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Whats New for UltraQueue, NESTERserver and NESTERpack for 6.1.2 (on AccuMark 8.1.

2 June 2005
Whats New for NESTERserver 8.1.2 If you are already running 8.1.X NESTERserver/AccuMark no new license files are needed. If upgrading from NESTERserver 6.0 (8.0.X AccuMark software) to 6.1.2 (8.1.2 AccuMark) then a new license file is needed for the NESTERserver program and the Accumark program. Whats New for NESTERserver 6.1.1 License changes for 6.1.X: New NESTERserver/NESTERpack pass codes are required for V6.1 NESTERserver/NESTERpack. Contact your local Gerber office or customer service representative for assistance. Your Accumark license must also have a separate entry to run NESTERpack and should be included in your new Accumark V8.1 license. Installation procedure has changed:
The NESTERserver, NESTERpack and UltraQueue have been combined into one installation under NESTERserver. During installation there are 2 choices for Setup Type: - If the workstation being installed has NESTERserver then select the NESTERserver option. - If the workstation will only send jobs to the NESTERserver then install Job Submission so just UltraQueue is loaded and not the NESTERserver software.

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Choose the type and select NEXT

If NESTERserver is selected then this dialog box will show.

Enter the license codes for NESTERserver and/or NESTERpack. press ENTER to continue.


The installation will continue as before with a choice to place icons on your desktop and place UltraQueue into Startup.

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New drop down menu Configure added:

Map Drive - standard Windows connection dialog box Disconnect Drive standard Windows connection dialog box SQL Support - Same Accumark dialog for SQL database connection

This is added convenience to connect the UltraQueue to the networked computers and SQL databases.

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After adding a SQL server name, you must select Test to check that connection.

Whats New for 8.1.1 UltraQueue Improvements to UltraQueue
File / Open Queue File - allows user to choose which Queue to view and open markers from without interrupting NESTERserver operations.

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NESTERserver icon on system tray now has Right click open to Set Queue File

User ID is now in UltraQueue and is updated when a marker is opened from the queue

Copy / Delete Server has been updated to correctly handle Copy, Delete, and Move of selected markers.

Whats New for 8.1.0 UltraQueue

Opening a marker directly from UltraQueue Error log about NESTERservers processing

Double Click on the Marker Name to open the marker in the Marking program.

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Whats New for 8.0.5 UltraQueue Improvements to UltraQueue

Added the ability to submit Sectional Markers to NESTERserver. The sections may be laid by bundle or size. SQL/MSDE Storage area support Provided integration to NESTERpack. NESTERpack is an optional module that will optimize the marker for better length and efficiency. The ability to submit a partially made marker to NESTERserver. When sending a marker to NESTERserver, simply select the mode for nesting and then check either Finish marker or Restart marker. Finish marker will maintain any place pieces in the marker and allow NESTERserver to automatically nest the remaining pieces in the marker, maximizing utilization. Restart marker will unplace all pieces and nest all pieces automatically.

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Implemented a marker name Filter and Start Date/End Date filter. The filter will be saved for the next use of Nest Marker. Added the Search on Storage Area selection check box. When checked the filter will apply immediately to the selected storage area. When not checked, a marker lookup will not occur until it is checked. This helps to save time by not reading an entire storage area of markers into the lookup before it is needed.

Improvements to UltraQueue messages

A Warning message is placed in the Result field of UltraQueue, when a Stripe/Plaid Marker is made by NESTERserver. Although the marker is made, NESTERserver does not match pieces, thus a warning is issued. A Warning message is placed in the Result field of UltraQueue when a Bookfold Marker is made by NESTERserver. The marker is made, but NESTERserver does not fold pieces in a Bookfold, thus a warning is issued. A Warning message is placed in the Result field of UltraQueue when a marker with unplaced pieces is packed by NESTERpack. NESTERpack does not place pieces. The marker is made, but not all pieces are placed, thus a warning is issued.

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Whats New in NESTERserver and NESTERpack in 6.1

If marker cannot be completed, a Needs Approval status will be given to the marker and reported in the Activity Log.

