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More Antifascist News

BNP Stall Attacked in Kendal The BNP got more than they bargained for when they turned up to do a street-stall in Kendal recently. They were confronted almost immediately by antifascists, and after they refused to pack up and piss off, the racist propaganda on the stall was soaked. The stall was then kicked over and one of the scum was engaged in a sharp exchange of views by a young antifascist. The Wellie Goes in in Welling Two German neo-Nazis recently failed to attend a Blub & Dishonour gig at Welling in London, on account of being hospitalized. They were part of a gang who were en route to the gig when they apparently bumped into a group of antifascists. Typically, the other Nazis legged it, leaving their comrades to get a pasting. East London BNP Launch Scuppered It is typical of the BNP that when they tried to hold a meeting in Tower Hamlets to re-launch their East London branch, they hid under a false name and lied to a local vicar to book a space in his church. They were tracked down by Antifa though, the vicar was informed and the fascists forced to leave. As the cops attempted to escort them to safety, one BNP group were physically attacked. Another group, who were shaking in their boots, were told very firmly that their presence in East London was not welcome, nor would it be tolerated. Devil Bitch Tattoos in Barnsley Its indicative of the betrayal of the working-class by New Labour that the BNP are trying to organise in a one-time Labour stronghold like Barnsley. Of course there is resistance, street-stalls in the city-centre have twice been attacked by local antifascists. Some local businesses though are openly supporting the BNP, like Devil Bitch Tattoos on Wellington Street. Antifa are not religious, but in this case, we feel an exorcism is overdue.

No Pasaran!
Issue 3 MayDay 2009 Free/Donation

While most of us are struggling with the effects of the current crisis in capitalism, the British National Party are busy making hay. They see the bosses recession as a political windfall, and just as Hitler used Germany's economic problems to scapegoat the Jews, they are scapegoating 'immigrants' and asylumseekers. The BNP were smashed off the streets by militant antifascists in the past, but now they are beginning to crawl back out of the sewers to spread their racist poison in our communities. It is time to stand and fight. Antifa is committed to confronting fascism wherever it appears, but we cannot be everywhere. If the BNP are to be defeated, whole communities must unite against them, and all autonomous antifascists must organize to defend their communities and help stop the rise of the BNP. Despite what the middle-class Left tell us, this will take more than petitions or appeals to politicians, it will take direct action. Throughout the country the BNP are holding meetings, papersales, and street stalls on a regular basis. Whenever they come out onto the streets we have to be there to confront them. Now is the time to stop the BNP. Now is the time to act. By any means necessary.

BNP Confronted in Cambs Fifteen BNP activists recently descended on the small Cambridgeshire market town of St Neots. Their attempt to hand out leaflets was however prevented by four antifascists who confronted them and relieved them of their entire stock of leaflets. It seems the fascists thought they were outnumbered and declined to make an issue of it. We understand that the leaflets were subsequently burned, though a few were also put to good use clearing up dogshit in local parks.

Regular news updates are published on the Antifa England website. You can also download No Pasaran! (and other antifascist resources) as a PDF there to allow you to print further copies.



We have groups and contacts all across the country so if you want to get involved get in touch with us and we'll pass your details on to your nearest group. All current Antifa England groups are listed below. If you are unsure which is your local group, or you do not appear to have one, please contact the national address. We also welcome hearing from established antifascist groups who agree with our Founding Statement see Antifa website) and are interested in federating with us. Please beware of bogus 'Antifa' groups, who are not listed below, they could well be fascists or state operatives, or simply people who are attempting to use our reputation for their own ends - either way they are a security risk and should not be trusted. Antifa, PO Box 467, London, E8 3QX. Email: info@antifa.org.uk Phone: 07880697831 Bedford: bedfordshireantifascists@hotmail. co.uk Bristol: antifabristol@safe-mail.net Cumbria: antifacumbria@safe-mail.net Gloucester: gloucester@antifa.org.uk London: antifalondon@mail.com Norfolk: norwichandnorfolk@antifa.org.uk Nottingham: Nottingham@antifa.org.uk South Yorkshire: deadnazi161@yahoo.co.uk West Yorkshire: The635Group@mail.com

