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I seem to be gifted with a perfectly; readily available source of intellectual fodder for
my amusement. Once again I was not in the mood to sleep yet and while channel
surfing wound up on a local PBS stations’ presentation of The Theory of Evolution
vs. Creationism. This once again brought forth my personal affliction with an innate
curiosity about the world in which I live.

This is actually a very good “Documentary” in which Religion or more specifically

the members of a Christian religion pit themselves against “Darwinism” and its
theory and principles; in a legal court case hoping to establish precedence in what
has come to be called Creationism versus Darwinism or Creationism versus
Evolution .

As the court case progressed it became rather apparent that the Theory of Evolution
itself was being legally challenged as there was an apparent lack of substantiating
evidence that proved that “Man” actually “Evolved” from the “Ape”. While there was
no “Substantiating” “Evidence” to support the “Creationism” or “Intelligent Design”
theory either; it was contended that it was widely held and agreed upon by a vast
majority of people in the community where the case was being tried. This I am
afraid is extremely reminiscent of the once widely held belief that the world was flat
and if one sailed far enough toward the horizon; one would simply fall off the face of
the earth.

In that neither side could produce incontrovertible evidence to support their

attendant theories the debate raged on. I say debate; because that is what the
court proceeding appeared to have become. In a valiant attempt to hold onto its’
place in the American Educational System; the defendants in the case were forced
to come up with evidence supporting the theory of evolution. Just as it appeared all
was lost the defendants did just that. Through the records and completion of “The
Human Genome Project” just such supporting evidence was unearthed as it were
and brought forth to bear testimony to the accuracy and validity of the “Theory of

The “Intelligent Design” camp at this point; conceded and left the courtroom in
defeat. This also left the “Intelligent Design” theory left without proof of validity. I
suppose they suffered not just the embarrassment of being caught trying to sneak
“Creationism” into the Public School Curriculum; which is simply unconstitutional. It
was at this point that those “3 pesky little problems” presented themselves again.
They manifested themselves as how would intelligence be a part of evolution? Why
would intelligence be a part of evolution? And where would this intelligence for an
intelligent design of some sort come from as applies to the evolutionary process?

There is one simple demonstration which would lend validity to the theory of
“Intelligent Design”; but it also bears witness to the accuracy of the theory of
“Evolution”. If one but observes the difference between a living organism and a
corpse of the same organism and discerns and acknowledges what the difference
between a living organism and a dead organism is; one can in effect validate both
theories simultaneously. Of course one would also have to stipulate that as the
organism evolves physically; this theory would also require an evolutionary
development of intelligence through memory and trial and error into an analytical
thought process in the more advanced species. There does seem to be some
supportive evidence of just such an evolutionary process occurring simultaneously.
Some species actually employ miscellaneous objects as tools to acquire the
sustenance necessary to the activity of feeding themselves.

It is my humble opinion that that single difference between living or dead; is nothing
short of life itself.

Some call it the spirit. Some call it Élan Vitale. Some call it Life-force; and some
simply call it life. I suppose this is the point at which matters spiritual and
metaphysical as well as religious meet the world of science in an uncomfortable
acquaintance indeed.

I bring this up because, in order for an evolutionary process to occur from mud or
primordial ooze and single cell organisms up the evolutionary ladder into a life form
as capable and intelligent as the “Human” species is; there MUST be some
Intelligence at work in the Evolutionary process.

Maybe both “Parties” in this court case will eventually evolve enough to observe the
accuracies and inaccuracies of each others’ contentions. As the physical sciences
evolve; so do the religions of man.

As a personal “opinion” I should think that life evolves not only physically; but
intellectually as well. This would give credence to some aspect of the Intelligent
Design theory as well as the theory of evolution. “Creationism”; that’s another
matter entirely. The answer to that may well lie within oneself. I do believe that how,
why and where have been satisfied for myself and once again I have found a
modicum of relief from these pesky little questions.

I leave the pursuit of matters spiritual up to the individual as I think it should be. I
do think, however; we have not heard the last of Darwinism vs. Creationism.