Better warning messages if the marker does not meet the criteria to be run in NESTERpack

This message will show when you double click on the marker name

Whats New in NESTERserver and NESTERpack in 6.0

The following new features are available with NESTERserver 6.0: Capability to automatically create sectional markers. Capability to automatically create tubular markers. Support for nesting markers with vertical bump lines. Support for nesting markers with constructs. Support for nesting markers with block fuses. Support for nesting markers with shrink/stretch. A new and optional, integrated marker packing function called NESTERpack. A more detailed description of each of these new features follows.

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Sectional Markers
NESTERserver 6.0 will automatically make sectional markers upon request. The user may specify the following: Type of section: o Size: Pieces are grouped into sections by size. o Bundle: Pieces are grouped into sections by bundle. Allowable sectional overlap may be specified. 0 is the default value. Select 1 marker to define at a time. If select multiple markers the sections will only be calculated for the first marker. Can specify size or bundle to section 0 to not get placed in marker if desired. Note: NESTERpack should not be run on sectional markers.

View of the NESTERserver 6.0 Sectional Marker dialog.

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A Sectional marker made buy NESTERserver 6.0.

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Tubular Markers
NESTERserver 6.0 will automatically place tubular markers. Pieces are automatically folded and placed on the fold as required to optimize material utilization. The AccuMark marker-making feature to add additional pieces when a fold is made is supported by NESTERserver. Folding will be limited to those pieces for which folding is enabled in AccuMark. Note: Pieces will be added even when this feature is set to not add pieces. The following restrictions apply only if folded pieces exist: Tubular markers cannot be finished using the Nester FINISH MARKER feature. Tubular markers cannot be packed using NESTERpack.

A Tubular marker made by NESTERserver 6.0

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Vertical Bump Lines

NESTERserver 6.0 will nest around bump lines. Bump lines need to be added to the marker before sending it to NESTERserver. Manual horizontal lines will give better efficiency than system generated horizontal bump lines.

The following restrictions apply:

Combinations of Horizontal and vertical bump lines are supported as long as they dont overlap. NESTERpack does not recognize bump lines. Pack will move pieces on top of, or past vertical bump lines..

View of a marker made by NESTERserver 6.0. Pieces are placed around the vertical bump line.

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NESTERserver 6.0 will nest around constructs. The constructs must be placed into the marker before sending it to NESTERserver. The following restrictions apply: The construct length must be determined prior to sending the marker to Nester. For repeating constructs, the construct will not automatically grow or shrink depending upon the markers length. NESTERserver treats the pre-placed construct as a pre-placed piece. NESTERpack does not recognize constructs. If a construct marker is packed, pieces will overlap the constructs.

View of a marker with Constructs made by NESTERserver 6.0

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Block Fuse
NESTERserver 6.0 observes Block Fuse. The block can be pre-placed (using Finish Marker), or NESTERserver can be allowed to place it automatically, as if it were a block-shaped piece.

A marker with Block Fuse placed by NESTERserver 6.0

Shrink/ Stretch
NESTERserver 6.1 observes Shrink/Stretch.

The following restriction applies:

NESTERserver cannot process a marker that allows tilt, rotate or flip codes on shrink/stretch pieces, unless it is only for 180 rotation which is allowed.

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Whats New in NESTERpack

NESTERpack is an add-on module that once installed, is integrated into NESTERserver 6.0. NESTERpack will attempt to improve an already made marker. You may run NESTERpack on NESTERserver jobs or run it on previously made markers.

The following NESTERpack restrictions currently exist: Sectional markers are not yet supported. Tubular are not yet supported. Bump lines are not observed. Constructs are not observed.

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Before NESTERpack

After NESTERpack

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Please read Release Note for NESTERserver and UltraQueue for a more detailed installation procedure and other details not contained in this document.

Reporting Problems
If you have a suggestion to help us improve NESTERserver or NESTERpack, or to report a software problem to us, please use the Problem Report Utility. Select AccuMark as the Application area and either NESTERserver or NESTERpack as the Functional Area.

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