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Calling Uncle Gia Blue September 2011

Calling Uncle Gia Blue September 2011

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Editor Marisa Chenery

Cover Artist

Gia Blue

This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents and dialogues in this book are of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental.

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Fucking the Family II: Calling Uncle

A sharp slap to my ass brings me from half-awake to alert, the zip of pain forcing

my eyes open as I glare at my daddy.

“Come on, Angel. Time to get going.”

With a huff, I bury my face in my pillow and stretch my body, easing the aches

he’d caused the night before. I roll over and watch him get dressed, pull on his slacks

and slip into his dress shirt.

He’s my daddy, my ex-stepdad, anyway, and lover.

God is he ever a lover.

“Luca…” I’m whining. He’d fucked me six ways to Sunday last night, and I’m

exhausted. Sated, but exhausted.

He comes closer, leans over me, those gorgeous brown eyes just seeming to bore

into mine as he lowers his head and brushes his lips across mine. “Come on, baby.

You’ve got Uncle Domani coming to dinner today, remember?”

My pussy is worn out from last night, but that doesn’t keep it from heating,

growing heavy and aching at the thought of my uncle.

Technically, he’s my ex-stepuncle, but it turns me on to think of him as Uncle

Domani. He’s bigger than my daddy, broader shoulders and more bulky. He also has a

huge cock. At least, I think it is. The man sure knows how to fill out some jeans.


shudder, the idea of being filled by him, taking control of my body. With a flick

of my wrist, I toss the blanket aside and crawl from the bed, naked as the day I was


Luca pulls me close, aligns my nude form to his clothed body, and drops a hand

to my ass, squeezing the plump mound. “I take it you’re happy he’s coming over?”

I snuggle closer, inhale his masculine scent, revel in being close to him. I love my

daddy. No question. But I want my uncle. God, I want my uncle.

“Oh, Daddy…” I whisper against his chest, rub my cheek over the crisp white

shirt. “I just want him to fuck me, Daddy.”

His cock twitches in his slacks, filling and hardening against my hip. “Minx.” He

slaps my ass, gripping and kneading the cheek while he grinds his dick against me.

“Why do you do this to me?”

He’s growling and rough as he shoves me back toward the bed. I land with a

bounce and smile, pussy getting wetter by the moment, hurting and just begging to be

filled by his prick.

Luca doesn’t even strip off his clothes, just unzips and pulls out his hard shaft,

strokes it a few times before he kneels on the bed. I crawl back, lying down and

preparing myself for him, but he flips me onto my stomach, smacking my butt once I’m

in position.

Rear up, I moan when he traces the crack of my ass, fingers sliding along my slit.

“Fuck me, Daddy.” Another slap, and I moan, pussy clenching and wanting.

Cloth-covered legs align with mine, the blunt head of his dick teases my cunt.

“You sure it’s Daddy you want, Angel? Don’t you want your Uncle Domani?”

God, that just pushes my arousal higher, the naughty, dirty thoughts whirling

through my mind. Of Domani fucking me. In my pussy, my ass, my mouth. I want to

be filled by Morelli cocks.

I close my eyes, imagine him behind me, that thick dick just waiting to split me.

It’s rubbing my clit, my juices making the path smooth and slick. “Fuck me, Uncle

Domani. Need it. Please?”

“That’s right, you little slut. You want your uncle’s cock in you.” He teases me,

an inch in, an inch out. Over and again. “Beg me.”

I can’t move my hips, his hands keeping me still, and I want nothing more than

to get taken. “Please, Uncle Domani. Fuck me. Use me. I’m your little slut. Your


I try to wiggle, shift and take him.

But I can’t.

I’m whining now, saying anything to get him to give me what I want. “Use me.

Please use me.” I sob.

The hands on my hips tighten and then his cock is there, filling and stretching,

and that pleasure-filled ache consumes me, runs through me like a train and nearly

stops my heart. He grips my hair, tugs on the strands while he fucks me, fast and

furious, pounding into me as if he can’t get enough.

“Take it, baby. Take that cock.”

I move with him, against him, shoving my hips back as he thrusts. I want as

much as he’ll give me. I want it all.

In my mind, I’m getting fucked by my uncle, overpowered and dominated, made

to submit and enjoy every second.

Harder and harder he goes, panting and growling with each thrust. My orgasm

is approaching, moving like a freight train with no brakes, pummeling through me. It

dances down my spine, all of those lovely little nerve endings coming to life as he

moves in and out of my cunt. My pussy clenches rhythmically around him, milking

that dick, making me shudder and moan with each involuntary spasm.

“Uncle…” I’m sobbing, begging, pleading. God knows what’s tumbling out of

my mouth. I don’t know and don’t care. Just the fact that I’m going to come, squeeze

his cock and take it all, is enough right now.

“Fucking tight little cunt.” He’s pounding like a jackhammer, bed shaking and

banging against the wall as he fucks me, takes what he wants from my pussy.

“Gonna come.” I gasp, his prick stroking my g-spot, tearing it to tiny pieces.

“Come on my cock. Fuck yeah.”

