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The Mobil System UMRO-MP series by Labeau T. are able t any source. These specific systems are projected and are built to work 2 from sources contaminated with chemicals, bacteria and In the case of catastrophes, accidents or for military pur produce drinking water in few minutes anywhere in the w In these situation the first need for people is to have drink The produced water is best than the parameters indicated b

Le systme Mobil UMRO-MP par Labeau T. sont capables de pro Ces systmes spcifiques sont projetes et sont construite produire de leau partir de sources contamines par des En cas de catastrophes, des accidents ou des fins militai produire de leau potable en quelques minute, partout da Dans ces cas la premire ncessit pour les gens est davo Leau produite est meilleur que les paramtres spcifis p la Sant.

Trailer Installation The UMRO-MP are installed on a trailer for an easy moving. After having placed the feed water pump of UMRO in the point of use, this is ready to work. This plants offer the highest flexibility as they can be easily moved everywhere. The systems is supplied with a Diesel Electrical generator to offer the maximum autonomy and all the accessories for an immediate working. The Right Capacity for Every Need UMRO-MP are available as a standard model with a production range from 20 to 48m3/day from brackish and sea water feed sources. Drinking Water directly from the salt source (max. 39000 Tds), rivers, lakes, ponds and sea All this is possible thanks to our UMRO-MPXX systems All high Pressure Fittings AISI316L or 904L In a corrosive environment like the outside one, it is necessary to use AISI316L stainless steel fitting thanks to its resistance. All UMRO systems are made with the finest grade stainless steel or Titanium AISI904L and high tech non corrosive materials. We can offer to you the best performance and the highest quality at the most convenient conditions. Fresh water flush a standard feature We propose an automatic system to prevent problems during the using. The production of water is automatically

Installation sur remorque The UMRO-MP sont installs sur une remorque pour un dplacement ais.Aprs avoir plac la pompe dalimentation de UMRO-MP au point dutilisation, ce nest prt travailler. Cette usines offrent la plus grande flexibilit car ils peuvent tre dplacs facilement partout. Les systmes sont livrs avec un gnrateur diesel lectrique pour offrir le maximum dautonomie et tous les accessoires pour un fonctionnement immdiat. La bon capacit adapte chaque besoin U M R O - M P s o n t d i s p o n i b l e s e n modle standard avec une gamme de

production de 20 48m3/journe

SYSTEM CONTROL The system is controlled by a sophisticated unit LW2 that permits the verification of single parameters in order to assure and to verify continuously the operation. Custom Orders For special application requirements, Labeau T.s highly trained staff of engineers, technicians and marketing managers are at your disposal and ready to assist you in all your specific desalination needs.

to produce fresh water from almost

24/day, and they can produce water d/or radioactive particles. rposes, our UMRO-MP Systems can world. kable water. by WHO - World Health Organization.

oduire leau douce partir de toute source. es pour travailler 24/jour, et ils peuvent s produits chimiques et des bactries. ires, nos UMRO-MP systmes peuvent ans le monde. oir de leau potable. par lOMS - Organisation Mondiale de

adjusted by PLC controller according to the quality of raw water. The standard water flush cleans the system with fresh water on shutdown and once a day (timer) prevents corrosion or organic growth in the system. - Trailer Structure - heavy version, for hard use. Color standard military green, personalization color available (with with red cross or other symbol). Only one axe for an easy moving. - All the instrumentation, the gauges, the commandos PLC and the emergency devices are dislocated on the frontal panel of the system. - Heavy duty 5m bag filter - Heavy duty 1m bag filter

HIGH PRESSURE PUMP PROCESS The RO process uses membranes to remove dissolved solids, organics, pyrogens and bacteria from water. RO also removes sodium, chloride, hardness, fertilizers, insecticides, arsenic, heavy metals and many other contaminants. But the most important thing is that RO reduces the total dissolved solids (TDS); our reverse osmosis membranes are particulary able to reduce high TDS water (until 39000 TDS) to drinkable value (450-500 TDS). UMRO series includes standard simple pretreatments as bag filter, UV sterilization and an anti-scalent feeder for very hard water in high efficiency RO systems. Other pretreatment methods can be included according to the needs of the customers.

