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Lesson plan

School: School Dobrovat

Teacher: Srghie Mihaela Date: Grade: 3rd grade Level: Beginners Number of students:23 Topic: Enjoy English revise vocabulary on animals(at the zoo, on a farm,) Time allowed: 45 minutes Type of lesson: revision- vocabulary practice Approach: communicative Aims: Students will use English language to communicate orally and in writing about domestic and wild animals Students will develop productive and reproductive skills: speaking, writing, listening,reading Objectives: By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to: - use the words related to wild and domestic animals in sentences -to identify words living on a farm and at the ZOO -

Materials used: handouts, video-projector, a box , letters made up of pieces of paper, stickers of different colours,envelops Activities: warmers, games(put me together Skills: writing, speaking, reading, listening Assumptions : The students know the words related to the topic given The students know how to spell the words related to the topic Evaluation: Students will be evaluated based on the participation in classroom discursions Types of interaction: Teacher-whole class Teacher- Student Student- Student Student-Teacher Class management: whole class - individually - pair.


No. Stages crt.

1 Warm up

Teacher`s activity and language

T. greets Students and begins the new lesson. T. starts with some introductory conversation Teacher presents Students the Revision plan which has to be prepared for the new lesson. Teacher uses videoprojector in order to present the revision plan. T. asks students to complete a table, in which they have to pay attention to the differences between domestic and wild animals. Teacher will give students a model to practice with. Students will have to make up a dialogue using a certain pattern. T. prepares a number of pictures(5), representing

Students`s activity and language

Students will answer the teachers dialogue


Interaction Time


Speaking 2`

Introduction of the new lesson

Students will T-S pay attention to the teacher and will fullfil the task

Speaking Writing 3`

Controlled vocabulary Practice

4. Semi controlled vocabulary practice

Students will be very attentive to teachers explanations. Students will fulfill the task Students will give answers to teachers questions.


Speaking Writing


Speaking Writing


Letters game Spell me !


Practice and spell the word



animals, and students have to say where they live, either at the zoo or on the farm. Teacher will ask students to pick up a coloured sticker,the activity is designed to help students grouping according to colours. Envelops containing words are given to the teams formed and T. asks students to put the letters in order so to make a word related to the vocabulary revised. Teacher verifies students activities . Teacher proposes students Task 2. T. prepared a box in which t puts some pieces of paper, containing words related to the vocabulary.The rule of the game will be presented by the teacher . Each team sends a leader who will spell the word. Each correct answer will receive a point T. asks students to open the book and write exercise n.

Students will solve the task


Speaking Writing

Students will take part in this game .Students will be very attentive to the rule explained by the teacher.


Speaking Writing

Speaking Writing Listening

Students will fulfill the task


Speaking Writing



Listening activity


T. asks students to pay attention to the cassette they will hear and to put down what they hear. The vocabulary is related to the topic of the lesson T. gives students exercise n. 2/66

Students will pay attention and will put down what they hear.


Speaking Listening


Speaking 3

Words activity 2

Cow lion

pig bear giraffe tiger

horse fish dog frog