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DURBAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY SEMINARS AND TRAINING: 2013 The purpose of this document is to present and

clarify to members how the DCCI wishes to deal with its mandate of providing important business information and skills development during 2013. Seminars are defined as information-giving sessions in which an expert provides important business information to the attendees. Their normal duration is 90 120 minutes although this might be extended if a workshop style is used (where participants play a more active role.) The preferred modus operandi is that a company within the membership will offer its expertise relating to a current topic of business relevance. If there is no such offer, the Chamber will seek a provider for a seminar which it believes should be arranged for the benefit of the Chambers membership. It is hoped that the presenter will provide the expertise without charge to the Chamber which, however, will levy a charge for attendance. The presenter will benefit from the exposure inherent in the opportunity to be associated with the sphere of expertise. Seminars may be held at the Chamber, or at other suitable venues. The Chamber will advertise seminars as its own events, but always acknowledge the partnership of the presenting company. Companies that wish to take advantage of this opportunity should contact: Mrs. Dumile Cele Business Services Manager e: services@durbanchamber.co.za t: 031.335.1023 This need not be done until a particular issue (new legislation etc) becomes relevant and a seminar on the topic is thought to be desirable. Training Courses are offered for the specific purpose of developing skills among people in the business community. (Option 1) The Chamber has a need to provide some courses itself, by making use of trainers within the membership, and favours short courses (from 4 hours, up to a full day). (Option 2) For companies that prefer to offer courses without the direct involvement of the Chamber, facilities are available at Chamber House, that we are pleased to make available. (Option 3) Some courses, directed at emerging businesses, are offered without any charge to attendees - as an integral part of the Chambers business development programme.

BASIC BUSINESS SKILLS AND COMPLIANCE TRAINING (Option 1) The DCCI is introducing a basic business skills and compliance training programme in support of the need for skills development, consisting of a number of short skills programmes/training courses (half, or full-day if warranted) hosted by the Chamber but delivered by training providers within the Chamber membership. The standard arrangement will be that the income from trainees after the deduction of expenses (venue, catering, advertising, printing, invoicing, financial collections and others that the provider may incur) will be shared equally by the training provider/company and the Chamber. A financial reconciliation will be prepared by the Chamber and will form the basis for an invoice issued by the training provider/company. The Chamber will: - Advertise the courses within its membership and to the general public, within its financial limitations - Co-ordinate the bookings - Receive payment - Provide the venue plus necessary technical equipment - Reprint handout material - Manage registration - Provide coffee, tea and biscuits - Provide evaluations forms for trainees and a summary to the training provider - Submit a financial reconciliation to the training provider to form the basic for an invoice. The training provider/company will: - Provide a synopsis of the course to be offered and a clear description of the target group - Provide a professional and competent trainer - Provide evidence of SETA accreditation (if available) - Provide the content for reproduction in a handout - Conduct training over the full period allocated - Issue attendance certificates to attendees if appropriate. Other conditions: - The training may not be outsourced to any other training provider. The bidding company must provide the trainer from within their own company. - A trainers fee may not be included in the training companys expenses. Set Chamber expenses: - R800.00 Advertising to all members (at least once) and in the Daily Digest - R600.00 Venue at the Chamber for 4 to 5 hours. - R0.60 per person for printing of handouts in black/white - R14.00 per person for provision of tea/coffee - R28.00 per person for provision of tea/coffee/biscuits Courses fees: Half day (4 to 5 hours) R550.00 per person for members. R700.00 per person for non-members. R1 200.00 per person for members. R1 500.00 per person for non-members.

Full day (8 hours)

Skills programme / course suggestions:: First Aid level one, Basic Skills for a safety representative, How to complete a safety audit for a small business, HIV and Aids awareness, Diversity training, Telephone and reception skills Customer service and basic selling techniques How to brand your business How to network successfully Interpersonal Communication Skills Basic Presentation skills Introduction to Business English (basic business letter, proposal and report format, minute taking) Introduction of Finance for non-financial employees Basic Pricing and Costing Effective Debt Collection Basic Supervisory skills Introduction to mentoring and coaching Introduction to conflict resolution Time Management Stress Management. Basic Project Management Waste and environmental management

Submission of Offers:
Please use the separate form provided to submit your offer. Use a separate form for each skills programme you would like to tender for. The final date for the submission of an offer to participate is the close of business Friday, 8 February 2013. The programme will commence as soon as possible after this date. Please send your tender to Diana Boast, hr@durbanchamber.co.za tel 031 335 1014, fax 031 3352 1288.