Long gone are the days when Kevin Watmough, the BPPs Kleinfuhrer, could top-up his sickness benefit moonlighting as a Ken Dodd impersonator. The years of glue-sniffing and drinking White Lightning round at Eddy Morrisons have certainly taken their toll. Its hard to believe that the decrepit and increasingly reclusive creature last spotted hiding behind 200 cops in Leeds is Combat 18s Top Boy, the Mastermind of Redwatch, and the supposed leader of a national fascist party! Watmough performance when faced with antifascists in Pudsey (West Yorkshire) a few years ago. Not that White or any of the other Fash there that day put up a better show. You can watch the fun on the Antifa website (Watmough is in the lightcoloured sweatshirt.) The BPPs on-off London organiser Eddie Stampton is hitting the bottle again, as well as threatening to hit some of his comrades with one (well it was a glass actually!) Stampton threatened to glass the afore-mentioned Wigless Mike and Tony White at the National Fronts thinlyattended London Remembrance Day shindig. Days later the NF apparently issued a statement proscribing Stampton from all their future activities. It then turned out that not only was this statement, issued by Tony White as Yorkshire NF Organizer, bogus, but that White has not even been a member of the NF for several years, let alone Yorkshire Organizer! The acrimony between all parties concerned continues. Stampton & Co have posted White Lies, the old BNP expose of Tony White as an informer, on the internet, and set up a blog under the same name. White has attempted to split the NF by setting up a breakaway faction, which has managed to achieve the unlikely distinction of being even smaller than the real NF. Wigless Mike is getting death threats from his fascist pals. And just when you thought it couldnt get any funnier, McDermody and Watmough, along with a few other BPP cronies, get locked up for having some paramilitary badges! Twelve whole hours in a police cell! McDermody could be heard wailing halfway across the country, and we expect to see the absolutely wretched experience compared to the Battle of Agincourt (or Stalingrad) on her stupid blog shortly. Fascists eh? You dont know whether to laugh or kick the shit out of them (only kidding!)

Antifa is a national federation comprised of local groups of militant antifascists, affiliated to the international Antifa movement. We exist to confront fascist ideas, activities and organisations wherever and however they occur. We utilise a wide range of tactics and believe it is important to confront fascism physically as well as ideologically. We do not advocate the electoral process as the means of defeating fascism nor will we work with groups that do. Our structure is anti-authoritarian and non hierarchical. We oppose discrimination based on race, gender, sexuality, ability or age. We will not work with, accept information from, nor pass information to the magazine Searchlight.

Why No Pasaran!?
No Pasaran! was the battle cry of Spanish and Catalan antifascists, who rose up to defend their revolution against General Francos fascist Falange. While the antifascists were eventually defeated in the Spanish Civil War, No Pasaran! (roughly translated as They shall not pass!) has remained as a rallying cry for militant antifascists internationally. It is also a message to fascists, that while they may have won that particular battle, 70 years later, we are still here to oppose and confront them, and always will be. No Pasaran!

Watmough holding his own caption in 1990. His days as a Ken Dodd impersonator are now long gone.


Some of Watmoughs supposed fascist comrades clearly dont take him very seriously either. Since she fell out with her former groupie Wigan Mike (AKA Simply The Vest), Watmoughs other half, Monstrous Kate McDermody, has had to threaten to call the cops if he goes anywhere near Little Kev! Meanwhile, fascist nut-case and police informer Tony White has been dusting off his old videos, posting up footage of a particularly cowardly


