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Women for Menendez

Cordially invite you to join

Senator Bob Menendez

With Special Guest

Author Anna Quindlen

for a reception
5:30 PM Host Committee Reception* 6:00 PM General Reception
*For Chairs and Host Committee Members

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

The Liberty House Restaurant 76 Audrey Zapp Drive Jersey City, NJ

Join the host committee! Please contact Samantha Maltzman at smaltzman@menendezfornj.com or (973)732-0756 or Tilly Milch at tilly@katzwatsongroup.com or (202)546-0474.
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Senator Menendez is committed to continue to strengthen women entrepreneurs in industries that are at the core of our economic development, such as investment management, banking and finance. He has worked and will continue to work to find debt and equity capital solutions to promising Women business owners, as well as growth opportunities by ensuring they have access to federal and corporate business opportunities. Economic empowerment and financial independence is the beginning of all change. Bob has rallied large corporations and financial institutions as well as institutional investors and economic policy agencies to continue to work together to understand the importance of capital and opportunity for women owned businesses, and has invited them to play a key role in shedding light through research and shaping increased opportunity . These efforts maximize human and women potential, create jobs, promote innovation and entrepreneurialism and economic growth across America.

Providing Quality Healthcare for Women and their Families

Bob led the successful fight to preserve and expand childrens health coverage, passed legislation to support mothers suffering from postpartum depression, and has worked to help families cover the costs of long-term care. Bob spurred the fight in Congress to increase early detection and preventive health care for breast and gynecologic cancers, has worked to defend children by expanding research for childhood diseases and protecting children from lead poisoning. Bob has been a fighter for families affected by autism and has championed legislation to help families navigate services and, as part of the new health care law, get comprehensive health coverage. Bob also included the concept of a Womens Medical Home to ensure that women have access to health care providers that understand their unique health needs.

Strengthening our Education System

Bob is committed to ensuring that every young person is able to reach their full potential. He believes our nations early childhood educators must be treated and compensated fairly for the critical work they do. Bob has fought hard to ensure schools are safe, have good teachers, and modern classrooms. Bob has spearheaded legislation to educate schoolchildren, teachers and parents about the appropriate and safe use of the internet. He is also working to keep student athletes safe by introducing legislation that would give schools the resources to diagnose and properly treat concussions.

Supporting Womens Reproductive Choice

Bob believes that our goal as a nation should be to increase services that prevent unwanted pregnancies. He realizes that decisions involving reproductive choice are extremely difficult, deeply personal, and best left to a woman in consultation with her doctor, loved ones, and faith. Abortion must always remain safe and legal, but we should make every effort to reduce the number of abortions. That is why he signed onto legislation that expands access to preventive healthcare services, improves access to contraception and quality reproductive care, and reduces the incidence of abortions. Bob also supports prohibiting health insurance plans from excluding or restricting benefits for prescription contraceptives and ensuring pharmacies provide customers available contraceptives without delay. In addition, Bob spearheaded a bill to reduce teen pregnancy through education programs and positive activities both in school and out of school.
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Treating Women Equally and Fairly

Bob has been a strong proponent of equal rights and opportunity for women, including authoring the Equal Rights Amendment in the Senate. Thats why he worked hard to pass into law the landmark Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which takes significant steps to close the wage gap between men and women and provides fair recourse for those who experience pay discrimination. Bob has always been supportive of strengthening the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act to provide more flexibility for medical and family needs.

Helping Women Owned Businesses

Bob helped pass an economic recovery bill that provides $730 million to the Small Business Administration (SBA), tax relief for small businesses, as well as access to low-interest loans and federal contracts to ensure New Jerseys women-owned businesses grow. Bob has supported the SBA Microloan Program, which financed more than 27,500 microloans worth $340 million to small business entrepreneurs in 2007, 50% of which went to women and minority businesses. Bob led the successful effort in the Senate to establish new Offices of Minority and Women Inclusion at federal financial regulators to expand opportunities for women in contracting and oversight. He also spearheaded a survey on diversity to the nations top companies to ensure they are making efforts to include women at the highest decision-making positions. Bob also worked to pass the first in a series of robust jobs packages that includes help for businesses to hire more workers and expand.

Making our Communities Safer

After 9/11, Bob earned national recognition for his leadership in reforming the countrys intelligence systems and ensuring that high-risk states like New Jersey receive their fair share of security funding. He helped author legislation to scan all cargo coming into U.S. ports, and is working to improve the security of our bus, rail and public transit systems. Bob introduced legislation to prevent gang violence and helped defeat an amendment that would have allowed concealed weapons to be carried across state lines. He was successful in getting additional funding for New Jersey law enforcement to hire police officers and prevent crime. Bob also authored legislation to protect children and teens from online predators and provide federal assistance for law enforcement efforts to locate missing children quickly.

Empowering Women Worldwide

Bob believes we must stand with women who are fighting against oppression and seeking to replicate in their own countries the rights and freedoms that women have gained in the United States. Bob has consistently defended a womans right to be free from abuse, safe from trafficking and exploitation, able to vote, claim property rights, participate freely in her economy and receive an education. Bob pushed for passage of the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA) in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and has consistently fought against the global gag rule and other efforts to limit communication between care providers and their female patients about family planning matters. Bob is committed to advocating for the health, economic, social, and legal empowerment of girls and women worldwide.

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