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Implementing ISO 9001:2008 in Education Using ISO IWA-2 (1 Day)

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Personnel responsible for developing, implementing and improving quality management system or pursuing ISO 9001 certification in private or public sector organizations, e.g. State and local agencies, e.g. Regional Education Service C enters School districts, K-12 schools, Teacher training centers Vocational/technical schools/colleges The educational management (directors, managers, principals, supervisors, department heads) responsible to lead or support programs to improve quality of teaching and learning Educationists involved in teaching, assessment and evaluation of students, course design or curriculum development Trainers in non-educational organizations Quality professionals servicing educational institutions

C hallenges in implementing generic ISO 9001 model in education Baldridge and ISO solutions for education sector; a comparative study Relationship of ISO 9001 with ISO IWA-2:2007 Eight quality management system core (generic) principles; four additional education specific principles Process and system approach to quality management with particular reference to education C ore and sub-processes in educational institutions Equivalents of ISO 9001 Terms and Definitions for direct application in education field C lause by clause explanation of ISO 9001 for implementation in educational institutions using ISO IWA-2 guidelines Quality tools, measures and records used in educational processes Developing Process (Turtle) diagrams for effective implementation of educational processes Self assessment for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and IWA-2:2007 C ertification options

Upon successful completion, delegates will have been provided with: An overview of difficulties in application of generic quality management models in education and initiatives from Baldridge Awards and ISO Understanding of how to use ISO/IWA-2 for application of ISO 9001 standard in education or training A review of the eight quality management system core (generic) principles and an understanding of the four additional principles specific to educational / training institutions An understanding and explanation of IWA-2's design objectives of achieving or improving effectiveness of the delivery and continual improvement of education An understanding of the education equivalents of the terms and definitions used in ISO 9001 Examples of over 200 explanatory points included in ISO IWA-2 for implementing ISO 9001 requirements in education Understanding of the process and system approach A review of the four major educational processes (education design, curriculum development, education development and assessment of learning) and associated sub-processes Ability to differentiate between similar processes; example, delivery of education VS. delivery of instruction Ability to develop list of processes, measures, records and tools applicable to participants own area of work Examples of processes (50+), measures (25+), records (70+) and analysis tools (20+) found in a typical educational institution Ability to develop Process (Turtle) diagrams for effective implementation Process (Turtle) diagrams for the four core educational processes Self assessment questionnaire and overview of internal auditing Information about ABS Quality Evaluations certification to ISO 9001:2008 with ISO / IWA-2: 2007




Implementing ISO 9001:2008 in Education Using ISO IWA-2 (1 Day)


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