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Four Temperaments: Take the Test & Discover your Termperament

By capalynn

Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic, Phlegmatic

Some people would rather not be "put in a box." Get over your insecurities and come to terms with the fact that you have a personality, and it is likely not an assortment of every recognizable temperament. None of the several temperaments that exist in the world today were ever meant to confine or restrict us from behaving out of character. They were developed in order to help us understand why we behave, communicate the way we do as individuals interacting with individuals, and how we perceive, and process information in a global world that is rapidly changing. This is one of many helpful tools that pinpoint four temperaments to help us understand ourselves and each other. The four types are Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic. I have outlined them below, and encourage you to take the test to determine which one or two best define you. Take the test and find out your results. Try to be objective as you read about your personality type as I have listed a general overview, as well as the positives and negatives of each type.

Choleric- An Overview Enthusiastic, having very high aspirations and cravings for success. The choleric must be the best in everything and have the best of everything. Extremely ambitious, having a keen intellect, a strong will, strong passions, an impulse to dominate others becoming their superior and making them subservient. Choleric- The not so great Characteristics The choleric is commonly prideful, full of him/her, thinking highly of his/her great qualities and even considers his/her faults worthy of praise. Also, is stubborn and has an opinion on everything. The choleric believes he/she is always right. The choleric is confident, believes others are weak, ignorant, incompetent and slow. Upon humiliation the choleric feels hurt resulting in anger, deceit, and judgments towards others. Choleric- The wonderful Characteristics The choleric possesses a sharp, keen intellect and will combine with great enthusiasm. Very successful in his/her profession, working diligently in spite of obstacles. Choleric are brief, precise, and sure in their speech. Sanguine- Overview

Easily excited by external influences, reacting quickly, although the impression is often short-lived. There is somewhat of a superficiality, or better said, lack of depth (part v. whole relationship), in the sanguine personality. The sanguine commonly follows others and has little stability as a result. Fickle in ideas, opinions, and resolutions. Changes moods often (from laughter to tears in a matter of seconds). The sanguine rarely internalizes his/her focus and instead devotes attention to the external (his/her appearance, and of others, to beautiful faces, fashions and manners). The sanguine is full of optimism. Sanguine- The not so great Characteristics Vanity and self=complacency, loving the appearance of his/herself and the praise of others. The sanguine is very inclined to flirt, and has a great degree of jealous tendencies. The sanguine cannot be left alone. There is a cheerfulness and love of pleasure that accompany the desire to always have someone around to enjoy life with. The sanguine decision are likely to be the wrong decisions, their undertaking fail easily since they believe success is inevitable and will therefore take it for granted, they are unstable, and they have little understanding of themselves since they rarely internalize conflict. Sanguine- The wonderful Characteristics Everyone loves and knows the sanguine. He/she has the most friends and easily makes new friends. This is the extrovert of the four temperaments. The sanguine is extremely friendly, pleasant, and willing to accommodate. Is often found entertaining others, is compassionate towards others, and is graced with the gift of calling others out on their faults without bringing humiliation or displeasure. Very virtuous. Rarely shows resentment or defiance. Wishes the best for everyone.

Melancholic- Overview Like the Sanguine, the Melancholic is also easily excited by things. However, unlike the Sanguine, the initial reaction of excitement is weak, but the impression remains long and grows stronger by subsequent impressions of a similar nature. A person of this temperament is inclined to deep,

thoughts and reflection, dwelling the past, looking ahead to the future, is very profound, finds meaning in just about everything, and is not satisfied with the superficial. The melancholic is driven by laws and principles. The melancholic is most comfortable alone, and in silence. He/she is very introspective and always sees life from a serious perspective, often feeling burdened and brought down by temporal affairs. Melancholies are commonly passive, reserved, irresolute, despondent, lacking courage, slow in thought and speech. Melancholies despise the lime-light, and would rather withdraw and let others receive recognition, even when they are praise worthy. Melancholic- The not so great Characteristics Easily falls into mental distress and this can be extremely intense. The melancholic, more than any other temperament, has keen awareness of moral right and wrong, and has a deep longing for morality. They are inclined to despair, intense expressions of grief, and occurrences of depression. This can result in self-pity, and he/she may become a burden to friends and family. He/she can also lose confidence in others, specifically superiors; there is a loss of trust and respect when the melancholy becomes aware of a fellow man's weaknesses and faults. The melancholy vehemently desires justice, and forgiveness of offences is hardly an option. He/she is suspicious, lacks trust in people and fears that everyone is out to get him/her. He/she is pessimistic about everything. Melancholic- The wonderful Characteristics Loves solitude and is often productive in solitary hobbies encompassing the fine arts, liberal arts, crafts, writing, analytics, drama, contributing deep and profound thoughts and ideas to poetics, philosophy, science, and legislation, etc. There is a joy and a relaxation that results in the melancholic devoting time to these activities. Melancholies are excellent counselors to friends, encouragers, give great affirmation when necessary, they are trustworthy and genuine. They are willing to make extreme sacrifices for the sake of others. Phlegmatic- Overview Not moved by impressions at all; the reaction is missing, or empty, and they fade quickly. There is little interest in what is going on around him/her. Loves leisure, and is often unmotivated to work. Everything proceeds at a slow pace. Phlegmatic- The not so great Characteristics Inclined to things that require little to no effort, eating, drinking, is lazy, and neglects duties. Often misses opportunities, has no ambition and no aspirations in life. Phlegmatic- The wonderful Characteristics Perseverant. Not easily offended, and not moved by failures or sufferings. Always maintains composure, is thoughtful and deliberate. He/she has a sober, objective, rational, and practical judgment. Demands little in life, and has not intense passions.