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To Dear Sir, With reference to your Cover Letter dated for the job of a Sales Representative in our firm,

, we inform you that you have been appointed against the said vacancy on the followingterms and conditions: 1. The Pay-Scale offered will be Basic Pay Scale plus usual allowances and other perquisites amounting at present to about Rs. 249.50 which are subject to alteration. 2. The Commission apart from that will be to the extent of 5% where sales exceed Rs. 5000/- and 2% on the sales below that limit within a period of one month. 3. The above commission may be increased on further sales benefiting both the parties, the rates of which will be 1% higher upto the sales of Rs. 10,000/- or so. 4. The Management does not guarantee your retention against the abovevacancy if your performance is not result-oriented. 5. This job, for the time being, will be treated as a probationary job for a period of one year, whereafter you may be considered for confirmation against the permanentvacancy. 6. That you shall have to abide by the disciplinary rules pf the institution which are altered from time to time in accordance with the exigencies of the situation. 7. Any violation of the above rules may entitle the Management to serve you with the notice of termination of service after furnishing sufficient opportunity to make amends. 8. faithfully. That you will do your job punctually and serve honestly, diligently and

If you accept the above terms and conditions being offered to you, please send your confirmatory comment in writing soon to us. Yours faithfully, Manager (Concern)

Appointment Letter

19th November 2006 Mr. __________ _____________ _____________

Dear Mr.________, With reference to your application and subsequent interview with us, we are pleased to appoint you as Designation in our organization on the following terms and conditions. Date of Joining: You have joined us on 13th November 2006. Salary: Your Annual Total Employment Cost to the company would be 1,9000(One Lakh Ninty thousand rupees only) the details of which is been given in the Annexure attached below. Place/Transfer: Your present place of work will be at Place, but during the course of the service, you shall be liable to be posted / transferred anywhere to serve any of the Company's Projects or any other establishment in India or outside, at the sole discretion of the Management. Probation/Confirmation: You will be on a Probation period for the Six months. Based on your performance your services will be confirmed with the company in written after six months. During the probation period your services can be terminated with seven days notice on either side and without any reasons whatsoever. If your services are found satisfactory during the probation period, you will be confirmed in the present position and thereafter your services can be terminated on one months notice on either side. Absence for a continuous period of ten days without prior approval of your superior, (including overstay on leave / training) would result in your losing your lien on the service and the same shall automatically come to an end without any notice or intimation. Leave: You will be eligible to the benefits of the Companys Leave Rules on your confirmation in the Companys Service. During the period of your employment with the Company, you will devote full time to the work of the Company. Further, you will not take up any other employment or assignment or any office, honorary or for any consideration, in cash or in kind or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the Company.

1. You will not (except in the normal course of the Company's business) publish any article or statement, deliver any lecture or broadcast or make any communication to the press, including magazine publication relating to the Company's products or to any matter with which the Company may be concerned, unless you have previously applied to and obtained the written permission from the Company. 2. You will be required to maintain utmost secrecy in respect of Project documents, commercial offer, design documents, Project cost & Estimation, Technology, Software packages license, Companys polices, Companys patterns & Trade Mark and Companys Human assets profile.

3. You will be required to comply with all such rules and regulations as the Company may frame from time to time. 4. Any of our technical or other important information which might come into your possession during the continuance of your service with us shall not be disclosed, divulged or made public by you even thereafter. 5. If at any time in our opinion, which is final in this matter you are found non- performer or guilty of fraud, dishonest, disobedience, disorderly behavior, negligence, indiscipline, absence from duty without permission or any other conduct considered by us deterrent to our interest or of violation of one or more terms of this letter, your services may be terminated without notice and on account of reason of any of the acts or omission the company shall be entitled to recover the damages from you. 6. You will not accept any present, commission or any sort of gratification in cash or kind from any person, party or firm or Company having dealing with the company and if you are offered any, you should immediately report the same to the Management. 7. This appointment letter is being issued to you on the basis of the information and particulars furnished by you in your application (including bio-data), at the time of your interview and subsequent discussions. If it transpires that you have made a false statement (or have not disclosed a material fact) resulting in your being offered this appointment, the Management may take such action as it deems fit in its sole discretion, including termination of your employment. 8. You will be responsible for safekeeping and return in good condition and order of all Company property, which may be in your use, custody or charge.