And just like that, the floodgates open, that pure pleasure coursing through me,

my cunt clamping down on his dick, squeezing until he shouts and freezes against me.

Every muscle in my body is filled with those tingles, those lightning quick strikes of

bliss that blows through me as I come. I can’t move, can’t breathe, can’t do anything

but feel as his dick swells and throbs in my cunt, nothing but his fingers digging into

my hip and the erotic release that he draws out of me.

We’re stuck together, him in me, my fingers knotted in the sheets, hair a tangle,

and I can hardly think, let alone move.

Luca releases my hair and slowly pulls free of my pussy, his cum following his

retreat. “Angel…” His voice is a hoarse whisper, and I look back, eyebrows raised.

“Come clean me up, I have to go to work.”

I don’t hesitate. In a blink I’ve got my mouth wrapped around his softening

prick, licking and lapping at the combination of our juices, the salty, sweet musk that

we make together. I trace the textures of his cock, make sure I gather every drop, savor

each and every bit of us. Even as I bathe him with my tongue, his seed dribbles down

my inner thighs, reminding me that we dispensed with condoms months ago. I’m on

birth control and revel in sharing these parts of ourselves.

Far too soon he taps my cheek and I release him with a soft pop, his cock coming

to life beneath my gaze.

“Enough, baby. Daddy has to go to work.”

* * *

The lasagna is baking and I’ve got forty-five minutes before it’ll be ready to come

out of the oven. Another fifteen to cool and then we’ll be ready to eat.

I’ve got butterflies swarming in my stomach, hoping against hope that my uncle

joins us in playing.

The phone call to him had been easy. A quick dial and then Uncle Domani

answered and agreed to come to my ex-stepdad’s house for dinner at the end of

week…as long as I promised to make him lasagna.

Easy trade. Especially considering the plan.

Daddy and I have been together for months now and we’d initially agreed to

keep it between us. But he also knows I just turned eighteen and that I have oats to

sow…or something like that. So I don’t get to sleep around…but I do get to fuck his

brothers. If they’re willing.

God, I hope Uncle Domani is willing. Just thinking of his name, his body, his

cock, his mouth on my pussy…my cunt tingles and aches and wants and needs. All at

the same time.

I check the clock and see it’s nearly six. He’s supposed to be here. Any


My mouth is dry, nerves making me twitchy, and I scramble for the apron I’d

wanted to wear for him, them. It is “them”, since Daddy refuses to be left out. Not that

I’m complaining. The Morelli men are all gorgeous, their Italian roots seeming to

drench them in masculinity and sex appeal.

And I want to drink them all up.

I hear a car in the driveway and peek out the window to see my uncle’s SUV

followed closely by my daddy’s car. Wearing my apron, and nothing else, I drop a few

ice cubes into the glasses of bourbon I’d poured for them and approach the front door,

ready to get the seduction on the road.

As I pad across the dining room, the front door opens and Luca steps through,

smiling wide when he catches sight of me. It’s all I can do to keep myself from tossing

the glasses to the floor and pouncing on him. It’s as if he gets more gorgeous by the


His gaze sweeps over me from head to toe, and I can see he’s fighting a smile.

I hand him a glass and he takes it before he presses a kiss to my temple. “Thank

you, Angel.”

I smile, happy that I’d pleased him.

“Uncle Domani!” I crowd him in the entryway, snuggle next to him and wrap

my arm around his waist while he takes the glass from my hand. He returns the

embrace for a bare moment before he releases me, and I frown at Luca. He’d told me

my uncle was interested, but it didn’t seem so.

Playing hostess, I hurry the men along, snag coats and briefcases while urging

them toward the living room. Besides, it had become the “room of seduction”. Really, I

think I’m working entirely too hard to get into a man’s pants.

But Daddy gets what Daddy wants.

My uncle is leading the way down the hall and Luca reaches back to snag my

hand, pull me even with him, and presses a kiss to my temple. “How’s my baby



snuggle close, enjoying the feel of his finely tailored suit against my bare skin.

“Good. Horny, but good.”

He chuckles and tightens his hold for a moment, a gentle squeeze of affection.

Once in the living room, Uncle Domani settles on the couch and props his feet up on the

coffee table. He loosens his striped tie while he takes another sip of his bourbon. Luca

has kept me near the entryway, sipping his drink while we cuddle side by side for a

moment. Both of their drinks are looking low, so I turn in his arms, ready to refill them,

play the proper hostess.

Back in the room, a loud sputter followed by hard coughing has me turning

around, and I move to help my uncle. The poor man is red in the face and rubbing his

chest while he coughs and works to breathe deep.

Daddy doesn’t let me move. “Wait, Angel.”


frown and then turn my attention back to my uncle. “Uncle Domani, are you—

“You’re naked!” He chokes out the words as he places his near empty glass on

the table. “Luca, she’s, she’s…” He waves his up and down, as if encompassing me.


I look at my daddy and giggle when he simply arches a brow. “Yes, I noticed.”

He turns me around so my bare bottom is facing my uncle, my front pressed to his

cloth-covered chest, and I snuggle closer. The position is awesome. I get to pull my

daddy close and my uncle can see my ass. And I do have a pretty spectacular butt.

