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Abandoned Camp

Second Draft,

Written by Rafia Naveed


Blank screen. We HEAR a bus pulling over, then driving off. EXT. FOREST DUSK The camera is in a birds eye view of a group of people walking on a path, carrying very large camping bags. BETH (looking around) Where should we go? JESS I think the further away, the better. The camera comes out of a birds eye view, and is in a medium long shot showing all 5 campers walking and chatting. From the outskirts of the path way, the camera goes into a point of view of the vampire (Adam). He is breathing very heavily. The camera is panning and has started to show the surroundings of the forest. AARON (Slowly walking, and stopping) You guys wait here, I need to go do a piss. The other campers laugh. The camera goes into a medium long shot of Aaron waking further away from the rest of the group of campers. He is nearly out of their sight, and is heading towards the end of the forest which is surrounded with bushes. EXT. FOREST-DUSK All of a sudden there is noise coming from further down the bushes of where Aaron is standing. The camera goes into a worms eye view to show Aarons reaction, and him looking around. Aaron sees a gust of light from behind the bushes. He starts shouting for the others to come. The light turns out to be a shadow of a beastly figure. The camera changes into a close up of Jess.

JESS (shocked) Whaa- what was that? AARON, YOU ALRIGHT?! The noise gets LOUDER, and we eventually hear a RAWR. EXT. FOREST-DUSK. The camera goes into a big close up of Aaron. He is walking towards the bunch of bushes where he has seen the shadow. The camera is panning behind him. Aaron is breathing very deeply. EXT.FOREST-DUSK. The camera is panning, and we eventually see the other campers come up to him. There is a medium close up of the campers. They all pull aside some branches in order to see what is there. There eyes are automatically drawn to a young boy, on the floor, shaking, covered in blood and his eyes are shut. HUMAIRA (out of breath, in shock) oh my god. (to herself) WHAT THE EXT.FOREST-DUSK. The camera is in a long shot, and shows that Aaron is the one nearest to the boy on the floor. The rest of the campers are all shocked, and are huddled near each other trying to see what has happened. The camera pans to show her dialing for help. JESS (panicking) Im going to call someone. The other campers follow, and take their phones out. BETH There is no signal.

EXT.FOREST-DUSK. The camera is a close up of the boy who is on the floor, all of a sudden his eyes open wide and are red. The camera moves into a medium long shot, there is more noise coming from behind them. Due to the shock Aaron is in, he does not notice the red eyes. The boy on the floor is now sitting up, his head tilted to one side, confused at what the noise could be. The rest of the campers grab on to each other and slowly turn around. The camera is now panning, and a few seconds later Aaron looks on the floor to see that the boy has disappeared. The other campers also turn around, and notice a trail of blood, heading out of the pulled back branches. HANA Did you see his neck?

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