Please sign and return to the undersigned the duplicate copy of this letter signifying your acceptance.

We welcome you to The eFact family and look forward to a fruitful collaboration. With best wishes, For Company Name.

Name: Designation: Write the name of the employee on the other side of Company name and get it signed with them, print it in duplicate. Hope it will be fine with you... Regards, Amit Seth.

An Appointment letter is usually an official letter written either by the immediate superior or by the hierarchical superior to an individual who has been found eligible for the job advertised or applied for. The Appointment Letter comes into play after a series of hiring procedures have been followed by the organization to eliminate most applicants for the job and finding that one suitable candidate eligible for the profile. The hiring procedures that the companies may follow could be classified in the following heads: Receiving the Application Forms from various candidates for the job advertised Scrutinizing all the applications to eliminate all such applications which do not meet the initial criteria of selection Calling the short listed candidates for the first round of formal selection, which could either be a group discussion or the first round of interview Another round of short listing while interviewing the candidates by putting the remarks on their applications itself Second or final round of interview with a panel of members so that the selection process is perfect and has inputs of more than one member to be doubly sure of who is being finally hired

Superiors or the Human Resource Department who are involved in the hiring process should really be emotionally tough as it calls for great courage to choose the best among the best. Meaning thereby that to say no to all candidates except one is really an uncomfortable feeling at the end of it the Superiors or the HR Department are also employees of the organization. What level of individuals get involved in the selection process also depends on the size of the organization,say, for example, a small organization, which does not have a proper Human Resource Department in place, might choose to involve the Director or the head of the organization to make the final selection. However, large sized companies may have departmental heads to do the job and the only involvement of the company head may be to know that the loop of the hiring process has been successfully closed. Points to remember while drafting an Appointment Letter: The Appointment Letter should clearly give the designation for which the individual is being hired The Terms and Conditions under which the hiring has been done should also be clearly mentioned. For example, whether the individual is being hired as a confirmed employee or one on contract to be confirmed after a specified period of time The date from which the Appointment Letter is effective should be specified in the letter Things such as the Leave structure also should be specified to avoid any confusion Period of the particular employment status should also be mentioned The letter should be addressed to that one particular individual whose name, address, etc should be clearly mentioned to avoid misuse of the document Who will the individual report into and which office base (if multiple locations) will s/he operate from should also be a part of the letter Information which needs to be emphasized should be typed in bold It should not be a hand written letter but a typed one on the company letter head

The Appointment Letter should be signed by the highest authority in the organization responsible for the decision to hire the concerned individual and should also carry her/his designation Date on which the Appointment Letter is being issued should also be clearly mentioned It is the first ever formal document that the individual receives from the company, so it should be sensitively yet professionally worded It should be in duplicate one to be given to the new employee and the second one to be signed by the employee and duly returned to then be handed over the HR department

SAMPLE APPOINTMENT LETTER Ms/Mr. ________________ Address of the selected candidate Date of issue of Appointment Letter Subject: Your application for the post of _______________ Dear Ms/Mr _______________ We are in receipt of your application for the post of _____________. We are pleased to inform you that our organization has found you eligible for the profile described. You are requested to report at our office as per address given below at 9:30AM on ___________ (date from when the individual is expected to join) in approval to your appointment. Name of the Company Complete address with phone numbers/landmarks (if any) This is to inform you that this letter will be null and void in case you do not report at the date and time specified in this letter. As per our Company policy, you will be on Contract for a period of _____ (specify the period as per the HR policy) and then, based on your performance and review you will be taken to the next level of employment in the organization. During your Contract period you are entitled to take ________ (specify the leaves that the employee can take as per your Leave policy). In cases of emergency for any extra leave requests however the decision will be upon the management. We hope to have a long successful professional relationship with you and wish you all the very best. Yours sincerely

________________ (Designation of the authority) cc: Human Resource Department


Mr./Ms____, Address.