Luca trails a hand down my back, fingers sliding over skin and skirting the ties

of my apron. “She’s a naughty girl to be nearly naked. Aren’t you, Angel?”

Oh, my pussy clenches, arousal thrumming low in my body. “I am a naughty

girl, Daddy.”

Fuck it, if we’re going to try and get him into my bed, I might as well act like I

want it.

He palms my ass, squeezing, sliding his fingers across my crease, and I tip my

hips back, give him more access to my pink bits. Uncle Domani makes a strangled

noise, and Luca strokes me deeper, pulls my ass cheek farther to expose me to my

uncle. I lift onto the tips of my toes, aching for him to tease my heat, stroke my pretty

little hole.

“Luca…” I don’t know if he’s pleading for us to stop or keep going. I vote for

keep going.

“Daddy…” I whine, I want more. With or without Uncle Domani. I push closer,

aching for him to pet me, make me come.

“Let’s get comfortable, Angel.” He releases my ass and tugs me toward the

loveseat before he sets his glass on the coffee table and then tugs me onto his lap. I

giggle as I fall, letting my body land as it may, let him position me as he desires. By the

time he’s done fussing over me, my apron is discarded and I’m facing Uncle Domani,

my thighs draped over Luca’s, my legs spread wide and open.

I’m exposed, nothing hidden from view and growing wetter by the second.

“Guys, this is enough…Luca, she’s your daughter.” Uncle Domani holds a hand

over his eyes while he tosses back what’s left of his bourbon.

“Angel, tell your uncle why you’re being such a bad girl.” He pets me, hands

gliding over my skin from collarbone to hips, leaving goose bumps in their wake.

Those talented fingers tease the top of my bare slit, gathering moisture, but not sliding

between the lips.

My pussy is tingling, growing heavier and achy with each passing second. I

want so much. To be filled, touched, licked and fucked. Something, anything…fingers,

dick, a dildo…whatever. I wiggle my hips, rock my ass against the growing shaft

beneath me and open my thighs even wider. His palm cups my pussy, a slight pressure

that I can move against and I don’t hesitate, I hump that hand, beg for more friction.

“I said…” He slaps my pussy and I scream, arch my back at the pleasure and

pain he gives me. “Tell your uncle why you’re being such a bad girl.”

I whimper, but do as he asks. “Because I want him to fuck me, Daddy.” Daddy

goes back to stroking me and I focus my gaze on Domani. “I want you to fuck me,

Uncle Domani. Hard and deep. Daddy says I can, and you have such a big cock. Don’t

you want me, uncle?” He rubs a hand across the bulge in his slacks, and I know I’m

close to winning him over.

I’ve been pretty passive on Daddy’s lap up until now, arms at my sides and I’m

gripping Luca’s outer thighs. I move, adjust my hands so one rests on my breast, pinch

the nipple and knead the flesh. The other hand is even naughtier. I brush my daddy’s

hand out of the way and slip a finger between my lower lips, tease my hole and then

bring that digit up to circle my clit.

“Please, uncle? I just want you to play with me. If you won’t fuck me, will you

give my pussy a kiss?” I nibble my lower lip, pout, give a throaty moan.

I watch as he squeezes that nice cloth-covered cock and I know he’s close to

giving in.

Daddy adds his own two cents, nudging his brother along. “You’ve wanted her

since you laid eyes on her, Dom. I’m handing her over on a platter. My little Angel has

the sweetest pussy you’ve ever tasted.”

I seek out some of my cream, gather a bit and then bring my finger to my mouth,

lick it clean, savor the taste of my own cunt and moan. “It really is, Uncle Domani.”

He looks tormented, wanting and needing, legs spread wide while he strokes his


“Luca…” he moans.

I counter his moan with one of my own. “Please, Uncle Domani.”

That breaks the wall. He rolls to his feet and crosses the space between us in a

moment, drops to his knees before me and presses my legs even wider. “Hold her.”

His voice is no more than a growl, a demand, and my pussy grows wetter at his


Blunt fingers part my slit, slither up and down from hole to clit and back again

before he slips them between his lips, sucks them clean. “Yeah, fucking sweet cunt.”

“Lick that pussy, Dom.” Daddy rocks his hips beneath my ass, and I relish in the

feeling of being caught between the brothers.

Then that tongue is there, rubbing my little bundle of nerves and sending slivers

of pleasure radiating through my body. Uncle Domani is holding my legs wide, fingers

digging into my flesh. He circles my clit, round and round, but not giving me enough to

take me beyond a nice little buzz.

Luca whispers in my ear as his brother tastes me. “Is your uncle eating that

pussy? Is he going to fuck that little cunt of yours?”

I bring my hands to my breasts, pinch and roll my nipples, but keep my gaze

focused on Domani. “He’s eating me so good, Daddy. I want him to shove that cock in

me. Give it to me hard.”

“Cause you’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you?”

“Fuck, Daddy, I’m a whore, your whore.” Uncle is still eating me, licking and

nibbling, moaning against my pussy.

