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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Dreaming of traveling the world or visiting some of the most famous cities in the world? Then this list of the top ten most beautiful cities in the world can help you plan your dream vacation. It is little bit hard to come up with this list because beauty is very subjective. Nevertheless, this list was created based on surveys, number of tourists, and the overall aesthetic design of the cities.

10. Budapest

Budapest brings you back to the period of renaissance with its baroque and gothic monuments. Danube River runs through the city which makes the city more alluring. One of the greatest landmarks of Budapest is its awe-inspiring Parliament Building that is designed by renowned architects. While you are visiting this city, take a walk through its

most romantic pathways and the Chain Bridge.

9. Rome

The whole city is like a living relic that has endured for thousands of years. Rome is known because of its ancient monuments, arts, and culture. With the outstanding cafs and restaurants, Rome begins to be a center for both the modern and ancient world. One day is not enough to stroll around the city. While most tourists might be attracted to its landmarks, it is worth noting that Rome is also filled with fantastic districts that will

prove Rome is truly an eternal city.

8. Bruges

Though a small city compared to others, Burges has a huge heart for beauty. Bruges is famous because of its ancient attractive looks which are sprinkled with elements of baroque and gothic architectural designs. Take a pleasurable walk in its antique cobbledstone lanes while looking at the surrounding oval canal. Also, Since it is located in the

center of Europe, it is one of the most visited cities.

7. Amsterdam

This city is filled with buildings that are very delightfully aligned through Amsterdams main canals. Amsterdam is very charming in its design and architectural works. With

stunning places and landmarks, Amsterdam is a favorite spot for film making.

6. Rio de Janeiro

The beauty of Rio de Janeiro is incomparable to other cities in the world. It has a very unique setting which is a blend of both the nature and mans civilization. As you climb Sugarloaf Mountain and Corcovado statue, you will witness an awe-inspiring and the

most magnificent views you could ever have seen in this lifetime.

5. Florence

Florence should not be left out in this list. With so many buildings and landmarks only unique in the renaissance age, Florence has remarkably preserved the original ambiance of the city. While you are in Florence, visit Piazzale Michelangelo which is a terrace made in the 19th century. The place is perfect to witness the remarkable and awesome

view of the entire city.

4. Paris

Because of the beautiful and picturesque view of Paris, the standard of living here is very high. There are many attractive places that your eyes can feast upon such as the streets of Montmartre, Eiffel tower, beautiful squares, and many others. You can explore the city

through riding a boat on the Seine and be captivated by the citys beauty.

3. Prague

Every monument of Prague is like a museum by itself. You can enjoy more of the city by going through the Vltava River. The Old Town Square is also famous because of its

beautifully-preserved streets and monuments.

2. Lisbon

Because of its natural landscape, Lisbon is seated on a series of hills that run down to grand Tagus River. At Every turn of the way, there are simple and extraordinary views that you can enjoy. Lisbon is peculiar in many ways which is a combination of the cobbled designs, pastel-colored buildings, beautiful building faades, and gorgeous


1. Venice

Venice is in our number one spot for many reasons. First of all, Venice is staggered with beautiful buildings that are uniquely designed from each other. With the canals that run through the city, Venice is even more romantically enhanced. Venice is almost magical

and truly an amazing city that cannot be compared to others.

Audience Choice

0. Istanbul

Istanbul, is located on two continents: Asia and Europe. It is the largest city in Turkey. The history of Istanbul is considered to begin at 660BC. It has many famous mosques and is one of the most favorite spots for tourists and filming. Now that you have seen the list of ten most beautiful cities in the world, you can now have a general idea on which city you would like to spend your next vacation at. Just remember to savor each moment and treasure the beauty that you experience in each city.

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