our solutions are developed with deep domain experience and professionals that average 15 to 20 years of in-market experience. Sectors catered:

III. Approach to Quality

Model Based Testing Workbench. A tool driven approach to automate test design and

accelerate testing for commercial financial services applications. By using pre-defined

models, Capgemini helped a European bank increase test coverage by 300% and created over 2,600 test cases in one month. Quality Blueprint. A customized assessment which measures the maturity level of your test organization against industry benchmarks. Using our proprietary, historical database of assessments, Capgemini benchmarks your company against the financial services industry across 22 dimensions and provides a roadmap with recommendations to move to the next level of maturity. Managed Testing Services. A collaborative approach to sourcing testing and QA services, managed testing services provide financial services firms with a way to transform their testing function and achieve high-quality systems cost-effectively, without losing overall control or incurring expensive overhead costs.

Key Quality related compliance: CMMI and ITIL qualifications Six Sigma quality methodology Intellectual Property Rights protection Ensure the predictability of application performance through the use of Capgemini's TMap industry standard testing methodology Proper Hierarchy & Escalation path Expertise on diverse technologies & domains

Recent Awards and Recognitions: Capgemini were adjudged the first runners-up for their paper titled Enterprise Mobility: A Unique Testing Perspective Software Testing Leadership Awards 2011

Award for Operational excellence and Quality in BPO industry Capgemini Awarded 2011 SAP Pinnacle Award for Innovation Capgemini UK receives four prestigious Big Tick awards Capgemini wins Oracle Excellence Award for Specialized Partner of the Year 2012 Capgemini wins at Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards Capgemini Wins Green Travel Award 2012

IV. Processes & methodologies

In order to help our clients select the best course of action for their legacy applications, we have developed the Vitality Index. The Vitality Index uses a standardized process to chart the vitality of client application landscapes and identify the most cost-effective options for future action

Integration Express We've worked with our alliance vendors to develop a toolkit and approach that supports integration projects. This tool, Integration Express (IE), collects best-practice templates, integration deliverable examples, sample framework code, and utilities, allowing our project teams to develop solutions more efficiently. We've used IE across industries as diverse as telecommunications, media, automotive, health, chemical, retail, and entertainment, and find that it allows as to maximize the true depth and breadth of our experience - beginning on the very first day of each project. Integration Health check A rapid, 2-6 week report on an enterprise or project-level integration initiative. Enterprise Application Integration Applications can no longer work alone. Capgemini has the resources, skill sets and knowledge objects to build the components needed to integrate two or more applications. Integration Competency Centers Architecture and governance are needed to make sense of integration technology. Modernizing Your Applications Capgemini uses pioneering methods and technologies to unlock latent value in your company's IT estate. We work with you to increase the flexibility of individual applications by improving interoperability between legacy systems and incorporating recently-migrated business functionalities and external systems. Combining old and new applications and using pre-packaged and bespoke solutions, we can help you: Increase the business value of past IT investments Lower costs and improve the return on your IT investments Reduce the complexity of your application portfolio Limit adverse environmental impact through migration to energy-efficient hardware Mitigate production risk resulting from unsupported systems Tools and accelerators: Integrated Service Management, ranging from strategy and operation to continual improvement A strong governance model, establishing processes, organizational structures, and decisionmaking mechanisms to enable effective implementation of your IT strategy A world-class transition model, ensuring service continuity and minimum impact on your business A global network of Applications Management Service Centers, providing continuous and seamless support through onshore, offshore and nearshore resources A shift-left approach, aiming to prevent problems CMMI and ITIL qualifications
V. Transition Plan

Capgemini has a unique way of working with clients called the Collaborative Business Experience. We partner with you closely on all stages of the development and execution of your financial transformation strategy to produce: A function that is aligned with the strategic objectives of your organization Optimal finance processes and enhanced internal controls that obtain maximum value from existing financial systems A "best fit" operating model for finance that draws on Capgemini's finance and accounting expertise while continuing to develop internal capabilities

Timely, accurate information to support a "rapid response" environment that enables management to make well-informed decisions quickly
Steps for Smooth transition:

The company plans to form a dedicated team of professionals with cross functional expertise to liaise and ensure a timely uninterrupted flow of information from Currency Leader to the teams involved at Capgemini.

VI. Supplier Key Assumptions and Dependencies:

We assume that this RFP is for complete end to end solution from our side. Along with support application we believe you may be also interested in risk management and compliance services and refined solutions over period of time. Capgeminis pricing reflects the assumption that Capgemini, subject to its confidentiality obligations to the State, will be granted a license back to the Deliverables it produces under any Statement of Work escalations. The prices quoted by us are assuming project start up from month of Jan 2013. Further delay in starting may affect on price. Rate increases are fixed for the first year of contract but subject to an annual price escalation thereafter on the anniversary date of the contract. Each party will retain responsibility for its compliance with any laws, regulations, or other authorities, including those areas on which it relies on the other partys performance under the Agreement. Each party will act in good faith in the performance of the Agreement and will reasonably cooperate with the other party. In the event of a dispute, the parties will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to resolve such problems informally through escalation of the issues through appropriate governance channels. During a dispute, the parties will continue to perform their respective obligations and take appropriate steps to mitigate any costs or damages. Notwithstanding any statements to the contrary, Capgeminis obligation with respect to third party products will be to pass through such rights and warranties as are contained in the applicable license, usage or service agreement with the applicable third party and such rights and warranties shall supersede any other provisions with respect to the applicable third party products.