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Philadelphia Experiment

World War 2 (1939-1945):-

The war which ravaged the entire world .Those were times of extreme tension. The
question was of the survival of the world either DEMOCRACY or DICTATORSHIP.
Both axis and allied forces were striving to get something, something that would put an
end to the war and give them the supreme control over the world.
Considering Germany, it was Hitler scientist’s who invented chemical fertilizers with
their heads under the Gunpoint of the NAZI
But U.S.A had different plans. It didn’t want constructive measure which would aid the
army but wanted something that would finish off the war in one single blow.
The infamous experiment that was conducted by the U.S navy during this time was the
Philadelphia Experiment.
The aim of the experiment was to achieve invisibility. Navy wanted the technology that
would make its warships to disappear from the hawk eyes of enemy RADAR. But the
result it got was Teleport. Then what is Teleport?

Teleport:- Teleport is the science of transferring matter from one place to another, more
or less instantaneously, either by paranormal means or through technological artifice.

Background:- The men who were responsible for realization of teleport was
Nicolas Tesla (10 July 1856 -7 Jan 1943)

Born in Croatia and was expert in usage of electricity.

In 1913, Chicago University Tesla and another Hungarian mathematician Dr. Eric
Neumann were working on making things invisible.
In 1917, when Franklin Roosevelt was the secretary of navy, Tesla was very close to
him and he knew what Tesla was working on. Later on Roosevelt became the president
of America.
Because of this link in 1930 government invited Telsa and Neumann to continue their
experiments under the government. At that time they were successful in partially
disappearing their work piece.
Navy was very interested in them and provided the fund for their great experiment.

1940 Brooklyn naval base

Telsa was provided with a boat and the experiment was successful .Next year they
were provided with a warship.
But during this time there was a misunderstanding between Tesla and Neumann
Tesla was against usage of humans in the experiment at that point. He waned more
time. But the pressure during the war is different and navy wanted quick results. The
experiment that was conducted in 1942 failed. There are rumors that Tesla intentionally
spoiled the experiment and in March 1942 he resigned from this experiment and
Neumann was left alone.

Aug 27 1943 New York naval base:

USS Eldrige was an ill fated warship that was selected for this experiment. For their
cause many animals were taken and were caged on the ship, the animals which could
neither protect themselves nor had any means of communication express their pains
except screaming.
The experiment started……….
“A strange green light started to cover the ship just like a cloud
covering the moon. In a minute the boat had disappeared from human eyes and
RADAR eyes. In about 15 min the boat reappeared in the same place in a same shape.
The ship as a whole was just like how it was earlier. But on the other hand some
animals had disappeared in spite of locking those, most of them were burnt or half burnt.
The remaining which returned to tell the tale had gone crazy. Either fighting or
screaming but were abnormal. Experiment came to a disasters end”.
Oct 28 1943 New York naval base:
USS Eldrige was ready for second time. But this time it had humans on board.
Who were they…?
33 youths who had newly joined the army and were very exited about the Experiment.
But they never knew that they would lose themselves in this.

“the Experiment started again but this time they had a little progress, rather light slowly
covering the ship, here with a splash of light and a split of second the ship was gone .It
reappeared after 3Hr. The deck of the ship had turned green but it was not same in the
case of humans. Some had disappeared, few had died due to cardiac arrest , remaining
had gone crazy except 2 or 3 who had sunk in the solid body of the ship and thus the
great Experiment came to an END”.

Later Neumann joined atomic bomb project but Tesla died just after few days from
resigning. Many say that he was killed by FBI in order to prevent the details of the
experiment from going on to enemy hands.

What had happened to the ship?

After few days navy got answer from a place called Norfolk of Virginia which is
approximately 346Km away, that a strange ship that had appear and disappear
‘magically’ at the time when they conducted the Experiment.
The men who were alive in the ship were fired from work reasoning that they were
mentally retarded and the ship was sold to Greek navy. Many people who worked in the
ship said that they had a strange feeling of being observed by someone unknown while
In 1943 the experiment was named “rainbow project”.
Later in 1953 navy invited Neumann to continue the experiment naming it as “project
phoenix” Rumors are that in a place called Mountek the experiment are still continuing
based on the notes of Tesla.

No body knows what had really happened in the Philadelphia Experiment as the navy
rejects the fact that such an experiment had really happened. But still some questions
were unanswered...
1) Where are the lost sailors?
2) What happened to the rest?
3) What had really happened?

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