Domani releases one of my thighs, and I dig my heel into his upper back, force

him closer, but freeze when fingers are thrust into my pussy, stretch me and rub those

sensitive places inside my cunt. “Fuck, Uncle Domani!”

“Yeah, he’s spreading that hole, isn’t he, Angel?”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, he is. He flicks my clit, rapid strokes with that talented tongue

and his fingers are curled inside me, rubbing my g-spot, and I feel myself growing

wetter and wetter. My pussy is spasming, rhythmically clenching and tightening

around my Uncle Domani’s fingers, trying to pull him deeper. I want him to fucking

crawl inside me, give me that pleasure twenty-four hours a day.

Uncle lifts his mouth, fingers pumping in and out of my hole while his gaze

remains locked on mine. “You’ve got a pretty little pussy, Angelica. Gonna fuck this

hole, use you. You want to be used, sweetheart?”

He places his thumb over my clit, tiny, quick circles pushing my orgasm closer,

and I move against him, work with his fucking motion, pinch my titties and relish in the

pain. “Yeah. Want to be your cum-slut. Want to take it all. Fuck me, Uncle Domani. I’m

a bad little girl.”

Domani lifts his hand and slaps my pussy, the resounding smack echoing in the

large room. “Bad girls get spanked.” He slaps me again, palm against flesh. “You’re a

bad.” Slap. “Bad.” Smack. “Girl.”

Luca can’t be left out. “You are a nasty little slut. Letting her uncle and daddy

fuck her.”

“Fuck!” I bite my lip, writhe against the cock digging into my back, the mouth

and fingers just touching me in all the right places.

My orgasm is approaching, their words and touches driving it closer with each

passing second. Pleasure and pain are moving in harmony, easing me toward the edge.

It’s traveling, slinking along my spine and I don’t seem to have control over my body,

my limbs, my life.

The bite, the ache of his blows, is nearly overwhelming. I want to push him

away, pull him closer. I just…I want.

“Come on my hand, Angelica. Come and I’ll fuck you.”

Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. It’s there. He sucks hard on my clit and follows it with a

sharp slap, fingers pushing and rubbing on my g-spot until all I can do is arch my back

and scream. Every muscle is tense, hard, and it’s as if my whole body is holding its

breath. Waiting on the edge.

Then I’m screaming their names. Domani’s. Daddy’s. Waves of pleasure are

pouring through me, a hurricane just seeming to flow over my muscles, in my veins. I

can’t breathe, the world standing still around me.

And Uncle Domani doesn’t stop. Doesn’t quit his movements, his torment. I’m

high, body responding to every touch, unable to do anything but feel the bliss as it rolls

from head to toe and back again.

It strikes like lightning, another orgasm rushing like a freight train, demolishing

any hope of living long enough to get fucked by my two men.

“Daddy!” I scream and then devolve into sobs, begging, babbling. “Please, no,

uncle. Uncle.”

Daddy chuckles, I feel the rise and fall against my back. “Ease up, Dom, she’s

called ‘Uncle’. Let’s have dinner and give her a break.”

Thank. Fucking. God.

* * *

Dinner had never been so…interesting.

I was forced to eat in the nude.


The lasagna was a hit.


The garlic bread was delicious.

After being dipped in my cunt.

Apparently pussy juice went great with garlic bread.

Of course by the time we were done, I was ready for cock. Bread just didn’t seem

to cut it.

And I’m done waiting.

Table cleared, dishes soaking, I snag a strip of condoms I’d stashed earlier in the

day and head toward the living room—Daddy and Uncle Domani enjoying an after

dinner drink.

I don’t wait, don’t hesitate, don’t ask for permission. I simply walk over to my

uncle as he relaxes on the couch and straddle his lap, string of protection resting on the

cushion beside him.

Somehow his drink disappears and he wraps his arms around me, pulls me close

and kisses me. No, he devours me. He tangles his tongue with mine, and I savor the

taste of his bourbon, the inherent flavor of him.

His dick hardens between my legs, the ridge of his cock lines up with my

wanting pussy, and I writhe against him, take what pleasure I can from the contact.

I’ve been achy, needy, since he’d gone down on me and it’d only gotten worse during

dinner. That had all been foreplay. I’m ready for the main event.

Uncle’s hands roam, pet, tease and torment me. It feels as if he’s everywhere,

kneading my ass, stroking my back, pinching my nipples and tapping at my back hole.

All the while those lips are on mine, seducing me with his skin.

He wrenches his mouth away, lips a hairsbreadth from mine, and we share our

breath, the very essence of life. His hands are now guiding my hips, rocking back and

forth over his shaft.

Domani’s voice is soft, yet dominating when he speaks against my mouth.

“Wanna fuck you, little girl.”

“Is that what you want, Angel? Want Daddy to let your uncle fuck you? Only

dirty girls get fucked by their uncles.” Luca interrupts our play, and it’s as if another

wave of heat and pleasure are poured over me.

“Uncle Domani, I’m so naughty.” I whisper it, but I know my daddy hears,

because suddenly an open condom is shoved into my hand. I turn toward my daddy

and find him kneeling on the couch, his slacks undone and cock exposed.