Subject : Appointment

Dear Mr./Ms_____,

With reference to your application and the subsequent interviews you had with us, we are pleased to appoint you as Designation-Department at our _____(Location) office with effect from DD/MM/YY(Date of Joining) on the following terms and conditions:

SALARY Salary and allowances applicable to you is as per Annexure-A . LEAVE You will be entitled to leave, as per the provision of companys policy.

TRANSFER Your service is liable to be transferred to any place in India or abroad.

WORKING HOURS Your working hours will be as per the requirement of the organization.


a) You shall be on probation for a period of 6 months. b) During the probation period, if your performance is not satisfactory, the management reserves the right to terminate your service without assigning any reason thereof or without any notice or notice pay thereof. c) The management also reserves the right to extend the probation period if your performance is not satisfactory. d) However, after successful completion of probation, your appointment shall be confirmed, in writing, by the management.

NOMINATION OF LEGAL HEIRS Please fill and return the enclosed Provident Fund forms and Nomination form. In case of any change in the nomination due to changes in circumstances or any other reasons, you should inform the same to the company immediately.


a) You shall perform the duties and carry out the assignments entrusted to you from time to time efficiently, sincerely and to the best of your ability and capacity.

b) We shall be the sole arbitrator of the assessment to be made of your working efficiency utility or loyalty to the company while taking a decision to give you increment or promotion to higher grade or terminating your services.

c) You will retire from the companys services on reaching the age of 58 years.

d) Your services are liable to be transferred from one establishment, department or division of the company to the other anywhere in India, at the discretion of the Management.

e) You will be required to undergo medical examination during your tenure with the company. Your continuance in employment would depend on your remaining medically fit.

f) You are to keep and render a faithful account of all properties and business secrets of the company entrusted to you in the course of your employment, and shall not disclose to anybody at any time, during your services or even after you leave the services of the company.

g) During the course of your employment with us, you shall not accept any other employment, either full-time or parttime, either for remuneration or otherwise. Also, you shall not engage yourself in any trade, business or occupation and you shall devote your full time and energy in discharging your duties as our employees.

h) You shall communicate to the Management any change in your residential address, local and permanent.

i) The company shall be entitled to terminate your services without notice on any of the following grounds : (a) You are convicted of a criminal offence by a competent Court of Law / Authority; (b) You are found guilty of committing breach of any of the conditions of the employment or rules and regulations of the organization; (c) If you misbehave, disobey or refuse to carry out the work orders of your Superior/Management or are irregular in attendance. (d) You are declared medically unfit by the medical practitioner appointed by the Company.

j) You will abide by the rules & regulations of the company/establishment which are in force for the time being and / or which may be framed from time to time.

k) Any dispute arising out of this employment shall be referred to the legal jurisdiction of Mumbai courts only.

PERIOD OF NOTICE After confirmation, your services are terminable without assigning any reason, by giving one months notice in writing or salary in lieu thereof on either side.

Kindly go through the contents and return the duplicate copy of this letter duly signed by you as token by your acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

We welcome you and wish you all the very best in your new assignment.

Sincerely Yours, for ABC PVT. LTD.

