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Cuban Missile Crisis - Soviets increase arms supply to Cuba - USimposes a blockade - Promises not to invade Cuba and

remove blockade in exchange for the removal of Russian missiles - Hotline between Moscow and Washington DC - Partial test ban treaty Czechoslovakia - Wanted to be under the Marshall Plan, but was not allowed by Stali - Vote gets 30% of communist party - Prime Minister faked suicide - Communist party ceases power 2. Vietnam - Budhist monks burn themselves to protest government corruption - Authorities sack monestaries, US removes Diem - Vietcong begins to move south, Green berets deployed - American destroyer attacked by vietnamesse gunboats - 65 Americans begin bombing, send in troops - US proposes end to war hinging on division of the country is rejected - Communists propose total evacuation of US and internal decision of the future - Tet offensive ends with Vietcong unable to wage conventional war - US people protest the war no support - 68 peace talks star. US invades Laos and Cambodia to cut Ho Chi Min trail - Nixon hands fighting to south Vietnam 69 america cuts forces - 73- ceasefire and removal of foreign troops - Vietnamese unite under communist government Afghanistan - 1973 Monarchy overthrown by Daud Khan - Dictatorship established and economic development - Begins moving towards pro-americanism - Anti-gov demonstrations - Daud removed and executed - 78, Soviet government signs treaty of friendship - Land and social reform issue - Lack of water - Resistance movement begins - 79 soviets invade and take control of the capital - 90% still under the rebel control. - Rebels not subdued in initial strike - Soviets were trained for conventional war, couldnt fight guerrillas - Soviets begin troop reductions - 88 Bereva accords signed, war ends Mujahedeen supplied by Americans through Pakistan

3. Russia China -

Soviets fear Afghanistan being influenced by fundamentalist muslims Soviets didnt trust puppet government of the Shah of Iran

Yalta and Potsdam conferences Truman doctrine defence of the western interests Berlin blockade USSR gets the bomb Nato created to defend the west Korean war, USA on south side, USSR and Chia on the North Stalin dies USSR creates the Warsaw pact Hungary attempts to change from communism, is crushed Cuban missile crisis US involvement in Vietnam increases for fear of Domino theory Salt 1 agreement to limit missiles USSR invades Afghanistan Gorbachev begins restructuring Russia Berlin Wall falls 21 china communist party meets Joins with k-tang Communist leader killed by k-tang K-tang tries to exterminate communist Mao begins the long march, lose 70% of soldiers Japan declares war on China; communists call for united front Japan surrenders Civil war begins K-tang Badly trained forces lose ground retreat Americans support k-tang Mao declares New Peoples Republic of China Stalin offers Mao aid to help with modernization Chinese side with North Koreans in Korean war Farming collectives 57 Mao calls for intellectuals to be open and comes under criticism 58 great leap forward creates industry Distrust grows between China and the USSR 63 China gets the bomb Cultural revolution purges, got ridd of the burocracy Army called to restore order Russians and Chinese fight 72 China and the west meet China joins the security council

4. USA -

76 Mao dies Gang of 4 fights to keep communism is arrested Deng xiaoping re-appointed Fianl rejection of Maos policy with the imprisonment of the 4 Deng gave more freedom Peasant markets and privatization One-child policy Begins talk with the US Tienanmen square 5 year plans Border war with india

Great depression stock crash 29 New deal begins reform Isolationism Sale of arms during WWII Enters the war in 40 Assistance programs to European nations to keep economy up Resources and industry and influence keep nation powerful Position in US gives influence Freedoms cause immigration booms Goals in middle east oil protection of Israeli interests Israel focus of hostility in Middle East US freedoms seen as opposing to certain middle eastern ideals Interference of Afghanistan and Iraq Palistinian-Israeli conflict Declining popularity of Oslo accords due to developments within Palestinian authority Conflict begins- bombings on both sides Suppoer for Palestine rises Western influence in Jerusalem causes tension High point crash? Military superpower Iran, Iraq, gulf war, Afghanistan