Certifications and Standards All pressure vessels used by Labeau T. are approved and certificated by ASME. This has become very important since they have been operated at 800 to 1000 PSI. The quality and reliability of Labeau T.s manufacturing techniques, engineering, and customer service continue to be the key to our growth and success. All Labeau T. products are manufactured according CE approval.

Labeau Tunisie uses only best quality components as: Emec dosing pump, Lowara feed pumps, Speck and Fedco high pressure pumps Filmtec and Toray membranes Plasticon and Bel Vessels Siata automatic valves FIP pvc pipes, valves and automatic valves. Electrical components by ABB, Finder, Gewiss, Telemecanique and Panasonic.

Technical Features
PREFILTER: 1 e 5m. bag filter High capacity filtration Quick maintenance MWRO-REVERSE OSMOSIS - Fully automatic working that guarantee the maximum quality and quantity water - Fully Automatic RO cleaning systems integrated in the system - High pressure pipelines and other components in contact with salinity water are made of high quality stainless steel - High pressure pump AISI316L or AISI90L for maximum life TRAILER - Trailer is a single-axis model, for an easy moving on all type of lands - Its made in light metal to offer the maximum loading capacity and to minimize the total weight - Available as standard with green tarpulain for an easy and quick operation, opening on all sides. - On request alluminium box version for cold place (not reccomended for warm place) THE SYSTEM - Quick and easy operation: Just one person and 15 minutes are necessary to start producing water - Fully autonomous thanks to the diesel generator on board. It can also work with 400V AC external power supply. DIESEL GENERATOR -The diesel generator on board assures 24/24h working system -Noise level below 55 db is assured by special antinoise system (optional) Accessories:

UMRO-MP Series: Trailer version Model Code No. Length mm. Width mm. Height mm. Weight kg. Production:
m3/Day/24h. m3/h. UMRO-MP24 UM-400.080 3000 2000 2450 2200 24 1 4-35 bar TDS 35000 TDS 25000 UMRO-MP24B UM-400.090 3700 2100 2450 2500 48 2 4-35 bar TDS 30000 TDS 25000 UMRO-MP48 UM-400.100 3700 2100 2450 2600 48 2 10-60 bar TDS 39000 TDS 35000

Working pressure
Raw Water Max.Salinity discontinuous working Raw Water Max.Salinity continuous working

5 SDI Water TemperaMin. 8-10 - Max. 40-45C. ture 20/30mt. Max.Depth water Electrical Power 380/400V 50Hz. AC (Other Voltages and Frequency

UM-400.100 ter

Collapsible jerrycan for drinking wa10 litres. Package 250 jerrycan

available. Double working: with diesel genset supplied as standard or direclty by power supply.

* The production is variable according to the quality and temperature (@25C) of the water. The working of the plant is fully automatic and controlled by PLC

UM-400.110 Water distribution station. Stand with 6 taps. Package 1pc

Flexible tank UM-400.205 UM-400.210 UM-400.215 UM-400.220 UM-400.230 UM-400.250


for drinking water m3 5 - 3,3x2,5x0,9 mt. m3 10 - 4,6x3,5x1,1 mt. m3 15 - 5,2x4,0x1,2 mt. m3 20 - 5,9x4,5x1,3 mt. m3 30 - 7,2x5,5x1,3 mt. m3 50 - 8,5x6,5x1,3 mt.

11-4567 Polypropylene Filter Bags porosity 1m pack single EV-100 Antiscalant iron, Caco3 reducing pack Kg.25 EB-050 Biocide for membrane disinfection - pack. Kg. 10 SI-009 Sodium Hypochlorite for final water disinfection pack.lt.25 EC-009 Membranes preservative for long stop protection pack. lt.10


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