Name Of Director DIRECTOR

February 04,2006 Name (Address) Appointment Dear (first name), We have pleasure in appointing you as (designation-department) in our organization, effective (joining date) on the following terms and conditions: 1. Placement & Compensation You will be placed in the appropriate band / responsibility level of the Company, and will be entitled to compensation (salary and other applicable benefits) as detailed in Annexure A. Compensation will be governed by the rules of the Company on the subject, as applicable and/or amended hereafter. 2. Salary revision Your salary will be reviewed on April 1st of each year, or at such other time as the Management may decide. Salary revisions are discretionary and will be subject to, and on the basis of, effective performance and results. 3. Posting & Transfer Your initial posting will be at ). However, your services are liable to be transferred, at the sole discretion of Management, in such other capacity as the company may determine, to any department / section, location, associate, sister concern or subsidiary, at any place in India or abroad, whether existing today or which may come up in future. In such a case, you will be governed by the terms and conditions of the service applicable at the new placement location. 4. Probation: That you will be on probation for a period of six months. The period of probation can be extended at the discretion of the Management and you will continue to be on probation till an order of confirmation has been issued in writing. 5. Full time employment Your position is a whole time employment with the Company and you shall devote yourself exclusively to the business and interests of the company. You will not take up any other work for remuneration (part time or otherwise) or work in an advisory capacity, or be interested directly or indirectly (except as shareholder / debenture holder), in any other trade or business during your employment with the company, without permission in writing of the Board of Directors of the Company. You will also not seek membership of any local or public bodies without first obtaining specific permission from the Management. 6. Confidentiality You will not, at any time, during the employment or after, without the consent of the Board of Directors disclose or divulge or make public, except on legal obligations, any information regarding the Companys affairs or administration or research carried out, whether the same is confided to you or becomes known to you in the course of your service or otherwise.

7. Intellectual Property If you conceive any new or advanced method of improving designs/ processes/ formulae/ systems, etc. in relation to the business/ operations of the Company, such developments will be fully communicated to the company and will be, and remain, the sole right/ property of the Company. 8. Responsibilities & Duties Your work in the organization will be subject to the rules and regulations of the organization as laid down in relation to conduct, discipline and other matters. You will always be alive to responsibilities and duties attached to your office and conduct yourself accordingly. You must effectively perform to ensure results. 9. Past Records If any declaration given, or information furnished by you, to the company proves to be false, or if you are found to have willfully suppressed any material information, in such cases, you will be liable to removal from services without any notice. 10. Retirement The retirement age is 58 years. You will retire from the employment of the Company at the end of the month in which you attain 58 years of age. 11. Termination of employment During the probationary period and any extension thereof, your services may be terminated on either side by giving one months notice or salary in lieu thereof. However, on confirmation the services can be terminated from either side by giving two months (60 days) notice or salary in lieu thereof. Upon termination of employment, you will immediately hand over to the Company all correspondence, specifications, formulae, books, documents, market data, cost data, drawings, affects or records belonging to the Company or relating to its business and shall not retain or make copies of these items. Upon termination of employment, you will also return all company property, which may be in your possession. 12. Medical Fitness This appointment is subject to your being, and remaining, medically fit. Please confirm your acceptance of the appointment on the above terms and conditions by signing and returning this letter for our records. Yours faithfully, For

I have read the terms and conditions of this letter of appointment and confirm my acceptance of the same. (Signature and Date)

ANNEXURE A : COMPENSATION DETAILS (Salary & applicable benefits)

Name : Designation :

Date of joining : Location : a) Remuneration Basic Salary : Rs. /- per month House Rent Allowance : Rs. /- per month Special Allowance : Rs. /- per month Conveyance Allowance : Rs. /- per month Medical reimbursement Limit : Rs. /- per annum b) Retirals i. You will participate in the Company Provident Fund Scheme as applicable to your category of employees. ii. You will be entitled to gratuity in accordance with the rules governing such payment. c) Leave You will be entitled to privilege, sick and casual leave as applicable to your category of employees. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: It is expected that individual compensation package would not be shared with other employees. The above compensation structure is subject to change without affecting emoluments adversely. Applicable tax would be borne by the employee.

Refer to Sample Appointment Letter to Improve Appointment Letters


Empowering People to Drive Productivity

The sample appointment letter made available here for comparison with your organization's present format of appointment letter. See whether you need to make any improvement. There are many websites that provide sample appointment letters and other documents. Use the samples as a guide. Do not copy every word used which is described by some as "lock, stock and barrel." When preparing letters of appointment, remember to include all the fundamental terms. Having a good appointment letter is an important part of the recruitment activity.