“Fuck him and suck me like the dirty slut you are. We’re going to use your

holes.” God, Daddy makes me feel like such a bad girl. I fucking love it.

My cunt tightens in anticipation, more than ready. I ease back on Domani’s lap

and have him free within moments, the latex covering that thick cock I’ve been

fantasizing about. He’s cut, long and will fill me so well.

One hand on Uncle Domani’s shoulder, I rise and place his cockhead at my

opening, coat it in my juices and then ease down, little by little.

“Oh, Daddy, he’s so big. It’s too much, Daddy.” I whine, biting my lip as he

stretches me even more than Luca.

“Take that dick for Daddy, sweetheart.”

I nod, sink lower, more and more disappearing into my cunt. At some point, that

pleasure morphs and spins into pure bliss.

Domani grips my hips, helps slide me along his shaft until I’ve got him in me,

filling me, stoking those fires that had been momentarily banked during dinner.


rise and fall over his cock, find a sweet rhythm that gives us both those fan-

fucking-tastic feelings. I close my eyes, vary my movements. Rocking, circling, up and

down. It changes as I try to find that perfect pace that will give us the most pleasure. I

settle for a small rock, uncle’s thumb circling my clit, and my pussy responds, clenching

around his shaft.

A hand knotted in my hair, pulling tight against my scalp, yanks my bit of rising

joy and tosses it even higher. Daddy forces my head to turn toward his cock, slips that

shaft between my lips, and I suck him in, savor the salty flavor of his pre-cum, moan

around him.

“Suck Daddy’s cock. Fuck your uncle. Dirty slut.”

I whimper, eyes closed, doing as he demands.

The fucking, the sucking, the tweaking and teasing. It’s adding up, my arousal

feeding off of theirs. It’s good and very, very bad at the same time.

I am a very bad girl.

I hope I’ll get a nice spanking later.

Uncle Domani is making me go faster, forcing me to bounce on his dick while I

keep Daddy in my mouth. I can’t keep back my sounds, the whimpers, moans and

whines escape, muffled only by the dick I’ve got my lips wrapped around.

Then the bliss I’ve been chasing is shoved close, right against my breast and

wheedles its way deep inside me.

Uncle Domani starts demanding, growling and commanding. “Take that cock,

Angelica.” He pinches my nipple, stars bursting behind my eyes, and that’s quickly

followed by lava flows of bliss coursing through my veins. “I’m using that fucking

cunt. Take that fat cock.”

It’s there, riding the line between pleasure and pain and I can’t wait for the

lightning shards of euphoria to hit me.

Up and down, Uncle Domani is making me go faster and faster now, his breath

coming in harsh pants, grip tightening, guiding me while still giving me the touches

and shoves to orgasm I need. It’s creeping and crawling, dragging me to the edge.

Daddy is using my face, using me like his little cum-slut and I love it, love him. I

want his hot cum in my mouth. I want to swallow every drop.

They’re both growling, grunting as they use me.

“Suck that cock.”

“Take it, little girl.”

“Fucking cock whore.”

They’re giving me what I need, what I crave and can’t live without.

Another breath passes, another… My pussy is clenching around Uncle Domani’s

cock, tightening and releasing, shudders racking my body as they take their own

pleasure from me.

Daddy is the first to succumb to my talents. “Gonna fucking come. Come all over

that face.” He pulls free of my mouth and jerks his cock a few times before he’s bathing

me in his cum, spurts of his white cream showering my chest and neck with his creamy

liquid. Giving me a pretty pearl necklace.

My uncle quickly follows, slamming into me from below in a series of sharp

thrusts as he screams through his orgasm. Again and again and again. Dragging out

my release until I feel as if I’m in a constant state of coming. He seals himself against

me, tense and embedded deep in my spasming pussy, cock throbbing in my cunt.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…”

After several heartbeats, he relaxes beneath me, breathing heavy, sweat beading

his brow. “Fuck, Angel. That was one hot fuck.”

I lick my lips, taste of my daddy still lingering. He rubs his thumb over my chin.

“Yes, it was. And it’s not over yet.” He leans down, gives me a gentle kiss and then

straightens. “Go get clean, Angel and take care of the dishes.”

“Oh.” I open my eyes wide, suddenly remember the lasagna that’s probably

stuck to the pan and will need to soak. I hop off Uncle Domani’s lap, earning a moan in

response and I lean over him, give him a quick peck. “Sorry, Uncle Domani. I’ll make it

better later.”

I give Daddy a deeper kiss, lean close and slip my tongue between his lips,

gather his flavor and hold it close before I pull away. “Thank you, Daddy,” I whisper

before I dash off.

Gotta get clean and prepare for whatever surprises “later” might hold.

* * *

Once I’m done with cleaning, I find both Luca and Domani chatting in the dining

room, sipping what’s left of their wine, smiling and discussing business.

They’re definitely not fucking me.

Which is the point of tonight.


They keep talking.

“Excuse me.” I prop my hands on my hips, foot tapping on the tile.

Still sipping.

Damn it.

I cough twice. Loud and long.

Two sets of male eyes focus on me and they each have a single brow quirked.