Antifa have long been used to the pseudo -antifascist organisation Searchlight actively harming the fight against the BNP, but this is taking the piss. Searchlight's latest genius scheme to stop the BNP in their tracks is to demand that Nick Griffin apologises for denying the Holocaust. They've even got a petition set up! Apparently if enough antifascists sign it then Griffin will sit up and take notice! If Griffin does seize this opportunity and apologise then Searchlight have handed the BNP a major publicity coup to raise their national profile and bolster claims that they've left all that nasty fascist stuff in the past. It's not impossible that he could either, Griffin's 'modernisation' strategy has involved the ditching of what have previously been core fascist positions like compulsory repatriation from the very beginning. The strategy of Searchlight is still stuck firmly in the 'BNP = nasty Nazis' approach that has been completely ineffective in the last few years. Do they really think people vote BNP or not depending on their opinion about the Holocaust? Moreover, where will the names and details of the gullible anti-racists who sign this petition actually end up? Not only potentially with the BNP, but with Searchlights allies in Special Branch and MI5. Stay well clear.


The BNP arent welcome many places, few pub landlords want the racist scum using their premises for meetings, and most other venues feel the same way. They usually book events under false names, and even then theyre often cancelled at the last minute. So it was when the BNP tried to hold a meeting in Wigan recently, the venue was shifted several times and they were certainly made very unwelcome. One group of fascists could hardly have picked a worse place to pull up than the Ellesmere pub in St Helens Road, Leigh though. When a BNP contingent from Liverpool arrived at what they thought was the meeting venue, towing a large A frame trailer displaying racist propaganda, they were ambushed by local antifascists Both the landrover in which the BNP arrived, and their trailer, came under a sustained attack, with every window in the vehicle smashed and every panel damaged. The trailer was wrecked and overturned. Finally the antifascist message was well and truly hammered home with the BNP getting a serious beating. BNP organizer Tony Ward was apparently hit with a claw hammer. We think the BNP will think twice before trying to spread their racist poison in Wigan again.

Dont give them your name Pike!


Following on from last years successful hacking of the neo-Nazi internet forum bloodandhonour.com, the online publication of the BNPs so-called security manual and later their entire membership list, the forum of another Blub & Dishonour faction, bloodandhonour.org, has now been hacked. Details of the latest fascist security breach can be found at: http:// w i k i l e a k s . o r g / w i k i / Blood_and_Honour_international_NeoNazi_network_messages_and_password s%2C_Mar_2009. And these people reckon they are the Master Race?!

BNP activist Tony Ward Well and truly hammered


The online publication of the BNPs entire membership list, complete with their home addresses, phone numbers, and personal details, certainly came as a windfall for antifascists. It is hard to imagine a better demonstration of just how incompetent BNP Security are. We have heard numerous reports, from all over the country, of the list being put to good use by antifascists. BNP members have been forced to change their phone numbers, redecorate, or call in glaziers. Others have had to move altogether or lost their jobs, nobody wants these scum for neighbours or workmates. Most recently, on the 20th April, 2 BNP activists in Gloucestershire found they could not get to work in their van as the locks had been glued and the van had been given a new paint job. The same night in Leeds, the homes of a number of BNP activists were attacked, with locks glued and the words BNP Scum spray-painted. A statement on Indymedia said: Last night a few of us got together to target some prominent local BNP activists. We were armed with spray paint, hard-setting glue, and a few other things. But most of all we were armed with the will to let these scum know we have had enough of them in our communities. If they could get out of their front doors this morning they'll see the words BNP SCUM sprayed large on their properties, and their neighbours will now know exactly who they are. One or 2 BNP will certainly have woken up to a shock in the night though! We will be going out again.