What is an Appointment Letter? An appointment letter is a legal document that serves as a written confirmation that your organization has agreed to employ someone and that person has agreed to work for your organization in return for pay.
In it are listed all the main terms and conditions of employment. It must state all the fundamental terms without fail. Fundamental terms are those terms described as going to the root of the contract. The contract stands or falls depending on whether these terms are stated or not. If appointment letters fail to mention the fundamental terms complications can arise later on. But it is not wise or recommended to state every conceivable terms and conditions. It will become too long and difficult to manage. You will see that this is so as shown in sample appointment letters. In any event some terms and conditions of employment are implied. These are binding although not stated. How an Appointment Letter Looks Like As indicated in this sample appointment letter, such a letter is prepared using the organization's letterhead, containing the logo, address and contact. It is dated and has a reference number.

It is addressed to the successful applicant using the address that he or she has given in the application letter or form. The heading is usually in bold capital letters positioned at the centre of the page. There is a one-line space between the heading and the commencing paragraph. The first paragraph informs the applicant that he or she is offered the position that had been advertised and for which he or she had applied for. For example, the vacancy being filled is that of an HR professional. The following paragraphs list out the fundamental terms and conditions of employment. One fundamental term that an appointment letter must contain is that the employee is subject to deployment or transfer to any area of the organization's operations including subsidiaries and even associated "companies". The appointment letter must state that the selected candidate must accept the offer within a specified period of time such as within thirty days from the date of the letter. Do not leave the offer open "forever". In any case, it becomes impossible for the successful candidate to accept the offer after the lapse of a reasonable time period. The executive who has the authority "to hire and fire" must sign the appointment letter. This is usually the CEO, otherwise it is delegated to the HR Head. The board of directors can delegate responsibility to an executive whose rank is lower than the CEO by whatever he or she called such as Managing Director, Executive President, and so on. Number of Copies of Appointment Letter and Distribution Prepare at least three (3) copies of the appointment letter. The original copy is forwarded to the successful candidate. One duplicate copy is for filing. The third copy of the appointment letter is forwarded to the successful job applicant if you want the person to indicate his or her acceptance on the appointment letter itself. It is returned after signing.

Sample Appointment Letter

This is a sample appointment letter. Your organization can make modifications as the situation requires or as your organization deems appropriate. On the other hand, you may want to follow an entirely different sample appointment letter.

(Company's Letterhead, Address and Logo) Reference: Date: (Name of Successful Applicant and Address) Dear Sir/Madam, (or State Name) APPOINTMENT AS .................................................... We are pleased to offer you employment in the position of (State Title of Position and Grade, if any with effect from ... (state date). This appointment is subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. BASE SALARY Your starting salary is ... (state amount) per month. 2. ALLOWANCES May include cost of living allowance, hazards allowance, housing allowance, entertainment allowance, etc. Example: You are entitled to ... (state type) allowance of ... (state amount) per month. 3. PROBATION The probation period is the length of time given to the employee to learn about the job. Legislation may impose the length of the probationary period. This is the norm found in every sample appointment letter. Example: You are required to serve a probationary period of ...(state period in weeks) after which your service will be confirmed subject to satisfactory performance. The probationary period may be extended or shortened at the absolute discretion of the Company. During the probationary period, the appointment may be terminated by either party giving ... (state period in weeks) notice in writing to the other party or on payment of one (1) month salary in lieu of notice. 4. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES This points out the requirement to perform the tasks related to the job and may identify the place where the employee will be stationed.

