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By Mr. Earle

Newsletter Date Volume 1, Issue 1

January 2013

The RHS Latin Honor Society http://rhslatin.doodlekit.com

Officers: Noah Grant et Jestin Johnson (co-Augusti), Mariah Thornton (Caesar), Alexis Weston (Censor), and Sean Reilly (Centurion)

Regional Latin Forum 3 Annual LotR Marathon State Latin Forum in Orlando

February 2 March 2


Well, putting your project off isnt an option any longerRegional Latin Forum is upon you. This year we have 48 students participating, which is a new RHS record, and something to be proud of. With an overall number of 62 members in the LHS, thats a good representation for Robinson. Compared to States, Regionals is all about the numbers. We have been doing really well the past few years, and thats with an average of 20-25 members in attendance; with 48, we can dominate. Besides numbers, its also the categories that bring about the most points. This time around we have some students doing costumes, and others hold on to your togasare in Dramatic Interpretation! Most importantly, make sure you have fun and enjoy the event! Included with this edition is the full-page flyer that will be going up all over campus this week, advertising the upcoming movie event. Each time the LHS hosts a movie event, we get better and better. The dining and prize tables were a great edition, and this event will prove no less. Of note, this year we will have a new Report to the front of Tampa Preparatory School by 8AM, near the drop-off. projector, brighter and with a greater sharpness than ever before, with the ability for us to now show the movies in the beauty of HDMI Blu-Ray. Tickets are $25 per person from Mr. Earle.

April 11 -13



3rd Annual Lord of the Rings Movie and Food Marathon

Bona Fortuna omnibus!

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The Forum

Regionals Schedule
By Jestin Johnson

8:15 -- 9:00 : 9:00 -- 9:30 : 9:45 -- 11:15 : 11:00 : 11:30--1:00 12:00 : 12:00 : 2:00 : School and Project Registration (Main Courtyard) Opening assembly (Gym) Testing Creative Contest Judging Lunch Olympics Certamen Awards Assembly

With the fiasco of last years State Forum Catapult contest, and with my heated discussions, the running of both Regional and State Forum Catapult contests has been placed in my hands. What that means for us: 1. The rules have been made clear and concise. 2. The event needs to run smoothvery smooth, in fact. 3. We need two teams; one for running our own catapult, and another to help others and the event

Mr. Julius Caesar

The fourth of five quizzes will be on February 14th, this time on the Emperors Tiberius and Caligula. There seems to be a battle going on between Nick Grant and Mary Johnson for 1st place, while all the other participants are following close behind. Remember, you only need to be in the final top three to get to the final event! Books can be found in our ever-expanding Classics Collection in the Media Center. -Mr. Earle

run smoothly. If you want to help out, as this will be during the Olympica events, please see Centurion Sean Reilly or myself.


--by Noah Grant

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The Forum3

Reminder: Italy and Croatia for 2014

By Guy Earle Just a quick reminder to all those interested in summer travel with me for 2014 to Italy and Croatia (ancient Illyricum), that the tour is up for booking. The tour is once again through Explorica Travel, who worked very well on our last trip. The trip is over a year away, which seems like forever, but its not. You need to reserve and lock in your price with a $99 deposit per person. The total fee, which includes everything except lunches, is $3,922.00 for the 13 day event, which starts in Rome, goes to Croatia and finishes in Venice. If you plan on going, you really should sign up by the end of this school year, so Explorica can start reserving the space. Full payment isnt due until 90 days prior to departure, however. Call 1-888-310-7120 to reserve one of the spots, which are limited, and have them look up my tour by its name Italy and Croatia or by my name.

Tampa Preparatory School 727 West Cass Street Tampa, FL 33606 (813) 251-8481
Directions: Go to Kennedy Blvd and drive like youre going to downtown. North Street is just before UT and the Hillsborough River. Tampa Prep will be on your right. We will meet at the drop-off on the upper left of the parking lot. You have to arrange your own transportation to the school by 8 oclock.

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The Forum

Fishbourne Roman Palace pottery 'was toilet paper'

Pottery pieces once thought to be gaming pieces at a Roman site in West Sussex, England, are now believed to have been used as toilet "paper".
The objects have been in the Fishbourne Roman Palace collection since the 1960s but curator Dr Rob Symmons said their definition never seemed satisfactory. A breakthrough came when a French expert examined similar items and found partially-mineralized excrement.

"We always categorised them as gaming pieces," he said. "I was never particularly keen on that definition, but it's what we called them and it's what they are on our catalogue as at the moment. "But now we think they are toilet paper.

Greek proverb
Dr Symmons said Charlier not only found a "residue" on similar pieces, but also said the items were often found near latrines. The anthropologist also cited an ancient Greek proverb which said "three stones are enough to wipe one's arse". And he found an image on a Greek cup of one of the stones apparently being used. He said it was well-known that Romans used sponges on sticks dipped in vinegar as an alternative to toilet paper, but this new theory had come as a revelation.