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FAMILY Bride : Ms. Mahin Fatima Yousufuddin

A cheerful pleasant homely girl, in Hijab, is aged 21 years (19th August 1991) almost fair, five feet in height and is good looking. Academic Education She is convent education and is in the final year of M.B.B.S She had secured her MBBS seat through merit passing the Common Medical Entrance Examination of Andhra Pradesh (EAMCET) Languages known Hindi, English, French, Arabic, Urdu Religious Education Student of Memorization of Quran Learning Tafsir of Quran with English Translation Hobbies Voracious Reader Reads Classical Literary Books (Die hard fan of J.K. Rowing, Harry Potter Series) Desirous of acquiring knowledge of Hadith and Sunnah Reads the Biographies of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and his companions. Reads Jumaah magazine : (A guide to Islamic Life) published from Madison, WI U.S.A. and Young Muslim Digest, Bangalore, India.

Follows the Lectures of Sheik Ahmed Deedat Dr. Zakir Naik And members of Peace TV Attends and conducts Dawah Classes Badminton and Swimming are her favourite sports. Loves cooking specially Baking Cakes. A responsible very simple in nature girl with a good sense of humor. Can make the gathering lively and enjoyable with the respect to elders. Will be a loving and caring daughter (in law) and inshallah will prove affectionate for the family. Tell her to teach religion or academics you will find in her a good teacher. Family of the Bride Father : Mr. Mohammed Yousuffuddin B.E., (Electronics & Communication), Gulberga University, Karnataka. Working as a Telecom Engineer in B.T.C. Riyadh, K.S.A. Mother : Dr. Arshia Nasreen Ph.D. in clinical microbiology from Osmania University and AIIMS, New Delhi. B.I.D. and B.M.D. Michigan State University, U.S.A. Worked as Specialist and Head Department of Virology & Molecular Virology. Central Lab & Blood Bank Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Also was appointed as Asst. Professor, Dept. of Microbiology, Dr. V.R.K. Medical College, Hyderabad. Younger Sister : Ms. Mahdin Fatima Yousufuddin Intermediate, preparing for Medical Entrance Examination Younger Brother Mr. Md. Musaab Yousufuddin, Intermediate Ist year

We are a simple God conscious family. We strongly believe and advocate in: The verses of the Holy Quran Allah (SBWT) says, in the Quran : And it is not your wealth or your children that bring you nearer to us Allah (SBWT) in degree, But it is (by being) one who has believed and done righteousness. For them there will be multiplied rewards, for what they did, and they will be in the upper chambers of (paradise) safe (and secure) (chap 34; vs. 37) And the saying of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) An Arab is no better than a non Arab. In return a Non-Arab is no better than an Arab. A red man is not better than a black one except in piety. Humanity is all of Adams (PBUH) children and Adam (PBUH) was created from dust. Family Values A persons achievement is by his own hard work through application of his religious and Academic educational knowledge, not by familial hierarchy or heritage. We are totally against any form of apartheid and discrimination on the basis of color, physical appearances, caste, race, country, city, wealth etc. We are of the opinion that Womens emancipation is not by having a 9 to 5 job, But by applying her religious and academic education for the enrichment of the family. And by serving the society sincerely (the lesser blessed people) through education, providing better health care and Dawah. We are looking forward for an educated affluent families who draw guidance from the Quran with the aim of striving in the path of Allah by the way of wealth and person and putting the Sunnah of the Prophet from the cradle to the grave. You contact us at: Telephone No. 098666 12425 Email: nasreenarsh@yahoo.com