Example: "You are required to perform the duties and responsibilities related to your position at any division, department or section in the Company or within the Group of Companies. You will be deployed at .......... (state place)." 5. WORKING HOURS This is where the details of the working hours and lunchtime / rest are stated. Different sample appointment letter puts it differently. The aim is the same. Example: "Monday to Friday: 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Lunch time: 12.00 noon to 1.00 p.m. Two (2) tea breaks of 15 minutes each. The Company reserves the right to change your working days and hours." (Note that the working hours for shift workers are different.) 6. ANNUAL LEAVE/HOLIDAYS This states the number of days given to employees and the number of public holidays observed by the Company. The number of days of annual leave is subject to a minimum for certain groups of employees as provided for under legislation. There are also public holidays that organizations are required to observe. If possible, request for sample appointment letters from other organizations so that you can verify the figures. Example: You are entitled to ... (state number of days) annual leave in addition to ... (state number of days) gazetted holidays observed by the Company." 7. TRANSFER/SECONDMENT Here, you reserve the right to transfer or second employees. Example: You are subject to transfer or secondment to any place where the Company has an office or when required in the course of performing your duties. 8. MEDICAL / SURGICAL This is where you state the details of medical and / or surgical expenses your organization is willing to pay for. You may want to specify the maximum amount. It can be for a year or per visit. 9. PROVIDENT FUND This states the contribution to Employees Provident Fund (if any). Legislation may provide for this. 10. GROUP PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE (GPA) This may be a rider on group life insurance or has a a rider on "hospitalization and surgical". 11. RULES, REGULATIONS & CONFIDENTIALITY It is important to state this especially when your organization has no written disciplinary rules and procedures. Sample appointment letters will help.

Example: "You shall at all times, devote your full attention and skill to the affairs of the Company and will endeavor to your utmost ability to promote and advance the interests of the Company. Accordingly, you undertake that: 1. you will under no circumstances make available your services to any undertaking, or have any interest directly or indirectly in any other undertaking or activity which might interfere with the proper performance of your duties without first obtaining the written permission of the Company; 2. you will not at any time during the continuance or after the termination of your services with the Company irrespective of any reason for such termination, make use or disclose to any party either for your own benefit or for the benefit of any party (individual, firm, company, any trade or business), the affairs and confidential information of the Company or any of its related companies of which you have knowledge or become aware during the course of your service with the Company; 3. you will obey and comply with all reasonable orders and instructions given to you by the Company or its authorized agents and observe all standing and other rules and/or regulations now in force or from time to time approved by the Company. Sub-paragraph 2 may specify that information available in the public domain is excluded. 12. TERMINATION This is an important provision. Most if not all appointment letters contain this term. Example: "After confirmation of your employment, notice of termination of employment will be three (3) months notice in writing or three (3) months salary in lieu of notice from either party. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the Company shall be entitled to terminate your employment without notice, indemnities and compensation in any of the following events: i) if you are, in the opinion of the Company, guilty of dishonesty, misconduct or negligence in the performance of your duties; ii) if you have been found to have committed a serious breach or continual material breach of any of your duties or obligations; iii) if you are found to have made illegal monetary profit or received any gratuities or other rewards, in cash or in kind, out of any of the Companys affairs or any of its subsidiaries or related companies." 13. RETIREMENT In the public sector, the compulsory retirement age is imposed by legislation. Other organizations have the option of using such retirement age or any other age subject to legal provisions, if any. Example: The retiring age is at fifty-five (55) years.

In the absence of evidence of the exact date of birth the employee shall retire on 31st December of the year the employee attains fifty-five years of age. You can include this in the appointment letter. (Note: The retirement age may differ from country to country, from organization to organization and whether you are working in the public or private sector.)

