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PRACTICE PHYSICK. Dechced from the Poftion of the Heavens at the Decuasbiture of the Sick Perfon: Wherein the Fimdamental Grounds thereof are difplayed and laid open : Siworing by an Uneeoer not only the Cau/?, but the Cure and End of alf manner of |i Dyfiats inne to humane Bedi = MICROFILMED — 1983, Allo divers notable Experiments, of great we to allthe daltons Student in Phyick and AZtologye Being the XXX yeats Pris and Exporineon | RICHARD SAUNBER S| Student in Attrology and Phifck ONnDoN, Printed for E.C. and are to be (ld. by Thomtir Sambridge at the three "Flere Little Britain, 1677, The Aftrological TUDGMENT AND PRACTICE |PHY SICK. ‘Deduced ftom the Pofition of the Heavens at the Decnasbiture of the Sick Perfon : 4 Wherein the Fondamental Grounds thereof are ilplayed and laid open : Showing by an Univrfal Metho ly the Caufe, bat the Care and End of all names of Difeafis incident Ao vers vale Experiments of gest wea atl ‘Induftrious Students-in Phyfick and A® he Being th je and ExperienceioF | RICHARD SAUNDERS, Student in Attrology and Phifick Printed for L. C. and are to be fold by Thowdis Sawbridge at the three Flomer-de-lucesin- Little Britain, 1677. MGiasoseseeeseensags GOVEEURITSIGT SITS SSS THE PREFACE TO THE 3 Sp ther Tieoes | in Geo- rey the moft intire- lye compleat and per- becaufe it is a Line equally drawn *. ftom the Centre ; fo likewile thofe ‘Conclufions are undoubtedly- moft true, whofe Beginnings are draw from the Centre of Verity ; Aa te