As the last issue of No Pasaran! went to press the neo-Nazis of the British Peoples Party were busy threatening Racial Holy War in Leeds. Kate The State McDermody, as she has since become known, was boasting that the BPP were going to reclaim the streets and start a riot. The laughable oaf was even quoting from (Shakespeares) Henry Vs Agincourt speech to try and drum up support for her demo against black rap music. This was the day they were going to smash the Reds the BPPs pot-bellied Gruppenfuhrer told us. The reality of course was very different! As the day for the BPPs demo got closer, and the reality of street politics began to sink in to the empty heads of the Nazi numbskulls, the fascists found every excuse NOT to be there. The Racial Volunteer Force, the British Freedom Fighters, the National Front, and every other rag-tag fascist outfit who had previously been giving it large went quiet and fell by the wayside. Ever more desperate for police protection, McDermody grovelled to the cops and conceded to their every demand. Meanwhile, Antifas call for a mobilisation, and the hard work put into publicising a counter demo was paying dividends. Eventually 700 antifascists came out onto the streets of Leeds to oppose the BPP scum. Protected by more than 200 police, the cowardly BPP hid unwanted in a city centre pub. It took the cops more than 2 hours to clear a large part of the central shopping area of Leeds as antifascist demonstrators occupied the space assigned for the BPPs demo. And then the fascists came - What a freak-show! - A ramshackle, slackshouldered bunch of non-entities sloped out of their hiding place, huddling together for protection, cowering behind the massed ranks of the police, a good 100 metres from the nearest demonstrator or member of the public. The cowardly fascist rabble - all 11 of them (including 2 children) - were escorted into a tiny sheep -pen enclosure. Here to the laughs and jeers of antifascists and passers-by, the BPP held their pitiful excuse for a demo. Not one fascist leaflet was given out, not one fascist placard could be seen, not one fascist shout could be heard.


Given the BNP's longstanding antipathy to Irish republicanism, and to the IRA in particular, it is surprising to see them selling a CD (Cu Chulainn - Over an Hour of Irish Folk) featuring 'Back Home in Derry', by Bobby Sands. The CD also includes 'The Fields of Athenry', 'The Foggy Dew', about the Easter Rising, and 'Only Our Rivers Run Free'. Another CD, A Feast of Irish Folk, includes 'Grace', about the marriage immediately before execution of Joseph Plunkett, after the Easter Rising, and 'Gallipoli', lamenting the death of an Irishman fighting for England. Hardly the sort of ballads you'd associate with the BNP! Curiously, the BNP don't stock CDs of loyalist music - there's not a rendition of 'The Sash' or 'The Famine Song' to be bought. We wonder what BNP supporters, more associated with chants of 'no surrender to the IRA' than singing 'The Soldier's Song', will make of this. Excalibur manager Arthur Kemp may face some awkward questions in the weeks ahead.


Despite what the BNP may have said at the time, Antifas mobilisation against last years Red, White, & Blue scumfest, has certainly had Griffin and co worried. The mere threat of militant opposition caused the BNP to lose its application for a booze and entertainment licence, and led to a reduced attendance at the event. There were serious clashes as more than a hundred militant antifascists blocked roads leading to the RWB site, and fought with cops protecting the BNP. This year the BNP think they will be safer trying to hold the event in Essex. Well see! Despite living far away at 6 The Spinney, Burnley, the organizer of the RWB, David Shapcott, is already having problems. Local antifascists have flyposted the normally quiet cul-de-sac where he lives and set off a dozen personal attack alarms in the early hours of the morning. Further home visits have been promised. Nor has scumbag BNP farmer Alan Warner of The Bungalow, CodnorDenby Lane, Codnor in Derbyshire, who hosted the 2007 and 2008 fascist gatherings, been forgiven either. Warner must have got a sense of dj vu recently when once again he woke up to find his farm gates chained shut and the words Racist BNP Scum spray-painted on his front wall. We suspect that this wont be the last time Warner has to reach for the white-wash.

Behead Those Who Insult Hip-Hop! Anti-racists laugh at the pathetic BPP

It wasnt long before the BPP cowards began to worry about escaping. A maintenance door in a shopping precinct was opened for them, and they were run through to a couple of taxis (driven by Asian taxi drivers) and driven out of Leeds city centre with a police escort. The BPPs planned National Congress was subsequently abandoned. The BPP are yet to recover from their pathetic attempt to reclaim the streets of Leeds, their leadership are ostracized and in hiding, their organization is in tatters, what little reputation they ever had is in ruins. Kate The State has certainly done a great job for them. And once again - Antifascists are left laughing at the pitiful joke that are now known in Yorkshire as the Brown Pants Party.

Alan Warner, an orrible little man, lets go of his panic button to join BNP Security at the entrance to the RWB