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Relishing the amount of knowledge, we have achieved and still learning, we would like to take time to praise few individuals without whom this eproject wouldnt have been possible. I m deeply obliged towards ARENA MULTIMEDIA for including e-project work in our syllabus by which we got exposure not only to respective industry

but also get molded to be able to take a responsible position in due course. Firstly, it is our respected professor, Mr.Sandeep Karkhanis,whose guidance regarding the minor but essential aspects in developing the project work was of great help.This has helped us immensely in building a sound technological understanding of the respective subjects and also develop a fine & proper understanding of interpersonal relations. Lastly, I would like to thank all the people associated with the project for their fruitful instructions without which it would not have been possible for us to complete the work.

1. 2. 3. 4. Introduction Storyboarding Software and Hardware Requirements Development and distribution of work Visualisation Modeling


Texturing Lighting Animation Rendering Audio and video editing Download and Research Testing

Final Verification

We have created an interactive animation keeping the specification in focus. We have studied the entire scope of the project. Henceforth we planned about the workflow of the regarding project and the entire process including visualization check list verification & testing and entire execution.

Along with the animation we have also designed the CD cover and the CD case cover. The CD has made an Autoplay VCD. The project has done under the guidance of our faculty Mr. Sandeep Karkhanis. We are grateful to him for his precious suggestion and advice during the making of entire project.


Software Used: Autodesk Maya 2011

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Pro

Autodesk Maya 2011

We have used Autodesk Maya for making Modeling Texturing Lighting Animation Rendering Autodesk Maya 2011 was used for modeling, texturing of the character and other things which are used in the scene. It is also used for lighting the scene. Maya has played an important role in helping us to doing the animation work and also in setting up the scene of the animated movie. The entire Project are made by using the above software. Adobe Photoshop We have used Adobe Photoshop for making Maps used in the project. Especially to give the 3D like shadings in the drawing. The CD Cover has also made by using the software.

Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Premiere Pro was used to assemble all the separated animation videos to one full movie. It was also used to synchronize the sound with the video. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS

For Development : Pentium- MHz Personal Computer Standard Configuration (Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse etc.) 80 GB Hard Disk For Implementation : AMD/Intel Core Processors 4 GB RAM 80 GB Hard Disk External Graphic Card(optional)

Design Parameters:

Before starting with the project, we had design parameters as below:

It must be simple & attractive. Easy to understand and user friendly. Slow and steady flaw of the animation. To apply appropriate colour combination to the body parts and environment. To give all important informations.

Distribution Of Work:
As per the need of the project we decided to divide the work among ourselves. We distributed our work on the basis of all stages 3D animation. Modeling Texturing Lighting Animation Rendering Sound & Video editing Research

Visualization was done by Amit Padyal & Mitali Sawant, to keep it mind that it should be

something interesting and funny cartoonist story which would be a joy to watch for all age group, either children or old persons. So we had the strategy to make the animation entertaining and effective. The colour combination has applied in the manner to highlight the whole animation.

The design of the whole layout of animation was made Saiprasad Kadam & Pravin Gaikar. While designing the layout it was kept in mind that no animation is too complicated for the viewers to understand.It is aimed in this animated film that it is easy to understand by people of every age from a small kid to seniors .

Drawing And Designing:

Paper drawing for storyboarding and poses,for visualizing the storyboarding was done by Samir Salve & Mitali Sawant. The drawings done in the project were done by Saiprasad Kadam in adobe photoshop . It includes the CD Cover and CD Case Cover.

The entire environment for the project has been done by Saiprasad Kadam & Pravin Gaikar.

Texturing for the rest of the environment has been done by Saiprasad Kadam.

UV Mapping has been implemented wherever it was deem necessary.


Lighting of the exterior scenes with all the characters was bit challenging. The settings of the lights were so adjusted to save rendering time. Lighting was done by Pravin Gaikar & Samir Salve.


We tried to make the whole animation smooth and attractive. Animation of the characters has been done individually so as to save render time and also ensure a smooth progress of work. Animation has been done by a collective effort by Saiprasad Kadam, Amit Padyal & Pravin Gaikar. All the render Files have been later combined with the help of abobe premiere pro.


Rendering for the whole project has been done by Pravin Gaikar & Saiprasad Kadam. Rendering of the entire scene has been done using mental ray in maya. The raytracing option is also enabled to achieve true reflections in maya. Rendering has been done with a resolution Of PAL 780, ie. 765*576px.

Download & Reseach:

The entire research has been done by Saiprasad Kadam. The information was collected by the medium of internet. For the project, Bus Stop Scene, we have videos on youtube and vimeo to get a grasp of various expressions and movement gaits of people. We have refer various animation forums for rigged characters to download. Few props for the scenes were downloaded by Pravin Gaikar. For obtaining sounds we have refer to sites like:
http:// http:// http:// http:// www.soundjay.com/ www.freesound.org/ www.mediacollege.com/downloads/sound-effects/ www.thefreesite.com/Free_Sounds/Free_WAVs/


Sound Recording & Editing:

The various sounds used in this project were collected,refer and edited by Mitali Sawant & Amit Padyal. The Background Music has been effectively researched and added by them. Some of the sounds were edited with the help of Sony SoundForge Pro.

Video Editing:
Video Editing has been done with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro. We have combined all the frames in to a single file and produced the output as a single video file. Video Editing has been done by Pravin Gaikar and Saiprasad Kadam.

Final Verification:

The verification was done at each stage of the project development. As we got any errors in animation, we implemented and removed those errors eventually.

The final verification was done when the audio was imported.

The testing was done at each stage of the project development. Testing was first done when the whole animation was complete before the rendering we found some error, then the error was sort out and the entire animation was rendered. Another testing was done when sound was imported. After the editing, we did the testing for the video clip . The final testing of the entire project was done at the end of the development. The entire project is testing on various machines of deferent media players and configurations. There were problems with the effect and action animation. For the problems we have edited and rerendered all frames or animation of the entire project and then video clip was developed.

Project Creation: Stage Size: PAL 768 x 576 pixels Frame Rate: 25 fps Duration : Export Format: .avi File Size: MB