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Reaching The One
The Stake Primary Presidency is counseling Ward Primary Presidencies to check the rolls

1. Look for patterns in attendance.

2. Find children not attending regularly “Particular attention

3. With your Presidency, prayerfully plan and
should be given
carry out ways to encourage children, who to inviting less-active
are not attending regularly, to come.
and nonmember children.”
4. Send less active children a postcard. (Church Handbook of Instructions,
Book 2. Section 5, page 237.)
5. Invite less-actives to Primary on Sunday
and quarterly Activity Days.

Activity days are perfect opportunities to involve children in wholesome fun to interact with
other children. “Particular attention should be given to inviting less-active and nonmember
children.” (The Church Handbook of Instructions. Book 2. Section 5, page 237.)

Because the children depend on their parents for coming to church, “support and strengthen
parents. Find ways to interact with the children’s parents-- work together, share insights and
concerns, and share what the children are learning in Primary… Reach out with love.” (Sister
Patricia P. Pinegar, General Primary President)

“Reach out
with love.”

Patricia P. Pinegar
I’ve designed postcards that you’re welcome to use for Primary. They’re available at:

Print them on cardstock and cut the page in quarters (along the line). They can be mailed at
the postcard rate.

Other ideas to encourage attendance in Primary

Call the children and tell them they were missed.

Encourage the Primary Teachers to call the children

Each name on your roll
who did not attend Primary. Remember, sheep will
only follow the voice of a shepherd that they know. belongs to one of

You might also consider personally delivering notes to

Heavenly Father!s children.
encourage attendance. (See examples on the next Help them find
page.) Visiting children at their homes gives you the
opportunity to see and speak to the child’s parents.
their way back home.

Give service to the child.

When less-active children attend Primary

Welcome them (perhaps sing a welcome song). Let them know how happy you are to see them.

Invite them to participate.

Invite them to return.

Find their parents. Tell the parents how happy you are to see them at church. Tell them
something positive their child did. Tell them what the children learned in Primary. Invite
them to return.

Send a card during the week to let them know you enjoyed seeing them at church.

During the week, call them to tell them how you loved seeing them at church and how you’re
excited to see them again on Sunday.
Note Ideas to Encourage Attendance
Here are the BEAR facts: We missed you in Primary! (Gummy bears)

We missed your smile at Primary! (Smiley-face sticker)

You're a KEY child in our Primary! (Cut in shape of key)

Be a LIFESAVER! Come help me in Primary! (Lifesavers)

I can't BEAR not seeing you in Primary! (Cinnamon bear)

It's MOUNDS of fun being in Primary with you! (Mounds bar)

I missed your SWEET smile in Primary today! (SweetTarts)

We'll be WATCHING for you in Primary! (Toy watch)

Primary SPARKLES when you're there! (Glitter)

Primary is a BALL when you come! (Gumball or bouncy ball)

You are the HEART of our Primary! (Candy heart, heart sticker)

You make our class SHINE when you are at Primary! (Paper sun)

You're a STAR in Primary! (Paper star or sticker)

POP into Primary on Sunday! (Popcorn)

You LIGHT up our hearts when we see you in Primary! (Picture of a light bulb)

It's PLANE to see we missed you at Primary! (Paper airplane)

REMEMBER to be in Primary on Sunday! (String tied in bow)

I “beLEAF” you will love Primary next! See you there! (Leaf)

Just a NOTE to let you know we missed you in Primary! (Musical note)

I'm COUNTING on seeing you at Primary! (Numbers or magnet number)

It's ROUGH not seeing you at Primary! Please Come! (Sandpaper)

You LIGHT up my day when I see you in Primary! (Birthday candle)

POP into Primary on Sunday! (Popcorn)

Add COLOR to your life! Come to Primary! (Crayon)

Come BLOOM and grow with us in Primary! (Flower)

You're BERRY special. See you in Primary! (Strawberry)

You are the ONE we'd like to see in Primary! (Card cut into a #1 shape)
Teaching, No Greater Call
“No greater responsibility can rest upon any man [or woman], than to be a teacher of God’s
children.” (President David O. McKay)

! Love the Children

“..no one can assist in this work except he shall be humble and full of love, having faith,
hope, and charity” (Doctrine and Covenants 12:8).

Learn about each child. What do you know about each person that may help you decide
what to emphasize in a lesson? Your knowledge of these things will influence your choices
as you prepare and present lessons.

Individuals are touched when their contributions are acknowledged. Make special effort
to acknowledge comments. This can be done during Primary or after.

! Teach by the Spirit

“When a man speaketh by the power of the Holy Ghost the power of the Holy Ghost
carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men” (2 Nephi 33:1).

The Holy Ghost is the true teacher. Bear testimony that the things you teach are true.
The Holy Ghost can witness to each person of the truth of what you say.

Occasionally, you may feel promptings to leave something out of a lesson or to add
something you did not prepare. Listen to the Spirit as you teach, for you will be given “in
the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say” (Doctrine and Covenants 100:6).

Use music. Elder Boyd K. Packer teaches us, “we are able to feel and learn very quickly
through music…. some spiritual things that we would otherwise learn very slowly.”

! Teach from the Scriptures

When we use the scriptures and the words of latter-day prophets as the source of all
our teaching, we invite the Spirit to bear witness. This brings to our teaching “the power
of God unto the convincing of men” (Doctrine and Covenants 11:21).

! Invite the children to learn

“A skilled teacher doesn’t think, ‘What shall I do in class today?’ but asks, ‘What will my
students do in class today?’; not, ‘What will I teach today?’ but rather, ‘How will I help my
students discover what they need to know?’ who leave talking about how magnificent the
gospel is!” (Conference Report, October 1996)

! Create a learning atmosphere

Make sure the room is comfortable for the children. (clean, good temperature, enough
space, proper seating)
In a learning atmosphere, we (1) edify each other through our participation, (2) love and
help each other, and (3) desire to search for truth together.

Keep reverence in the room. You CAN have fun and still be reverent.

Lovingly help those who disrupt to regain their reverence. ‘A soft answer turneth away
wrath.’ (Proverbs 15:1.)

! Be prepared
Your success in representing the Lord and teaching by the Spirit will be influenced by the
care you give to lesson preparation. As you prepare to teach, ensure that you use a
variety of teaching methods from lesson to lesson.

As you prepare lessons, consider the following:

1. What should happen in the lives of those I teach as a result of this lesson?
2. Which specific principles should be taught?
3. How should these principles be taught?