They’re like a weird set of twins, both looking me over with a hint of displeasure at

being interrupted.

But, hello? Naked girl with several holes ready to be filled here.

“Did you need something, baby?”

I wave my hands, gesturing up and down my body. “Yeah. Perky breasts, tight

pussy and ass. Just ready for the taking here.”

The two men exchange a look before they rise in unison. They’re both still

dressed, only their jackets tossed aside, and they look so freaking hot in what’s left of

their suits. All trim and cut to form to their bodies, accentuating the lines of their


And all for me.

I’m at one end of the table and they’re at the other, each taking a different side in

an effort to get to me. The look in their eyes isn’t really lust right now, it’s a promise

with a hint of warning.

Maybe I should have let them finish talking.

I back up a step and they move forward. Then it’s one step forward and two

back, but their larger stride is still getting them closer to me.


“You better run, little girl,” Uncle Domani growls at me and I spin on my heel,

dash toward the bedroom, a scream and giggle on my lips.

“No, no, no…” I laugh and round the corner and race up the stairs, dashing

toward the master bedroom.

Luca is dogging my steps, uncle cursing and laughing right behind him. I burst

into the room out of breath, and stop when I reach the bed, crawl to the other side to

face them, smiling wide.

“No, baby, that wasn’t very nice, making the old men run like that. You’ll have

to be punished.”

I shake my head, run my tongue along my lower lip. “No, Daddy. You


Domani and Luca share a look, both men tugging at their ties. Once again, they

split their approach. Daddy heads over the bed while Uncle Domani comes around the

end. I’m stuck.


Anticipation is pounding through my veins, pussy prepping itself to be filled,

fucked hard and left exhausted. My nipples harden, tingle and I’m really starting to

enjoy this game.

Uncle Domani has his tie in his hands, Luca exactly the same. He didn’t crawl

over the bed and to my side as I’d anticipated. No, he’s waiting in the middle of the

mattress on his knees.

“Uncle Domani…” I put out a hand to stay him, trying to fight my smile, sound


“No.” He shakes his head. “Impatient little girls don’t get to make new rules,



can run into Dom’s arms or Luca’s, but I know it’ll all end in unimaginable

pleasure either way.

I dart toward Uncle Domani, pretend I’m trying to get around him, but get

caught up in his arms, large hands grabbing me and then he’s working me toward the

bed. My screams war with their grunts when I kick and fight them each step, loving

this new side to our sex life. Then my arms are above my head, silk ties holding my

wrists to the wrought-iron headboard.

And now I’m their captive.

We’re all breathing hard when they finally move away, stand on either side of

the bed, lust-filled eyes staring at my body.

“Whew.” Daddy blew out a breath. “See what I’m dealing with? I told you I

need help to keep her tamed.” He winks at me, and I giggle, open my legs and make

sure my knees are bent, enticing. I nibble my lower lip, flutter my lashes and moan.

“You are a naughty one, aren’t you?”


laugh. “Yes, Uncle Domani. Don’t naughty girls get their asses fucked? Or their

mouths?” I’ve got enough play with the silk ties I’m able to flip over onto my knees,

grip the metal bars and wiggle my behind. “I’m ready for my punishment, Uncle

Domani.” I rock my hips, hump the air, press my legs together so my little clitty gets

some attention.

“Fuck, are you sure, Luca? That is one hot ass.” I look over, find him to my right,

nude and his thick cock is hard and ready. He palms his dick, strokes it from root to tip

and a drop of pre-cum forms along the slit. He’s teasing me. I ache to taste him. I’ve got

so many holes and so few dicks.

“I want you to fuck my ass. Give it to me.”

“You heard the woman. Give her what she wants, Dom.”

I look over at Luca, smile wide. “Thank you, Daddy.”

I wiggle my ass. “Cock, please?”

Uncle Domani barks out a laugh. “Minx.” He slaps my ass, then snatches the

bottle of lube I hadn’t seen before from the bedside table. A quick squirt and he’s

pumping his dick and covering it with slick lube before he crawls onto the bed behind

me. Another squirt and the cool gel is sliding along my ass crack, blunt fingers

following in its wake.

He circles my hole, those tender nerves flaring to life beneath his touch, the sense

of forbidden coursing through me, naughty urges overflowing. My pussy tightens,

growing wet, ache increasing with each passing second.

“Fuck, yeah.” I’m so needy. I push back a little into his touch.

“She’s a little slut, isn’t she?” Dom slides one thick finger into my ass, nice

fullness sending a shudder up my spine.

“Oh, yeah. My baby is a sweet whore.” The bed dips and Daddy is next to me,

cock hard once again, hand just pumping the prick I know so well.

“Daddy.” I whimper, focus on that dick I wanna suck. “Tell him to fuck me,

Daddy. Want it.”

Like lightning, he fists my hair and pulls my head back so I’m staring into his

eyes. “You want your uncle to put his dick in you, naughty girl? Put that fat cock in

your cunt?”

