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Report of the President of Phi Kappa Psi

January 28, 2013

Since our last meeting in Naples, Florida, I have been engaged in the overall management of the Fraternity. Shawn and I continue to have our weekly telephone conferences where we discuss the current state of the Fraternity and any issues which have arisen. I am glad to report that there have been no major issues since we last met. I had the pleasure of installing our chapter at Ball State University. I have represented the Fraternity at the Edgewater Conference (which I will discuss below). I have spoken at the Houston Alumni Association Leadership Conference and have made an impromptu visit to our chapter at Ashland University. Overall I am pleased with the current state of the Fraternity. That does not however mean that we can just sit on our laurels and enjoy the scenery. Chapter Development It is evident to me that we must continue to stress overall improvement of our chapters. We have too many underperforming chapters. We have to find a way to put those chapters on a path to where they can be successful on their campuses-in grades, campus leadership and overall numbers. Of course, behind every successful chapter are successful alumni. We must therefore find ways to energize our alumni, else they become stale and our chapters and alumni associations become stale. I will discuss this thought in more detail later. Edgewater Conference As is tradition, I attended the Edgewater Conference this past week in San Antonio, Texas. The Edgewater Conference is a meeting of the Presidents and Executive Directors of the major fraternities and sororities. We discuss trends in Greek life and outline possible programs which our organizations will promote. This conference was interesting in that there was much discussion on the future of colleges and universities. With reduced funding and the inability to raise tuition rates due to market forces, many colleges are facing a bleak horizon financially and this will impact the resources given to Greek life departments. Also, since fraternities are perceived to detract from education, they will continue to be the targets of small college administrations, aka Lafayette. I also was interested in a program which Pi Kappa Alpha and Lamda Chi Alpha have in which they have their alumni volunteers register each biennium via the internet. That way we would make sure we have good emails for them and we could make sure that they understand the

Fraternitys positions on hazing etc. I have asked Shawn to see how we may borrow that plan from Lamda Chi and Pike. Finally, I was pleased during our discussions on hazing and risk management that Phi Psi did not have the issues in any degree as the other fraternities. That may be due to our size or perhaps we are doing things better. Several of the fraternities had fatalities. Some had multiple fatalities (SAE). Of course there was also Pi Kappa Alphas Tennessee chapters but chugging incident. We must continue to stress to our chapters the importance of making right decisions and living responsibly.

Alternative Spring Break Tryon Hubbard has volunteered to investigate possible alternative spring break programs in which our members would perform community service for 2014. The idea being that we would partner with an established program and market our members on that program. All costs, planning and logistics would be handled by the third party. I am in favor of this idea as long as it does not add additional work to our staff. I think our members would value the experience and the program would definitely promote the joy of serving others.

Future Visits In the coming weeks I will be attending the following events on behalf of the Fraternity. Presidents Leadership Academy Ole Miss Founders Day NIC Annual Meeting Regional Leadership Conference at Bucknell University

In closing I would ask all of our official family to continue to stress the principals and ideals found in our creed and ritual as we go out on the Founders Day circuit. It should come as no shock that this will be one of themes of my presidency.

James L. Miller
James L. Miller Ohio Delta 85 SWGP