Option 2 The DCCI has a conference centre facility with four conference rooms accommodating between eight and seventy people seated, which are available for hire. Technological equipment is also available for hire. All catering for events can be taken care of. Training courses (or seminars or workshops for that matter) offered under this option will be regarded as private. As a benefit to the training company, however, the Chamber will advertise the course/seminar in its Daily Digest on two occasions. Additional advertising is available in the Digest at the normal rates. The training company will deal with its own bookings and registration and all financial transactions. The Chamber will endeavour to prevent competition (within a period of a month) so as not to undermine its own events, or others which are privately arranged. The Chambers own programme of training will be arranged and publicized in advance, while it will warn of possible competition when appropriate. Hiring fees for 2013 (inclusive of Vat) Room No. of people Full day 08:00 16:00 Member Indaba 1 30 people R1271 (classroom) Indaba 2 30 people R1271 (classroom) Indaba 3 8 people R1029 (square) Indaba 1 & 2 70 people R2541 (cinema) Indaba 3 & 4 12 people R1592 (square) Strict adherence to time must be maintained. Catering Member Non-member Tea/Coffee per head R14.00 R14.00 Tea/Coffee/Biscuits per head R28.00 R28.00 For other catering requirements, you may speak to the staff in the events department. Equipment Member Non-member TV and video R545 R630 Microphone R242 R281 Hire of data projector with own R627 half day R702 half day laptop R702 full day R787 full day At no extra charge basic equipment includes screen, flipchart, whiteboard No credit will be granted. Payment is strictly COD and proof of payment must be emailed 3 days prior to the event or full payment is due. Call 031 335 1028 or email mailto:booknow@durbanchamber.co.za or complete the form provided. Nonmember R1639 R1639 R1290 R3025 R2076 Half day 08:00 12:00/13:00 16:00 Member Nonmember R806 R1084 R806 R702 R1610 R1036 R1084 R939 R2021 R1331 After hours

Member R2416 R1907 R1544 R3812 R2389

Nonmember R3251 R2459 R1934 R4538 R3115

Option 3 Sponsored skills programmes for start-up and emerging businesses. The final decisions concerning content and training providers will be taken by the Business Services Manager under whose direction the SMME department of the DCCI falls. Training providers, venue and catering costs are paid for by the Sponsor and there is no charge to the participants. Anyone interested in sponsoring these programmes in the future, may approach the Manager: Business Services. The Chamber will deal with all administrative arrangements relating to such courses and advertise them as Chamber events, giving due acknowledgement to the sponsoring company. It will also assist in the provision of information which may lead to benefits in terms of the BBBEE scorecard. Some possible courses required in this sphere include How to register a business Basic Computer Training BBBEE Training Access to finance and Business Information Tendering Procedures Basic bookkeeping The Importance of business compliance with legislation Basic compliance with Labour Legislation Taxation/SARS compliance Business proposal writing

A.J. LAYMAN Chief Executive Officer

18 January 2013

DURBAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY - BUSINESS SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAMME TENDER FORM Option 1 Name of Skills Programme/Course Name of Training Company and a short profile

Address of Training Company Contact Telephone Number (land and cell) Name of Facilitator and a short profile

Duration (half day, maximum of 5 hours Category of course Brief overview skills programme/course

Target Group

Accreditation Status of Skills Programme and unit standards covered, if applicable List of other courses available from the training provider/company

Accreditation Number Payment Requirements (if 50:50 is not suitable)


COMPANY: BILLING ADDRESS: VAT NUMBER: CONTACT PERSON: . FUNCTION : NAME:... DATE:.. TIME: From:.. To: .. NO. OF PEOPLE : CATERING REQUIREMENTS: ......................................................................... CHAMBER MEMBERS: Yes No











Lunch: Time/s? ............................... Beverages at Lunch: EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: (Please tick where appropriate) Overhead Flip Chart Whiteboard Screen Other requirements: TV Video Microphone Data Projector

(Tea/Coffee) .......................................................



You are liable for any breakages / damages that may occur whilst the venue has been hired by you. INDABA 1 and 2 Max 70 INDABA 1 or INDABA 2 Max 30 ROOM LAYOUT CLASSROOM INDABA 3 Max 8






DATE: .............................................................

Enq: Tel: 031-3351017 Email: bookingnow@durbanchamber.co.za


Banking Details Bank: Standard Bank, Durban Branch, Acc No: 05 007 2358, Branch Code: 0400 2600 PLEASE NOTE: Proof of payment to submitted prior to the day of hire. Only once proof of payment and a booking form is received will the venue be let out. All Chamber services are on a strictly C.O.D basis. No credit will be allowed.

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