I moan and push back when two fingers shove past the ring of muscles of my

hole. “Yeah, yeah, yeah…”

“Suck my cock like a good girl and maybe you’ll get what you want.” He points

the head of his prick toward my mouth, and I open eagerly, swallow each inch he feeds

into me.

“Maybe?” Uncle Domani pushes another finger into me, adding a hint of pain to

my arousal. He’s playing my ass like a pro, working in and out, scissoring and

stretching me.

Daddy’s cock tastes so good, salty and sweet, familiar ridges and lines feeling

like home. I swallow around him, suck him down, take it as he fucks my face. I can’t

move, just moan around Luca’s cock.

A fourth finger nearly rips my ass in half and I scream, a lot of pleasure and a bit

more pain slamming through me. Uncle Dom quickly soothes the ache by reaching

around and tapping my pussy, tingles of lightning spreading from that sweet clit. The

scream shifts to a moan and he keeps it up. Smacking and fucking my pussy and ass,

giving and prepping me for that fat cock of his.

“She’s got a hungry little ass here, Luca.”

I push back against his hand while he works me over.

“Well, feed her then, bro. I’m a bit busy here.”

I giggle around my daddy’s cock, and he pulls it from my mouth and I whimper

and pout. “Daddy…”

He taps my cheeks with his dick, once on each side. “You are a naughty girl. Be

good or no dick for you, missy.”

“I promise.” I stick my lower lip out, and he gives me what I want, returns that

cock to mouth, and while I spoke with Luca, Dom had been busy. His dick is poised at

my asshole, looking for entrance and I inch away for a bit, out of his reach, and lock

gazes with Luca.

He cups my cheek. “He’s covered, baby. I’ll always take care of my little girl.”

I sigh and relax, get back into my men, Uncle Dom’s cock nudging my ass, the

prick sliding in and out of my mouth. I embrace it, cuddle the pleasure close and

nurture it.

That thick, fat cock eases into me, slowly but surely I get inch after inch. The

burn is overwhelming, almost shoving my arousal away, but it’s too good to be bad. It’s

too much of both and then pleasure wins out, gains momentum and surrounds me. I’m

lost on that wave while Uncle Domani seats himself fully, his balls resting against my


“Oh, fuck. Sweet little ass.” He spanks me and I moan, work back against him,

meet his every thrust. “Tight and hot.”

“Yeah.” Daddy cups my cheek, pets me. “She’s got the perfect little body. Made

for fucking.” I close my eyes, revel in his praise. “You’re a dirty girl, though, getting

fucked by your daddy and uncle.”

I increase my suction, work with Uncle Domani as he fucks me, take and give

and take some more. My pussy is creaming, aching and needing with every passing

second. I need to be fucked harder, need my face and ass fucked hard. Used.

I whimper, moan, move back and forth, stare into my daddy’s eyes, just begging

with my look. One or the other or both, damn it.

“Oh, that what you want, little slut?” He quirks a brow, reading me like a book.

He slips his dick from me, string of saliva connecting my mouth to the head of

his prick. “Daddy…”

“Change of plans, bro. We’ve got a very needy girl.”

“I don’t think I can let this ass go, man.” He pushes into me and we both moan as

he presses hard against my hips.

“Fuck, Daddy. Need it. So bad.”

Luca strokes a hand down my back. “Shh…I’ve got you.”

I’m lost in the pleasure for a moment and then it’s gone, ass empty, holes just

dying for something. The ties disappear and Luca gets beneath me. I sit up, spear

myself on his prick, sigh at having him inside me with nothing between us. “Oh,

Daddy. So good.”

I pick up my usual pace, completely forgetting there’s another man, another

cock, in the room. Well, at least until work-rough hands are stroking my back, pressing

me down toward Luca’s chest until we’re resting on top of one another.

“Luca?” I know my eyes are wide.

“Oh, little one. You’re about to get something you’ve been dying for.” He thrusts

up into me, pushing deeper. “Gonna get fucked by your daddy and uncle, cause you’re

such a naughty slut, aren’t you?”

The bed shifts behind me, Dom’s cock poised at my ass once again and pushing

forward until I’m filled in both holes, stuffed and bursting with pleasure inducing dick.

Both men are breathing hard, panting and holding still with me caught between them.

I’m skewered.

And loving it.

“She’s so tight, Luca.”

“Fucking wet and hot.”

“Oh, yeah, little whore, right?”

I whimper, pussy and ass clenching, drawing a moan from both of them. It’s so

good, just having them in me and feeling that stretch. “I am. Your cum-slut, Daddy. So


They start moving then, alternating thrusts, in and out of my cunt and ass. It

starts slow, just learning the rhythm and working together. Slowly but surely they

increase their pace, grunting and groaning, fucking me harder and harder.

“Yeah, fuck my ass, my pussy. Give it to me.”

It’s more then, tightening of muscles I didn’t know I had, clit throbbing, and my

pleasure is growing with every breath, pushing through me like the wind of a tornado,

enveloping me in slices of lightning and all I can do is gasp and moan.

“Take it. Take that fucking dick.” Uncle Domani is pounding in me along with

my daddy, just overwhelming my senses.