**If you find that the terms are favorable, please indicate your acceptance within thirty (30) from the date of this letter. This offer will automatically lapse and can no longer be accepted if we do not hear from you by the stipulated date.** Thank you. Yours sincerely, for and on behalf of ... (Name of organization)

(signature) Managing Director (Name of CEO and designation) Alternatively, you may want the selected candidate to indicate acceptance on the duplicate copy of the appointment letter with wordings such as: "If you find that the terms are favourable, please indicate your acceptance within thirty (30) days from the date of this letter by signing on the duplicate copy of this letter and thereafter returning it to the Human Resource Department." If we do not receive the said document from you by the stipulated date, this offer will automatically lapse and can no longer be accepted. (This paragraph is included on the lower part of the appointment letter if this is the format used. See the paragraphs between the two asterisks **. However, you may want to use your own words other than those used in this appointment letter sample.) ________________________________________________________________

I have read and understood the terms and conditions stated in the appointment letter and hereby confirm my acceptance / rejection of the offer of appointment as ____________________.



It appears that there are not many organizations that use this type of format as seen from sample appointment letter.

The sample appointment letter found herein is just one of many possible versions. Check out other formats of sample appointment letter. It is important to know the legal requirements in the preparation of appointment letters. You may observe evidence of this in any sample appointment letter. Find out provisions of the law in your country or in the country where you are carrying out your activities. Ensure that the terms and conditions of appointment in the appointment letter comply with the current law. You may also want to find the best sample appointment letter currently available on-line. Even if this is not available, you may draw guidance from the explanation above in preparing the appointment letter for your organization. When you have some doubts on the implications of the wordings you use, ask your legal adviser.

Acme Technical Enterprises P.O. Box 123 Any City Any State 00000 Phone 555-555-0000 March 1, 200x John Q. Public 123 Any Street Any City, 00000 Dear John Q. Public: JOB OFFER Acme Technical Enterprises, Inc. is pleased to offer you a job as a Senior Engineer. We trust that your knowledge, skills and experience will be among our most valuable assets. Should you accept this job offer, per company policy you'll be eligible to receive the following beginning on your hire date.

Salary: Annual gross starting salary of $63,500, paid in biweekly installments by your choice of check or direct deposit Performance Bonuses: Up to three percent of your annual gross salary, paid quarterly by your choice of check or direct deposit Stock Options: 500 Acme stock options in your first year, fully vested in four years at the rate of 125 shares per year Benefits: Standard, Acme-provided benefits for salaried-exempt employees, including the following o 401(k) retirement account

o o o o o o o

Annual stock options Child daycare assistance Education assistance Health, dental, life and disability insurance Profit sharing Sick leave Vacation and personal days

To accept this job offer: 1. Sign and date this job offer letter where indicated below. 2. Sign and date the enclosed Non-Compete Agreement where indicated. 3. Sign and date the enclosed Confidentiality Agreement where indicated. 4. Sign and date the enclosed At-Will Employment Confirmation where indicated.

5. Mail all pages of the signed and dated documents listed above back to us in the enclosed business-reply envelope, to arrive by Thursday, March 17, 200x. A copy of each document is enclosed for your records. 6. Attend new-hire orientation on Monday, March 21, 200x, beginning at 8:00 AM sharp. To decline this job offer: 1. Sign and date this job offer letter where indicated below. 2. Mail all pages of this job offer letter back to us in the enclosed business-reply envelope, to arrive by Thursday, March 17, 200x. If you accept this job offer, your hire date will be on the day that you attend new-hire orientation. Plan to work for the remainder of the business day after new-hire orientation ends. Please read the enclosed new-hire package for complete, new-hire instructions and more information about the benefits that Acme offers. We at Acme hope that you'll accept this job offer and look forward to welcoming you aboard. Your immediate supervisor will be Jane Doe, Department Manager, Engineering. Feel free to call Jane or me if you have questions or concerns. Call the main number in the letterhead above during normal business hours and ask to speak to either of us. Sincerely, [Signature] John Smith Hiring Coordinator, Human Resources Enclosures: 8 Accept Job Offer By signing and dating this letter below, I, John Q. Public, accept this job offer of Senior Engineer by Acme Technical Enterprises. Signature:_________________________________ Date:_____________ Decline Job Offer By signing and dating this letter below, I, John Q. Public, decline this job offer of Senior Engineer by Acme Technical Enterprises. Signature:_________________________________ Date:_____________ ---