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The disaster called Immortals of Meluha In the writer's own words: "What the bloody hell, which joker

wrote this bullshi t!" This book or rather the series of books is the slaughter of the cult of Shiva wi th utter disrespect and irresponsibility, its the death of a very deep rooted fa ith. I respect Christians and Muslims for one thing, which our Hindu followers severe ly lack - awareness towards one's own faith. If this irresponsible writer had ev en tried to twist the story of their Gods or even attempted to reduce their God to a mere barbarian, they would have vehemently rejected this book. But what do our people do! They made this bullshit a freaking best seller. This is when I envy Christians and Muslims, we need to learn from them on how we need to first be aware of our faith and realize it, and then protect it and fig ht back when some ignorant writer tries to abuse it. We dont take informed decis ions, we are a gullible bunch of people with little knowldge on the depth of our faith and thats when writers of this kind florish in our society. What is wrong with that book! Well I wish I had the opportunity to edit that man uscript, I would have simply thrown it into the bin and asked the author to do p roper research before he even started to attempt writing on Lord Shiva. He may h ave a decent plot, but he has no business to infuse the Shiva cult into his fict icious story and distort the core of this faith. When we write books, we dont ch ange facts, we dont distort the truth as written in the scriptures into somethin g else because we run the responsibility of publishing this work and the distort ion of faith through such publications is completely unacceptible. I would love to know where this author did his research from and how much of the cult of Shiv a he really understood leave alone realize! For one, we are talking about ancient faith, deep rooted tradition and we need t o maintain a certain decorum before we mix it with modernity of the current time s. When we get into serious research there are rules to follow like any other sc ience and that cannot be trampled with or broken, it has to be respected. Clearl y the author has shown complete lack of research in his books and the audience w ho made it a best seller show complete lack of awareness towards the faith when they praised the book. The rules of Shiva faith are strong and any follower of this cult will know how true they are. Shiva is not an inferior barbarian who is illiterate or ignorant. Shiva is a concept, one that speaks of truth, wisdom, profound knowledge, freed om and fearlessness. If the author remotely understood this, he wouldn't even st art to write this book. Mount Kailash and Mansarovar are sacred to the cult of Shiva, sacred to the fait h called Shaivism. Hence twisting the story to say that he was forced out of the re is a completely wrong thing to do. Just as Vaikuntam is sacred to Lord Vishnu , Kailash is sacred to Lord Shiva and no one should even attempt to change this. And readers of such books should not tolerate an author attempting to twist fac ts specially when he has no idea about the core of this religion and is a comple te ignoramous himself. If the author of this book didnt know dance, here are a few tips on how he could have bettered the chapter on Sati's dance class. For one, when we explain dance , we dont talk the language of left and right hand, we use jargon like mudras. A lso, the starting prayer in dance IS NOT the Nataraja pose, it is Namaskar done in a different way. I wonder if this author even knows how the Nataraja form cam e about in Shiva Mythology.... or whether he even knows the meaning of Nataraja

pose. The meaning of Nataraja is the dance that depicts Lord Shiva expressing to the devotee, to surrender to Him, by discarding Apasmarapurusha [the small dwar f at his foot] and merge into Him, to attain enlightenment. If the author knew t his, he wouldnt even attempt to call Lord Shiva a barbarian who was ignorant at the same time!!! God! And since when did Lord Ram make an appearance into any Shiva Mythology? And sin ce when were Daksha and Shiva in good terms? When did Nandi start eating meat? A nd please, since when did Lord Ram become superior to Lord Shiva? Lord Ram is th e epitome of goodness within ordered society caked with its rules of diplomacy a nd social decorum. Shiva is the fearlessness and the freedom of life outside of ordered society. Shaivism doesnt care a damn for social rules, it just cares for the real truth. How can we even compare the two? And of course, since when did Daksha become the keeper of Somaras, and where is Indra in the whole picture? What really makes me laugh is the fact that the author goes about writing a line that says that Shiva doesnt even know why he is called Neelkanth! The author m ust be out of his mind to pen down a line like that...Anyone who is a Shiva foll ower knows why he is called Neelkanth, the author of this book certainly does no t and has not cared to even find out. How the hell did he even go about writing this bullshit!! What really baffles me is the level of ignorance in our readers who made this bo ok a best seller and that no one has a problem with the way our faith has been d istorted or with the pathetic way this book has been scripted? Yes, very clearly, I take offence to the way this author has written this crap. I take offence to the way he has disrespected out faith, I take offence to the w ay he has published this garbage and the distortion of belief its going to cause all the young impressionable minds who read it. I take offence to this abuse of twisting facts. I have just one advice to give - If you want to know about Shai vism, this book is the last place you should look for it.

Shiva cannot be enclosed within 4 walls of a royal guest house, he is the person ification f