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DUBAI OFFICE: P.O.Box 25595, Dubai, U.A.E., Tel. : +9714 - 8801020, Fax: +9714 - 8801021 ABU DHABI OFFICE: P.O.Box 131329,Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., Tel. : +9712 - 6797959, Fax: +9712 - 6797960
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The bedding walking.

sand shall not be disturbed

after completion

of leveling

by any traffic or

In special cases (as bus stops or around manholes) It is recommended bedding material with cement (1 part cement + 10 parts sand) E LAYING

to mix the

Paving blocks shall be laid in level and line by string with necessary distance between the blocks of 3-5 mm. Paving stones with integrated distance holders shall be preferred. Allowed tolerances when desired joint of block production ( 3 mm) shall be considered width of 3-5mm is planned. have to be paved in such a manner that in a grind plan

Connections to buildings away from the building.

rain water flows

Level deviations, measured over a 4m long distance shall not exceed 12mm. The levels of two adjacent blocks shall not differ in height by more than 3mm. Where blocks do not fit at the edge restraint or other obstructions the gaps shall be filled with cut blocks not smaller than 1f4 of the original block size. F VERIFICATION OF APPREARANCE

Different color shades during paving production cannot be avoided, therefore, it is recommended to mix blocks for laying from 3 different bundles to receive a most natural surface appearance. Different color shades are no reason for rejection. If the designer wishes to avoid visible different paving design of different shapes and colours. color shades, he shall choose a

In natural daylight conditions, an observer shall stand in turn at a distance of 3 m from each edge of a sample area not smaller than 2x2 m. Any blocks from that position showing cracks, delamination or flaking shall be rejected. If an area of 4 m2 contains more than 10 rejected single block, the complete consignment shall be rejected. G COMPACTION The surface of paving shall be subject to at least 2 passes of a vibrating compactor. Recommended compactor sizes see table below: Block Thickness (em) 6 8-10 > 10 Compactor WeiQht (kQ) rv130 170-200 200-600 Centrifugal Force kN 20 20-30 30-60 No joint filling sand shall be placed plate

Paving shall be dry and clean during compaction. before sompaction.