I don’t even know what I’m feeling, somewhere between pleasure and pain and

things I’ve never felt before, but I love every second. It’s screaming through me, nerves

screaming to the heavens and dancing with every thrust.

“Daddy…” I whimper. “Uncle Domani…”

Uncle Domani slams harder, pushing deep. “Sweet ass. Dirty slut.”

“Wanna come…please.”

As if my words were a challenge, they fuck me in earnest, pumping in and out of

my holes, leaving me panting and screaming, harder and higher I climb. Different

muscles twitch and tense, the pleasurable release permeating my entire body. I can’t

breathe, can’t think past the next shudder coursing through me. Lava is building in my

veins, shifting and moving toward my pussy, my ass. We’re all connected and working

toward the same end, searching for our own release.

I’m grunting and groaning, the men echoing me with every move, cursing and

praising and moving with each other.

“So good.” My nipples are rubbing against Luca’s chest and I just slump against

him, not trying to help, but simply taking what they’re handing out.

They push and pull at my body as they wish, seeming to drag even more

pleasure from me. “Fuckfuckfuckfuck…”

My cunt is so tight, my ass following its lead, squeezing and milking and

shooting the ecstasy even closer to that edge. The way their bodies move against me so

that somehow someone is rubbing against my nerve-filled clit.

Hands grip my hips, hold me as if I’m just a hole to be fucked. Harder and

harder, faster and faster. “Gimmegimmegimme…”

“Come on, little slut. Come on our cocks. Give it to Daddy.”

It’s there, right there within reach and his words shove me over that edge so I

can clasp the pleasure, bathe in it. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, or

dancing or dying. It’s all too much and not enough. I know I’m screaming and yelling,

no, I’m out of my mind with the bliss, but I can’t think. The world could end and I

wouldn’t know.

I’m boneless, wrung out and ready to just die on the spot as a happy girl. Uncle

Domani roars, stays flush against my ass before he’s gone and I whimper at the loss.

But Daddy rolls me to my back, looms over me, his passion-filled gaze just boring into


He rolls his hips, thrusts into me gently, an inch in, an inch out, nice and easy.


sigh, reach up and stroke his face. “Daddy…”

He kisses my palm. “That’s right, baby girl. Just you and me. You know what I

want now.”

I shake my head. I just came like a nuclear explosion. I can’t do it again. “No…”

He nods. “Yes, baby. Come on Daddy’s cock. Nice and easy.”

I groan, but rock my hips with him, just as he says. Nice and easy, tiny

aftershocks are slipping along my spine, taking control of my body as I lie passive

beneath him.

I still haven’t caught my breath, still haven’t come down off the high of being

with both my daddy and Uncle Domani. I was filled with them, given the dream of two

men together handed on a platter, and now my daddy just wants one tiny orgasm.

I whimper, the pleasure climbing a step higher. Closer to me, but not quite

within reach. My pussy clenches around Daddy’s cock, milking him the tiniest bit.

“That’s my girl. You know you wanna make me happy, sweetheart.”

I nod, move a little more, harder and taking him deeper, embracing his dick in

my cunt. The slivers of joy slipping along my spine dance around my pussy, plucking

at the pleasure strings, giving me more.

“Yeah.” I sigh and he leans down, captures my lips in a scorching kiss.

Our tongues tangle, tasting and stroking and touching each other, connected and

exploring. I moan and gasp into his mouth as he presses deeper into my pussy. Our

tongues retreat, lips barely touching as we breathe into each other, share that last bit of


My release is there now, pouring through me, massaging me from head to toe,

and it’s strong and sweet at the same time. Earth-shattering and the gentlest connection

with pleasure I’ve ever had.

The look of joy on Luca’s face simply makes it all the better, just pure and more

powerful with that expression that it raises my arousal higher. I keep coming, on and

on as he freezes deep in my pussy, cock pulsing and throbbing in my heat and just

dragging out my orgasm more and more.

I’m huffing and puffing, sighing his name while his body jerks above me, my

name on his lips. It’s so pretty, as if time stops in this very moment.

His cum fills me, and I relish in the additional wetness between my legs, the

proof of his desire for me. It’s all there, the touch, the flavor, the scent. Perfection in a

single package. One man. My daddy.

But seriously? Fucking Uncle Domani was pretty damn good too.

I’m exhausted, and it seems Luca is as well. He slumps to the side, trail of cum

left in the wake of his withdrawal. I snuggle up to him, flop across his chest and listen

to the beat of his heart and I inch toward slumber.

I realize we’re missing a body and I raise my head to look around the room.

Uncle Domani is sitting in a chair, just putting on his socks and shoes when I spy him.


“Go back to sleep, Angel.” He winks. “But thank you for letting me join you


He rises, shaking his head and chuckling. “I’m sure it was. Remind Luca we

have my son’s college graduation in a few weeks, ‘kay? I’m gonna head out.”

Hmm…I have a cousin…

Well, ex-stepcousin.


About the Author:

Gia Blue writes smut because she's been cursed with an unbelievably dirty mind.

Every erotic thought has her putting pen to paper and then releasing the stories to all of

the naughty people in the world. A self-proclaimed whore, nympho and ex-stripper

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