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We changed with the times and created history along the way...

The #1 provider of integrated business, technology and process solutions on a global delivery platform.

That is Wipro for us. Every initiative, every partnership and above all project execution levels of Wipro are built around being the best. In Wipro the best has been achieved from the start and a continuous evolution is takes place, making Wipro an obvious technology partner for growing, established and nascent businesses.

WIPRO is the first CMMi Level 5 certified software services company and the first outside USA to receive the IEEE Software Process Award. There are 55+ Centers of Excellence that create customized solutions, no matter the domain involved.

The India and Middle East IT business unit of Wipro Limited is one of the fastest growing companies in the Middle East, offering a 360 degree service portfolio spanning the entire IT life cycle. It includes Consulting, Business Solutions, System Integration, Infrastructure and Application Management and Total Outsourcing services where Wipro services all IT needs of a customer, end-to-end.

Headquarters: Bengaluru Area, India Industry: Information Technology and Services Type: Public Company Status: Operating

Company Size: 100,000 employees Revenue: $4,200,000,000 (2008) Founded: 1945 Website: http://www.wipro.com

Probability: It is a measure of how likely it is that some event will occur. It is a number expressing the ratio of favorable cases to the whole number of cases possible. It is denoted by p. Standard deviation: A measure of the dispersion of a set of data from its mean. The more spread apart the data, the higher the deviation. Standard deviation is calculated as the square root of variance. Normal Distribution: The normal distribution refers to a family of continuous probability distributions described by the normal equation. In normal dist. mean, median and mode are equal. The graph of the normal distribution depends on two factors - the mean and the standard deviation. The mean of the distribution determines the location of the center of the graph, and the standard deviation determines the height and width of the graph. When the standard deviation is large, the curve is short and wide; when the standard deviation is small, the curve is tall and narrow.

6/30/2010 6/29/2010 6/28/2010 6/25/2010 6/24/2010 6/23/2010 6/22/2010 6/21/2010 6/18/2010 6/17/2010 6/16/2010 6/15/2010 6/14/2010 6/11/2010 6/10/2010 6/9/2010 6/8/2010 6/7/2010 6/4/2010 6/3/2010 6/2/2010 6/1/2010

Adj Close


probability group 12 0.363927 less 12.05 0.4070836 less 12.62 0.7637845 constant 12.6 0.7623339 constant 12.64 0.7641158 constant 12.9 0.6723717 greater 12.99 0.6071354 greater 13.46 0.219853 greater 13.25 0.3825971 greater 13.33 0.3157667 greater 13.51 0.1881429 greater 13.31 0.3320215 greater 12.76 0.7428565 constant 12.3 0.6212697 less 12.31 0.6288581 less 11.78 0.1993181 less 12.05 0.4070836 less 11.99 0.3554695 less 12.29 0.6135477 less 12.9 0.6723717 greater 12.64 0.7641158 constant 12.31 0.6288581 less 277.99

Question 1 and 2

mean variance Std Dev ul ll

Question 3

12.6359091 0.27256818 0.52208063 0.5 0.26104031 12.8969494 12.3748688

probability of greater then ul probability of less then ll probablility of constant

Question 4 Part1

0.363636 0.409091 0.227273

probability if previous day closing is high probability if geeting high in next day probability of getting low probability of getting constant

0.653493 0.127652 0.218855

probability if previous day closing is low probability if geeting high in next day probability of getting low probability of getting constant
Question 5

0.684157 0.251463 0.064379

probability that previous day closing was constant 0.149882 probability that previous day closing was high 0.10577 probability that previous day closing was low 0.560896


The mean of the closing points is 12.635, the variance is 0.27256818 and the standard deviation is 0.52208063. The minimum and maximum values are 11.78 and 13.51 respectively. From this range we can say that the data is volatile. There is high volatility but the range is very low.

The number of values going up are 8, going down are 9 and the number of values which remain steady are 5. There are only 5 which is steady and most of them are either going up or going down from the constant one which is +-0.5 of S.D. The closing values were more in the beginning and less in the end. From more is decreased then it was highest in between and then again it decreased.